OH, THOSE ZIONIST MEANIES! Israel stops providing free college education for Muslim terrorist prisoners

release-13-palestinian-militants.nThe High Court ruled that Muslim prisoners convicted of terror activities were no longer eligible for free university education while incarcerated. The ruling came in response to a lawsuit by three terrorist prisoners who claimed they were being discriminated against because prison authorities refused to enroll them in an Open University program and pay their tuition.

What kind of left wing insanity made Israel think they should pay for it in the first place?


INN  (h/t Liz) The Open University offers extensive distance-learning programs, enabling students to do coursework via the Internet, with scheduled meetings with mentors. The court said that discrimination was not an issue in the case. “The court has ruled in the past and continues to rule that the differences in treatment of criminal and terrorist prisoners is not due to discrimination. We believe the same applies to education,” said the three judges who heard the case.

With that, the court said that the prison system should be “considerate” in deciding what to do with terrorists who are already in the midst of academic programs. “We think it would be worthy to consider those in the midst or close to the end of an academic program separately from those who have not yet begun a course of study,” the court said. “If the prisons decide not to continue funding the education of those prisoners, they will be free to file petitions with district courts on the matter.” (“Considerate?” Only Israeli left wing idiots think terrorists deserve a free education in jail)



18 comments on “OH, THOSE ZIONIST MEANIES! Israel stops providing free college education for Muslim terrorist prisoners

  1. First I would give those rage-a-holics psychiatric shock treatments. Then a Nursery Book of the Three Little Pigs. If they can comprehend that I’d challenge them with a child’s primer of Etiquette, finishing with the Ten Commandments. Then I’d snap on Leg Irons.

  2. prisoners in the US have access to books. i’m not sure about college tuition but it wouldn’t surprise me if that happens soon

  3. Just remember these poor misunderstood people are just not educated enough and can’t find work if only they had a better education they would stop trying to kill Israel.
    How absolutely stupid do you have to be to believe that crap?

  4. Bring them to the USA. Here they can get free tuition, free legal assistance, free access to the internet and library, free drugs, and in a short time free-dom.

  5. only thses entilement whores could expect this ,what is with these freeloaders i thought they were the master race, the biggest losers in the history of mankind , if was not for oil money they wouldnt have pot to piss in

  6. I guess I must be one of those “crazy Christian Zionists”, but I just have to ask anyway ” Why the hell would anyone want to pay to educate a bunch of filthy murderous sonsofbitches that seek their destruction as their primary objective?!!”…..You want them to learn more and better ways to kill you?!.. WTF is wrong with you dhimmi dip libtards?!!

  7. Israel is not fair to prisoners,look at hamas,they gave Gilat Shalit a 5 years weight watcher program and i am sure he was given Kosher food and allowed to observe Jewish Hollidays,phone calls to his parents etc…
    Israel should,at least , match these treatments.

  8. What kind of education do these kinds of prisoners have in mind? Chemistry(how to make more efficient explosives)? To even consider giving these sort of people free tuiton, not to mention even the right to study at all, is the height of stupidity or insanity. They should consider themselves lucky to even to be alive.

  9. Prisoners should qualify for full academic programs AFTER and ONLY AFTER they successfully passed courses in ETHICS and the Golden Rule. Then they should be allowed to study WORLD RELIGIONS and learn about the HUMANITY of other peoples. Then they should be required to study FEMINIST HISTORY so they can learn about OUTSTANDING WOMEN. By that time, they might be SLIGHTLY more civilized and they should be allowed to study the HISTORY OF WESTERN MUSIC and ART, the History of Western Europe and United States and the ARCHEOLOGY OF ISRAEL.

  10. How insane, that a prisoner should be able to take advantage of the very system s/he seeks to destroy !! What imbecilic reasoning !!

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