KYRGYZSTAN: Muslims try to ban ‘Kuffar’ (filthy Christian) New Year holiday celebrations

Well, of course they do. After all, most Muslims behave as if they were still living in the year 1434…or before!


al-Jazeera The chief Muslim muckity muck of  Kyrgyzstan has issued a fatwa urging Muslims to ignore the holiday altogether. “This New Year is not a religious holiday. It is not related to Muslims at all.” He also said that Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha and the Jumah (Friday prayer) are the only holidays allowed in Islam. 

The Soviet Union, which  Kyrgyzstan was formerly a part of, regarded New Year’s Day as the biggest holiday of the year – a tradition which is still practiced in many former Soviet countries. Kyrgyzstan Muslims are afraid people will eat non-Muslim food, get drunk, or go out to the street to light fireworks. New Year’s remains an official public holiday in Kyrgyzstan despite the fatwa.