Norway is now Judenrein (Jew-free). Who Cares?

imagesIt does not stop with Norway. Jews are leaving England, and Jew hatred is on the rise in France, Italy and the Netherlands. This is a huge problem that is the direct result of the Islamic invasion of immigrants. Yet few Jews, and not many more Christians, are willing to acknowledge that fact.

judenreinPolitical Islam  Earlier this year, the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten reported that the last Jews in Norway are leaving. (Judenrein is German for cleansed of Jews. Some debate whether there are a few hundred Jews are still remaining, but the problem is the same.) Who cares? Certainly not the Jews or the Christians of America. The progressives, secularists, the media or any other social group you can find, do not care. NO ONE CARES.

And why is this news ignored? Because if you recognize the effect (persecution) then you must inquire about the cause of the persecution. Norway is filling up with Muslims. The cause of the recent build up of Jew hatred in Europe is Islam, and Jews and Christians do not want to touch Islam, except to bend a knee to Mohammed. This is not to say that Jews do not resist anti-Semitism, but it seems that they only attack it when it is from the Christians.


Why is Christian anti-Semitism unacceptable and Islamic anti-Semitism ignored? Although Christians and Jews may differ in theology, they have achieved a social unity. Most Jews have reduced the Torah to: ‘Be Nice.’ In the same way most Christians have reduced their scriptures down to the same two word mantra: ‘Be Nice.’ In short, if you get angry with Christians, nothing is going to happen. They will apologize and it is over. It is socially acceptable, even encouraged, to attack Christians, but any criticism of Islam is bigotry and no one, particularly a Jew, wants to be a bigot.


Normally, the “Be Nice” Christians and the “Be Nice” Jews show up at a Family of Abraham Dialogue dominated by Islam (the whole Family of Abraham idea is purely Islamic). The Nice Christians and Nice Jews smile as they listen to the Muslims tell them how the world works. Then they go home and they devote their time ignoring the destruction of Christianity and Judaism by Islam. Part of Being Nice is to be professionally ignorant of Islam’s doctrine and history.

“First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people,” is the militant Islamic message that the Jews are their first targets; and Christians are next. It is written on the walls of cities and echoing in the halls of mosques all over the Muslim world.  “First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people,” is a rallying cry of al-Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist organizations as they continue to march toward the elimination of Israel, the entire Jewish race, and Christians the world over.  It describes the plan and strategy for radical Islam in its centuries-long quest to rid the world of the infidels who refuse to worship Allah.

“First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people,” is the militant Islamic message that the Jews are their first targets; and Christians are next. It is written on the walls of cities and echoing in the halls of mosques all over the Muslim world. “First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people,” is a rallying cry of al-Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist organizations as they continue to march toward the elimination of Israel, the entire Jewish race, and Christians the world over. It describes the plan and strategy for radical Islam in its centuries-long quest to rid the world of the infidels who refuse to worship Allah.

So, who cares if the Christians and Jews are so corrupted by Nice that they are cowards, and ignorant ones at that? Well, we have a civilizational war going on and the Jews and Christians are aiders and abettors of Islam. They are co-conspirators with the Muslim Brotherhood, instead of being its enemy. Oops! Nice people don’t have enemies. We are all the same, so no one can ever be an enemy.

But, imagine if instead of the religion of Nice, we had Christians and Jews who knew Islam and its history. Imagine if Christians and Jews were to take a part in defending our civilization from Sharia. Here are two examples:

Islam makes unhistorical claims about Abraham, Ishmael and Mecca. Christian and Jewish scholars should take on Islam’s bogus claims about its origins. Although it is a natural area of interest, you cannot find university religious scholars who can tell you about the “religious stew” that was Mohammed’s milieu and the basis for Islam. The entire religious and generational history found in the Sira is fiction and needs to be addressed by scholars. Once you understand the myth of Mohammed and the myth of Mecca, Islam has no historical foundation.


Compassion as a protest against jihad: There is push on today to nominate Malala Yousafzai for a Nobel Prize. She is a Pakistani girl whom the Taliban tried to assassinate because of her desire for women to be educated. This is an excellent moral idea.

But why let our moral concern stop there? In Africa a man named Umar Umlinde became an apostate of Islam and converted to Christianity. Under the Sharia he can be killed. Instead, he got half of his face burned off with acid. The murder, rape and torture of Christians by Muslims in Africa is a constant jihad. 


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  1. From what I have read, and heard from those who were there, that during the Hitler period many Jewish people just did not want to believe in what was coming…and now with these interloping non assimilating fast breeding Muslims funneling into Western Europe in droves and the politically correct governments and media with many secure liberal Jews among them are all in denial,… something real bad is coming .

    Sadly it is the powerless little guys… Jewish and Gentile alike…who take the brunt of this leftist politically correct insanity first and hardest.


    Even chickens would not voluntarily invite a fox into the coop.

  2. where are all the jews? here in the usa, they are busy promoting the democratic party, which is pro-islam, and denouncing christian antisemitism, while they are unable to even recognize the tidal wave of islamic antisemitism. where are the jews? not sure about now, but on november 6th, they were at the polls, voting en masse for that great friend of america and judaism, b. hussein obama: you know, the one that will “stand with islam”. the one that considers the vile muslim call to prayer to be the most beautiful sound he has ever heard. yes, the one whose wife was proud of america for the first time when america made the criminal mistake of nominating a muslim for president. in the 1940’s, the jews were at the soviet embassy, betraying our nuclear secrets to that great friend of freedom, josef stalin. where will they be when their islamic friends conquer our country? on their prayer mat, professing allegance to allah, and his archcriminal prophet. i am not a christian, not an antisemite, and certainly not a christian antisemite, but i will admit it is getting more and more difficult to overlook the treachery of people who should be dam glad to be in our country, but instead strive day and night to bring to us the same tyranny they left behind in other lands. this is a characteristic they share with our muslim “immigrants”, brought to us by traitors in both criminal partiesm but, shockingly, imported into our beloved (by some of us) country without one single word of protest from the muslim’s first enemy of choice, jews.

    • KAZ, I always love it when an anti Semite like yourself tells me that you are not an anti Semite. Gee, last time I checked I voted for the other guy, was at many Tea Party protests and certainly none in my family betrayed the USA by selling nuclear secrets. “Treachery of a People”? I guess no other group has their share of treachery. But to Jew Haters like you, we are all one in the same.

      • DS, I don’t think KAZ is running down all Jews, just the traitorous ones who (a) voted for obama and (b) apparently can’t wait to see Israel wiped off the map, and earlier would have been collaborating with ‘Uncle Joe’. Have to admit it also bothers me mightily that there are such people. BTW, I’m a loyal friend of Israel! (I’m also an atheist–wonder if they want that kind of support?!)

        • Peter35,

          I disagree. If you read KAZ’s post, he or she lumps all Jews together (see “treachery of a people”) and seems to obsess over a couple of horrible deeds done by bastards who are Jewish. What is this obsession with holding Jews to such a high standard and doubting all Jews’ allegiance to the USA (classic anti Semite thinking)? Do other groups ever have bad apples?…and “dam glad to be in OUR country?” WTF? So I respectfully disagree with you. If KAZ meant otherwise, he or she can clarify. Interesting to me that you hear about all the bad things but funny you never hear about Jewish heros like Jeremy Glick who fought back on Flight 93 but you sure read about how the “Jews were behind 9/11”.

        • actually, double, kaz in not an antisemite at all. it is liberal anti-american jews that i deplore, and it is strictly their own choice that liberal jews are the overwhelming majority kind. unlike your democratic party friends, i do support israel, not because they are jewish, but because it is the right thing to do. regarding your hero, glick, he was fighting to save his own life. too bad he didnt succeed. i am no hero, but i would have done the same thing. it isnt heroism to fight for your own life when there is no other choice. only a liberal would surrender under those circumstances. an american jewish liberal, on the other hand, would join the enemy, as they have joined with obama in defeating our nation, as they have joined with islam in trying to defeat israel, as they joined with stalin, as they have joined in with everyone but america. there are of course exceptions, but a huge majority did vote, sheeplike, for their enemy, the muslim in chief. sorry, one does not have to be an antisemite to deplore that. as i mentioned, jews werent the only people responsible for the election of a muslim, but jews, above all, should have known better, since jews are a particular target for extermination by islam. to a reasonable person, an enemy of the foremost enemy of jews would be considered a friend of jews, but apparently not to you.

        • and furthermore, mr double standard, i tried to see “treachery of a people” as you advised. i couldnt, because you quoted what you wanted to see, not what i wrote. i wrote “treachery of people” no “a”, mr. double standard. you misquoted, because you are reading what you want, not what i wrote. i do not have anything against jews. i do have huge objection to enemies of our country. it is the individual jew’s decision whether to be an enemy or a friend of america. it has been the decision of entirely to many of them, in my observation, to be enemies. religiously i clump them in the same group as christians–deluded, but mostly harmless, but not in the same group as muslims–deluded and extremely dangerous. politically, american jews seem irresistibly attracted to their enemies, democrats, communists, and muslims. regarding” no other group having their share of treachery”, as you claim, or rather impute me as saying: atheists, my particular group, are wonderful people. they have to lay low if they are wise, because of the discrimination they experience from people who detect their lack of belief in fairy tales. however, we shared our lack of faith with a couple of real stinkers, adolph, the monster jews and other liberals all love to hate, and joe, the nice guy jews and other liberals all love. they each murdered about the same number of people. i wonder why the difference in perception?

          • Kaz, as a Jew, I often express the same sentiments as you did, and a lot worse, about leftist Jews, who are in the majority, unfortunately. As a Jew, I can get away with bashing Jews, but you have to be careful to specify “leftist Jews” so people don’t think you are talking about all Jews. It’s just like black people can call themselves the N word all day long, but white people can’t.

        • ty for your kind words, bni. i have a huge reservoir of respect for you and your site, bni. i agree with almost everything you write. i disagree with your assertion that any group has a right to use any word they deny to others. goose, ganser, sauce, etc. but that is a small issue. the big issue is free people freely surrendering to tyranny, and calling themselves “tolerant” for doing so. this is an issue for which, if we continue to get it wrong, our grandchildren will curse us. perhaps you will answer double standard’s accusatory question–can anyone edit a post? if ds would get the mote out of his eye, he would discover that we actually agreed on most things before he started the personal attacks. a hero, btw, does the right thing when he has safer options. glick did the right thing when there were no safe options. in fact, what he did was the only option that gave him any chance to survive. that isnt heroism, its pragmatism. regarding religious preference, as far as i am concerned, there are only two religions–islam, and not islam. in my opinion, you, double, and me are members of the same religion–not islam. some are better than others at recognizing that fact made inescapable by islamic aggression.

    • KAZ, Really? You want to go after me because I, by mistake, added an “a”? As that makes your entire post a lot better?

      You can backtrack all day long but the damage has been done.You lumped all Jews together, clear and simple. As BNI stated, you need to be more careful if you truly meant Liberal Jews only.

      …and if I did make that mistake and read into it what I wanted by adding that”a”, too bad. I am so sick and tired of being blammed for the world’s problems and lumped into catagories that do not represent my beliefs or MANY Jews for that matter that have seen the light.

      And just to make sure that I indeed made a mistake by adding an extra “a”, BNI, is there any way one can go back an edit their post?

      Lastly, just to clarify, Jeremy Glick is and should be an American hero.

  3. Hi BNI:
    Merry Christmas.
    I like Christmas too, being a Jew-tian.

    Yep, all the Jews gone from Norway.. Soon, it will be in O’Merika.
    I don’t know if I will leave or go down with the ship.

    Take care 🙁

    • TMJ,

      Were are all the Jews? This is no joke that it could happen here in the good old USA. The only people who will defend us are us and all I see are Jews hiding behind their desks playing the “victim and the get along-go along” cards. The smart ones will have an exit plan when the SHTF. Sad days. Some say I am a doomsday’er, I am a realist that understands human nature and history.

      It all starts with the Obama anti-Israel (really anti Jew) policies and is continued with companies like Apple releasing the “Jew or not Jew” app with no out-cry. Put on top of that the Jew-hatred on college campuses that goes un-reported and just for good measure, we have Amazon selling Holocaust oven puzzles. Thankfully we have BNI to report on these things that others ignore.


      • Me, Born in Eastern Europe, Ashkenazic…. Not liking those who sit in self hatred and feel the need to apologise. I can not stand behind the appeaser Jews out there.

        Oh, and we have pretty much fallen to the fate of whites, in the sense that we are NOT allowed to call racist over racist remarks because apparently there are grievances we have created with US minorities too. I can’t think of what really but it suits them to shove us in a corner. Just like a white person can be subjected to racial slurs and it is ok, Jews can be subjected to racist apps on iProducts….
        Its all rubbish.
        There are those out there up in arms, but not being that big a group in the scheme of the world, our voices might get drowned out by MSM, sissy leftie Jews and etc…

  4. Wow, I got to this site because of gun control, only to realize this is a hangout for religious zealots… You guys are right, Islam is a disease, but so is Christianity, Judaism and all other fantasy stories that get your rocks hard and make you feel righteous when committing immoral acts.

    How people can be so rational about politics yet believe in fairy tales from a book written by people who thought sea monsters were a legitimate risk when sailing the seas. Why do facts matter when it’s about gun control, yet go out the window when it comes to religion?

    Religion is a cancer that’s slowly killing humanity.

    • Got to this site because of gun control? How does one do that? BTW, I’m agnostic and I hang out here all the time because only an idiot, total fool, leftist, or out and out, full-on muslim would be stupid enough to make ridiculous claims of moral equivallence in the face of contemporary muslim-induced terror, violence, repression, and all-around evil buffoonery. You are a divisive, brainwashed idiot, with no instinct for survival, cultural or personal. I should nominate you for a Darwim Award. Geez!

      Now, back to gun control. Is it safe to assume you favor it?

      • FC…One Size Does Not Fit All. Other religions DO NOT sponsor and actively participate in Hate Crimes Against Humanity! Why stop at gun control??? You are conveniently ignoring Amputation, Beheading, Honor Killing, Public Hanging, Kidnapping, Acid Throwing, Suicide Bombing, Female Mutilation, Killing of Infidels, Church Burning, World Caliphate and Murder of All Infidels. Does Threats and Warlike Actions to Destroy a tiny country called Israel by a Nuclear Armed Iran fit into your picture of concern for Human Destruction?.

        We should All be Armed and Alarmed against the encroaching Sharia Barbarism that is spreading it’s tentacles everywhere on our precious planet. They even practice Islamic Fratricide like currently in Syria, or their ongoing murder of Shiah vs Sunni and vice versa. Please don’t be Johnny One Note! Arms to PROTECT is not the same as ARMS TO ATTACK. The Fight to Save Freedom from Sharia Tyranny is our Moral Compass!

    • a word of friendly advice from a fellow atheist for FC: i dont know which side of the gun control issue you have placed yourself, but from your self righteous attitude, which is a certain characteristic of the liberal enemies of freedom, i have to assume you belong to the disarm the public and submit to government and other criminals group.gun control issue you are, but from your ill tempered demeanor, and totally self righteous assertions which in my experience are reliable characteristics of ardent leftists, i assume you are on the disarm the honest people and submit to the criminals crowd. that is your own personal misfortune. i hope it doesnt impact our nation adversely, as it certainly would if you and your fellow leftists get your ill considered way. about the atheism…………i am a catholic atheist, but due to the certain expectation of being unfairly discriminated against, dont talk about it among people who can discriminate against me. unlike you, i do not feel threatened by christians, jews, mormons, buddhists, hindu, etc. i do feel mortally threatened by islam, as any person but a severely deranged leftist ideolog would. if islam is a fatal cancer, christianity and judaism are a case of shingles. irritating, but self limiting. anyone who would equate islam with any other religion either just does not understand islam, or is blinded to the realities of the world by severe liberal mental derangement. i suggest that you take a good look at islam, then join in with the hated christians and jews, and other atheists, etc, in ridding the world of the islamic plague. btw, those guns you deplore might be very useful in the coming cataclism.

  5. If a muzzie ever made a bold public statement about killing people like that scum in Norway did in my area and the cops ignored it, I would put a 30-30 round into the mutrfkr from some bushes and sleep well that night.

    • john, you are remarkably free of information and reason. to begin with, islamic holy scripture itself is chock-full of instructions to the faithful to kill or enslave then kill the evil kuffir (thats us), and to enslave and rape our women. the instructions are bedrock islam, and are being followed worldwide by good muslims. so you dont have to wait–muslim scum are continually making bold public statements supporting genocide, and the cops are ignoring it routinely. (note to the unwary–dont misinterpret the police’s ignoring of the muslim invasion—they will hold you strictly accountable and you will pay if they catch you without proof of insurance, or a tag light, while they ignore the menace of muslim invasion). about shooting that “mutrfkr”: your choice of a 30-30 indicates your naivete–no serious sniper would use a 30-30. one other thing. if you shoot the vermin, you will see the monstrous evil of liberalism rising up to protect innocent islam, the religion of peace, from evil islamophobes. the result will be far worse than the ravings of the murderous muslim. so dont do it. we dont need isolated individuals shooting muslims. our only real hope is that our friends, the violent jihadis, will succeed in unleashing a few nukes on us, and then we can start cleansing the world of the evil ideology invented by a desert psychopath.

  6. No one cares is right, especially the ones who SHOULD care, the Jews! Judiasm can’t expect any help if they don’t show some fight!

  7. With muzzie’s taking over Europe (Norway), do Americans really believe they would be safer if we didn’t have guns? Considering this prez is a muzzie, or at least a known, muzzie butt-kisser. All of Americas media, are black balling good citizens with guns, think about it. Resist Tyranny, and muslim oppression.

    • Let’s not forget the Nazis occupied Norway in 1940 for its resource in ‘heavy water/uranium’. The Norwegian elite got along famously with the Nazis at the time. It would seem the antisemitic contagion was not contained and continued to spread.

      Norway today is one sick country.

      • Not all the Norwegian “élite” by ANY means: King Haakon went into exile with his government in the UK. Furthermore, half of Norway (helped by her mountainous geography) resisted the Nazi onslaught for a whole month with British and French help: that part fell when those forces had to be recalled on account of the Nazis invading the Low Countries and waging their blitzkrieg in a deeply-divided, disorganised and very unhappy (both militarily and politically) France!!! Not for nothing that she collapsed in 6 weeks then – as opposed to remaining most steadfast in all of World War I (1914-18).

        Either way, Norwegian partisan activity was quite strong – it was most crucial in denying Hitler that deuterium-oxide (‘heavy water’) he so needed for his atomic-bomb project!!!

        Let’s not forget that there were MANY people throughout Europe AND the Americas, both élitists and those lower down, who were swept up in both Nazism and Communism thanks to the seeming failure of capitalism via the Great Depression…

        • AH!!! The bolding was meant to terminate after “both militarily and politically”) – before the last sentence of the first paragraph!!

          Mea culpa…

      • Actually Susan, the vast majority of Norwegians loathe and detest the so called: “in-wanderers”, and you seem not to know that the heavy water plant in Rjukan was attacked and the operation brought to a halt before the nazis could make use of it–by a handful of Norwegians!

        Bloggers should realize (or be told) that Norway is a very divided country today, just like the USA and Canada. Go anywhere north of Oslo, and I know I’m right, well over 90% of people really loathe the ‘immigrants’, but Oslo is disgusting, so is Drammen.

        For some reason which escapes me, Norwegians are disgustingly antisemitic, nor is that their only failing; after WW2 the children born to Norwegian women and German soldiers, who could hardly be blamed for the fact their parents fell in love, were badly treated then, and this branding as social lepers has continued to the present day. These unfortunate people (the lebensborn) who are now in their 50’s, are themselves angry that one of their number (ABBA soloist Annifrid Lyngstad) refuses to speak up for them.

        Norwegians also produced one Vidkun” Quisling” and you’ve heard of him! They have in my estmation also produced another traitor–the present PM Jens Stoltenberg, who is, more than anyone else responsible for dragging increasing numbers of 7th. century muslim trash into Norway. However, don’t write all Norwegians off–most of them are throughly decent people

  8. mullticuluralism has failed and it looks like the perpetually offended mislims will take over 7th century here we come. another vastly longer dark Age looms

  9. Who cares? I care, Norway is my wife’s country, and she is horrified, saddened and furious at the direction the governing parties are taking the country. To think that Norwegians could possibly be so terminally stupid as to get rid of all their Jews, and welcome instead the lowest, inbred, murderous thugs; the absolute dregs of the human barrel. It leaves me at a loss for words. The citizens of Oslo, in particular, deserve what is coming!

    Atheists always seem to get a bad rap these days, but from this old atheist, Merry Christmas BNI and all your bloggers, and all the best for the New Year!!! Peter

  10. If our civilization is to survive we MUST stand up against Islam’s goal of conquering our countries. A conquest which would be IMPOSSIBLE without treasonous Western leaders aiding and abetting Muslim conquest by colonizing our countries with many millions of Muslims-the soldiers of Allah. Conquest via demographics.

    “Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deal firmly with them.” (Surah 9:123)

    If only EDL leader, POLITICAL PRISONER, Tommy, could be home for Christmas with his family! Tommy is paying the price for all of us!

    Petition: Free Tommy Robinson!

    “Muhammad is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another. . . . Through them He seeks to enrage the unbelievers.” (Surah 48:29)

  11. Hopefully the Norwegian people will wake up to the Islamic threat before time runs out. The Jews are like the canary in the coal mine. We need to look at how they are treated in a given society to judge what the general state of freedom and tolerance is in that society. Norway needs to end muslim immigration and deport the radicals.

    • Why would anyone chose to stay in such a land that allows rights for a hate group? Islam is a hate group.
      Islam hates everyone…. Even other sects of islam. They don’t contribute to the country, only detract. They create division and unrest….

      So tell me now, why would Jewish people want to live amongst people who have dedicated their lives to exterminating them? Or people who allow these hate filled beasts free reign in their country? Because if Norway allows it in anyway, by ignoring or denial, then they are as much a part of it as the moslems.

      I don’t even understand how Norwegians would want to live in Norway anymore either.

        • I don’t really see a choice in the matter. Fighting it, how? Speaking out…. Lot of good it has done thus far. Governments still coddle to moslems and allow them insane amounts of rights that others do not get…. What else can a normal every day citizen do?
          My neighbourhood is becoming moslem. Every week another family moves in.. Pretty soon there will be more of them then not. What should I do? Write a congressman? No. I will leave too. I don’t want to live amongst them, short of doing something seriously illegal there is nothing I can do about it. As they have the same right to live here as anyone else they will continue to move in.
          As soon as they reach a good majority here in my neighbourhood, I expect it to get right uncomfortable for non moslems. I have seen it over and over.

          Apply this in terms of a country…. It is the same thing. It wont change until the government changes. Voting isn’t working. So many speak out, didn’t work….

          • Hobo, what country are you in? Most European countries as well as Sweden and Finland have right wing parties that are gaining strength. You must start at the local level in changing the government, you can’t start at the top. Don’t give up. That’s how they win. More and more people are getting fed up with the Muslim invasion. As long as there are still more of us than them, we can fight it. It takes time, but it will work if you join them.

        • I am currently in the US. I came here from The Netherlands. There I watched my neighbourhood turn into a moslem ghetto before my eyes. I moved to the US (Spouse is American) and now our neighbourhood here is also going the same way. We have just decided to leave and move to a more expensive area as typically the moslems can not afford it.

  12. Islam’s goal: The MURDER of the human soul. To replace the worship of our Glorious, Awesome, Magnificent God, our Wonderful Creator, with the worship of the deity Muslims call Allah.

    Master of the Universe, Almighty God is so Precious and so Beautiful, no one needs to be forced to worship Him! The Bible says, Choose this day whom you will serve.

    God’s forgiveness is astonishing. His love is amazing. His kindness and mercy are beyond words to express. With gratitude forever to our Most Wonderful God!

  13. Muslims do not hold back at defending their… ahem, “culture”, but jews and christians do hold back, that is, remain nice even if their CULTURE is attacked and spat on. You’ll never see groups of christians torching cars and killing people if a bible is burned, and neither would this happen if a torah is also burned. Jews and christians are generally speaking agreeable and educate people. And this is what is causing their doom, one may suppose. Showing the other cheek when one gets a slap in the face is a core teaching in christianism, but in this case this simply does not apply. Christians either change radically their views, or accept that they may eventually disappear thanks to their own religion, which is indeed one of too much peace.

    On the other side, western politicians konw these traits very well, and this is why they do not step up against muslims, but rather appease them.They know that if they make muslims angry, they will face many many many problems. And they also know that this will not happen in the case of christians and jews. “We have nothing to fear from christians and jews, so why bother? Our main concern is not to inflame muslims! It’s them we fear, not the others”

    “Lack of balls” is too mild an expression when referring to these politicians

    • Actually Hermes, the acculturation of europe to Islam was a bargain sturck between the Eu and the Arabs back in the 70s., See Bat YeOr Eurabia: The EuroArab Axis.

      It’s not that they’re cowards (that too) it’s that they’re keeping their word to the muslims, which was not confided to the people of Europe or anyone else.

      • Yes, Jill, I know about it. This is another layer of this complex issue. And there is also the issue of the arab oil. This is how al this eurabian madness started, after the oil embargo of 1973. But it is difficult to imagine that those people were not aware of what might eventually happen. Or perhaps they really were. Oil was so important that they forgot about anything else. Now they can start thinking whether all this mess and the insane craving for oil really pays off once institutions and societies collapse.

  14. Take heart! The end of the age is signaled by Jews departing from countries NOT their Homeland, and returning to Israel; though that piece of crap the muslimes call a “holy book”, the Qur’an DOES NOT tell that, the REAL Prophets like Ezekiel and Daniel DO tell of the return of REAL Jews to Israel near the end of the age; while the asslifters continue their campaign of taqiya, intimidation and jihad on all the Christians and Jews; also the FINAL outcome is written, and it WILL NOT be the way the muslimes say at all, but they (the muslime garbage) WILL be taken out….Incidentally, in case you haven’t guessed I AM NOT one of those “Christians” who says “play nice now, we don’t want to offend anyone”, but rather I am one those “crazy Christian CRUSADERS” sounding the call to battle and shouting “Wake the hell up, we’re running out of time and the muslimes ARE taking over….at least for a while!!…Don’t let them get you or your family!!”…..And one more cliche’ “Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition!!”….AND being it is 12/24, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

    • I was just thinking about that! The Bible tells us that God will gather the Jewish people and bring them back to the promised land. We are watching Biblical prophecy coming to fruition.

      • I am very aware that all non muz are infidels…we can not let the muz take over European civilizations…first the Jews then the rest. Winston Churchill knew the muz were the lowest human life…UN said hi rates of HIV in muz men, women and children…inter bred brains….Churchill said “the brains of a rabid dog”

      • Why not BOTH?

        The reason I say this is because the muzturds haven’t – as of yet! – dared trumpet all too openly that they’re Nazi-lovers and supporters; however, as their numbers and their confidence that they can get away with showing their true colours grow, I honestly think it’s only a matter of time before they also start endorsing the swastikas to go together with their crescent-moons!!!