NEW YORK CITY: Muslim woman suing MTA & NYPD for getting kicked off buses for wearing an Islamic headbag

Maria Louis, of Hollis, Queens, says she has twice been kicked off buses by MTA and NYPD personnel, the agencies she’s suing in Brookyn federal court, after people berated her for wearing a bag on her head.


NY POST  Her clothing, which she calls a “bolka,” is a “long, flowing black garment that covers her completely — including a mesh section over her eyes that allows her to see,” the suit says.

The first incident happened April 3 in Jamaica, when a passenger yelled at her and the driver refused to move until she got off, the suit says The next month, she claims, a passenger hit her in the face after another lectured her, and police forced her to get off the bus. (Just gotta love those New Yorkers!)



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  1. I’m from New York, and if there was a raghead on a bus I was on, I’d get off and wait for the next one. That’s probably the safe thing to do. You don’t know what they could be hiding under that thing, and often the criminals who hide weapons under muslim garb aren’t even muslim; and just manipulate the unwritten “tolerance laws” to conceal weapons under the guise of religious freedom. fucked up system. Security oughtta just search everyone hardcore, that way it’s equal and safe. :)

  2. They kicked her off because she could have been anyone or anything. If she wants to cover it all then walk, stay home or call one of the many Pakistani car service guys…they are all over NYC. Plenty of Muslim women with just head scarves ride buses and subways with no problem.

    Some PC federal judge who rides in a personal limo everywhere will l probably say she has a great case.

  3. I seriously doubt that anyone socked her in the face, Muslims are really good liars when it comes to claiming abuse where none actually took place. However the incident occuring in New York makes it just a little more believible. I would love to give one a good punch, especially an American woman who loses her brains somehow. There is no earthly reason for anyone to be out in public with his or her face covered. Not only are their intentions not clear Islam doesn’t even require this sort of garb in the first place.

  4. Let´s hope more people will be more encourage and motivated to say what they think =) Maybe they should wear a big cross and hold it in front of those black gosts. Hope there will be more of those “incidences” =)

  5. I’d throw her off the bus too if she wanted to wear that outfit while Im on the bus. She belongs in a zoo not in public. I bet CAIR is already working with her to get a nice pay off.

  6. When Ever I See One Of These Trash Bag Bitches, I Have No Problems In Expressing My Opinion About Bastard Islam Or The Wearing Of A Trash Bag Garment!
    One Day I Was In The Grocery Store Checking Out, I Pulled A Garbage Bag Out Of The Retail Box I Was Buying. I Handed It To Her & Told Her,
    And If I Ever See An Ass Lifter On The Street….I Wouldn’t Have Any Problem In Kicking Him Over & Telling Him!
    “Stand Up, Pray & Act Like A Real Man Should!”


      After all, I’ve not forgotten a late friend of mine, a Christian minister, who got spat upon in a shopping mall 15 years ago by a Moslemah merely because he had a little cross upon the lapel of his suit-jacket (and they never knew each other otherwise)!!!!

      Given also how they ANYWAY spit upon us and hate our guts merely because we’re “filthy” ‘infidels’ by the dictates of their Shari’a and the rest of their ultra-totalitarian SYSTEM (while taking our money as jizya), why should they imagine that they’ll get away with it? They are NOT in their dar al-Islam until they return to one of their 57 countries – which is already FAR TOO MANY!!!! [They should all be penned up in the Arabian Peninsula with its deserts and steppes and left there – and nowhere else!!! – to fend for themselves!!!!!]

      They can do what they want in their dar al-Islam – AND NOWHERE ELSE!!!! In the West, as we say: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do!”

      EVERYBODY who wants to be Moslem – LITERALLY EVERYBODY, I say!!!! – should be deported from the West without the least pity or mercy!!!! That’s why I again say: all Westerners OUT of dar al-Islam – and ALL MOSLEMS OUT OF THE WEST!!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

  7. The West is full of useful idiots like Bloomberg,but the Islamofascists are infesting everywhere we will all be contaminated,including the useful idiots who will have no place to hide!

  8. Non muslims should sue MTA and NYPD for allowing fully covered people like muslims in public places as they are known to commit jihad using cover of burkha.

    They can cite cases as proof.

    And sue the sh*it out of this muslimah for roaming around in public fully covered
    and being security threat to other citizens. They can also add that if muslims cannot follow.standard identification rules in public places they should be arrested for being security threat.

    And they should either stay at home or go to sharia compliant country and do bomb blasts to their hearts content.

  9. Thank you BNI; then that Muslim bitchface will win the lawsuit which hurts our battle against Islam and will increase their ego and encourage them more to demand and sue. Bloomberg clearly is a dangerous idiot.

  10. What Dougie and Co. start foaming at the mouth legal Jihad gets them very excited. Ni doubt CAIR will come to the Bagheads rescue.

  11. That’s great, “The next month, she claims, a passenger hit her in the face after another lectured her, and police forced her to get off the bus.” Those people are excellent Americans, and the bag hag is a dumb muzzie slut. That should be standard operating procedure for all Americans towards muzz scum.

  12. BNI do you know if New York legislation bans the burqa? I am trying to list every place in the world where the Burqa, Street Prayer and Sharia Law is banned. If the Burqa is legal in NY she will win the law suit- fixing laws is our serious problem.

    • Allan, no, it does not. Mayor Nanny Bloomberg (who banned the selling of sodas over 16 ounces) is a dhimmi Muslim sympathizer who championed the Ground Zero Victory Mosque. He also told the police not to bother the asslifter taxi drivers who pray on the sidewalks on Fridays.

  13. i’d e scared to death if i saw someone wearing a getup like that. is that her in the top photo if so why is she wearing makeup? muslims are crazy people.

  14. Bravo to the citizens of New York City – they are doing the right thing 100%+!!!!

    That muzturd stoolie has got to realise she and her kind (both male and female, of all ages, races, ethnic-origins, &c.) are MOST UNWELCOME in the ENTIRE WEST and that for their own sake they MUST go back to their dar al-Islam!!!! [Converts ought to be especially unwelcome as TRAITORS to their countries and societies!!!]

    NO MOSLEMS WELCOME IN THE WEST!!!! DEATH TO ISLAM now, forever and ever, and unto ages of ALL ages!!!!!

  15. Islamic-sharia infiltration….happening all over our country: g’ment, schools, public transportation, businesses, our military. Try walking the street in any downtown city in Libya as a U.S. Citizen with a visible cross, or outter clothing of a Christian/Jew reference & see how long before you disappear for insulting mohamed.

    • Precisely! How the hell would the driver or ANYONE on the bus know that she was even a woman under that damn black shroud?!!….IT IS MORE a matter of public safety than the baghead bit—‘s “right” to wear her damn garbage bag!!…ANY judge with ANY gonads at all would throw that b—– AND her lameass case out of court and into oblivion!!…”GTFO of this court; CASE DIMISSED!!”

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