EGYPT: Careful what you wish for

Ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak: I put the Muslim Brotherhood in jail, now they are runining your lives.

Ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak: “I kept the Muslim Brotherhood in jail or in exile so they couldn’t make you slaves to sharia rule.”

On the eve of the 2nd round of voting in a referendum on the Muslim Brotherhood-drafted, sharia-based constitution, violence has erupted with opponents of the constitution setting two buses ablaze which were used by Muslim Brotherhood supporters.


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  1. Around the Moz world, the numbers are the same: 35% want ‘moderation’, but 65% want discriminatory Sharia and a global caliphate. 65% of Moslems in all countries are ‘extremists’. Most only pretend to be moderate.

  2. Dear BNI readers:

    Apologies for one error. When I state… “One especially cruel thing the Carter administration did was the Vicount Air Disaster” I meant the administratrions response to the disaster. I did not mean to imply that the Carter Administration themselves shot down the airliner. They just supported the terrorists who did and did not allow survivors of this barbaric act entry into the United States for medical treatment.

  3. Dear BNI:

    The Egyptian elections were in two-parts. The first round of elections were a “sharia law victory” but from what I read by a very narrow margin. This was in spite of the fact that the pro-Morsi (candidate of izslime death & destruction) factions ACTIVELY threatened the lives of anti-Morsi & anti-sharia voters. Coptic Christians, seculars and women not wearing hirjabs/burkhas were PREVENTED FROM VOTING.

    This terrified obviously the Morsi monsters. Despite violence, intimidation, rape and a dozen other hideous acts against the opposition, the sharia gang almost lost. So by the time “Part II” of the voting was to take place….

    Well, we all saw the newsbroadcasts, the internet video clips and read the reports of what happened next. Christians were dealing with izlam-eck slime wielding clubs and knives, non-covered women faced rape and secular Egyptians were rounded and up and imprisoned. Hard to vote against izlam-eck extremism when your a Christian fighting for your life and trying to prevent your home from being burned down. Non-Sharia compliant woman without a hirjab or burkha on your way to vote? Well, good luck getting to the polls when you have to drag yourself out from an alley where you’ve just been gang raped by MoHAMeddan men. As for the secular Egyptians? Try voting from a crowded prison cell. Maybe the seculars will get released now that the “referendum voting” is over. However, look for the to be tortured or raped (including the men) while in prison. Once released and if Morsi restricts people from leaving Egypt….

    Look for those secular Egyptians to start being regular mosque goers and partiicpants in Friday night shake-downs of what few Christians remain.

    Yes, it was for the second part of voting a “pro-sharia landslide” but with the opposition beaten, raped or imprisoned… and knowing that only 30% of eligible voters cast ballots…. well, its obvious that it was only Morsi boys voting.

    And to think that the American muslim president did everything in his power to establish Morsi and other pro-Jihad anti-Western anti-Israel ultra-fundamentalist Izslimes to positions of dictatorship control all over the world. And Obama doesn’t seem to be finished yet in his re-constuction of the izslam-eck world.

    Prior to Obama, I thought Carter was one of the worst enemies of freedom that the White House had hosted. In the late 1970s, Carter took a totally unreasonable, uncompromising and virulently prejudiced stance against the south-cental African country of Rhodesia. The beleagured little nation was not perfect- but considering the continual onslaught from communist insurgents and terrorists Rhodesia faced, it still had a remarkable record in expanding democracy, personal rights, a free-market and capitalisst economy, all while providing a high quality of life for its very pluralistic, mutli-racial, mutli-tribal population.

    There was never “apartheid” in Rhodesia, like in South Africa. Blacks and whites voting together produced a multi-racial government- where with the presidency and prime-ministership (one was black, the other white). However, since the terrorist candidate (Robert Mugabe) did not win that election… the howling & protests from the Western world’s leftists forced another election. This time the terrorists were ready… basically any non-Mugabe supporter faced violence when appraoching the polls. Carter lauded this second election though rife with fraud.

    Carter claimed to be an advocate for democracy and supporter of human rights. This was just lip-service as his administration did everything it could to bring Mugabe into power. Decades later Mugabe is still in power. The nation had become known as Zimbabwe-Rhodesia… dropped the hyphenated Rhodesia from its name. Millions of people have died as a result of an infrastructure that has collapsed (life expectancy is NOW IN THE LATE 30s and EARLY 40s), starvation, tribal warfare, political prisons, anti-white massacres, etc. The white, indian, chinese and mixed-racial populations have dwindled down to near zero.

    I could go on but you get the picture- thank you Jimmy-Boy for creating a hell hole in Afrcia that sill murders, rapes, oppresses and tortures to this very day!

    One especially cruel thing the Carter administration did was the Vicount Air Disaster. An Air Rhodesia passenger jet was shot down by terrorist in the late 1970s. This was AFTER Rhodesian PM Ian Smith had agreed and began giving major concessions to the terrorist organizations in the region. After shooting down the Air Rhodesia aircraft, the terrorists began shooting and (with machetes) hacking to death the survivors. Bodies of the living and dead were mutiliated abused and raped.

    A young Rhodesian European couple (ie white) somehow survived the crash and though very, very seriously injured they hid in the African bush as the terrorists descended upon the twisted and broken passenger jet, and the dazed survivors. What happened next especially to the women and children survivors I won’t mention. This one couple hidden in brush and trees survived.

    Jimmy Carter knew firsthand that this couple wanted to enter (needed to more actually) the United States for urgent medical treatment. The Carter Administration forbid the couple entry into the United States. They were after all big bad evil RHODESIANS (everyone now quiver in fear over the “Rhodesian” that ultimate representation of colonial wickedness that is the block to any world progress and who want to come to a neighborhood near you to enslave third world peoples)… OOOOHHH NOOOOO!

    Carter protected the world from a young Rhodesian couple with bodies broken and not working due to an act of horrific terrorism. In fact Carter helped a terrorist organization gain power in an African country that to this day commits atrocities daily.

    Now lets move in time 30 years. Another Democrat president with leftist ideals has brought a dictatorship into power in Africa. Minorities in that nation are under siege- welcome to Obama’s Egypt. Yet who is worse- Carter or Obama?

    Carter destroyed one pro-freedom, captilaist, racial and faith plurastic nation in Africa. Obama seems to want to go after every non-sharia Arabic and/or muslim nation and turn it into a Muslim Brotherhood “paradise.” So for shear numbers of nations to hand over to terrorists…. guess who wins!

    Egypt is about to enter a new dark age in its history and this will be a legacy of the Obama administration.

    • Arjay, you’re correct. There is no real reporting on this from the media. I wonder if they will continue to ignore it when the Copts start getting slaughtered en masse? Syria will soon fall to the Brothers and Jordon is next. And I believe this has all been financed by Obama.

  4. Not a peep from Obama about what’s taking place today in Egypt. Where is that Democracy he talked about? But all of us here knew better. And just like the elections here in America, Im sure the Brotherhood folks made sure they got what they wanted. Egypt is now looking more like Iran then Iran is.

  5. Let’s hope and pray that the secular minded Egyptians outnumber the Muzzturd Brotherhood Egyptians, and take Egypt back from the evil that would take away what little freedom they have.

  6. Is it possible that Mubarak was a hated dictator only to the ragheaded, uncivilized, barbaraic muslims ? Now the Egyptian populace is in danger of losing the freedom to dress as they wished, to be semi tolerant of other religions and has a government that espouses the sexual mutilation of girls and young women.
    And for some obscure reason (sar) some ESgyptians are protesting the sand monkeys rules. Imagine that !

    • Bob: Even the Coptic Christians were demonstrating for the removal of Moubarak.

      All minority populations living in muslim dominated countries are very naive when it comes to their muslims neighbours. They all think it is possible to cohabitate in peace with them. When they find out they were wrong, it’s too late.

      Now, they have to fight it out between themselves. A well-deserved lesson.

  7. And EVERY BNI regular predicted at the beginning of this Obama (TMITWH)-Driven insanity – “Very soon they will be screaming for Hosni to come back!!”
    To the Secular Egyptians – Set Hosni Free and reinstate your Military and renew your Peace Agreement with ISRAEL…. Fail to do this and Bibi will take back the Sinai (I always wanted to holiday in Sharm-El-Sheikh… but not whilst Arabs have had visitation rights!)
    At least those Mossad-Trained Sharks are not Kosher – they will eat Any Trash – Even the local Vermin!!
    Rare that Colby is amusing but here he is on those Sharks!

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