Somali Muslim SAVAGE gets 25 years to life for gagging, beating 10-year old stepson to death with rolling pin

Did political correctness kill this boy?  A ten-year-old boy’s brutal death at the hands of his Muslim stepfather just because he fell behind in his homework could have been avoided after it was revealed the boy called 911 twice in the past year to report abuse.

Abdifatah Mohamud, ten, called 911 several times to report abuse at the hands of his stepfather Ali Mohamed Mohamud,

Abdifatah Mohamud, ten, called 911 several times to report abuse at the hands of his stepfather Ali Mohamed Mohamud

UK DAILY MAIL via Creeping Sharia (h/t Lenin-McCarthy) BUFFALO, NY: Ali-Mohamed Mohamud stabbed the child known as Abdi with a kitchen knife, gagged him with a sock, duct-taped his mouth shut, bound his hands with an electrical cord and beat him nearly 70 times with a wooden rolling pin, at one point stopping to switch out socks because the boy had vomited. After duct-taping a sock in the boy’s mouth and binding his hands with electrical cord, the stepfather savagely beat the boy so bad he separated the his head from the spinal cord, crushing the back of his head and exposing his brain, according to court testimony.

Apparently Ali Mohamed Mohamud did pushups on a rolling pin before he used it to slaughter his stepson

Apparently Ali Mohamed Mohamud did pushups on a rolling pin before he used it to slaughter his stepson

Child Protective Services had several chances to remove Abdifatah Mohamud from the home. Police reported allegations of abuse to CPS, who are refusing to comment on case. The boy came to school in June 2011 with a swollen and bruised face and told teachers at school he would ‘be killed’ if he performed badly in a test.

Ali-Mohamed Mohamud was convicted Thursday of second-degree murder for beating to death his 10-year-old stepson. Homicide detectives and prosecutors in Buffalo, New York, said the case was one of the worst they had ever seen.

The Principal at International Preparatory School, where the ten-year-old was a fifth-grade student, said there were troubling warning signs, but the family did a good job of covering it up.


Kathy Jamil said in June 2011 he came to school badly beaten up with a swollen forehead and two swollen, black eyes. His father told his teacher he had been in a fight on the bus with another boy. Principal Jamil also revealed that Abdifatah would say alarming things like: ‘I’m going to get killed, I’m going to be in so much trouble’, but then would follow it by laughing so no one was really sure if he was telling the truth. (She wouldn’t dare rat out another Muslim to the police anyway)




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  1. Time for a little more rolling pin control. Hey, Obama!!! Rolling Pin Control … now!!! Time to surrender all rolling pins to the UN under direct control of, let’s see, uh, … .

  2. No man , whoever he is would be let into my home if he does not like my children. No, man is worth as much as it´s own children and I would for sure never chose a muslim man, ever !!! What this “so called man” have done is so brutal and disgusting that I really how he will get hes own “medicin” in prison.

  3. My first experience with Somali Muslims was 20 years ago. This Muslim stabbed his 21/2 year old stepson to death to keep his wife. He figured if he killed the other man’s child, his wife would stay with him and his abuse. He also said that his wife would love his daughter more than her son.
    He stabbed this little one in the head so many times, the blade broke off in his head. When we got an IV in him, his blood was clear cherry red, like koolaid. The poor baby died in the operating room.
    Then the bastard petitioned 5 years later to have forced visitation by his daughter in prison. The hospital staff lined up to testify against this evil bastard. Needless to say he lost.
    That was my first, and most violent encounter with a Muslim.

  4. This happened back in April? The enemedia is at it again, white washing any crime associated with a Muslim. What a sick animal. That poor boy. I read an article that said the boy ran down the road from where he lived, his step father chasing him. A lady in the neighborhood helped the father detain the boy who begged the lady to keep the step father away from him because he would beat him.

    The lady wasn’t moved enough I am guessing by a 10 year old boys pleas for her help, instead she listened to the father who told the lady in a sincere voice that he would not harm the boy, even then, the boy pleaded to the lady that his step father always says that. She then drove the two in he car down the road to where they live.

    She said to a reporter that she felt horrible about not providing the protection the boy begged her, for and that she was probably the last person to see this boy alive. Can you imagine? I for one know that if a child is that desperate for help, you must must must believe them and get the help ASAP. No one, no one intervened for this poor litle boy in his tender little life. This is heartbreaking, heartwrenching and disgusting!

    Get these animals out of my country!!! Obama….this could have been your son….Where are you saying that for this little ten year old???? These people are SAVAGES!

  5. This is another case of the “religion of peace” doling out an honor killing. It is a true shame that honor killings are not given to adult Muslim males, but this could not happen because all Muslim adult males are guilty of the same thing. They have all at one point forced themselves on then sodomized some type of farm animal, and continue to practice beastiallity on a regular basis. Here is another history lesson for all of my friends at BNI. All Muslim males partake in animal rape to feel closer to the pedophile prophet Mohammed, as he was very fond of animal rape. As I have stated in a previous history lesson, Mohammed was addicted to pig sex and this animal was banned from Muslim society only after Mohammed was bitten by a pig after one particularlly rough sexual encounter. This is also why they all hate dogs as well. When Mohammed first tried to rape a dog, he was bitten and felt very angry at the rejection. Origanlly, during a halal killing of an animal, the animal would be sodomized before having it’s throat cut. Once again, this was done in early Muslim tradition because it was what Mohammed did before all halal killings. It only recently was stopped in some of the larger Muslim slaughter houses because of things like Utube, but is still the common practice in the middle east.

  6. It is very likely that she would be at least molested or at the very best treated like you are a guest of the family. Since a girl that is biologically unrelated to the husband she would be fair game to his sexual advances. Islam doesn’t recognize step relationships or adoption so this is a real problem in blended families. I knew of a step famuly situation where the daughter was married at 12 years old since she was starting puberty and since one of the other step kids was a boy and technically unrelated she couldn’t be alone with him. Islam is an extremely sick belief system.

  7. Only twenty-five years???????? Are the teachers and principal going to be charged? They are mandated reporters. They couldn’t have missed the signs. No way! I have reported for less.

  8. I was very puzzled by this case until I saw the picture of the school’s principal.

    “The boy came to school in June 2011 with a swollen and bruised face and told teachers at school he would ‘be killed’ if he performed badly in a test.”

    How the hell can that be missed? Surely the school had a part in covering up this gross injustice.

  9. Cute photo of the rolling pin.

    Sad for the little boy, what a horrible death. He was expecting something from his young son that he himself couldn’t deliver. It wouldn’t surprise me the test he had trouble with was the qur’an.

  10. Instead of sentencing this scumbag and housing him at taxpayers expense, strap a parachute on him and drop him over Somalia. Hopefully the Janjaweed will kill him as a spy when he appears in Western clothes and a US parachute. But even if this dead boy had lived, he would only do the same one day to HIS wife and children. How do they expect their children to learn Arabic-reportedly a very difficult language and to read the Koraaaaan( as Obama says it) fluently when the average IQ of Muslims is less than 100 due to 1400 years of cousin marriages and inbreeding?

    • Like I said to the last Guy…Why Generalize? Seriously Most Of you Americans Take this Opportunity to put labels on a race and their religions to make them look bad or in superior. How in Earth would you know that the boy would treat his children the same? You are a Racist. You hate. We get that Just leave the poor boy out of it. Most Muslims are Educated Scholars and you an empty bean bag. Its not like we are with the guy its not like Muslims told him to kill the boy its only because he is Crazy or cold blooded take our religion out of you racist mouth . Thanks.

  11. The authorities looked the other way when it was so obvious this poor child was crying out for help. How utterly shameful. And what a horrible monster for a father. He cannot even be called a father.

    May this child know peace and happiness in heaven that he never knew on this earth.

  12. What a horrible story! That is one thing that I learned- Muslims will never ever rat out another Muslim to the non-Muslim authorities, even if it means another Muslim or another person is being hurt. One time I did make an anonymous call to the authorities because I saw a child being “spanked” with an electrical extention cord for some minor infraction. This was also a step child situation, the oldest child was not the biological child of the husband and he and the wife often abused the girl both physically and verbally. Being a step child in a Muslim family is a very very bad thing to be, especially if you are a girl.

  13. He would have never made it to trial had that been my son he beat to death. Why wouldn’t that have been first degree murder since it was a child that was beaten to death?

  14. We need to stop the growth of islam in America. We do this by deporting all illegal muslims and stopping the immigration of all muslims. We tell the truth about this evil cult of isalm at every opportunity. The muslim principal needs to be fired. Of course she is not going to report on the muslim, savagily beating the little boy. They will appeal the sentence and I hope that that savage gets 50 years for the murder instead of 25 years. This is just one more example of islam the cult of peace in action with the beating of a 10 year old boy.

    • All well said on the part of “john”, “cat” and “Annie”. The only comfort we can take in this EVIL tale is that in this way we have one less Moslem male alive, with another taken off the streets because of this murder.

      Truly, he deserves the charge of FIRST-DEGREE murder in addition to child cruelty, wounding, assault and battery – and anything else that can stick upon him!!!

    • Its Not The religion BECAUSE ITS VERY PEACEFUL, Its Bad people who take the name and call themselves Muslims STOP generalizing!!! Many Christian and MANY atheist and MANY Jews are WAY worst then this man But no one is saying lets “stop the growth of Christianity” Because hate to break it to you but they are crazier. this one woman made her children kill her husband she was a christian. So the best thing you could do right now is hope the family will find peace and may Allah (swt) Bless the boy into jannah. Only God can judge and quite Frankly you are NOT God!!

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