Egyptian women protest the harassment they face for refusing to wear a Muslim headbag

In a symbolic gesture of protest against the new Muslim Brotherhood-imposed, sharia-based Constitution which all but eliminates their rights, women cut off chunks of their hair in Tahrir Square.

They won’t have to worry about their rights soon, they’ll be in jail.

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14 comments on “Egyptian women protest the harassment they face for refusing to wear a Muslim headbag

  1. Being in the small sign business,I made my brother-in-law some signs for his farm property that read, Property Protected by Lorena Bobbit Security. They were stolen as fast as he could put them up.
    I agree with hiring Lorena to teach a class to muslim women on self protection and just plain revenge. After a few “dickotomys” maybe some of the guys will start being a little more lenient. Either that or start sleeping in the barn with the door locked. Pity the animals.

  2. I submit Lorena Bobbitt for all Muslim women’s role model. Muslim men keep their women in line through fear, so why not bring balance to the relationship?

  3. I dont think the length of their hair will be an issue, once they have to wear a blue burka with peekaboo netting for the eyes, who will notice.
    I still have such a hard time believing that our modern world is embracing islam, with the look of 1200 years ago. This is insane! Goodbye mercedes benz, hello donkey transportation, and assholes hanging out the back of a truck with their AK’s. Byebye Calvin Klein jeans, hello stupid one size fits all idiot clothing. AND don’t even get me started on the shoes!!!!

  4. I have no sympathy for them ! , they got rid of mubarak and now look at what they got ! , and the “clueless idiot ” in the white house helped give it to them !!! , with our tax dollars !!!!!!!

  5. @ Perceptor1 – I always ask that question too where are the Feminists of this world why arent they defending the rights of women forced to live under the Man made Sharia law and I stress Man made? Feminist Activist groups are just paper tigers.

    • perceptor1

      What do you expect from our radical feminist organizations? They must project their BS into the lives of the loving and caring Muslin Brotherhood. No women can possible object to their barbaric behavior to women, when they have such a loving condition with the men.

      • The “feminist organizations” – the ‘femi-Nazis’ and ‘femi-Commies’, to give them their REAL connotations – not only are ‘paper tigers’ (as somebody else put it here): they’re totally controlled by the Communist totalitarians!!!! They’re part of the Communist outfit to undermine our Western civilisation with its Judæo-Christian values!!

        They’re just TOOLS of the Communist totalitarians, the very same good-for-nothings that are also using the muzturd totalitarians for their SAME GOALS…

        Be it environmentalism, ‘animal-rights’, ‘women’s rights’, ‘children’s rights’ or ANY OTHER militant activism: they’re ALL part of the same Commie umbrella, sad to say… Same “Kool-Aid”, same PROPAGANDA…

    • Where indeed……..INSERT SOUND OF CRICKETS….

      I agree with you perceptor1, 100%

      All feminists, go for the soft targets, aka America, where they know there will suffer NO consequences for their disgusting behaviors.
      Put the feminist hags in hell holes like Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan et. al. and see how quiet the room gets.
      Feminists are like Union thugs; they have outgrown their usefulness and need to disappear from the American consciousness.

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