SWEDEN: International women’s movement ‘FEMEN’ and Egyptian ‘striptivist’ Aliaa al-Mahdy bares all to protest Sharia constitution in Egypt!

Egyptian anti-sharia activist, Aliaa al-Mahdy, chose Sweden for her latest feminist protest as she bared all outside her country’s embassy in Stockholm despite sub-zero temperatures.


SceneReleases  Elmahdy, who as part of the feminist network Femen has employed nudity as a shock tactic before, wanted to protest the new Egyptian constitution that was voted through on Saturday. Holding a Quran in front of her privates, Elmahdy was joined by two other women outside the embassy on the posh beachfront avenue Strandvgen in central Stockholm. Body painting scrawled across the women’s chests read “Sharia is not a constitution” and linked the apocalypse to Egyptian President Muhammed Mursi, who represents the Muslim Brotherhood party.

The nude guerilla tactics of Femen originally started in Ukraine and has since spread. Femen’s website supported al-Mahdy’s action, stating in an expletive-ridden text that Morsi’s “last resting will be the Nile with crocodiles, not the pyramids” if he started shooting at his own people.

More protests from FEMEN group:


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27 comments on “SWEDEN: International women’s movement ‘FEMEN’ and Egyptian ‘striptivist’ Aliaa al-Mahdy bares all to protest Sharia constitution in Egypt!

  1. A punch of bitchs won’t change the world. Alia is a biggest foul women and she believe that Islam is #1 enemy and that is not ture becuase they don’t know…..the western world use his or her own standerad to judge other….what a foul theory.

  2. I remember when I was in the 3rd Infantry in Germany walking from the barracks to the latrine in 0 degree (F) temperatures in under wear at night at Graffenwehr Training Centre and it was not really that cold (low humidity I guess). That said, standing out in the snow sans clothing has got to be brutal in a coastal city, especially for Ms. Elmahdy considering were she hails from.

  3. Aren’t the muslim men supposed to kill themselves upon seeing a nude woman who is not their wife ? Go GEt ’em, gals. But pick a warmer climate. I can hear your pores slamming shut from the pictures.

  4. Its all too- late -they have let the the rats in and the evil laws of sharia will dominate -the destroyer’s of -history will start burning the books -anything that is not of -Islam -there won’t be much left as Islam didn’t contribute much,their future looks -grim -especially for the women -they had their chance and -muffed it.-God help them because -Allah won’t.

  5. They’re very brave…braver than the weak-kneed male politicians who meet the misogynists and supremacists and then SHAKE THEIR HANDS and SEND THEM OUR MONEY!

    A nude woman is at her most vulnerable. She says, ‘I DARE YOU to show your barbarity…HAVE YOU NO SHAME?’

    The Mozmen killer zombie inbred hate-filled jihadists have NO SHAME OR DECENCY. They imitate a pedophile pirate.

    Decent Moslems have to stop being COWARDS and leave this evil, sadistic DEATH CULT.

  6. all is fair in love and war lets see if the lefties over on the huff post can top this ! things could get kinda intresting ! battle is starting to heat up and first strike goes to these freedom fighters

      • As far as I know Tamerlane (Ghengis Khan) was not killing for a religion. The root causes for war are land, resources and domination.

      • Gee did you think of that original ‘Bumper Sticker” one liner all by yourself?
        How about More people have died in the name of man’s
        self aggrandisement,Sociopathy and Communist / Socialist Humanist New World Order Pathology ?

        Islam the “Religion of Choice” for Sociopath’s / Communists/ Socialists/Democrats/Leftists /PROGRESSIVES the world over.
        Islam the “Progressives mad Dog of Choice” to drop over your back fence at a time of their choosing to do wreck whatever havoc it is capable of doing under the guise of “Diversity” “Tolerance” “Multiculturalism” and Peace.

        Islam / Muslims can ONLY exist as a DISRUPTIVE minority or as an OPPRESSIVE majority…… no wonder it’s the Progressives “Religion” of Choice.

        I meet regularly with a first hand SURVIVOR of the lefts Progressivism and it’s “Religion ” of Communism /Socialism /Humanism,the pile of dead bodies is too high to jump or see over.

        The Problem is not Religion, the problem is WHAT Religion and since the Progressives have imposed Islam and Nazism and Socialism and Environmentalism and COMMUNISM upon the free world the pile of dead bodies is getting ever so much higher and all the while we are been told to just give these Progressives / enlightened ones / ASSASSINS one more chance after all they have only killed half a billion people …..hey they will get it right one day

    • Come on you really don’t know why? All three are sexist and stupid, this women is a victim of Islam, yet I’m sure the two who accompanied her are familiar with the sexism of Christianity and Judaism. While Islam is the worst, all three teach that women are property of their husbands and that their sole purpose on Earth is to make babies.

      • You are simply wrong, all three do not teach woman as property, in fact, the Christian doctrine, including the correct answer to this out right lie on your behalf, states, Men are to be submissive to their wives needs, and that men are head of households, and they are to be held to account in the spiritual needs of all family members, and that they alone will be held to account before the Lord for any violations against his children, read: those in Christs name, being baptized. They are NOT treated as property, go back to idiots-r-us, huff and post the bullgile whence cometh from your wicked mind where you belong, it’s not here. Many readers of this site are far more educated then the average libturd idiots. Get lost eliza, back under thy rock heathen, spewer of lies..in Christ name-amen

  7. Islam will quiver in terror before brave naked female warriors! Muslim men will foul themselves in horror before the bare skinned women without hijab, abaya, niqab, and burqa. What will they do when the naked women come? Scream in terror!

    While Muslims fly planes into public buildings to terrorize people. Naked women show their breasts to terrify Muslims, show their legs to frighten them, bare their most intimate parts to make them wretch! Islam cannot stand the sight of a beautiful naked woman! An army of naked women is now set to invade Saudi Arabia to make the Muslim men cower in fear.

    And the fearless Aliaa is one of the main warriors in the fight. An atheist and a vegetarian, she fights for truth, justice, and freedom and against the tyranny of Islam.

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