JERUSALEM: Arab Muslims firebomb historic Jewish house in the old city

Arab Muslims in the Shiloah neighborhood of Jerusalem’s old city firebombed the Jewish Meyuhas House using firecrackers and Molotov cocktails. Muslims there oppose the Jewish presence in the historic and modern capital of the Jewish state.


The Blaze (h/t Liz)  The House was built by Rabbi Rahamim Nathan Meyuhas, the first Jew to return to the Old City in modern times. Meyuhas, whose family lived in the Old City for centuries purchased the plot in 1873.

Filmed from a nearby building, the video shows the launching of multiple flaming projectiles toward the house, impacting it with incendiary fury, setting fires through its windows. Israelis calls it Shiloah while the Arabs call it Silwan.

Shiloah is considered by Jews to hold historical significance to their faith. The location is referred to in the Bible, including in Isaiah (8:6), where it’s written, “the waters of Shiloah go softly.” It was a site that in ancient times facilitated the fulfillment of important Jewish rituals and is believed to sit atop an ancient cemetery holding Judean royalty.

Some 20 masked Arabs throw stones riot in east Jerusalem neighborhood as 30 Israelis marched in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Shiloah/Silwan. Several of the neighborhood's Arab residents stood on the rooftops, some chanting, "Allahu Akbar"  and "police, this is our Palestinian village".
Some 20 masked Arabs throw stones and riot as 30 Israelis marched in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Shiloah. Several of the neighborhood’s Arab residents stood on the rooftops, some chanting, “Allahu Akbar” and “this is our Palestinian village”.

Today, it is populated by Muslims, who oppose the presence of some 40 Jewish families who have bought homes in the neighborhood to try to gain a foothold on what they consider to be a holy site that sits just outside Jerusalem’s Old City and the holy Temple Mount. Jewish Press explains that because of the threats against them, “Jewish residents are forced to maintain a high level of security in the area, and exercise caution when travelling on the local roads, due to concerns of rock and Molotov cocktail attacks.”