‘Muslim comedian’ is an oxymoron

Frankly, I used to enjoy some of the Muslim comedians in this video, for their mildly self-deprecating brand of humor. But, no more. Lately, they are on a mission to wipe out ‘Islamophobia’ via comedy. Trouble is, they are no longer funny, instead they come off as rather condescending toward non-Muslims.

I guess you can take the Muslim out of the world of Islamic supremacists, but you can’t take the supremacist out of the Muslim.



15 comments on “‘Muslim comedian’ is an oxymoron

  1. I am tired of the whining. All whiners need to be corked. If mohommedists need to whine then I suggest go home and do the whining to the walls of your cave. They care more than I do.

  2. Here are some quotes from Anton Szandor LaVey (1930-1997) founder of the Church of Satan that is relevant to this topic:

    Those who are humorless should not be taken seriously. They take themselves so seriously, they leave no room for others to do likewise.

    I never met a person who gave his profession as a “comedian” who was witty.

    — From Satan Speaks!

  3. Whenever confronted by such stealth jihadists ask them specific questions in front of their audience – do they condone Al Queda? Do they support Hamas? What about Hezbollah? Do they feel that Christians and Jews are as good as they are and should be left alone? You’ll either catch them revealing their true feelings or they’ll get into Taqyia (lying) in which case you tell them that they are not Muslim.

  4. Speaking of comedians. I have just read up on famous UK comedian, Frankie Boyle, who recently made fun of the infants slaughtered in Sankyhook. This particular piece of sh*t is now donating huge amounts of money to free a British Muslim terrorist from Guantanamo.

    Comedians, I find, are usually some of the most lowlife scumbags on this planet, with only a few exceptions.

  5. I thought this was a well produced video with an interesting message.

    The question for me that was not answered is their “secular” message is accepted inside the Muslim community as CAIR, MAS, ICNA, ISNA, etc… banquets – where it really needs to be heard. What fascinates me above everything else is I know there has to be discrimination against them from the Islamic community and I want to know why that is OK and not discussed.

    I can guarantee you if the one girl was flashing around her cleavage to a Muslim audience there would be some blow back. And in the name of not offending her fellow Muslims I speculate she would accommodate the cleavage restrictions with no phobia retaliation explaining their intolerance dress restrictions.

    The guess the religion table shown is good Dawa and like another poster said something about hitting the Kuffar guilt button. Reformation and Qur’an exact word of Allah/God taken literally today dispels that dawa tactic easily.

    This is a great video to discuss and analyze because countering dawa is an important element we all need to come to grips with and counter in an academic manner.

  6. Uh-oh… here comes another Mohammed Movie. Think it will “cause” riots if Rotten Tomatoes rates this one as a bomb? You should excuse the expression.


    XXX rating due to Big Mo point of view shot of 9 year old Ayesha on their wedding night.

  7. Muhammad, according to the Hadiths, killed people that made fun of him and his religion. Islam, in itself, is probably the most unfunny thing there is. But Islam certainly deserves ridicule — a heaping healthy dose of it. It deserves to be laughed off the face of the Earth along with its sick and twisted Prophet Muhammad.

  8. Condescesion? Surely you jest!

    Condescension to kufaar?

    No, Allah says don’t condescend, crucify them, amputate them, rape them, lie to them, lie in wait with every strategem.

    And most importantly TERRORIZE THEM!!!!! (Koran 8.60 turhibuuna).

    Oh, sorry, Allah LIKES it when Mozzies TERRORIZE the kufaar.

    TERROR … PHOBIA…is what ALLAAH wants.

    (You see, dear Mozzies, we know our Koran better than you. Taqiyya isn’t working any more.)

  9. They’d be decapitated showing up like that in most Muslim countries. It would be really good if they could do a comedy routine like that in let’s say, Saudi Arabia…..

  10. I think I watched only about two minutes of this propaganda crap before I couldn’t stomach any more. How about they talk about the almost 20,000 acts of terrorism carried out by their fellow muzzies since 9-11? How about they talk about muslim parents killing their daughters for the family “honor”?
    How about they talk about their pedophile prophet raping a 9 year old? How about him murdering men so he could take their wives for himself? How about they talk about how women are treated like crap and how as women in their religion, they all go to hell. Because, after all, we know heaven is only for men so they can copulate with young boys in front of their fake pig of a “god” for all eternity?

    Nope. Lets candy coat everything and top it off with a healthy dose of “kuffar guilt”.
    Because, after all, they are innocent oppressed people and we are the big, bad, muslim hating bigots.

    Take your muslim propaganda and shove it. This kuffar ain’t buying the b.s. you are selling.

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