Saudi Fundamentalist Clerics have their panties in a wad over women working in women’s lingerie shops

photowide-300x207After protests from Saudi women, uncomfortable with having to deal with male clerks in women’s lingerie shops, King Abdullah issued a royal decree prohibiting men from staffing lingerie shops. But Islamic clerics are fighting that decision, objecting to the ‘Westernization’ of Saudi society by allowing women to work.

The Blaze  A group of hardline Islamic clerics is threatening the labor minister with “deadly prayers” if he goes ahead with a plan to create more jobs for women, saying they’ll pray he gets cancer to which his predecessor succumbed two years ago. In particular, they don’t like his ideas about women selling undergarments to other women.


 During a meeting at the labor ministry, about 200 religious figures accused Minister Adel Fakeih of executing a “Westernization” plan and asked him to ban women from working in lingerie shops within a month or he will face their deadly prayers asking for him to die of cancer as his predecessor did for implementing feminization policies.

But the minister defended the decision to employ women, saying that women occupied jobs during the era of the Prophet Muhammad, adding that it made more sense if women rather than men are in charge of selling women’s lingerie.


Daniel Greenfield of Front Page Magazine called this the real War on Women,” offering this quip: “But as Obama says, ‘The future will not belong to those who slander the lingerie of Islam.’”

Earlier this month, more than 100 clerics swarmed into the Labor Ministry objecting to plans to create more jobs for women. Then they complained about rulings which would allow the mixing of genders in the workplace. Of the 1.5 million Saudis looking for work, a whopping 80 percent are women.

The religious conservatives aren’t holding back their rhetoric to fight what they consider to be the threat of working women. A Saudi cleric last month called waitresses at the local Hardee’s outlets “prostitutes.” The American chain was also subject to a boycott by hardline Islamists opposing its employment of women.

Saudi Sheikh Ali Al Mutairi posted on Twitter: “At the beginning of her shift she’s a waitress. When her shift ends she becomes a prostitute. The more she’s around men the easier it becomes to get closer to her.”






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16 comments on “Saudi Fundamentalist Clerics have their panties in a wad over women working in women’s lingerie shops

  1. This reply is for all of you Islamic dipshits that may read this. You are straying much too far from the ways of Mohammed and he would be very angry with you all. You have missed the point entirely in debating the issue of whether or not women should be allowed to sell lingerie. Mohammed invented the body bag for women to be worn not only in public but also for and especially during sex. Mohammed came up with this bag after he banned his favorite lover, the pig, from his bedchamber and hence all Muslim society. He did this so that he may pretend that it was a pig he was raping and not a woman, and would demand that the woman make pig like noises during coitus. This means that a true follower of the pedophile prophet should push to ban all lingerie as a pig could never wear such clothing.

  2. In the islamic frame of mind forcing a woman to buy lingerie from an unrelated male is like forcing her into prostitution. Those clerics should be “admonished” by pious muslim males willing to preserve their wifes’ modesty.

  3. Theses guys are going to pray for the death by cancer of their monarch? Time for the executioners to start stropping ther blades and earning their saleries.

  4. That serves those “clerics” RIGHT!!!! They so oppose ANYTHING that’s truly human or decent as to expose their “religion” for the ultra-totalitarian politico-economic, totally-controlling SYSTEM of EXTREMEST MISERY for what it truly is!!!!

    This deserves to be front-page news worldwide!!! I’ve no doubt that if Westerners ‘en masse’ could freely see these HORRORS broadcast everywhere (be it contempt for women, hate for animals, utter racism and SLAVERY {for crying out loud!!!!}, wish to exterminate everything and everybody “un-Islamic”, &c.), not even all the wiles of the Communists would be able to hinder, let alone stop, the REVULSION that would ensue…

    [I’ve not forgotten that video-clip of that Saudi brutalising the poor Bangladeshi taxi-driver…]

    Truly, with ALL my heart: DEATH TO ISLAM, now and forever and unto ages of ages!!!!!

    • Ah, I forgot: by their threatening to pray for the authorities’ deaths via cancer, these same “clerics” are guilty of treason!!!! [I’ve zero doubt that some of their adherents will take that as an invitation to kill those authorities, just like what happened in Pakistan with a Christian in that evil country’s government…]

      Those figurative-bastards need to be promptly arrested, tried and executed – or perhaps it would be better if that MONSTROUS country actually ends up in a civil war with the “clerics” on one side and the government on the other – which (while we’re at it) would then rob some money from the Islamists’ attempts to subvert our governmental, educational and other infrastructure with their da’wa at the same time as they destroy each other…

  5. These guys are total Troglodytes. If they have to decide whether or not a man can help women or a women can help a women they are absolutely clueless.

  6. They’re probably worried some day a woman will sell them a jockstrap and their shortcomings will become known to the world.

    “Oh, no sir, that jockstrap is FAR TOO BIG for you!”

  7. what a bunch of pathetic hypocrites . they don’t want women working and yet there is complaints of mixing of genders. can’t have it both ways. frakking fools

  8. After reading this nonsense, I don’t know whether to fall on the ground, laughing my head off or, fall on the ground, crying my head off!
    It’s times like this that I wish, longingly, for the black death, yellow fever, influenza, malaria, boils, locusts, frogs, and six or eleven earthquakes to decend on these sub-humans….. That every penis and scrotum of these malignant trolls would fall off from leprosy would be the cherry on the cake….but hey, that’s just me…..

  9. The “holy men” of Arabia seem to have a real problem with geting their minds out of everybodys crotch, including their own. They have a facination with all peoples soft parts that rivals an addiction. No wonder they want to keep all their women in a bag.
    If they didn’t, there would be a lot more “one empty sleeved” mullahs running around than there are now.
    Just saying.

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