Israel’s “peace” partners?

Yet the only condemnations coming out of the UN and the White House are directed at Israelis for building homes on their own land.

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  1. As in all things, the ways of life, many are not prepared for the realities of it. We consistently see evil vrs. good arguements, and as usual, evil seems to prevail. It is the nature of man. It is not the maturity of man but, the nature in him. So we are left with the choices, either partake in the endless evil which surrounds us daily, or fight to seek the truth and nothing but the truth in an effert to save our very souls.

    What started out as deception is still deception, islam is not a religion, nor is it peaceful, never was, never wil be, it is the nature of this (evil) beast, call it the “will” of God, he put these figures in front of men and man to make a choice, the choice has always been in front of men’s eyes, it is man who chooses to seek the truth or fall for the lies, deception is as old as the world, note: Adam and Eve in the Garden od Edom, deceived by a snake. What makes the truth seekers vulnarable for the sake of their safety is the evil which surrounds them is far greater in it’s deceptions in mans eyes then the truth is to the evilness of man. Doing a deal with the devil, there is an old saying, “don’t bother calling upon satan, he’ll come along without any request on his own accord”. Makes no sense requesting when his total attention is to seek those who cannot be bought for his agenda by deception, lies, because it is just the way he operates. The foul side of humanity is now so upsetting to our Father, the choices we now are witnessing is but a moments notice for those paying attention to the world at this time, someone, and a lot of someone’s have already been given the chance to repent, seek the truth, but they are refusing the request of our Father, and like a good father, disicipline will be melted out as punishment as he see’s fit.

    The world elitist, liberals calling themselves progressives, marxist, communist, all have this one thing in common, total rejection of our Fathers will, they have kicked him to the gutter of life, and then can’t understand why the (Christian) world rejects them for the sake of the (truth) Father, just like we are now seeing the realleignment of the powers, islam vrs. Judeo-Christian, once again evil, muslims and their handlers of (earthly) power, progressives, communist, marxist, are seemingly feeling their oats of deception in the present, as successful. Little do any of them realize ( because they seek not the truth) it is not they who are in control of humanity, but the Father who is demanding an account of their self serving interest to his counter-part, satan, it is he who is going to be the last to have the total say as to who he seeks for the eternity and survival of his kingdon. This incident, ” peace partners”, his people, the Israeli’s. their brethern, Christians will never be resolved til the times comes to seperate the wheat from the chaft, the good, bad, and ugly are set aside to further his cause. Therefore, any at all who understand this concept, you don’t do a deal with the devil, and those who think they can, will never ever reach a conclusion to peace. They are opposed and opposite of one another, just like good and evil are opposite, the truth is inbetween all comers. It’s yours alone to choose to whom you belong ( serve), as the good book notes, one cannot serve two masters, that’s the way this world in this dimension works, not the false and deceptive works of men. Be at peace with your neighbors of truth and at war with the devils own. Let the Father sort out the mess, as it is his “will”, not ours.

    • Marine : The minions of Satan are the mohommedists and we will fight them all over the planet.
      This will be done during Earth Quakes, Tsunamis, Plaques and all sorts of destruction. Only GOD will stop the entire destruction of this planet. We both know that and we plan accordingly.
      Back to back is they way to protect. Forward is the way to win.

  2. The world’s taxpayers are immorally forced via their taxes to finance a “people” whose raison d’etre is the MURDER of innocents. They live to kill.

    Not one more dollar, shekel, euro or pound to evil God-haters!

  3. Everyone I know that has a bad opinion of Israel has been influenced by university teachers mostly. Ignorance breeding ignorance. It’s quite the job getting these people to listen to you.

  4. HAMAS peace partners from the Religion of PISS?!……..Thanks but no thanks, muslime a–holes, since the ONLY negotiation you bastards care to do with us “crazy Zionist Christians” and “dirty Jews” is violence; well, then,Hells Bells, we’ll just have to blow your worthless stinking muslime asses off Planet earth!!…. THEN, and ONLY then will there be peace in the Mideast AND “peace on earth, good will to men”!!….Oh, and MERRY CHRISTMAS once again, a–holes!!

  5. The table has been set. EVIL or GOOD, SATAN or GOD/Christ. The rest of the groups are a joke. They talk in circles and make more talk and more talk in hopes to wear the other side down. When are the mohommedist going to change? Have they? They have-not and will not. But they have used all this talk and talk nicely to their advantage and infiltrated all the nations to prepare to kill all the non believers. So what is left? War? GOD? It’s a cinch that they don’t have the answer. The elitist of the world have done nothing but try to confuse the people. Why? So the elitist will be able to gain the upper hand in the up and coming war between the mohommedist and the rest of the world. Boy have they screwed up!!!!!!!

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