ITALY: Muslim invaders responsible for 40% of rapes and explosive crime surge

campsaintschartTens of thousands of illegal Muslim parasites are washing up on the shores of Lampedusa, a tiny island off the coast of Sicily, where detention centers are bursting at the seams from the never ending flood of North African Muslims. They claim to be asylum seekers, but most are economic entitlement whores, looking for free handouts from non-Muslim European countries.

Islam vs Europe (h/t/ Susan K)  “He was horrible, he had no teeth, his face disfigured by scars”. This is how one of the latest victims of rape in Milan, a businesswoman of 42, described her attacker, Mohamed K., 32, an Iraqi illegal immigrant already convicted for theft, assault and wounding. Last week, when she was going out to see a friend so they could prepare for Christmas, Mohamed K. followed her, caught her in a public garden where she had tried to hide, threw her to the ground, beat her and raped her on the spot while shouting “Filthy Italian bitch”, before fleeing and stealing her purse. The carabinieri were able to find him and arrest him – he still had the purse on him. The victim is in hospital.


The case has provoked much discussion in Italy, and the multicultists have gone into overdrive to defend the reputation of immigrants. “The perpetrators of rapes are not immigrants, but Italians!” insisted one multicult friendly blog, citing statistics from 2009 that showed 60% of rapes in Italy were committed by Italians. Since immigrants were then “only” 6% of the Italian population, they are grossly over-represented in the statistics.




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  1. i guess i would get a boat and go out in to the med and start looking for boats to sink,you know for something to do you can,t have things like that floating around indangering big ship and all i think they are called deadheads ya thats it go sink deadhead,s

  2. What a load of Hatred from supposedly pretending Christians!! Italy does not need Muslims.. to do this ..they had the MAFIA for hundreds of years which they still have and flourished around the world11 This is simply uun Christian propaganda at its best..we will not fall for it!! Italy is suffering from Gangs who use african women as prostitutes ..exploiting their misery..these are the so called Cattolici!!!

  3. God hater invader Muslims should NOT be allowed to land on shore! European authorities aid and abet the soldiers of Allah. Instead of acting in a humane and ethical manner and protecting our people-non-Muslims and have the military deport the Muslim infidel-haters, they allow Muslims to wage rape jihad across Europe and Britain.

    Many THOUSANDS of Britain’s (and other nations) non-Muslim children have been gang raped by Muslim MONSTERS and forced into prostitution by these filth sons of the devil who look upon non-Muslims as prey.

    An excellent video by Paul Weston of the British Freedom Party:
    Muslim Rape, Liberal/Left Complicity

    Finally! Veil lifted on Muslim rape epidemic

    UK ruling elites stomp on our children who are offered up as a sacrifice to Islam.
    Ruling elites ALLOW and are COMPLICIT in the cruel massive Muslim rape jihad against many thousands of Britain’s defenseless children. Angels weep.

    South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council Are Complicit in Child-Rape
    …thousands of predominately Pakistani Muslim gang rapes of white English girls in the Rotherham area…

    Our despicable leaders must heed our cries!

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  4. So the mayor got himself a baseball bat. I wonder how long before there is confiscation of bats in Italy. People don’t kill people, bats kill people.

    Would any bni readers be surprised if Italian(or British, or French) folks were rounded up and put in detention camps or prisons for using any kind of weapon to defend themselves against muslims? They are already arrested for any speech that does not glorify islam.

    This guy has an interesting opinion:

    • I read the article. The guy is deliberately DECEIVING for Islam. Founder of Islam: WAR IS DECEPTION.
      He deceives, SEEKING to get sympathy for perpetrator Muslims who ALWAYS cast themselves as “victims” when they are the perpetrators. An extremely important Islamic war strategy.
      Did he get paid a LOT of money by Saudi Arabia to make his statement?

      It is we non-Muslims who are in great danger! Devout, Quran-obedient Muslims and Western leaders work very closely together. They are close allies against us!

    • FAR TOO KIND!!!!! Yes, they need to be thrown out of Italy and the ENTIRE WEST; however, yours truly doubts that shipping them back will do absolutely ANY good whatsoever!!!

      Let’s remember how the USA waged war on the Barbary pirates (of which those particular muzturds happen to be the descendants!!), or how France occupied North Africa. Furthermore, when you’re dealing with insect infestations, you don’t merely throw the insects’ nests outside the house to try to get them to stop coming in!!!

      1) Recall ALL Westerners home from those countries whence these vermin are coming – and expel ALL MOSLEMS from the West!!!

      2) Put ALL land borders with Moslem countries on a WAR FOOTING, with the complete repertoire of minefields, automatic guns and cannon, watchtowers (with the troops given “shoot-to-kill” orders!!!) et al, using exactly the full means (at the minimum) that – for example – East Germany used to prevent its people from fleeing to the West, only that of course it would be in reverse!!!

      3) Cut off ALL commercial, diplomatic and other links with Moslem countries, using the last Internet message, telephone call, radio/TV broadcast to…

      4) Proclaim an open declaration of war upon the entire dar al-Islam (Moslem world)

  5. Italians know how to deal with them. Our Navy sent Bin laden to the bottom of the ocean with rocks. The Italians will give them all a new pair of shoes. They use cement. The ocean can be a super mosque for a billion Muslims . The sea hides a lot of shit so its a good place for them. Allah be praised he gave a solution to the Arab problem.

    • I agree that the mafia has the best plan to get our freedom back. We should all be able to travel like we always each other. go to church…trust our military with guns,,have a Christmas tree…go to Israel..

    • Yes….everyone needs to look up Muslim Demographics. This is disturbing and we are going to be on the endangered species list if we don’t stop it. Send to all and hopefully we can put an end to this Muslim takeover.

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