‘KHALIFORNIA’ CHINOS (Christians in name only) support the most radical Islamic groups in America

The United West team exposes the Islamic deception at an annual conference for the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) in Pasadena, California.  By disguising the event as interfaith dialogue, the Muslim Brotherhood-linked speakers continue the process of ‘Civilization Jihad’ –  to conquer The West.

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14 comments on “‘KHALIFORNIA’ CHINOS (Christians in name only) support the most radical Islamic groups in America

  1. The liberal leftards are more dangerous than the muslims because they drink the muslim’s evil cool aide and support their taqiyya ways of lies and deceit. A real Christian would never share their church’s podium with muslims because we have a jealous God who is not willing to share any part with this satan controlled islam. You can not fix stupid and shame on the fools who think that they can trust the taqiyya of islam.

  2. Lots of Americans recruited to the Brotherhood from all cultural and religious backgrounds; a massive “old boys” criminal network. Very scary. Very misogynist. Not just Americans. Mostly men from all cultural and religious backgrounds. It’s a big criminal gang, after all, rationalized with reference to religion. Yuk. Gangster girls among them; those chadors and burkas, especially the black ones, always remind me of the medieval executioners’ outfits. You know, the ones who drew and quartered. Another yuk. Unfortunately the Episcopalian pastor has entirely misunderstood the meaning of “merciful and compassionate” in his ascription of those qualities to Islam and Christianity’s gods equally. I believe that in Islam, mercy is only for the favoured devout, certainly not for “sinners” or women or girls whose heads can be cut off for their gender only, and compassionate does not apply to apostates at all, from what I understand, but only to the elite favoured. An entirely criminal ideology that needs correction by some benevolent global law.

    • That benevolent global law you speak of all ready exists, it’s called the power of a modern day GUN SLINGER. That is the only law they understand.

  3. How can this pastor say that we have anything in common with an abomination like Islam??? I couldn’t listen to the whole video; it’s just more of the same old bullsh”.

  4. The Episcopalean (Church of England, Anglican Church) church is no longer a Christian church. Hasn’t been for several years now. It was the Arch Bishop in England that recommended Britain legalize sharia courts! Blithering idiots yes, Christians NO!

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