Israelis discover 2,750-year-old temple near Jerusalem

For low-information readers, this means Jews were in Jerusalem more than 1300 years before the prophet Mohammed had raped his first child bride. Muslims claiming it as their own in 3…2…1.

FOX News  (h/t Krista M) Archaeologists have discovered a 2,750-year-old temple along with a cache of sacred artifacts, providing rare insight into religious practices at the time, the Israeli Antiquities Authority announced Wednesday.

Figurines found at Tel Motza archaeological site

Figurines found at Tel Motza archaeological site

The temple was uncovered west of Jerusalem, at the Tel Motza archaeological site, in preparation for work on Highway 1. Among the finds are pottery figurines, fragments of chalices and decorated pedestals.

“The ritual building at Tel Motza is an unusual and striking find, in light of the fact that there are hardly any remains of ritual buildings of the period in Judaea at the time of the First Temple,” said excavation directors Anna Eirikh, Dr. Hamoudi Khalaily and Shua Kisilevitz. “The uniqueness of the structure is even more remarkable because of the vicinity of the site’s proximity to the capital city of Jerusalem, which acted as the Kingdom’s main sacred center at the time.”

Excavation director Anna Eirikh displays a horse figurine.

Excavation director Anna Eirikh displays a horse figurine.

The surrounding region has been a key archaeological site for the past two decades after the discovery of numerous buildings including a storehouse, which archaeologists believe was run by high-ranking officials for Jerusalem’s grain supplies. The Biblical settlement “Mozah” is mentioned in the Book of Joshua, described as a town in the tribal lands of Benjamin bordering on Judaea (Joshua 18: 26).

The latest excavation has revealed a brand new structure, according to the directors, with massive walls and a wide, east-facing entrance, which conform to the tradition of temple construction in the ancient Near East. The archeologists stress that “the find of the sacred structure together with the accompanying cache of sacred vessels, and especially the significant coastal influence evident in the anthropomorphic figurines, still require extensive research.”

Overhead view of the Tel Motza excavation site.

Overhead view of the Tel Motza excavation site.

Such finds are rare because alternative ritual practices were banned after the construction of the First Temple in Jerusalem by King Solomon about 3000 years ago, according to archaeological estimates.

One of the most beautiful documentaries done on Jerusalem and its position in Biblical prophecy, click here for details.

The directors believe the site must have existed “prior to the religious reforms throughout the kingdom at the end of the monarchic period (at the time of Hezekiah and Isaiah), which abolished all ritual sites, concentrating ritual practices solely at the Temple in Jerusalem.


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  1. The land was inhabited by many nations, not just the jews. There are Cananite archaelogical evidance, there’s also Byzantines evidance, Roman evidence…etc. The jews as a group of people came into existance after the Kingdom of Israel was divided into two and destroyed. Before this, there were no jews.

  2. Please protect this newly discovered site!

    Despicable, pro-Islam Israeli leaders have ALLOWED Muslims to vandalize and massively destroy unique and precious remains of the Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount, the holiest place on earth.

    In a great sin against God, Israeli police ARREST Jews if Jews pray to Almighty God on the Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest site. Even though it was God, the Guardian of Israel who won re-born Israel’s every war against her multiple enemies.

    Thousands of years ago, God designated the Temple Mount for His worship only, NOT for the worship of any other god!

    Kick the Islamic Waqf off the Temple Mount and re-build the Third Temple!

  3. It’s going to be fun listening to the Troglodytes try to redo this find. We all know it’s going to be a series of whoppers. [ Sorry Burger king no offence].

  4. I understand why this region gained prominence as the trade route route intersection of the world, but why was THIS particular city so important so eary on? I understand the Muslim point of view: “You say it’s yours so we must either destroy it or take it over and erase it’s history.” Some religion: the faith of the murderous destroyers”. As far as the children go, I’m sure “Uncle MO” would ask you:”…but did you see the way they were dressed?…

  5. Perhaps they may soon find the Ark of the Covenant, which the muzzies will no doubt frantically try to seize… and fail to do so.

  6. WHen G-d chose the group he did to worship and follow, study torah, he chose our ancestors to a mission. A lot of Jew haters are hostile toward Jews for something they twist to mean something different. He chose Moses as well to carry out a very special mission. Being chosen as the antisemites rail about does not mean he chose us the way a teacher has a pet, but to carry out the mission of teaching humans morals. People back in those days commonly practiced human sacrifice, and not all that different from today’s muslims.

  7. The Bible told me all I need to know about the land of Israel…God gave it to his people, the Jews well before the fake religion of Islam was concocted in the mind of a sadisric pervert. It belongs to the Jewish people.

  8. Aaaaiiiiieeeeeeee ! We were here first ! The religious mslims ! The loyal followers of our beloved but slightly out of plumb, “Poppet” who loved children so. It is hard to find evidence of our inhabitation because the Jews built over that evidence. We built nothung. (and never have) But we left piles of camel dung then as we do now. It is our islamic contribution. It is not our fault that our great contribution to the world was eaten by worms and beetles.
    It is the same today. Our rockets and bombs disappear leaving no trace of our great contributions of today.
    Aaaaiiiiiiieeeee! It is not easy trying to be a contributor to society. My wifes cousin and first husband and the father of her child with three legs just disappeared with his bomb yesterday. We all miss him so badly. He gave us much laughter chasing his chicken around before he —– Never Mind ! (did you know that chickens always die ?)

    • ” is there anything in their religion that is even ORIGINAL?” why yes indeed, they are all relatives of the sons of hagar ( arabs) ishmael to be correct, you know the one where the good book tells us, ” their hands will be against the world ( Christians and Jewish), and the world too will be against ( satan followers) thee”, hows that for original?

  9. Sure and Jesus Christ was a muslim, right guys, sure dipsticked liars, I do recall of one statement by Jesus Christ, ” all those who come after me, know yea, they are liars”

    This is really good news for the non-satam/muslim peoples, it clearly states words from the Christian scripture and Jewish Torah is correct, even for it’s time and the here and now. Too bad the satan/muslim worshipers believe their momadheads lies, ” for I will bring them delusions, for they seek not the truth”.

    How are they going to refute these findings. I can hear it now, it’s the zionist jooooos who are lieing, momadhead says so, afterall he is the one profit ( spelling intentional) , right? go bark at your moon-god boys and girls, once again the truth comes by ways of those who seek it. This find is outstanding on many levels. Praise the Lord and pass the ammo dear brethern of freedom.

    Going GALT, starve this beast now.

  10. if you look closely at the statuettes you will see that they were made by chess playing pigeons and not israelites oops isnt this the cair loonwatch website ..

  11. Keep the Jewish temple safe from all those demonic Muslims that want to destroy everything good… God Bless Israel/Jerusalem- God Bless the Jewish people and keep them safe from the devil that call them selves muslims…

  12. Obviously, yet another zionist trick to bolster their claim to the land. Imagine all the mossad man-hours it took to build all those rock walls under all that dirt and place all those little figurines down there.

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