GREECE: Muslims demand respect from a people who have no reason or desire to give it to them

Greece suffered five centuries of Islamic tyranny under Turkish Islamofascist rule, and building a mosque would be an insult to all those who died battling the Muslim invaders. So, who, but the BBC, cares if there are no mosques for 300,000 mostly illegal Muslim colonizers and parasites living in Greece?

To match feature Greece-MosqueBBC  (h/t Susan K) At Friday prayers and across Athens, Muslims gather in underground, cramped prayer rooms or blocking the streets to pedestrian and vehicular traffic in order to lift their asses to Allah.


The makeshift mosque facilities are illegal but this huge community faces no other option. Athens, a metropolis on the edge of the Muslim world, is one of the few EU capitals without a mosque.

Since Greece gained independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1832, no government has allowed a mosque to be built in the city. It was seen by many as “un-Greek” – out of place in a country in which much more than 90% of the population are Orthodox Christians.

But as Greece has become the main entry point for migrants to the EU, its Muslim population has swelled. Some estimates place the number of Muslims in Athens alone at around 300,000, in a city with a population of around five million, and the clamour for an official place of prayer is growing.

“It is a very big tragedy for us Muslims that there is no mosque here,” says Syed Mohammad Jamil from the Pakistan-Hellenic Society.

“Greece produced democracy and civilisation and the respect of religion – but they don’t respect our Muslims to provide us with a regular, legal mosque.” (And they don’t want you in their country either)

One of the Friday worshippers, Ashifaq Ahmad, says: “I feel somehow cut off from society. “When we have a celebration, there is nowhere proper for us to get together. Society is not accepting us.” (Why should they? Muslims eventually drive out or kill all the Christians in their countries)

Pressure on the government to provide a secure, protected mosque has grown as the anti-Muslim immigrant Golden Dawn party continues to rise. Its members stand accused of beating immigrants and vandalising some of the underground prayer rooms. (They are sending you a message – get out!)

The party’s deputy, Ilias Panagiotaros, told me earlier in the year that landmines should be placed on Greece’s border with Turkey, saying: “If immigrants die trying to jump into our country, that’s their problem.”

Now perhaps the call for a place of worship may be answered. (Stupid idea) A disused army barracks near the city centre has been chosen as a site for the capital’s first mosque.

Behind heavy gates lie old buildings, broken glass and rubble strewn across the floors. The crumbling shells currently there would be torn down, making space for a mosque that could accommodate 500 people.

If it is built, Muslims entering would catch sight of a small church next door, the two religions finally operating officially shoulder to shoulder.

The government insists the project will go ahead, but similar plans have been promised in the past – only to fall foul of political infighting.

And the financial crisis could still blow the idea off course. A government struggling to afford schoolbooks or healthcare may find it hard to announce 1m euros (£814,000; $1.3m) for a state-funded mosque.

“In the past, there was a fear in some segments of Greek society about constructing a mosque but we must overcome that fear,” says Stratos Simopoulos, the secretary general of the ministry for development. (Says a  leftist dhimmi who should be kicked out of office)

“The financial crisis is a problem. The government has other priorities for now, but this mosque must be constructed and we may be in a position to start the process in a few months.” I ask whether he is committed to the plan. “Of course”, he replies, “because it’s not my commitment – it’s a commitment of the Greek state.”

And yet there is still resistance within the country. The Greek Church has warmed to the mosque idea but some senior ecclesiastical figures remain opposed. In a packed service in St Nicolas’s Church in Piraeus, just outside Athens, the strength of religious devotion is clear.

Members of the congregation kiss the icons and repeatedly cross themselves. Orthodox Christianity goes to the heart of what it means to be Greek and the Bishop here, Seraphim, says his nation must preserve its identity.

“Greece suffered five centuries of Islamic tyranny under Turkish rule and building a mosque would offend the martyrs who freed us,” he says. Greece, he adds, “does not hate anyone” but he believes that “most Muslims have come here illegally” to, as he puts it, “Islamize Europe”.

I put it to him that his position appears Islamophobic, out of touch with a multicultural European Union, and his response may betray other prejudices too. “We are not a multicultural country,” the Greek bishop says. “We are one Greek nation and everything else is an invention of the ‘new world order.’ They are trying to corrupt our character.”

Marios, a student, disagrees. “We must not have a mosque here,” he tells me. “This is a Christian country and if they want a mosque, they can go back to their own countries and have one.”

Religion is intrinsic to national identity here and Church and state are closely linked. The mosque issue has become a symbol of what sort of state today’s Greece is willing to become. (They want to be a Greek state, not an Islamic state)

The financial crisis has made this nation more inward-looking, more fearful. However for Greece the decision is whether to extend its hand fully to Islam – and whether its capital will no longer stand alone in Europe.

Learn the lessons of history concerning Genocide in the twentieth century. Click here for information.



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  1. To this day, and I have witnessed it many times, many (even most) Muslim men (and not just Turks) smile and gloat whenever they talk about the centuries of Muslim rule over Greece. The animosity on the part of the Greeks is understandable, especially when considering the sexual humiliations suffered by both women and men at the hands of their Muslim conquerors. Indeed, the Ottomans held auctions where Greeks were “bid upon” not just by Turks, but also Egyptians, Persians, Pakistanis, Albanians, and ironically, Black Africans.

    • Cause the Quran, the foundation of your very own religion is violent and promotes violence against those who don’t believe in the retarded bullshit you believe, I barely managed to escape rape from some Muslims who apparently thought I was a sex object, so fuck you and don’t come back until you learn to be Humans and not bloodthirsty barbaric Orcs.

    • Why should anyone be nice to you because you are muslim? You and your kind are not wanted and “ordering” people to respect you is not working well for your kind is it? Seriously, Muslims are the parasites of the world. I am lost as to why God would make such horrible creatures. Please go back to pakistan or whatever stink hole you crawled out of

        • That’s right – you got it correct! Now all we must do is send these freaking savages back to wherever the hell they came from – plenty of damned islamic countries on the map but they don’t want them !!! Get the hell out of my country you savage !!

  2. Muslims all over the world causing problems. That is why they are disliked by everyone! Muslims are the sholgers of the Antichrist.

  3. Speaking about human rights, I will tell you all about. In Italy the muslims eat, drink, dressed, warmth, health care, all FREE from the catholic churches THE POPE!
    Italians are fed up with charges to feed this criminals.
    But the muslims continuasly kill, steal, rape, destroy, sell drugs, harase local citizens,
    and they want rights? The citizens of Italy don’t have rights to walk free in their streets? Every day old folks are killed and robed by Muslims in Europe!
    Teens are raped and beaten bloody every day, and drugs and prostitution is very open in the streets. They turned our countries to a bordello.
    That is what Europe got, trash from Africa, Pakistan, Albania, and other Muslim counries.

  4. All Muslims should go to England where the Queen can feed them and dress them well and built musks for them to pray near her palace. Muslims have no business in Greece. Greece had suffered too much from Muslims and they are not welcomed in Greece. Greece is a Christan country. Don’t Blame Greece! Muslims cause too much crime! steal, kill, rape, prostitution, ditroy, and like to make everybody feel afraid of them. They should go to rich Arab countries not in poor Greece?
    The Turks also should care for their brother Muslims, how about all the oil Kings from south Arabia? How come they don’t care for their brothers?
    Muslims will never florish in Greece lots of blood will shed. Muslim are not welcomed to established in Greece.

  5. Muslims in greece have been there for centuries they are not all “immigrants”. There are hundreds of thousands of ethnically native greek speaking muslims. Many were deported from their own country to Turkey – they are not turkish but greek . Additionally there are albanians, turks and other groups that have been in greece since before the establishment of christianity. Please stop calling Greek Muslims all “immigrants”. This is a country that deported hundreds of thousands of their own greek citizens based not on ethnicity but religion. This is the equivalent of telling jews they cannot have a synagogue in the united states… oh yeah.. you guys are for that too.

    • GM, you’re right, Muslims aren’t the only immigrants in Greece, just the only immigrants who are causing all the problems in Greece. Some might be Greek because they were born there, but they are muslims first which is why so many people in Greece hate them.

      It’s time for Greece to deport hundreds of thousands of this religious group, too.

      We don’t hate Jews or Christians or any other religion here. JUST islam.

      • Greeks were NEVER muslims before being invaded by the Turks. We were Christians. After 500 years of slavery, death, rape and torture by the hands of the Ottoman Turk , we held on to our Christian faith.

    • Muslims are in Greece because the ottoman empire placed them there……..they are not true Greeks and never will be…………..we will throw them all out or kill them all like what they do to our fellow Christians…………you will not tell us what to do in our own country. ……
      Islam is a piece of shit religion………..its teachings are horrific and its methodology is ridiculous… your souls and find Jesus so after we kill you , you can at least go to heaven……..see how generous we will be with you! !!!!

    • correct and there were greeks living in muslim countries too, istanbul for example for thousands of years.

      oh thats right we were all killed or have you forgotten about their rights between 1919-1922.

      it was a genocide my friend to cleans muslim lands of filthy greeks.
      now you all want to come to greece.
      fuck off back to your lands.

  6. I hope the Greeks kick them out!!! Dont give them jobs or welfare, if their countries are supreme why are they in the west? Pieces of shit all of them

  7. Greece has a very hard time trying to survive.The only way I can see for the survival, the Greeks should kick out every muslim that is illegal in that country, and the border has tobe closed Why can’t muslim people stay in their own country? This is not right that muslims invade to other countries for the one and only purpose to islamize all Western nations. As for Greece shoot them if they don’t want to leave.

  8. Everytime I hear a “upper class” brit accent like that aljezera reporter I am irritated. To me it sounds effeminate and snobbish. It is also the sound of the dhimmi cowards of britain. The liberals that want a new world order and a “multi cultural” Europe all sound like that. Liberals don’t speak with a working class accent. Like that gay brit piers morgan, that likes to tell Americans how to act.

  9. There is no viable reason to stomach the crap these unwelcome and unwanted freeloaders dish out. Regarding the following BBC report quote:

    “. .. Muslims gather in underground, cramped prayer rooms or blocking the streets. . .”

    The BBC has the gall to report the characterization of “cramped” prayer rooms as a complaint despite the reality that followers of the pedophile prophet remain intentionally close – shoulder-to-shoulder in every prayer center around the globe.

    Then the demand for jizyah becomes clear in the following quote:

    ““Greece produced democracy and civilisation and the respect of religion – but they don’t respect our Muslims to provide us with a regular, legal mosque.”

    The muslim invaders are miffed that the local population refuses to recognize these muslim invaders as their superiors, ultimately refusing to lower themselves automatically to dhimmi status and these invaders remain miffed that their imagined ‘respect’ and jizyah aren’t forthcoming.
    Deport the invaders, every last muslim – period. Let their allah provide for them in the cesspool sharia compliant paradise they came from.

  10. The Greeks needs to do whatever it takes to throw out this arrogant foreign invaders. My fellow Greeks need to riot in the streets and attack these invaders and FORCE them OUT!!!! They act like they have the right to be in my ancestral land but THEY DO NOT!! Throw the bums out!

    • My fellow Greek Anesti – the problem with Greece has been their “mania” with KSENOMANIA for so many years now that you are now on the “”GREMO”” as we say,,,,as a country, as a civilization and as GREEKS. The far Left, in every country must be taken down – those behind this destructive PC crap culture are Jews….and their sort and there is a method to their madness – there is a “result” world-wide for the extreme left political GANG around Western civilization !!! Wake up everyone – wake up America before it’s too late – and, possibly IT IS BEYOND THE POINT OF RETURN … SADLY !!!

  11. The only problem I have with the Golden Dawn is that they are anti semitic. Jews never cause trouble and certainly don’t demand the things Muslims do. If they let Jews in from say Norway where they have been kicked out of, then maybe these “clever” Jews could help improve Greece’s finances. Nothing is better than a “Yiddishe kups”( Jewish brain)

  12. Golden Dawn has already opened an office in Queens, New York. Their main goal is collecting funds to support their efforts in Greece.

  13. There maybe 300.000 Muslims in Athens but 99% are illegal non-Greek citizens who entered Greece illegally,they have no right to be there. In Saudi Arabia the home of Islam 1 million Filipino Christian guest workers are told to pray in private. Why is the BBC not going to Saudi Arabia and ask the Royal Saudis to open up 1 church there? ISLAM is hypocrisy. Thank GOD for Golden Dawn in Greece who are now 14% in the polls with their anti Muslim agenda. The Greek Orthodox church will never allow a mosque in Athens because they know the ramifications. If these Muslims want mosques go back home.

  14. I say get Turkey out of the NATO group and put Israel in. The Turks have been playing a double deal on the USA for years. Remember what happened when we were to go into Afghanistan on the North and they said yes, then when we had disembarked to travel through Turkey, they reneged on their bargain and agreement. And we had to reload the ships. That makes them mohommedists who lie and get what they want and then betray those that feed them. So double dealers out of NATO and no more military arms or Aid. Take back what we have given them. Or we will fight that equipment in the not too distant future and so will Israel.

  15. Send the Muslims back to their 56 Muslim countries! Muslims are the responsibility of Muslim countries not HATED infidel countries!

    Saudi Arabia and Qatar are swimming in oil wealth! Western non-Muslim countries have very severe financial problems. The Muslim invaders are making our economic situation FAR WORSE! How can Western leaders put Muslim invader infidel-haters before the SAFETY, peace, and economic well-being of our people-non-Muslims?

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

  16. Why permit a Mosque in Athens, for illegals no less (insult to injury). For the record, there are Mosques in Greece but they are only allowed in the Western Thrace region where there is a Turkish minority.

  17. “Greece suffered five centuries of Islamic tyranny under Turkish rule and building a mosque would offend the martyrs who freed us,” … “most Muslims have come here illegally” to “Islamize Europe”.

    Muslims come to our countries to wage jihad, conquer and enslave us as commanded by the Quran war book!

    How dare Greece and other European governments spit on the graves of the Christian martrys who set us free from barbaric Muslim invaders by allowing Muslims into our countries? How could Europe and Britain destroy our freedom and safety by colonizing our countries with many millions of Muslims – the cruel soldiers of Allah?

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

    Join and support British Freedom, Britain’s last great hope!

    Join the EDL !
    Join the European Freedom Parties and European Defense Leagues!

    We must survive! NO Surrender, Not now! Not ever!
    God is with us!

  18. Here’s my hope that those muzturds won’t get ANY mosques in Greece – now or EVER!!!! And yes, ALL those good-for-nothings should be evicted from Greece – and all Western countries!!!!

    Worth repeating and send all libtard traitors with them !!!!….

  19. Akh!!!!

    How I positively HATE the BBC for their contempt, patronising and political-correctness!!!!

    It’s time the West starts taking pride in ITS CULTURES and junks this whole Marxist idea of “multiculturalism”, which is one of the shibboleths the Commies have been using to destroy our society, our morals, our manners and our very fabric as a Judæo-Christian civilisation!!!

    Here’s my hope that those muzturds won’t get ANY mosques in Greece – now or EVER!!!! And yes, ALL those good-for-nothings should be evicted from Greece – and all Western countries!!!!

    ALL Moslems OUT OF THE WEST – and all Westerners out of dar al-Islam!!!!!


    • ADHD

      The BBC has been getting away with soft brainwashing for years now they are trying to use more direct approaches in hopes that the soft sell has caused numbness in minds of the populace.

  20. Why can’t the European Union sponsor a task force to send the illegal asylum seekers back to their countries of origin? They (EU) are the ones who are dictating immigration quotas to the 17 nation members. Look at all the graffiti, filth, and garbage in the videos. How can any indigenous Greek native tolerate his/her country turning into a third world ghetto? It defies common sense and logic.

    • According to New World Order initiative this is a future Islamo-communist paradise Migration of Muslims is the best way to accomplish it.Where else can you find millions of uneducated fanatical idiots . They don’t have any concept of freedom they like submission they like dirt and they will bring any culture down.

    • Greece should not have taken the bail out and should have told the EU to stick it up where the sun dont shine and broke away from the EU. The EU are no different to the UN. It might take years for Greece to get back on track if they broke away from the EU but I think they would be better off. They cant afford to keep these bottom feeding Muzturds in their country and BIG mistake allowing mosques to get built. Once it starts it wont stop and you all watch the gratitude the Greeks will get back in return, their own churches will start getting vandelized and burnt down as it is happening in many other countries as we know.