CAIR-Canada demands that Muslim women be allowed to wear headbags that cover everything but their eyes in citizenship ceremonies

I have a better idea, never let a Muslim become a citizen. Problem solved.


18 comments on “CAIR-Canada demands that Muslim women be allowed to wear headbags that cover everything but their eyes in citizenship ceremonies

  1. if you come to another country and want to be a citizen, leave the old crap behind. stick with traditions that are worth sticking with. if i were to move to their country and that is what their laws said i had to wear, fine i would wear one, but don’t go to other countries “demanding” what you want…a good way to get your ass put back on a slow boat back to where you belong!

  2. When muslims become a citizen of any country they pledge -allegiance to that country and it’s laws -all muslims are committing -perjury as their first and -only allegiance is to -Islam -when asked here in Australia which law do they follow-Australian law or sharia ?, their answer is always -Sharia -God’s law.

    Wearing -headbags of any kind by muslims is just another little victory for creeping Sharia and I am very deeply -offended.

  3. Jason Kenny and the government of Canada needs to stand strong and expect people taking an oath to be seen and not wearing a mask. If they do not want to take off the mask then they can choose not to become a citizen of Canada. Well done Canada. Outlaw the burqa and all face coverings.

  4. This is not at all about modesty and rights…….it’s all about changing the rules of the country to fully accommodate them. This is just saying our culture is superior to yours. In a few words, “we win, you lose.”

  5. The Islamic veil is a declaration that non-Moslems are rapable (mubaa).
    Read K.33.59. Mohammed gave his savage thugs the right to rape kufaar.
    Islam can never modernize this primitive savagery because they believe rape is a divine right.

  6. Whats wrong if these rag heads just assimulate into Canadian society? Because if they don’t there will be BIG problems down the road with this crap just like it is in Sweeden Denmark and the U.k. It is just BS in religion.

  7. The Harper government must be livid at the decision of allowing religious masks in the courtroom.

    What I would love to happen: muslim men appearing in Court demand the removal of all non-masked females because their cult forbids them to look at a female.

    I seriously want this to happen because only then will the separation of religion and state be strictly enforced.

      • The trouble is that enough “secularists” would likely go along with such Moslems because their real goal is NOT equality or enough other of the things they pretend to want – at least temporarily…

        Most definitely, Ms. BNI, you’re entirely right that NO Moslems should EVER be granted citizenship in ANY Western country – to which I’ll add that any and all Moslems who already have such citizenship ought to be promptly DISENFRANCHISED and deported – with VERY FEW exceptions that exactly fulfil what I’ve earlier proposed in previous postings.

  8. CAIR and devout Muslims HATE us, our customs, our rules, our laws, our clothes, our religions, our music, our dancing our culture, our countries, our Western civilization. GO back to your Muslim countries!

  9. It’s not right nor fair to westerners for them to be wearing that rag thing over their faces when we bloody well can’t even walk into a bank with any sort of facial or head covering! You don’t know who is under that veil as proved in a case here in Australia where a cop pulled a woman over & gave her a ticket, later on the men in her family took her to the cop shop where papers were signed, after that she said she was not the one who signed the paperwork & of course the cop couldn’t ID her so it was dragged through court & our justice system won, but that’s not the point, we must be able to see their faces in public at all times. There is nothing in the Quran to state that it’s mandatory to wear it so that argument can’t be used.

    • Krissy – hi from over the ditch. Unfortunately in the Sunni book of Islamic law ( Umdat al-Salik) covering is mandatory under the veiling law. The other problem is that if we allow the covering of heads what about female circumcision, stoning for adulterers, no retribution for the killing of ones children or childrens children and all the other inhumane laws in Islamic ideology? I have a copy of the book, more commonly known as The Reliance of the Traveller (1995 version) I picked up second hand at Amazon. What an eye opener!

      The major problem is that Sharia Law is not based just on the Qu’ran, it is also sourced from the ahadith and the Sira and was wrtten by “Islamic scholars” in the centuries after the prophets death so heaven knows what was written in the interests of the male muslims of the time which were never mentioned in the Qu’ran.

      Many of them are in the ahadith which can be found online, Bhukari and Muslim being tthe two most “authentic” collecters of the prophets sayings and doings – again collected in the centuries after his death from people who had heard the tales from others who had passed them down, sometimes through chains of forebearers. Known in our society as Chinese whispers but the muslims have a procedure known as “The science of the hadith” which scientifically proves that these ” remembrances” are absolutely true!!!!!!!!!

      Blows your mind really, doesnt it? Time to put the prawns on the barbie and open a can! Or two or three etc……….watch out for the sharks!

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