“Brace yourselves, Muslims and Leftists,” Wild Bill for America is going to tell the truth about Islam again

And rightly so!



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  1. Beautifully said on Wild Bill’s part: every last single word I agree with 100% and more!!!!

    Furthermore, all Western countries ought to renounce the UN and ALL its member agencies – and evict them from its territories, as they’re mere tools of the Commies and the Moslems!!!! The UN has outlived its purpose, which never was all that successful to begin with, just like the “League of Nations” was in between World Wars I and II.

  2. ” the difference between an Israeli heart and a muslim heart”, surely you jest there Wild Bill, muslim’s as I have noticed while serving in many muslim Nations, have NO heart (s), it’s that simple, hell they kill each other over the issue of not being muslim enough in their eyes.

    It is a direct and correct connection of the Judeo-Christian mindset and acts upon humanity, we are commanded to love our neighbor as we love thyself, it’s poppycock to these barbarians, they look to these types of virtues as, “weakness” to be exploited/ made/subverted ( to make war upon them the infidels) against these very types of virtues. I shudder to think of the real possibility and lack of action, (humanitarian needs of any in such conditions) of a caliphate in progress when such incidences ( hurrican, tornado’s, earthquakes, etc., etc.,) occure. They would only praise their moon-god allah, for having done a good deed against their sworn enemies of humanity, death and destruction of the infidels lands and it’s people, that’s the real differences between the civilized societies and these parrasites of humanity. Any one coming in your direction telling of the compassionate muslim heart, know yea they be liars and act accordinly against them as common decency dictates. Don’t ask me for the solution, as I would handle them much the same way I do of politicians!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so don’t ask me, I don’t wish to start my day lieing to others.

  3. Ms. BNI, you and Mister keep us in the BEST company. Thank HEAVEN for Wild Bill and Thank HEAVEN for Mr. (Common Sense) Williams and THANK HEAVEN for our beloved Mr. & Mrs. BNI!! Your site just keeps getting better and BETTER! Merry Christmas and May Heaven’s RICHEST blessings cover you and protect you in the new year. THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO FOR US!!


    • Maurice, I deleted that link because it is pure crap and Stephen Lendman is the one of the most vile Jewish antisemites I have ever seen. I have done several stories here about Muslim human organ harvesting in Egypt, Gaza, and other places.

  4. Wild Bill is right on again. You never hear of muslim nations helping the infidel nations but you always hear of the infidel nations helping the muslim savages. The red cross gives to the red crescent to hand out donations given under the red crescent. I asked why my donations to the red cross where given out under the red crescent. I was told that western nations who support the red cross always give much more than the nations who support the red crescent and that the muslim nations would turn down donations given out under the red cross. So the red cross gives their stuff to the red crescent.The red cross also informed me that they are no longer a Christian based organization but they still us the red cross. Since learning that news, I no longer give to the red cross because they in turn give it to the red crescent and allah, the lunartic god of the cult of islam, gets the credit. I would urge people to give directly and to stop giving to the red cross. This organization has been hi jacked by the red crescent.

    • I never give to the Red Cross they are now just a bunch of Dhimmis who call themselves a “charity” when infact they are a business under the disguise of a charity to avoid paying tax. Ive had my suspicions about them for some time and tell their tin shakers (who are paid volunteers) to get lost when they shake their annoying tins in my face.

    • I made this decision a long time ago when I learned that the Red Cross was considering adding the cross to the crescent. I would never ever give to that organisation. There are too many worthy charities desperate for funds.

  5. Not only are muslim nations absent in global rescue/aid efforts, they have the gall to demand the best Western medical and educational opportunities for themselves, only to spit in the West’s face in return.
    Lan astaslem.

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