Obama-supported Islamic jihadists already enforcing sharia law in Syria

In a show of Islamic fanaticism, al-Qaeda linked rebels are going around and destroying liquor bottles. Can female genital mutilations, honor killings, and destruction of all the churches be far behind?


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  1. BNI, The only place to find my jabs at CAIR are here on your site. When I wrote above that these are written by a man who hates Islam, I was talking about myself. I write to amuse you and all of the BNI readers and as I stated earlier, to infuriate all goat fuckers. The Islamitization of the civilized world is so depressing. If I make a few people laugh and have fun in the process, it’s all worthwhile.

  2. OT

    I would like to wish everyone here on BNI a very Merry Christmas. I am signing off for a few days and have in my sight a bit of eggnog and some rum.

  3. Big deal they broke a few bottles of booze. They still have cases tucked away, that’s why they were smiling knowingly after the bottles were broken. All show.

  4. An interesting note; in the 16th cent. during the time of the Ottoman Empire Selim II was known as ‘Selim, the Drunkard’, or ‘Selim, the Sot’. A little toddy for the body anyone?

  5. BNI, The same place all of my stories come from. The creative writing of a man that finds the entire Muslim religion filthy, perverse and inhumane. One could apply just about any negative adjective to this faith of the false prophet. My “history lessons” are meant to amuse BNI readers, and to primarily infuriate all of the CAIR dipshits that monitor this site.

  6. The filth of Islam is well known now. The point is that the president of the US supports ‘islamic jihadists’. This is extremely dangerous to our country. It is beyond me that this criminal still in the WH!!!!!

  7. I have already given history lessons on Islamic traditions relating to pigs, the hijab as related to pigs, and wh
    y Muslims hate Christmas. Sadly my lesson on Christmas was not posted, as it was too explicit. Now with the above story mentioning female genital mutilation, I will explain it’s origins in Muslim tradition. When the pedophile prophet Mohammed was about to turn 13 his mother decided to take him off the breast. He was so angry at this further rejection, (it was around this same time that he was sexually rejected by both the pig, his first lover, and the dog), he started to hate all women. Mohammed felt it was his right as a man to decide when he would if ever, stop breast feeding. In response to this, he promptly mutilated his mother’s genitals. Now all of his filthy perverse followers find this not only acceptable, but also a turn on.

  8. I see that it is ok for the Jihadis to hold bottles of alcohol (proudly) but it “offends the faith” of the supermarket check-out chick in a headbag and you must use another checkout so she doesn’t have to handle it.

    D!ck heads.

  9. Look at these goons, they have probably done all that is listed at the top of the page. At this moment the scab libs are trying to figure out how to strip this country of its 2nd Amendment rights. Folks will need their guns to keep these buddies of obama and hillary from forcing their shithead ideals on them.

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