NEW YORK CITY: Muslim woman suing MTA & NYPD for getting kicked off buses for wearing an Islamic headbag

Maria Louis, of Hollis, Queens, says she has twice been kicked off buses by MTA and NYPD personnel, the agencies she’s suing in Brookyn federal court, after people berated her for wearing a bag on her head.


NY POST  Her clothing, which she calls a “bolka,” is a “long, flowing black garment that covers her completely — including a mesh section over her eyes that allows her to see,” the suit says.

The first incident happened April 3 in Jamaica, when a passenger yelled at her and the driver refused to move until she got off, the suit says The next month, she claims, a passenger hit her in the face after another lectured her, and police forced her to get off the bus. (Just gotta love those New Yorkers!)