CHICAGO: Turning the Eisenhower Library into an Islamic Indoctrination Center draws the ire of many in the Harwood Heights community

Tweet from God reports that President Dwight David Eisenhower is currently turning over in his grave.


EXAMINER  Harwood Heights residents object to a proposal to turn the old Eisenhower Public Library into a mosque, as explained by Kevin Beese in an article that was posted yesterday on the Web site of the Chicago Sun Times.

562036_10151091236398650_1820527774_nThe Eisenhower Public Library District (EPLD) serves a combined population of 22,879 people in Harwood Heights and Norridge, the twin suburbs that aside from each other are entirely surrounded by Chicago. The district was founded in 1972 with money from the U.S. Government and in 1973 district residents voted to support the district library with property taxes. Today, the EPL has a collection of 135,000 volumes and circulates 170,000 items per year.

In 1974, the Eisenhower Public Library moved to the old CANTOS sheet-metal factory. Expansion and remodeling, from 7,500 square feet to 11,250 square feet in 1982, was paid for by a mortgage. This is the building the Mercy Islamic Community Center would like to turn into a mosque. 

Eisenhower Library

Eisenhower Library

The Plan Commission of the Village of Harwood Heights has approved the conversion of the former library building into a mosque. The Mercy Islamic Community Center now sporadically holds services at the Islamic Community Center of Illinois (ICCI) on Belmont Avenue.

Muslims lifting their asses to Allah in Toyota Park

Muslims lifting their asses to Allah in Toyota Park, Chicago

Beese interviewed a family who objected to the proposed sale and feel tenants in three other apartment buildings neighboring the former library building feel the same way. John Pikarski, a lawyer for the Mercy Islamic Community Center, responded that the building is zoned for industrial use and if the building is instead purchased by a commercial organization, “Some fairly offensive uses can go in there as a matter of right.”

The building is no longer up to code according to Pikarski. Whoever buys the property will either have to bring the building up to code, or demolish it and build something else on the site.

'Dhimmi' Governor Pat Quinn joins in prayer with Chicago area Muslims during Salaat al-Eid at Toyota Park, which celebrates the end of Ramadan.

‘Dhimmi’ Governor Pat Quinn joins in prayer with Chicago area Muslims during Salaat al-Eid at Toyota Park, which celebrates the end of Ramadan.

Pikarski argued if the building is used as a mosque, it will be used five days a week, with Friday afternoons being the busiest use, and it would be a good fit for the neighborhood, with residences to the north and industrial facilities to the east and west. “This is a group that is growing and needs its own space,” he told Beese. 

Watch how the prices really plunge after a mosque is built there

Watch how the prices really plunge after a mosque is built there



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  1. Sick picture of that coward dhimmi quinn sitting there with his muzzie bosses with a pious look on his stupid face. His testicles dried up like raisens decades ago probably.

  2. Bonnie,
    i wonder if the folks in chicago can contact Boby Gavins’ Law and Freedom Foundation to help them fight the blding of this so called cultural center which is a fake name for a mosque..its a mosque !

    Gavin Boby – Law and Freedom Foundation

    http://www.worldtruthsummit.comFound on Google, Yahoo! Search]

    Gavin Boby at the World Truth Summit, speaking of her personal journey exploring Islam and the West.

    Gavin Boby of Law and Freedom Foundation speaks in … – Vlad Tepes[Found on Google, Yahoo! Search]

    Jul 16, 2012 … 18 Responses to Gavin Boby of Law and Freedom Foundation speaks in Brussels at the ICLA conference July 9 2012. hktony says: July 16 …

    Law And Freedom Foundation[Found on Yahoo! Search]

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  3. we have found a connection to chicago and all the american pedophiles here. all of them have either lived there or visited there. the worst ones too. hmm the gay clubs of obama. whatever chicago gets it deserves. plus the worm for a mayor. any decent american should have left that place years ago. something is stinking there.

  4. hardiharhar, I agree with your objective except that we need to be more ruthless; even if Muslims pretended to agree to preservation of other churches and synagogues it would only be a taqiyya event- very temporary to buy growth time. Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan attacks against Jews & Christians will continue as instructed in Qur’an. Therefore our critical path objective is absolutely clear,,,we must close down all Mosques, ban Sharia Law, Ban Islam and toss out by force all Muslims that refuse to denounce Muhammad, the Koran, Hadiths, and Sharia Law. In short Islam must be purged from the West by total force.

  5. how can an islamic terrorist trainiing ground be called Mercy? since the property is zoned industrial it should stay that way.

  6. It’s always the code thing. We had a building on Boise Cascades property years ago that was condemned by the city. They set about demolishing this building. First they loaded it up with Dynamite and a big press meeting and show as made on how well the city was saving the public and the Boise Cascade employees from harm. The time was set for the explosion for in the morning. With all the press there the plunger was pushed and the explosion could be heard on both sides of the Willamette River and smoke billowed forth. When the smoke cleared the building was standing as though it had a fire cracker thrown at it. Didn’t phase it.
    Then after the city folk that condemned it took the egg off their collective faces they got back to work on demolition 2.
    A week later, after much maligning by the people and the press the demolition squads were ready. They had increased the amount of dynamite being used, they were ready, they boasted and pounded on their chests this will be it. This building is so unsafe that a big sneeze will knock it over.
    The next day in the morning the Marion Street Bridge was closed and the plunger was pushed. This time there were many more spectators to watch this colossal undertaking of demolishing a building that is so far under code it will be collapsing at any time on its own. So for a second time a blast to end its tall stance overlooking the Willamette River and Salem was set.
    The blast was terrific and the smoke billowed forth once again, when the smoke cleared the building was still standing. The public laughed their collective asses off.
    It go funnier and funnier the more the politicians tried to rectify how no one made any mistakes, about the condemning of the building. After all was said and done a third demolition blast was needed to bring this under built tower down and then the politician ran away and hide until it all blew away. Many did not get reelected. Shocker!
    You wonder why I am such a skeptic? I have hundreds of these events I could tell.
    But it all comes down to this; do not trust the government and what it says, only what it does.

  7. we need to get them out of our country quik before its to late we need a american million man march and show them the door out of our country right away red alert

  8. This will not cease if neighborhood folks let it happen. It is time to drop political correctness and call spades spades. Demand that all development and construction of mosques stop until the major Muslim states allow churches and synagogues to be built in their countries. Make it clear that we know this is their stealth intifada and we’re not having any of it. Get crowds protesting in front of embassies of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iraq, etc. Forbid their funding of so-called cultural centers, mosques, Trojan Horses.

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