FRANCE: Is badly-spelled graffiti on a mosque the work of Muslims looking for sympathy again?

The Collectif contre l’Islamophobie en France reports that four swastikas along with ‘racist’ slogans riddled with misspellings were sprayed on the wall of the As-Salam de Tomblaine mosque in the Lorraine region.

But what race is Islam?


The slogan “Bougnoulle de mourt” would appear to mean something like “death to wogs.” (Notice how the graffiti is always minimal and easy to clean off, a trademark of Muslim vandalism on their own buildings)

The CCIF notes that only a few months ago the mosque at Vandœuvre, five kilometres from Tomblaine, was also the target of a graffiti attack, although in that case the graffiti were of Jewish rather than Nazi inspiration. The word “Israel” in Hebrew has been sprayed onto the doors along with a Star of David and “LDJ” – the initials of the Ligue de défense juive (Jewish Defence League).



7 comments on “FRANCE: Is badly-spelled graffiti on a mosque the work of Muslims looking for sympathy again?

  1. Death to Wogs ? I say ! I believe that term was used by low class Englishman to describe the unusually barbaric inhabitants of the northern part of the Nation of India. A country then referred to as “The Jewel In The Crown” while it was being occupied by the benevolent, kindly, rule of the British. That part that was then India is now Pakistan. Kinda gives the term credence, don’t it ?
    Also explains the origins of the scrawl on the mosques walls too.
    A Paki would be very familiar with the name. Especially if they had mirrors at home.

  2. Jews are 100% literate. Most Mozzies are functionally illiterate and never read. This is moronically stupid…the result of 50 generations of inbreeding, obviously.


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