Pakistani Muslim Savages beat and set a mentally unstable man on fire for allegedly burning a quran

blasphemy-lawPolice in Pakistan say a man has been beaten and set on fire by a mob for apparently desecrating Islam’s holy book, the Quran. About 200 people reportedly stormed the police station where the man was being held and attacked him, then set his body on fire.

al-Jazeera  The violence was sparked when “people in surrounding villages learnt that a man had burnt copies of the Quran”, local police official Usman Ghani said. “They took him away, beat him severely and then burnt him.”


Police detained him on Friday after people claimed to have found him burning copies of the Quran in a mosque in Seeta village, Abdullah Memon, a resident of the village, told AFP. “They caught him and handed over to police on Friday morning,” Memon said.

Police believe the man was mentally unstable as they were unable to get him to tell them basic facts, such as his name and address, when they took him into custody, Ghani said.

People have been arrested for just discussing or writing about Islam, making mistakes in homework or not joining protests against a film insulting Islam. In Pakistan, the penalty for blasphemy is execution.

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