SWEDEN: International women’s movement ‘FEMEN’ and Egyptian ‘striptivist’ Aliaa al-Mahdy bares all to protest Sharia constitution in Egypt!

Egyptian anti-sharia activist, Aliaa al-Mahdy, chose Sweden for her latest feminist protest as she bared all outside her country’s embassy in Stockholm despite sub-zero temperatures.


SceneReleases  Elmahdy, who as part of the feminist network Femen has employed nudity as a shock tactic before, wanted to protest the new Egyptian constitution that was voted through on Saturday. Holding a Quran in front of her privates, Elmahdy was joined by two other women outside the embassy on the posh beachfront avenue Strandvgen in central Stockholm. Body painting scrawled across the women’s chests read “Sharia is not a constitution” and linked the apocalypse to Egyptian President Muhammed Mursi, who represents the Muslim Brotherhood party.

The nude guerilla tactics of Femen originally started in Ukraine and has since spread. Femen’s website supported al-Mahdy’s action, stating in an expletive-ridden text that Morsi’s “last resting will be the Nile with crocodiles, not the pyramids” if he started shooting at his own people.

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