Wanna know why Black Magic is punishable by death in Islam?

268131_633933232034536250-118_88Allegedly, it’s because a witch made the paedophile prophet Mohammed impotent with his wives for 6 months.

What they don’t say is, the wives were very happy for 6 months.


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    • baba, We insult your paedohpile prophet here on a daily basis. What are you doing to do about it? Your personal information has just been been sent to your local police department, Homeland Security and the FBI because you are making threats.

      • Dare anyone talk against about islam and my prophet, if so be ready to make your wife and children orphans

        • Hey mo, take a look at the Categories section in the sidebar. We insult your filthy death cult on a daily basis. And considering you are in India, where the majority religion is Hindu, STFU.

  1. Wow. Paedophile? That is the best and only thing you all know. This… Islamophobia is sad and pathetic and downright rude. I don’t give a shit whether you spam my comment, but really, there was no impotency. You should read more in depth before you fuckers speak shit like this about other religions. What did the Prophet do to you, as individuals? NOTHING. That’s right. He didn’t do fuck-all to your “dandy, righteous” fucking religion so stop calling him a fucking paedophile. What is it to you if he did marry a girl who was 9, yet waiting till she mature before they consumated the marriage. It’s so sad that you little bitches are creating hate blogs instead of actually lliving your lives. You know what, though? I am fucking done. All you dim-witted, narrow-minded, ego-centric, Jesus-died-on-a-cross-for-all-my-fucking-and-other-sins kind of bitches: To hell with you.

  2. Maybe it was brought on by Black Magic, but it’s my bet that his condition had something to do with a discharge dripping from the end of his brain. Donkeys and goats, I understand , will do that to you.
    And No! My anatomical references are NOT wrong. It is a well knowen fact that 99% of islamic men have their powers of thought wwrapped in erectile tissue. The other 1% are very happy with that fact.

  3. Mohammed was impotent not just for 6 months but permanently before the age of 60 because he was stricken with the disease of acrogemaly. None of his young, healthy and fertile wives had any children, not even Aisha, and Maria, the Christian slave sent to him as a present from Egypt, was impregnated by her escort in the desert before arriving in Mohammed’s hands — instead of having her stoned to death, which was Islamic law, he went along with the fraud and pretended to have sired the child, Ismael, who died at the age of three.

    • When you think about it, this could be the reason why it is forbidden to depict his picture… it would scare too many muslims.

  4. In our age of technology, manned and unmanned spaceflight, in an age where we can now detect planets in other star systems, where science has probed many of the mysteries of the universe and found some answers, isn’t it amazing that in the twenty first century, there are so many people that still believe in hoodoo and black magic? I find this utterly fascinating that people still believe in this garbage! I bet this guy still believes the earth is flat too!

  5. mohamad, the pedophile, could only function if he was raping and sexually assaulting little girls and slaves. What a sick inbred cult of evil this islam is for muslim savages.

    • You’re a phucking idiot and im gonna go ahead and educate your ignorant illiterate ass, you sick phucker, research shows that Aisha was 15 at the time of the marriage contract and 19 at the point of consumation!! Times phucking change!! Juliet was 13 when Paris was 23!! They were still gonna get married and many other real people would’ve done that shit!! And thats in your precious western culture you blasphemous phuck!! I won’t be seeing you in hell…thats where you’ll end up!

      • You wanna hear blaspheme your raghead bitch not having the balls to assume that obscurantism of yours by taking an infidel’s pseudo ?

        That so-called prophet of yours, bucket loads of piss upon him, was nothing more than a megalomaniac, sadistic, frustrated, pedophile incestuous good for nothing piece of shit who found nothing better to do than stealing from the two, REAL them, religions and create that crap you all aswippes good for nothing vermin bang you head for. You retard inbred waste of space are NOTHING but a bunch of useless vermin riding on the back of civilizations for absolutely everything for 14 centuries and counting.

        So go back to the only thing you pricks are good for : submit to shat pedo-mono and black pebble of yours for there is no place for your lot among people of good companies, us and us alone.

        • Well said Alain!
          As for you Baghead Mary. Whats there to be “proud” of being a Moslem? Your so called Pislam sees you as just a cum dumpster, peice of meat with a hole in it, even the family goat sits higher up the family hierarchy than you, you dumb ass Mohamedan Moll.

  6. The prophet of Allah was VOODOOED by black magic?


    Have HALF a brain.

    Pedophile? Warlord? Unfaithful husband? Genocide?

    At what point do you say this is NUTS?

  7. Kelly
    I hate to tell you this but Black Magic does exist! So does the power of symbols, gems and numbers, you know the Four Leaf Clover, the Pentagram etc. If you have any Biblical training you know the Bible and the Torah forbid the use of Witch Craft. Why? if it does not work. Look at Mohommedist today they use a form of Witch Craft themselves with the drugs the repeating of verses and the bowing to the Mecca five times a day and they do put curses on people and this is part of the problem, Smart people think it does not work. It does and it can and has killed. If you study the Kabbalah and eastern faiths you will understand better.
    Remember King Solomon used symbols and eventually used Black Magic and wound up in trouble with GOD until just recently. There is another discipline that you might look into Gnostic and understand the conflict between the two GOD’S are Jesus Christ and Satan with GOD almighty overseeing. This is an oversimplification I know but it’s the general gist.

  8. MAGIC???? HAHAHAHAHAHA What a crazy religion!!! Sheesh! he had ED! No wonder these people are so screwed up! What a bunch of inbreeders!!!

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