GREECE: Golden Dawn Party’s Christmas video is considered ‘hate speech’ by Leftist dhimmis

images39This Christmas Greetings video from the Greek nationalist party, Golden Dawn, has been banned by several websites as ‘hate speech.’ This re-upload, with English subtitles, is here to shed light on the truth, which has become the new hate speech.

Contrasting Athens as it was before the invasion of Muslim parasites and thugs with the dangerous trash pile that modern Athens has become due to rampant Muslim colonization, aided and abetted by the leftists/socialists is not hate speech. Love of a time past, when your country was not infected with suicidal leftism is common sense.

(If you can’t see the subtitles, click the CC button at the bottom of the screen)

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36 comments on “GREECE: Golden Dawn Party’s Christmas video is considered ‘hate speech’ by Leftist dhimmis

  1. I am Greek and Christian. Jewish Greeks, its true, are from the time of Alexander, before Christ. They are racially Greek though but are accepted in Israel as fully Jewish (as they should be). Greek culture very much accepts Greek jews because “they are Greeks”. This is why so many were hidden in Greece via WWII and even given crosses to wear to pretend to be greek christians.
    As “for the problem” —its not the Jews, its not the Christians or the hindus or the buddists or the atheists. its ..(wait for it!) drum roll pleeeease……………………….the muslims. strapping bombs to your ass in order to kill people is a muslim thing. living off the non muslim state as a point of pride (because you are hurting your infidel enemey) is a muslim thing. killing your daughter as a point of honor if she is “unmuslim” in her actions is a muslim thing.

    They are and have always been the scourge of the modern world. Its not a race its a way of thinking. I have nothing against arabic people, persians, etc. Its ISLAM that deadens their spirit and makes them servants of evil, whatever their race.

  2. This post is motivated by my frustration over certain white supremacist groups frittering away their time and energy on their insane hatred of the Jews. They shit all over the noble cause of protecting and preserving the Aryan people, saving them from being driven to extinction, as planned by white racial egalitarians, who are the real enemies, the fifth columnists among us.

    And so regarding certain white supremacists’ foolishly playing with the Nazi fire, I concede that the National Socialists were right about one thing, their assumption that the Aryan race is superior to all other races–THE double whammy for all nonwhites is their being both stupid AND ugly. They are also right about the need to save it from being driven to extinction by irremediable pollution of its precious gene pool through contact with the cursed DNA of the wretched ones from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and so on, who are carriers of genetic contagion which alone poses an eternal threat through admixture to the continued existence of the Aryan race.

    Does any man in his right mind deny the proposition in consideration of the fact that ALL the greatest creative minds in history, ALL of them, have been white European males, intellects such as Gauss in mathematics, Bach in music, Hume in philosophy, Titian in painting, Friedman [Jew] in economics, Pasteur in bacteriology and chemistry, Dante in poetry, Corneille in drama, Bohr [half Jew] in physics, Kepler in astronomy, and hundreds more white European males with equal creative genius, not a single nonwhite in history coming close to approximating them in intellect?

    I concede that National Socialists were and are not wrong about the genetic inequality of the different races, and the need to save the white race by any means necessary from being driven to extinction, including genocide of the races threatening its continued existence. Are we not justified in killing an intruder into our homes who threatens us? What’s the difference vis-a-vis the inferior darkies who are intruders into our lands? Driving the Aryan people to extinction is the sinister secret plan of white racial egalitarians like the communist party female slapped around by the Golden Dawn party member on national television, and deservedly so, since she struck him first.

    Rather, what was and is wrong with Nazis is, one, their bad argument in making a case for genocide, and, two, the wrong ethnic group chosen to be exterminated. Concerning the second error, it was sheer lunacy to have exterminated 6 million members of an ethnic group, the Jews, which produces Nobel prize winners and Fields medal winners at a rate 12,000% higher on average than other groups, including the silly Germans who exterminated them! Himmler, the fat turd in charge of perpetrating the Holocaust, was a chicken farmer, for God’s sake. And Hitler himself was a homosexual prostitute plying his trade for one year on the streets of Vienna while living in a poor house after World War I ended, a fact now documented in spite of ordering the murder of as many people as he could on his way up who might be able to divulge his embarrassing past.

    In any event, to put a finer point on it, Tarski, a Polish Jew, is universally acknowledged to be one of the three greatest logicians of all time, the other two being Aristotle and Frege. Tarski only escaped being exterminated by the Nazis on account of boarding what turned out to be the last ship leaving Poland to the West one day before the invasion of Poland by the Germans. His trip was due to his being invited to give a lecture on his work. The world was yet unaware that the Nazis were planning an invasion! Think about it, merely one day separated Tarski from a productive life at UC Berkeley in the philosophy department, advancing theories of mathematical logic, and early death in either the Warsaw ghetto or in a concentration camp along with other Jew geniuses who weren’t so lucky as he to get out of Europe by the skin of their teeth. One can only wonder at all the knowledge the world has lost in physics, chemistry, medicine, astronomy, mathematics, logic, technological inventions, and so on, because of the National Socialist’ infantile obsession with getting rid of the Jews.

    As I said, the other thing wrong with National Socialism is the bad argument they use in making a case for ethnic cleansing and/or genocide. What is bad about it? It’s collectivistic. And any social ethics is logically indefensible. I won’t belabor the subject except to say that ultimate principles of morality properly correlate with the fundamental fact of human nature. And as Aristotle points out, the most fundamental level of reality, contrary to Plato’s theory of Forms, is the individual entity, with implications in tow, one upshot being the discrediting of any social ethics.

    A case for the ethnic cleansing of all the nonwhite races at the least and/or their genocide at the most can be made by a logically airtight argument which is individualistic, and which I have in hand. But this is not the time nor place for outlining the details.

  3. Members of the racialist Right waste their time and energy in being anti-Semitic. Aside from the stupidity of it all, Jews are not the problem. It’s the Muslim and nonwhite vermin infesting white countries that are. They’re inferior genetically. It’s not Muslims and nonwhites who win Nobel prizes that count, the ones in science. It’s the Jews. All our efforts should be directed into expelling nonwhites and Muslims from white countries, including those born in them. Their desire to escape persecution in their own lands by migrating to white lands, their hankering to improve their lot in life by living in white lands, means nothing compared to the preservation of the white gene pool unpolluted by admixture with the cursed DNA of the African, Asian, and Muslim darkies. And as long as one nonwhite or Muslim has access to whites for sexual and breeding purposes he will pose a threat to the only gene pool that has proven capable in its purity of producing men of the intellectual caliber of Newton, Mozart, Aristotle, da Vinci, Galileo, Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Maxwell and hundreds more white European males of equal creative genius.

    Muslim leaders have boasted that white Europeans don’t have the nerve to protect themselves from the Muslim invasion. They themselves call the migration of nonwhites and Muslims and the reproductive rate of Muslim women an invasion. I’m not kidding. They taunt white Christians that in one more generation they will be numerous enough in some European countries to bare their fangs politically and impose Islamic law on non-Muslims in their own countries. And observing the idiots who are leading European countries today, who seem to understand nothing about genetics, especially the threat nonwhites post to the Caucasian gene pool on account of their obsession with having sexual relations with whites on account of their worship of their fair skin and more refined facial features–66% of the rapes in Norway last year were perpetrated on white Norwegian women by Muslim men, who comprise less that 0.5% of the population as a whole! The rape rate by darkies and Muslims on white women in all European countries should be enough of a rationale for ethnically cleansing Europe of this loathsome vermin.

    By contrast Jew men perpetrate only 1/10th the rate of rape that even white men perpetrate. How’s that a problem that anti-Semites think needs a solution? Indeed, how’s the much lower, almost non-existent crime rate of Jews a problem that National Socialists think needs solving?

    For anti-Semites to go back in time in an atavistic hankering for the good old days of Hitler and the Nazis is to be condemned to repeating history because they refuse to learn from it.

  4. LOL at WheelerGeorge – the Jews are the CAUSE of the problem. Why don’t the Jews want to live in their OWN country? Because a parasite cannot live off of other parasites, that’s why.
    The Jew needs his ‘goyim’ (cattle) to do his manual labour for him, while the Jew takes power and tells them what to do.
    Oh, the poor Jews, I wonder why they’ve been expelled from 109 countries over the past 1,000 years…
    It’s the Jews who take away our right to free speech, so we can’t protest about THEIR ongoing destruction of our countries through mass immigration.

    • Dave Radford says that Jews are the problem. Some statistics, which I know DR will hate. Jews are 0.2% of the world’s population. Yet they win almost 25% of the Nobel prizes every year in physics, chemistry, economics, and medicine, 30% of the Field’s Medals in mathematics every four years, and the tiny country of Israel won 50% of the entries in the International Technology Fair in New York City last year!

      Some Jews whom DR apparently thinks are the problem are Mendelssohn in music, Spinoza and Ayn Rand in philosophy, Cantor in mathematics, Chekov in drama, Heine in poetry, and Einstein in physics! Hello.

      So how is the Jews’ intellectual over-achievement a problem, DR? Aren’t all we Europeans beneficiaries of the intellectual gifts they’ve bestowed upon us to our everlasting benefit?

      DR asks: Why don’t Jews want to live in their own country? And answers himself: Because they’re parasites who need to live on a host as their victim. The last time I read history at least a large part of the reason for the Jewish diaspora was that the Romans ethnically cleansed the Jews from their motherland, scattering them to the four corners of the Empire. Whose fault is that, DR?

      A parasite is an organism that obtains values from its host without giving anything of comparable value in return. But then doesn’t that make those groups who don’t win Nobel prizes, Fields Medals, and entries into technology fairs at the same rate as Jews the real parasites on Jew intelligence? I know you can step too hard on this point. But for a dimwit like DR there’s no such step as too hard.

  5. Having lived in Athens in 1991 it was a much better and cleaner city. I visit Athens every 2 years and it just gets worse. The illegal Islamic hordes that live in the heart of Athens have turned the city into a third world dump. 10 to 20 Muslim men crowd into a small apartment (you can imagine) They also come from places like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh where there is no cultural sophistication on any level of their society. As for the left who are godless I do not know why they support these people given that the Koran preaches hatred and subjugates women. Maybe the LEFT needs to read the hateful verses in the Koran to get a better picture. I support Golden Dawn because it is a Greek Nationalist party mainly against illegal immigration (Muslims) and what is wrong with that?

    • you forgot to include these so-called elitist/marxist/progressive/useful idiots who keep shoving their mental illness on others. Me personally, I’d just *&$% them and get it over with, it’s much easier and less expensive.But, hey you’ve got the right idea anyway. Regards.

      Semper Fi

  6. I see nothing hateful about telling the truth and the fact is these illegal alien invaders are destroying Greece’s borders,.language and culture. Of course these commie libs would call it hate speech but liberalism is a mental disorder.

  7. The leftists, socialists demean anyone or any group that supports their own culture, borders, and language with the moniker “Nazis” or Neo Nazis. The truth is Greece should be for Greeks and not a dumping ground for third world asylum seekers. When your own neighborhoods become infested with crime, graffiti, trash, and filth, it’s time to take action. Perhaps the border wall between Turkey & Greece will slow down the thousands of illegal invaders. If Islam and the 57 OIC nations are such wonderful places, why do millions flee these locations? Europe needs to stand up and demand assimilation and enforce deportation for radical Inams and Islamists.
    The European Union should not be dictating immigration quotas for its 17 member nations. Each country has a right to accept or deny immigrants. More Golden Dawn groups will emerge if cultures, borders, and languages are threatened by first and subsequent generations of asylum seekers. Deport the angry young men who show no respect for their host countries first followed by the welfare baby makers.

  8. The TRUTH video is “banned by several websites as ‘hate speech.’” These websites and all who attack non-Muslims for telling the truth, have joined with Muslims in seeking our cruel conquest and the destruction of Western civilization. It is the very definition of hate to seek the cruel conquest and genocides of an innocent people!

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

    Obama at the UN: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”.

      • Bonni,
        I lived in Greece for years during the 70’s. The last time I was there in late 80’s it was still wonderful. One of the lovely things about it was that it was homogenously Greek — my dentist was Greek, my waiter was Greek, the garbage-collector was Greek. another wonderful thing was that it was so safe. I remember walking home across the centre of the city at 2 in the morning and so safe, so safe!
        The Golden Dawn Christmas video made me cry. It reminded me of the paradise on earth, now maybe gone forever. Now in Geece’s saddest hour I want to see the video again. But it seems to be banned everywhere! Honestly! we can see Jihadist videos of beheadings, but we can’t see Golden Dawn Christmas video! I can’t find it. Do you have any idea where one could find it now? I would be so grateful.

  9. There is no substitute for clarity, particularly moral clarity. This video delivers it, even without English sub titles. The incisive commentary by BNI delivers it and the viewer’s comments deliver it. Trifecta!

  10. I hate them as much as the next guy. But Golden Dawn is also anti-Jewish. That shouldn’t be tolerated in my opinion. If Golden Dawn dropped the anti-Jewish stuff I’d throw money at them.

    • Why is Golden dawn anti-jewish?

      And if so, what is wrong with that? All jewish organisations and Israel is anti-Greek/European/christian.

      • Golden Dawn hates Jews because its a Neo-nazi party and it hates foreigners. However, the Jews currently living in Greece date back to Alexander the Great and the Roman Empire.

        What is wrong is that the Jews are also against the Muslims coming to Europe. In reality, it makes you look bad and it makes other parties that want to fight against the rise of Islam also look bad.

        Not really. Jews and Christians living in Israel get along very well. The Christians living in Israel have been protected by the Jews from the muslims who wanted to burn and kill them.

        Jews and Christians share judeo-christian values. We are friends, not enemies. Don’t believe Muslim propaganda.

    • @wheelergeorge. In Greece there are less than 5.000 Jews and 99% of Greeks would not know that they are Jews because they blend in well and look Greek. GD is mainly against illegal Muslim immigrants and corrupt Greek Politicians. The Greek LEFT dominated press refers to GD as NAZIS to put people off. The Greek Left believes in Stalin,Lenin, Marx and Engels which makes no sense. Also keep in mind there are several Political organisations in Israel that hate Christians. There are less than 1000 Greeks in Israel. Greece and Israel now have excellent relations.

      • I did not know that. Thanks for the information. As for the Political Organizations in Israel that hate christians, I don’t know enough about it personally and I can’t find anything from sources other than a few anti-Israel websites. If you could show me, I’d be appreciative.

  11. Greece, the cradle of Western civilization has invited in and is tolerating the civilization destroyers. As but two examples, Northern Africa was once over 90% Christian, Afghans were peaceful Buddhists, but does either culture know it? When Napoleon invaded Egypt, he found a people who had no idea where the pyramids or sphinx came from. Under Muslim control, speak of the past or any forbidden thing and lose your tongue. Embrace vipers at your own risk!

  12. if someone wants to commit suicide don’t take the world with you. how much more austerity measures can Greece do before it collapses under the weight of muslim welfare whores there are riots in the streets now massive deportation must occur

  13. There is no need to go so far down the memory lane. I used to spend a lot of time in Greek islands and Athens in the late 90-s and it was the Heaven on Earth. Nowhere near this Apocalypse… Deep sigh…

  14. Just in case nobody helps me on YouTube comments…I’m gonna ask here. Can somebody please tell me what the English subtitles are. It didn’t have the English subtitles. I watched the video three times! I can see why the leftist dhimmis banned it. Anything that sheds light on the negatives of Muslims gets shat on!

  15. Mozzies call verifiable facts ‘slander’. By losing face, people think less of Moslems and Islam. So by all means, COVER UP the rape, entitlement, supremacism, theft and misogyny. Mozzies get their feelings hurt so easily when your talking about their criminal records.

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