CANADA: Muslim schoolgirl praises Hezbollah’s “defeat of Zionist Regime” in Madrassa speech competition

Hassan_Nasrallah_by_Latuff2At the Shia-run Wali ul Asr Muslim school in Brampton Ontario,  a speech competition among elementary school students featured a young girl who praised Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini and Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the banned terrorist group Hezbollah.

Blazing Cat Fur  Her praise for Nasrallah focused on his defeat of the “Zionist Regime.” She also denigrated Western society and emphasized the need for Muslim women to wear the hijab/headbag.


The school’s website says: “Wali ul Asr School is a federally registered non-profit organization dedicated to developing the next generation of (radical) Muslim leaders who will support our Imam’s cause. The school strongly believes that Muslim children and youth can integrate into society as ambassadors of their faith and become leaders rather than followers who become merged and lost.”

Muslims in Canada are funding a campaign to have Blazing Cat Fur shut down 

The Islamist lawfare jihad against BCF has begun. Please support them.

BCF’s work has contributed to hate crime investigations of the East End Madrassah, and also of CASMO, both organizations are affiliated with Iran’s proxies in Canada, organizations that openly operate within Canada’s Shia community under the direction of Iran’s Ahlul Bayt society. Organizations that openly hate Jews and Israel.

BCF played a significant hand in our government cutting off funding to both the Canadian Arab Federation and Palestine House, both are among the most anti-semitic organizations in Canada.

Muslims especially hate BCF for its strong support of Israel. They say, ““…while the case is being prepared there is an opportunity for you to contribute to legal action against this hatemonger who has insulted Prophet Mohammad (SAW), Quran and continues to spread hate against Muslims and other sections of the society who disagree with his extremist Zionist ideology. He is an equal opportunity hater and a Zionist fascist who, following the footsteps of his settler brethren has played a significant role in damaging the harmonious inter-faith relationships in Canada.”

As most of you are aware, Arnie Lemaire is the notorious author of the Islamophobic hate blog (Blazing Car Fur) and was the man behind false stories on East End Madrassah and a number of other hate propaganda campaigns against Muslims.  Some of his posts are as follows (content warning, very offensive and hateful Islamophobic material)

One of his posts on Prophet Mohammed (SAW), he ran a cartoon competition in Canada

One of his posts on Quran where he showed Quran being flushed down a toilet

One of his posts on Wahab-e-Qalbi (AS), one of the martyrs of Karbala

A number of Muslim individuals and organizations are currently in process of preparing a case against Arnie under the hate speech ( and defamation laws (


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  1. All of you obviously have no idea that these schools are provincially monitored to ensure that no hate is thought. If you actually spent the time to listen to her speech you would know that not once does she mention anything bad against Jews. She only mentioned zionists. Even Jews will tell you that Zionists are different than jews.

    • They aren’t. Any Jew who says he is not a Zionist is not a Jew, he’s either a far leftist (JINO) or a Hasid who is still waiting for the Messiah. Apparently, you are not a Jew and therefore are not entitled to an opinion on this.

      Muslim apologists don’t get to comment here.

  2. muslims in Canada are about to learn what ‘tolerance’ and ‘peace’ by their standards feel like when applied to them.
    BCF will not be shut down and it’s about to become extremely unhealthy to wage legal-jihad here.

    As for little-miss-jihad…
    She and her fellow muzzies best start deporting themselves because if they don’t, we will.
    They can leave on their own, or they will be rounded up, and container vessels will deport them to somalia.

    The Old World is gone, the Solstice saw that passage with a whisper and our return, Paganics.
    I speak now as Harbinger for Paganics, after accepting the request to do so.

    To you all, I will state that we side with Humanity against the Anti-Human such as islam, communism and other such inimical things.
    Humanity will become a Great People some day, and we will NOT allow Humanity to be cheated, robbed or decieved of it’s destiny as such.
    Humanity will get there on it’s own just fine without ‘social engineering’ and such things as Agenda-21, false religion (islam) and such. Humanity will be well able to tend itself and continue onward to the day when it becomes what it will be…we Paganics will simply ensure that those working against such are dealt with.
    We have exactly NO interest in ‘ruling’ Humanity…Humanity rules itself just fine when it isn’t saddled with unworkable inanities such as PolCorr and the like, and works with Facts, not ‘spin’.

    To you muzzies reading this;
    What comes, you have brought down on yourselves with 1400 years of atrocities and crimes against Humanity of every unspeakable type and kind.
    You had 1400 years to change your ways, and never have.
    islam brought this down upon it’s House by it’s own hand and by it’s own doing.
    We are Everywhere.
    We are Everyone.
    Do not waste your time speaking of how islam is so wonderful. Spare us your taq’Iyaa (a word of ours your insipid and illiterate prophet-of-lies misappropriated and mangled along with his barely literate ‘scribes’). Save your outrage and consider what islam has done and the lives of Humanity taken wrongly in it’s false name and lies.
    islam destroys itself.

  3. Iran is funding many mosques and madrassas all over Europe and the Americas. Their goal is to convert as many people as possible, and to recruit new jihadis from among the new converts. The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is doing the same. Suni and Shiite Mosques are being built everywhere.

  4. Exclusive my ass. Segrated is more like . Call it what it is. They are creating segragation all over again. It is against the law if I remember correctly.

  5. The problem is not with the police, it is with the coward leaders and THE PEOPLE. As for the gym incidents of veiled women go full dressed in the swimming pools, it happened in my gyp a couple of times. Both my wife and I went to management complained and politely mentioned that the Health Dept will be notified. That worked. The women have been asked to get out. Few years passed between the 2 incidents. My point is, these Muslims keep trying and test the water. I am sure if no one say anything, the gym would be infested with this ugly behavior.

  6. I live in Brampton and didn’t even know such a school existed. I have noticed an increase in muslims though. Mainly this year. I see them a lot more at the gym. And in the swimming pools wearing full clothes or one family had the females wear the ski-doo suites w/e they are called, wet suites…ugh…

    And more importantly does anybody know what can be done ? or steps as to bring this to the proper attention ? I don’t much like the police. I had an incident when I tried to report the polygamous marriages in Scarborough but the Brampton officer didn’t even know if that was against the law or not. Useless shits….

    • Moksha, we have a lot of Canadians who comment here. I’m sure they can offer you some advice. As far as media goes, Sun News seems to be the best up there. Also the blog Blazing Cat Fur is great.

  7. Muslims are going to sue Arnie of Blazing Cat Fur.
    Please sue Muslims for HATE speech: “Her praise for Nasrallah focused on his defeat of the “Zionist Regime.” She also denigrated Western society. ”

    And sue the EVIL Muslim woman in Florida who yelled that Jews should go into the ovens.

    WHY ARE MUSLIMS ALLOWED to publicly call for the MURDER of NON-MUSLIMS?

  8. Her praise for Nasrallah focused on his defeat of the “Zionist Regime.” She also denigrated Western society. End of quote.

    Why are Muslims who HATE us and HATE our superior and MERCIFUL Western civilization brought in to colonize our countries?

    Devout Muslims HATE us, our God, Judaism, Christianity, all of our holiday celebrations, our clothes, our music, our dancing, our culture, our countries, Western civilization and our infidel freedom.

    The only thing devout Muslims don’t hate is free homes and free infidel money.

    Quran-obedient Muslims openly declare their goal is the destruction and defeat of Israel. Israel is greatly beloved by most Americans. Israel’s Jews are regarded as our brothers and sisters.

    It is an act of terrible hate by our leaders that many millions of Muslims who hate America, Israel and other Western countries and seek our DEFEAT, are imported into our countries whilst severely persecuted non-Muslims in Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Syria, Iran and other Muslim countries are immorally refused entry into our countries.

  9. I would guess that by the time she got home, the little girl was married to her brother, they will have many fine five-eyed, twelve fingered, two headed warriors.

  10. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!……What the else can be said about this whinyass little sh–, who IF you can bare to listen for just a few seconds, you can’t help thinking, so just “when is this stupid whiny little bitch going to STFU?!!”…..I sincerely hope that when she is used as a human bomb that she DOES NOT succeed in taking any kuffar out with her!!

  11. Wait till Muslim Obama decided we need a hate speech law here in America. It really was the main reason he kept blaming Benghazi on a video. He was testing the waters to see what reaction there might be. Well we saw the savages going apeshit as usual and the libtards naturally calling for an end to free speech. Now we have those same Liberals calling for the death of NRA members and a ban on assault weapons.But it will still be ok for obama to pass those weapons on to the al-qaida rebels as long as they are doing the dirty deeds for obama in bringing the Muslim Brotherhood to power in all of the Middle east.

  12. Well done ‘blazing cat fur’. We must keep on exposing the radical agenda of the cult of islam. We must let their own hatred of the west and Israel condem them. Come on Canada, it is time to investigate this shia radical center that is teaching the young muslims to hate all Jews and all infidels of the west. Surely this is not allowed in the educational systems of Canada. Let your members of parliament know of this type of information being taught to the students of islam in Canada.

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