On the Saudi Royal Family’s flying palace, there are no flight attendants wearing headbags, and you can bet you’ll find a large stock of top shelf liquors

While half his people live in poverty, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud shows off his $485 million converted Airbus A380, which, when completed, will be the world’s largest private jet.


The plane usually seats 600, but lots of room had to be cleared for various perks. Naturally, there’s an on-board garage, so that the prince can be driven right to the threshold of the airplane’s elevator.


After arrival, he can retire to his master suite–one of five with king-size beds, and computer generated prayer mats which always face Mecca, up to 20 extra-guests have to make due in sleepers that are the equivalent of first class.


Not to forget there’s also a concert hall that seats ten and has a baby grand piano; a boardroom with a holographic projector; and a full-size steam room.


But The most entertaining perk is a “Wellbeing Room” which has a floor upon which is projected an enormous image of what the plane is flying over–thus creating a “magic carpet” effect.


Interesting anedcote from a man who used to own a fleet of private jets, which were often rented to Arab Princes. Come what may, at 17:00 hr, the Arabs would lay down their prayer rugs  facing Mecca.  The pilot with a sense of humour would turn the plane in another direction, claiming that the sun was in their eyes, avoiding air turbulence or whatever & the groveling Arabs would have to adjust the positions of their rugs accordingly with their compasses in the corridor.  (h/t Rick W)


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  1. Saudi Arabia-in spite of obscurantist régime=is one of the best places to live.

    Living standards-are precisely like in the West.

    On the other side-very bad régime in political sense.

    But-we must recognise-that this régime did and does everything for his country.

    On the third side-we must eliminate political influience of this régime-forever!

    Fourthly-islamism as it exists-is the kid of bloody soviet kgb and its acolytes.

    all these muds-ben laden and all of them-are creatures of soviet politburo.

  2. 2 mr Wonderin1

    June 2, 2013 @ 10:19 pm

    Bert, the “opposition” U R citing is just the people who are PAID to pretend they oppose the Saudi Royal Family (sort of like the Saudis pay Fox News to pretend that they oppose the O-Traitor in the White House). Stick around and read more of BNI’s excellent coverage of this Islamic war against human civilization. There’s more going on in all oft this than first meets the eye.


    I will explain-Saudi Arabia-in spite of obscurantist régime=is one of the best places to live.

    Living standards-are precisely like in the West.

    On the other side-very bad régime in political sense.

    But-we must recognise-that this régime did and does everything for his country.

    On the third side-we must eliminate political influience of this régime-forever!

    Fourthly-islamism as it exists-is the kid of bloody soviet kgb and its acolytes.

    all these muds-ben laden and all of them-are creatures of soviet politburo.

  3. This website is a bit of a joke, run by yet another ignorant dickhead who has NO knowledge of Islam whatsoever. Take a look at the about page and read, just another ignorant fool jumping on the ‘islam is NOT a religion.. its a cult blah blah blah bandwagon

    Grow a brain fool

    Remember this, you WILL (you like using capitals so I thought I’d do the same)come to see on the day of judgement what Islam is and what you seem to think it is fool.

    Islam isn’t these saudi princes, Its what God told it to be.

    Go on ban me fool

  4. Why are you wasting your time talking about this stupid Brainless Idiot.? He looks insecure , worried and frightened ! His voice shakes like a bundle of nerves . Please don’t waste your time and don’t encourage this dirty fly with his empty head and heavy bank account.

  5. Everything is right-except this nonsense-

    “While half his people live in poverty”.

    Even saudi opposotion claims that only-maximum!-20% of saudi population live in poverty.

    Be realists!

    • Bert, the “opposition” U R citing is just the people who are PAID to pretend they oppose the Saudi Royal Family (sort of like the Saudis pay Fox News to pretend that they oppose the O-Traitor in the White House). Stick around and read more of BNI’s excellent coverage of this Islamic war against human civilization. There’s more going on in all oft this than first meets the eye.


  6. Jesus Christ, where the fuck did I say nazis were right wing. I said the above comments were right wing. “LIAR”? Do you honestly think I’m here wasting my time claiming that I am something that I’m not or putting forward opinions that reallocated are not my own? That’s just stupid. I think you’re actually a 14 year old girl living in the middle of Colorado with swastikas all over your bedroom wall and who cuts herself to feel better about being as ignorant as can be clearly seen above. I can’t argue with a moron. Prove me wrong. It’s tiring banging your head off a wall. End of discussion and good luck.

    • Prove what wrong, mohammad?

      That you’re not a mohammadan spewing typical muslim supremacist revisionist history to suit your own agenda? Or your bat crap crazy conspiracy theories about Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, the Catholic church et al being big, bad organized Christian terrorists hell bent on destroying the world while quoting Biblical texts?

      Or prove wrong your vague allegation that America is responsible for “most of the world’s poverty”? Other than, falsely, claiming it was through war (which even you mohammadans are marginally bright enough to realize is a vapid canard as America is not the only country that has been/is involved in war) you gave nothing to disprove. You made the allegation. The burden of proof is on you. But you know that. You’re just a mohammadan regurgitating the bullet points they feed you down at the madrassa.

      Oh my! Look at your projecting! I’m sure your NHS benefits will take care of all your emotional and physical scaring.

      And thanks for not disappointing. You’ve gone off the rails, on schedule. as all of your fellow mohammadan supremacists do when the kaffir don’t buy their nonsense.

      • BRAVISSISSIMA, dear “Istanbul_Chick” – nay, even BRAVISSISSISSIMA!!!

        I couldn’t possibly have said it even anywhere near as well as you, let alone better!!!! [And if they call you a “closet Christian”, so what?? That all the more shows who they really are: not mere atheists but anti-theists whose goal is to DESTROY all religion!!! I’ve been seeing A LOT such views expressed elsewhere such as to be so frightening as to be past all imagination…]

    • That you obviously have a hatred for “rightists” is why I brought up both the Nazis and the Fascists – for I know all too well how in fact LEFT-WING they actually were, notably the Nazis!!!! [How ironic that my ancestors had to suffer under ALL OF Communism, Nazism and Islam (in reverse order)!!!]

      Right-wingers in North America usually tend to be a kind of “libertarian”, where one ideally aims for as little governmental intervention as possible, leaving matters to states or provinces (depending on whether you’re in the USA or Canada) to handle – and even better when it’s counties or regional municipalities within those bodies. What’s wrong with THAT kind of right-wing, especially if it’s non-totalitarian???

      Accusing me of having “swastikas all over your bedroom wall” PROVES that you think of right-wingers as Nazis and Fascists!!! [You thus contradict yourself as saying “where the f— did I say Nazis were right wing”? – and here I can fault you for not using a question mark at the end of that sentence in addition to not capitalising “Nazis”, while we’re at it!!!!] This is how 1) I know that you’re dealing with me in bad faith, 2) that you’ve totally fallen for one or both of Mohammedan and/or Marxist PROPAGANDA!!!

      Furthermore, my calling you a “LIAR” has everything to do with that you manifestly have not a little bit of hatred in your wicked heart (and it takes one hater to know one – to boot, it’s so obvious you hate the Western world…)!!!! If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be calling people haters or talking about people as such – this is yet another POWERFUL proof of your NOT being what you purport to be!!!! I know all too well that the biggest haters in this world actually are Mohammedans AND Communists!!! In addition, your resorting to ‘ad hominem’ arguments against me when I’ve challenged you (now for the third or fourth time!!!) to logically answer my questions – which you haven’t BOTHERED TO DO – speaks against you as eloquently as anything possibly ever could!!!!

      I’m otherwise all too glad to leave others to handle the TURD and TWAT you come across as being, “slater”!!!! “Istanbul_Chick” is very likely right in presuming you’re a Mohammedan empty-head who thinks we can be twisted around with your pathetic taqiyya and kitman – and she most certainly knows whereof she speaks, often better than yours truly!!!!!

    • YOU want to talk about crankiness, you who’s projecting YOUR issues upon us who know better than you want to admit???

      As my colleague “Istanbul_Chick” put it so well: “Hypocrisy, thy name is ‘Slater'”!!!!

      And I’m quite fine if Commies, Moslems, Nazis, Fascists and other totalitarians don’t want to read me: I HATE AND DESPISE them all as being the worst possible types of human beings!!!!!

      • Russia and the Soviet Union? What was the main religion there? Think it was mainly Orthodox Christianity? The British empire? World War II Germany? Catholic church backed them bad boys. Italy allied with Germany during the war, the home of Catholic ideology. Every war and bomb dropped by the united states? Every victim of the British empire? Don’t get me wrong Muslims (many) are not innocent and I wouldn’t waste my time defending Islam. Look at my original statement please. The only thing I said was that those who spew hate in the name of or behind Christianity are no better than all those Islamic nutjobs who hate you just because you are Christian. You’ve made an assumption that I’m defending Islam and I haven’t been. Maybe the above examples haven’t committed murder in the name of Christianity but are and have been predominantly Christian. Christianity is a wonderful religion but when it has been skewed as can be seen above, it’s pretty sad. I came to look at a nice plane from a Google search. Didn’t realise I was on what I now consider to be quite a right-wing site.

        • The REAL religion of the USSR was and is ATHEISM!!!! The same with Communist China, and with ALL other Communist countries!!!!

          Furthermore, Hitler really thought of HIMSELF as God – and the same with Stáljin!!! [Likewise the Kim family of North Korea…]

          In any case, YES: I’m (in the eyes of the world’s leftists at least) a PROUD fundamentalist Christian who makes no bones about it; particularly with ancestors who suffered under Nazism, Communism and Islam (the last via the Turkish “Ottoman” Empire)!!!! If you want to blindly equate Christianity with Islam, you truly are neither worth my time nor somebody who’ll win ANY respect from me!!!!

          In fact, you’ve not even tried to answer the ONE question I’ve posed to you: how many people has Christianity honestly killed??? Also, where in the Bible (especially the New Testament) are there equivalent verses to those in the Qu’rân that command hating “infidels”, hunting them down and making war upon them, aiming to exterminate everything other than Islam????

      • … And you kind of lost it when you said you HATE them. Not very Christian. I don’t hate you or your country. It doesn’t get anyone anywhere. Good luck to you and yours. Get rid of the haters.

        • LIAR!!!!!

          If you didn’t hate, you wouldn’t be writing with the blatant contempt you’ve been showing us all over here!!!!

          And yes, FAR BETTER a right-winger than a leftie!!! [While we’re at it: if you think of Nazism or Fascism as “right-wing”, you are MORTALLY WRONG – they both were LEFT-WING!!! Look at the title of the Nazi Party: “Nationale Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei” (‘National Socialist German Workers’ Party’).]

  7. Your assumption is so far off the mark its laughable Istanbul chick. I’m a middle aged, non practicing (catholic), British white man. I suppose you’ll have to learn to read first before you can actually read or study history. I never once mentioned anything to do with Islam(the religion) or Muslims(the believers in that religion). I used the word Arabs. I don’t actually think Mohammadans is word but an willing to accept that I could be wrong. My second point ( not related to my first ) is that extremist or fundamentalist Christian views, as can be seen above are as bad the shit spewed by SOME hate filled Muslim clerics. I don’t think Jesus preached hatred for anyone, and anyone who hides behind quotes from the bible but preaches a message of hatred isn’t really Christian anyway. Correct me if I’m wrong but learn to read properly, write properly and spell properly first.

    • ” Correct me if I’m wrong but learn to read properly, write properly and spell properly first.”


      Hypocrisy thy name is “slater.”

      Perhaps you should practice what you preach “middle aged, non practicing (catholic), British white man.” I would bet my eye teeth the only truth there is “middle aged.”

      Your dribble is as riddled with misspellings, and grammatical errors as the typical islamist-hiding-behind-a-kaffirapersona’s.

      You’re correct, you said nothing about history. No basis for your wild and patently false claim. You made a typical mohammadan unsubstantiated statement. Never mind the facts that there are also British anti-islam posters above as well as England’s substantially longer existance and history of “colonialism/imperialism”. Yet you had the bollocks to distinctly direct your canards about world poverty at “Americans” and “Christians.” Note: Neither America nor England is responsible for the “world’s poverty.” Here’s a novel idea: you and your fellow historical revisionists are responsible, today, for the conditions you are in.

      It is also noted that you did not provide one example of this “Christian extremism” you claim twitterpatted you. Of course, we understand that “Christian extremism” is a round about way of saying “Christians” much like the use of “zionism” instead of saying what you really mean: “DA JOOOOOS.”

      Mohammadan: if it walks like mohammad, talks like mohammad, acts like mohammad, looks like mohammad, and smells like mohammad, it is a mohammadan.

        • No surprises here, mohammadan whose name is Hypocrite. Anyone who is critical of you and your bronze age supremacist cult must certainly be an “American Christian redneck!”

          What a well thought out ad hominem rebuttal! The other supremacists at the madrassa must be proud of you!

          It has not gone unnoticed that you’ve still not provided any evidence of this “history” you claim is evidence of America being solely responsible for “most of the world’s” poverty. Just out of curiousity; do you call Indian Hindus or Japanese Shintoists, who are critical of you and your cult, “rednecks,” “extremists” and does your revisionist history without evidence accuse India and Japan of being the cause of most of the world’s poverty?

      • BRAVA, Istanbul_Chick!!!!

        I positively LOVE the way you got back at “Slater”!!! All his drivel about grammatical, spelling and other “correctnesses” PALE into nothing compared to the truth when expressed the way you did!!!

        Also, good for you for nothing that “Christian extremism” really is a roundabout way of attacking Christianity, PERIOD!!!!! [The way I see so many attacks upon “religion” (period) really in itself is an euphemism as well as attacking not only Christianity but our entire Judæo-Christian Western civilisation to boot – mainly done by Moslems and Marxists!!! This is all the more so given how each of those two super-EVIL groups want to destroy it, each so for the motive of putting their preferred version of “Utopia” in its place – Marxists to replace it with their “perfect Communism”, the Moslems with their “pure Islam”!!!!]

        • Everything this mohammadan in a poor disguise said was nothing but hypocritical.

          I always find it extremely amusing when someone with atrocious spelling and grammar appoints themselves to position of grammar-nazi. Especially when it’s a someone who claims to be British and implies that “American imperialism” is the cause of “most of the world’s” poverty.

          I am well aware of the war against Christians. As you know I am a complete non-believer, but the only times I hear or read the term “Christian extremist” is when it’s thrown about not to describe actual Christian extremists (like the Westboro hateful whackadoodles, or abortion clinic bombers), but as a term encompassing all Christians.

          While it is mostly bandied about by mohammadans and marxist/communist Che t-shirt sporting tools, it is also thrown out by garden variety liberal loons who see Christianity as not “exotic” enough and a constant reminder that they are champions of moral interpitude. I honestly think some of these sad, sad people are secretly ashamed of who and what they are and those “Christian extremists” are a constant reminder of that. If those “Christian extremists” were gone, why, there would be no one left to call them loose, immoral, deviant, perverted, disgusting, sluts, whores, and gigolos.

          Of course, I *LOVE* being one of the few atheists who does point out their immorality. While they call you a “Christian extremist” guess what they call me? A “closet Christian!” BWAAHAHAHA!

    • First, “slater”:

      How many human beings has Christianity destroyed over the course of TWO millennia?? [Compare that figure to Islam having slaughtered 275,000,000 over the course of 1,400 years!!! Likewise, over the course of 95 years, atheism (via Communism {120,000,000} and Nazism {50,000,000}) has 170,000,000 casualties on its hands.]

      I challenge you to answer me that question. [One hint: even the dreaded Spanish Inquisition over the entire 400-year course of its existence didn’t kill more than 3,000 people – so there!!!]

      Second, “Istanbul chick” was quoting Saudi-financed “textbooks” whose contents are being force-fed into our children in schools that have been thoroughly infiltrated by the disciples of Mohammed and Karl Marx – you can be assured that she knows better than to accept even one iota of that DRIVEL!!!

      Third, you’ve totally fallen for the Marxist and Mohammedanist PROPAGANDA that the élitists of your country have been beating down your British throats!!! Are you truly aware of what a stink-hole and sink-hole your once-proud United Kingdom is FAST becoming thanks to those who want to a. destroy Western civilisation (especially from WITHIN), b. take away ALL your freedoms and liberties – and turn the clock back not less than 500 years??? Just try criticising Moslems and see how far you get!!!

      Fourth, do you realise that your pompous remarks regarding spelling, reading and writing are just so indicative of the SHALLOW, utterly CONTEMPTIBLE, VACUOUS GOOD-FOR-NOTHING that you so richly have demonstrated as happening to be???? All your hyperbole is just so much DUST compared to the lucidity of people like “Istanbul Chick”, “Ms. BNI” and so many, many others!!!!

      It’s YOU, “duke, prince, count” or whatever you think of yourself as being, that has to GET OUT OF YOUR IVORY-CASTLE and “smell the coffee”!!!! Then, perhaps, we’ll have something to talk about…

  8. Man, you Americans are dumb. Saying these Arabs are rich at your expense when half the world is poor because of your history. Wake up an read a little history please. What a joke.

    • Right. Read a little history. That little islamically revisioned history right?

      islamically revised history in which:

      NASA proves that the moon was split in two,

      mohammadans discovered America,

      one of the signers of the Bill of Rights was a mohammadan,

      mohammadans were the first on the moon,

      mohammadans invented guns (sorry, Mongolian hand cannons didn’t fire projectiles, they made noise),

      America forced Greece, Sweden, Italy to take in mohammadan welfare parasites thus causing their economic collapses,

      armed American millitias forced, at gun point, businessmen in other countries to buy American products/services,

      those same armed American millitias forced those poor mohammadans on the street to buy expensive American products,

      all the *BILLIONS* in “foreign aid” aka jizya paid by the American taxpayers really came from the pockets of those poor, poor mohammadans causing them to be poor,

      And the *TRILLIONS* of dollars America has paid for the ass-lifters’ oil was really stolen from the pockets of the poor, downtrodden mohammadans while the foreign labour that made getting that oil from ground possible (as mohammadans are too stupid and lazy to do it themselves) was forced upon the mohammadans, again at gun point.

      “And extremist Christian views when denouncing Islam is a little hypocritical don’t you think? I am neither btw.”

      Right, mohammad! And the Pope is Jewish! And bears don’t shit in the woods!”

      FYI your mistake was in assuming (as all of you mohammadan cretins do) that all criticism of islam and you grotesque parodies of humanity called mohammadans comes from Christians or Jews.

      • For a moment of off-topic relief speaking about the joke of the Pope being Jewish: between 1984 and 2007, among the papabile candidates in that time was a cardinal by the name of Aaron Jean-Marie Lustiger – who indeed was of Jewish extraction and birth.

        During the Nazi Occupation of France, this fine man was sent as a boy to be reared by sympathetic French Catholics who didn’t however hide their faith. The boy Aaron was so impressed by their simple, honest, un-ostentatious practise thereof that he of his own free will converted to Christianity as a Romanist (though never renouncing his Jewish faith, thus being a Messianic Jew of sorts) and took the name Jean-Marie (John-Mary) – to the horror of his Polish-Jewish dad!!! That dismay was compounded when he decided to become a priest – the father forced him every time he came to visit to take off his clerical habit before entering the paternal house.

        Nevertheless, Monsieur Aaron Jean-Marie Lustiger did persist with his plans and became a very well acclaimed, highly-respected and even beloved priest who among his work toiled his best to build bridges between French Jews and Catholics. Shortly after the accession of Karol Wojtyła to the Petrine Throne as Pope John-Paul II, Père Lustiger was appointed to become the Bishop of Orléans – something he tried to refuse using precisely the arguments traditionally advanced against Jews by “Christian” bigots (among which were that his Christian faith would always be in question on account of his ancestry!). John-Paul II, a pillar of strength, wouldn’t listen; and a couple of years later, Lustiger became the Archbishop of Paris – and thus the Primate of France!! Another few years and Lustiger became a cardinal!!!

        Thus, the point of this is that the “joke” just could have truly become REALITY during that time – except that John-Paul II’s health generally held up during that entire time the other fellow’s health made him a serious candidate. As to “Monsieur le Cardinal-Archevêque” Lustiger, he died in 2007 at age 80 and had both a complete Jewish funeral right in front of the portals of Notre-Dame de Paris presided over by his cousin, followed inside the cathedral by a full Catholic funeral, after which the coffin was laid inside the cathedral crypt.

        • Hey, ADHD, thanks for the history lesson.

          I actually used it on Monday.

          I made the “and the Pope is Jewish” crack to my six year old nephew and he asked me what that meant.

          After I explained to him my mom made the crack “Well, why can’t the Pope be Jewish? What if he was Jewish and converted to Catholicism?”

          To which I replied “Well, as a matter of fact…”

  9. The way that man crosses his legs while he sits in the chair makes my balls hurt and is considered effeminate. I would expect that from a woman but not a man. I sit in a chair ankle to knee that way my big balls have room and not squished. lol

  10. We should have simply conquered and taken over these countries back in the early 20th. The fact that these animals lead these lives of outrageous luxury at our expense and spread Islam and terrorism with our same oil dollars is simply unforgivable. Had we kicked their asses almost a century ago now, we’d be the ones collecting the oil dollars and Islam would not be the problem it is today.

  11. As always, there is a huge double standard. There is a standard for the rich and a standard for the poor. The poor women are required to wear hijab, abaya and niqab, but the rich women are not required and are excused. The rich men, if they don’t do their prayers on time, it is excused, but the poor man will be beaten or even put to death as an apostate. If a rich man drinks liquor or eats pork, no harm can come to him, but if a poor man does it, there will be hell to pay. A rich man can cavort with loose women, but a poor man will be stoned to death as an adulterer. If you know the right people, or you have the right amount of money, you can buy your way into heaven!

  12. many words spring to mind on reading this story..obscene, decadent, amoral,despicable,socially irresponsible,disgusting,and typical of the islamic value system where plunder and wealth are everything.,especially when financed by the West. We are the stupid ones for giving the Saudis the monopoly on oil,, and now they sponsor sports, sharia banking,the hilal industry which garners them TRILLIONS of $$$$..more fool us!

  13. This is all of the proof that you need to prove that money can not buy ‘class’ or culture or the love of a real woman. What an ugly show of bizarre and obscene islamic values, when most of the saudi muslims are in poverty and where the saudi women are second class with out any rights to even drive a car and so on. This savage needs to hide his head in shame because he is an obscene muslim savage of islam.

  14. is that the same family that tried to BUY THE ALAMO years ago? Texans almost went to war over that one. fool wanted to get it for his son needless to say the answer was NO

  15. There is a ‘furniture store’ on Ventura Blvd. in the San Fernando Valley in La-La Land. Big display windows all across the front, & the most garish ugly gold-painted furniture you ever have seen from wall to wall. You know it’s geared to Ahab the A–rab.

    • Persians, Silverlady:) This is a Persiland. There is a blog Ugly Persian Houses that was successfully shut down by the outcry of Perisans. This website Ugly Persian Houses (Ruining the Neighborhood One House at a Time) used to track the proliferation of Persian Palaces in Southern California, with their obsession with giant columns that don’t even pretend to do anything structurally. It was run by some natives of Beverly Hills, Westwood, and Santa Monica.

  16. The Saudis only have money because westerners discovered oil there. They can only get it out of the ground with our technology, and there is only a market for it because of the world we created with our inventions.

    If it wasn’t for non-muslims they’d still be rolling around in the dirt like the primitive savages they are.

  17. Filthy lucre if I ever saw it! So disgusting for this man as a royal to live in such excessive wealth while his people live in suffering and squalor! No wonder so many turn away from the evil of Islam every year; the saudi princes are evidence of that decadence.

    In away though, this makes Jesus’ mission easier; to save those who wish to be saved and realize they need to be saved.

    • And not one penny will he take with him to his grave, nor will all his wealth purchase his freedom from hell. “He who has the Son, has life. He who rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on him.” John 3:36

      • Amen to that, brother. I would never want to wish the suffering of hell on anybody, but the way he’s going… that’s very likely where he’ll be; we never know though because if folk such as Walid Shoebat are any proof, Jesus can change the hearts of event the most wicked men. Walid used to be, by his own admission from what I understand, a jihadist. I mean, Christ changed the heart of Paul, who was once an active persecutor of Christians into one of the most contributing messengers in the era after the Ressurrection.

        There is still time to repent and be saved, while drawing one’s breath. At least, given how things are right now.

  18. Complete with ‘slutty’ Western women to serve his highness. Ah, yes, Moz women are such precious jewels they cannot leave home, let alone have a well-paid career.

    Amazing what the savages can buy with our money.


  19. Well if you’ve got it, flaunt it. It’s the rest of the population that’re insipid fools, not these guys. And we are not much better off here, as our President spends more time on a golf course than in his Daily Briefings and his family spends on vacations like they were Royalty themselves.

  20. Send all the Muslim immigrants, illegals, criminals, terrorists, phony asylum seekers and phony Muslim refugees to swimming in oil wealth Saudi Arabia. Why are hated infidel non-Muslims forced to financially support Muslims?

  21. Prince Al-Aweed Bin Tokin (al-Walid Bin Talal) is the jerk-wad that owns so much of CNN and Fox News. HE is part of the reason we get so many LIES from our lame-stream “media”. May the devils take him and his whole tribe.


  22. Last year I promised to break my Saudi/OPEC oil/gasoline dependence Last June I purchased an electric car which I charge from solar panels on my house. Knowing that I am no longer funding the Saudi islamification machine is a very good feeling. 12 thousand OPEC free miles and counting.

      • Wow what a fraud you are. Someone tries to break the oil strangle hold the Saudis have on America and you defend the Saudis. Bet you’re a real OPEC cock sucker. Get fucked you Saudi funding unAmerican whore.

      • BNI, I don’t get it. Have you had problems with this poster before? He/she is not welcome here because he/she got an electric car? Is electricity un- American? I simply don’t understand why you’d make such a retort to a perfectly rational behavior that does lessen our dependence on terrorist oil. I do understand why you’d ban after his/her naughty response. But, why is this person feeding the “whackjob machine”? Simply because something might be labeled “environmental”, doesn’t mean that it’s un-American or anything else. In fact, the innovation that is going on now with electric cars it perfectly, unequivocally, totally American. Innovation is what Americans do. And, hey, I’ve been in the oil/gas business and have been through two crashes in such, you already know my stance on Islam and I’ve been told I’m a little to the right of Attila the Hun.

        • PH, there is nothing good about the electric cars on the market today. They are inefficient, dangerous, and have more mechanical problems than any other cars. Obama is paying people $10,000 to buy these $40,000 pieces of crap. OUR money is helping greenies feel good about themselves.

          There is an easier and cheaper solution to take us off ME Oil quickly. Allow US firms to develop all our resources and open the pipeline with Canada. We could be off ME oil in under 10 years and we wouldn’t be stuck with electric lemons AKA Obama cars.

          ONLY left wing morons buy those cars now. And they don’t get to promote them on my blog.

      • Thanks BNI for kicking the enviro screw ball back into their corner ! ban them big ugly wind solar towers made in china , bring back our corn to the table

  23. Disgusting bunch of hypocrites we tell you! If they stayed true to their obscurantism that’s everything to them, they’d all travel on camel’s backs and not luxurious planes.

  24. I’ve been to the ME and I could NEVER figure out how, despite all their money, the hotels look like whore houses… I mean, where there is wealth in the ME, their is tackiness and gaudiness. Money definitely doesn’t by class. Even the world’s most expensive hotel in Dubai is just gaudy… You can tell they are “new money”… just think of that stupid Persians in L A show on steroids and that is how it is… just gross.

    And don’t let their so called “piousness” fool you – I have personally been in bars in Dubai and Bahrain! And their gross men dance up on you like they’re some kind of snake, silk shirts unbuttoned to the belly button and all! EEEEEEEWWWWWW!

    Then they EXPECT that because you’re American, you must sleep with them. I told the guy he had the wrong American woman and if he didn’t take me back the whole United States military would come down on his little country and squash it like a bug.
    He took me back and we had no further problems… (I know, why did I go out with him in the first place??? young and dumb!)

    • Ewwww…I would not touch that guys belly button with somebody else’s ten foot pole, just gross. All the money in the world would not draw me to that lifestyle/creepy cult.

    • The OPPOSITE of that was the kings of medieval Serbia. They built no palaces. Instead, they built churches, monasteries, and schools for everybody to use.

      Most of them were canonized as saints.

    • LOOOLLL why did you go out with him in the first place….? you sound like nothing but a jilted woman!!!

      By the way in no way do I agree to any extent with the Saudi royal family antics

    • AMEN!!!!

      Truly, it IS utterly OBSCENE, both by Islamic standards (music is ‘haram’ – forbidden!!!) AND by ANY Western standards of decency!!!!

      Those Saudi royals must all be one gigantic psychopathic family!!!!

    • For many years the rest of the world looked at the USA in the same light as we are looking at this Aircraft. Remember much of this is show bread. Not much substance. The people of Saudi Arabia need to see just how much oil money has gone to waste with these Asses. The people get angry at us and claim we stole their wealth. However if they look closer to home they will find the thieves in the Royal Family. They don’t have to cross and Ocean.

  25. I think he’s the prince with the beautiful young wife that pisses off the House of Sayd every time she’s in the west. I caught several shows with her on — dressed quite fashionably, no burqa or hijab — talking about how the laws in Saudi need to change to allow women more liberty and freedom of movement. She says he’s in agreement with her. But an older brother told him to get her in line…or else!

  26. They promised $100 million/month in financial aid to the palis but haven’t given anything yet. I guess, as usual, they won’t give a penny. Always a lot of talk but no action. Much better to spend it on aircraft and other luxuries. At least, the money is put to good use.

  27. Well, I like what the Bible says- Quote, “the wealth of the wicked is stored up for me”!
    So in Gods timing, I’m waiting for mine. And this my friends is alot of wealth!

  28. Prior to 911 the sleazy saudi’s and other wealthy arabs shopped to find women who worked in the New Orleans strip joints. They basically bought the women. A friend of mine who was a limo driver gave the girls rides all the time as he loved to hear all the stories from that area! They promise these women everything, take their passports and they can never leave. One girl was such a problem for them, they sent her home. LOL I’m surprised they didn’t just kill her as who would have ever known.

    After 911, i think they shopped elsewhere for their women.

    • Russia is big in supplying highly priced call girls to these Muzturds as well as other Eastern European countries.