ATTENTION ALL MUSLIMS! New York City is unsafe for you, please leave as soon as possible


9/11 still weighs heavily on New Yorkers’ minds, as evidenced by the massive outcry against the Ground Zero Victory Mosque. Now, it appears, some New Yorkers are taking the War on Islam into the subways. A Muslim-hating woman was charged with murder as a hate crime for shoving a Queens man to his death in front of the #7 train.

NY POST  Erika Menendez, 31, was hit with a second-degree murder charge after confessing to killing Sundano Sen, 46, following her arrest this morning.

New York City's MTA Votes To Raise Fares In March

“She is accused of committing a subway commuter’s worst nightmare,”Queens DA Richard Brown said. “(He was) suddenly and senselessly pushed into the path of an oncoming train, shoved from behind with no chance to defend himself.

“She told police that she pushed a Muslim off the train tracks. She said, ‘I’ve hated Muslims an Hindus since 2001 since they put down the Twin Towers. I have been beating them up since.”

Cops picked up Menendez in Brooklyn early this morning after spotting her wearing the same jacket seen in surveillance video the night that Sen was fatally shoved into the path of the 7 train at the elevated 40th Street-Lowery stop in Sunnyside, law-enforcement sources said.


Queens, NY Muslim stabbed outside mosque by a would-be killer who shouted anti-Muslim comments

Queens, NY Muslim man beaten by pair after being asked if he was Muslim




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  1. I only happened to stumble upon this article.. But fuck all these racist comments. Why do people have to be so good at generalizing. First of all, all religions have their own shits that they do. And since all these comments are all muslim-hate, NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE VIOLENT. AND NOT ALL CHRISTIANS/HINDUS/ORWHATEVERRELIGIONYOUKNOW ARE GOOD.

    STOP CATEGORIZING people. And yes. Killing anyone is NEVER justified. Not because of anyone’s religion, but simply because we’re fucking humans and we have our rights.

  2. The root cause of spread of fanatic Islamis is the working of present day politicians.They are the are the people who are responsible for this mess ie the spread of fanatic Islam,(let it be India or USA , for that matter). These people are least bothered about the welfare of their country.They are just concerned about securing their chair, where ever they are .They will stoop to any level to please these Muslims, if they help them in securing their seats.Otherwise how can they ignore such an important issue (ie uncontrolled increase in Muslim population in a Non-Muslim country –either due to the high fertility of native Muslim population or because of increased migration from Muslims countries of Arabian Peninsula or third world).When it comes to social accord ,the numbers matter .With the help of these politicians they are proving to be a bully even in those places where they are in minority ).Just imagine ,what will happen to us (ie Non-muslims) the day they attain majority in our own country -ie.India & USA.We all will be killed…….. ……????????The day is not far off, when Non-Muslims will be in minority in their own country,if preset trend of inncreased Muslim population goes on ,unchecked. Its beyond comprehension -How come the politicians of USA can’t see the danger of supporting (financially & military wise) Muslim countries particularly , Saudi Arabia & Pakistan , who besides responsible for increased Muslim immigrations , are spreading fanatic Islam throughout the world & are the known epicenters of Islamic terrorism.

  3. HIindus,Buddhists, Jews & Christian must unite to fight common enemy ie. Islam. During medieval period these muslims (arabs & afghans) have massacred Hindus & Buddhists like carrots, are still persecuting them . Basically Islam is violent religion .It can never have peaceul relations with Non-muslims.Above all Muslims are merciless ,barbaric & arrogant.Even so called moderate Muslims are no way different in this matter Only difference is that these moderates employ covert method to achieve the goal what these fanatic Muslims want to achieve by violence. Their so called holy book Quran is full of filth .It openly advocates hate & violence against Non-Mulims (ie against Hindus, Buddhist ,christians & jews ).There is a direct reference to the Jews & Christians( in first hundrd pages only you will find lots of hate & violence against Jews & Christians) . Any one who has read Quran will agree with me on this point. I am yet to find a Muslim who does not have hate against non-muslims or have ever criticised the Quran for its offensive matters OR has accepted that there is hate & violence in Quran against Non -muslims. This is the beauty of a common Muslim

  4. it was a muslim who got pushed? Well that’s different, drop the charges and give the lady a medal for performing a public service

    Its only fair anyway, since the last pusher was a muslim!

  5. “America Free from Islam”, I like this “name”. I guess many people would say ‘ jah right’. But, I personally believe that ‘the world free from Islam’i is more practical. Islam will kill Islam. Islam is already on life support. THE PEOPLE around the world are getting fed up of the crimes committed by Muslims all over the world. How long that can last before THE PEOPLE act?!!

  6. Never thought wrong of hindus,but hearing more and more storys of Christian persecution comimg from india none the less God rest thid mand soul,as for the lady please pray for her if it had of been a koranimal I would have been happy they dont grieve or feel sorrow or pity for any non believers death so fuck the muzzies and how they die,an eye for an eye or should that be a head for a heaf wrte the pedo worshipers are concerned.

  7. I condemn this act by this woman just as much as we condemned Breviek. All that happened was an innocent man was killed and chances are he was not muslim. Anti-jihad is no excuse for this act of savagery.

    I believe in the New Testament teaching about turning the other cheek and loving your enemies. Sometimes there are exceptions to this; such the case of Nazi Germany and the current situation in Nigeria where Christians must defend themselves. This was not the case here!

    • LM, I believe in the Old Testament – an eye for an eye. Of course, I don’t condone what this woman did, especially because her victim was not a Muslim. Turn the other cheek on a Muslim and you are dead. Just look at the Christians in Nigeria and in every other Muslim country.

  8. I have never heard of Hindu attacks on people. I’m sure there are Hindu murderers just like all other people, but to group them with muslums is really stupid. Hindu hate muzzies as much as I do. I wouldn’t cry a tear for a dead muslum but she murdered an innocent and should pay.

  9. If Hindus & Muslims are same,then Why did Muslims ask a hindu student in Germany to convert to Islam & cut off his tongue because he refused to do so,

  10. This incident is shocking & shows folly of an average American, who can not differentiate between Hindus & Muslims. Hinduism is very peacefull towards Non-Hindus.In Hinduism you will never find Jihad against non-believers, / hate & open aggression towards Jews or Christians (while Islam is full of it) . Hindus do not cherish Anti-American sentiments of Muslim worldy. Infact they sympathized with Americans when twin towers were pulled down . OR, this is a type of……………….racism ???????????????

  11. If this is the state of affairs,then even jews & christians are no way different (all are equally barbaric) ,they are equally barbaric .Infact more so in comparison to Hinduism & buddhism..Hindu religion can not be compared with Islam which shows open aggression against Jews & Christians while Hinduism does not advocate such things. Infact , Hinduism is the most tolerant religion when it come to Non-Hindus. Your comments shows your utter lack of knowledge about Hinduism.

  12. Words of caution here people, if you are to embark upon such tactics, ( I do not approve of it) make sure it’s the correct target, o.k. Sad to hear, and even sadder to hear of another wandering ( loose without supervision) around with delusions ( menral health issues) on her mind. Making it a matters of more concern, where were her people to warn against this illness and why did they not confront the authorities of it. Accomplises, maybe?

    Going GALT, starve the beast.

  13. The point is… as a public service, BNI is advising Moslims (Who hate it here anyway) that New York is unsafe and they’d most likely be happier somewhere else.

    I agree.

  14. I think the biggest problem in this country now is that the majority is not heard by our gov’t whether local or federal.They do not respect the majority of the people.If the gov’t really did hear our voices they wouldn’t be allowing so many Muslims in this country to begin with.They are so anti-American to begin with.There beliefs are just so opposite ours and there is no way we all can live peacefully together.There religion is gov’t based.Ours is NOT.Even though we live according to basically the 10 commandments(or did anyway)..People are losing there minds and going insane because they see and hear so many horror stories beiing done by these people,it a no wonder this lady felt this way.Sure,alot of us wouldn’t do this crime because we hold a higher standard,,but alot do not.They read and see what horrors they do to people that are not Muslim and they are just so fed up and tired of it all.Our gov’t doesn’t do a thing.In fact,they seem to defend these people over there own.Whether out of fear or other.I am NOT condoning this act,it wrong but just trying to understand her and her desperation.

  15. There’s no difference between a Hindu and a Muztard shmuck. They both follow stupid and barbaric religion, they both have a backward and a misogynistic culture. They both smells too.

    • By generalizing and ranting like a loon about hindus when in fact christians and jews and parsees (original persians before islamic takeover) who escaped the murderous muslim hordes have been living in india for centuries only because hindus were more civiised and tolerant than you shmuck & bigots like you .

      you deserve to have your throat slit by a muzrard for your stoopid ignorant ranting. .
      So what next ? Are you going to rant about how hindu terrorist brought down the twin towers ? Muslims think its the joos who did it.

      • Frankly I don’t understand who you are speaking to. He probably has seen a lot of Muslims in India and can’t tell the difference. That happens to me sometimes. Nothing to feel bad about!

        Maybe he was meaning we smell(s) good, in that case, thanks for the compliment!

        • Now I understand what you were saying, Sujith. If you have division among yourselves, how do you expect to “win” against us “Muslims”? As his fellow human being, stop making anti-evil feel bad!

    • Uh… I thought that religion was different than culture, but who knows? Do you mean they both have smells? Because as far as I know Muslims are supposed to wear perfume (in fact I was wearing some yesterday, quite a lot)! If I didn’t smell so good yesterday, then maybe you can suggest a type of perfume that I could use.

      I’m anti-evil with you, sir.

  16. What CAIR is doing at this moment: getting ready for a press conference to get the Hindus to sympathize with the muslims. I could just see it tomorrow: we are all victims of ‘racism’.

    Let’s hope the Hindus are too smart to fall in the CAIR trap.

  17. Refresh my memory please. Was the Muslim man who pushed a non-Muslim man under the NY subway charged with a hate crime? I don’t recall it being a hate crime when a kafir-hating Muslim committed the same kind of murder. ARE NY prosecuters under orders to give special treament to Mooslimes? As if i don’t know the answer to that one…

  18. hindus and muslims both persecute Jews and Christians as can be shown by the acts of some deranged hindu saveages in India. This is the turning of the tide and muslims need to be held responsible for their terrorist acts. The ‘so called’ moderate savages of islam, who support the terrorists by their silence need also to be aware that the truth of their evil cult is being outed by BNI, Spencer and so on. Our strength is in telling and showing everyone what islam is really all about, namely taking over the world with their evil cult of terror.

  19. I work with many Hindus and they dislike Muzturds just as much if not more than us. The Hindus I know say to me in conversation ‘everytime you see or hear about a Moslem(s) they are either angry and fightening or fighting’. Gee you wouldnt think so (*sarcasm*).

    • AussieHels, Most people don’t yet understand that all Muslims follow Sunna, under threat of death (even by a family member) and eternal hell-fire for deviation. Sunna is “to obey and imitate Mohammed in all things for all time.” Mohammed was the most extensively documented man in history and certifiably crazy IAW several professional studies; the few times he’s noted as smiling or laughing in the Sira (his most trusted biography) or Hadith collections (his “traditions”), are not over things a sane person would find humorous. What do you soon become when the role-model you’re forced to obey and imitate was insane? Watch your back & tell your friends.

      • May God remove hatred and ignorance from your heart. I feel sorry for you. We are all brothers and sisters in humanity. If you truly want to know about Islam I suggest you get a copy of a Holy Quran translation by Yusuf Ali by Amana publications. It will help you learn to love all the people. HATE comes from ignorance. May God have mercy on you.

        • HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

          At the Centre for Moslem-Jewish Engagement of the University of Southern California, one can read no less than THREE parallel translations of the most UNHOLY Qu’rân – an EVIL book if ever there was one!!!! – by Yusuf-‘Ali, Pickthal and Shakir. []

          If any book PREACHES HATRED more than any other, it is the Qu’rân – at least 109 times Moslems are exhorted to HATE “infidels” (non-Moslems)!!! Furthermore, it – and all of Islam – demand the total subjugation of women, the degradation of those “infidels” who accept to be “dhimmis” (who can’t even praise THEIR gods or whoever aloud in their synagogues or churches if Moslems can hear things outside!!), the denigration of innocent dogs and pigs (two of Mankind’s friends, with dogs being the absolute BEST friends of them all!!!) – and the hate and destruction of anything and anybody “un-Islamic”!!!!

          You see, Islam is one great big compendium of the purest, vilest HATE imaginable!!!!! Furthermore, hate usually comes NOT from ignorance but from knowing when something is genuinely EVIL!!!! And yes, Islam is utterly EVIL, PERIOD!!!!!

          We are on to your taqiyya and your kitman: while you are in the minority or still trying to gain power, you’ll sweet-talk and lie to us all you possibly can. THEN, ONCE YOU GAIN POWER, you show your brutality and vileness for all to see!!!!!

          That’s why we PROUD “infidels” HATE AND DESPISE Islam as an EVIL BEAST that needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth!!!! That’s why we say:

          DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

        • Translations of the Qu’ran are available at any major bookstore, just like translations of the Bible. I am pretty sure the writers at BNI have read that evil book cover to cover.

          The best way to defeat your enemy is to know them.

  20. Mozzies won’t admit they want to take over the world with violence. That would give away their game.

    We know they do, because that’s what their holy books say. Jihad is violent. Jihad is war against the kafirs until they submit to Moslem males. Jihad ends when all non-Moslems are dead.

    • Or enslaved, perceptor. Muslims NEED slaves and dhimmis else, as is written: hadith Bukhari, vol. 4, book 53, no. 388 – Juwairiya said to Umar, “Oh, Caliph, give us your advice.” Umar said, “You should continue the arrangement made by Mohammed regarding the dhimmis because the taxes they pay fund your children’s future.”
      Where there are only Muslims, you lack the very basis of civilization and modernization. They have no future.

  21. I don’t and never will tolerate the evils of islime… but murder is abominable. I hope she gets the book thrown at her; that’s what THEY do.

    • Effective communication, Soda, requires a common language: violence is the only thing Muslims are known to respect from kaffir. When nothing else works, violence should not be excluded as a last resort. Bullies need to be slapped down hard, not reasoned with – unless you want to encourage them.

      • I agree though. A school yard bully will persist if the victim shows no sign of standing up for themselves. Because it is easy, and usually bullies are cowards and like an easy victim. This is why they often pick on the small-for-their-age kids or heavy set slower moving kids. Hardly ever will they bully the jock.

        moslems are quite similar (though deadly and use the weakness of lefties). I think they only understand violence. Not that I agree that people should just up and kill them without being provoked (Like self defense) I do agree that some forms of force should certainly be used on them.

        Talking does not work. History has repeatedly demonstrated this. When will people learn? They should be forced out of Western society. They should be forced out of the neighbourhood. They should be shown that if they intend to do harm that they will be met with deadly force. That is the only way. (Aside from removing their welfare rights)

        • Oh don’t get me wrong; I know that sadly, Violence is the only language most of them truly understand. I detest, -hate- violence… but not above using it to protect myself and those dear to me. And I hope and pray it never has to come to that; I won’t sit on my knees and beg as an appeaser however; appeasement has never truly worked and never will.

          I’m just appalled that this woman, though I understand her feelings, wrongly pushed an innocent man to his death. For that, she should be punished to the maximum.

    • St. J, it is dangerous for Sikhs, because too many people mistake them for Muslims. They really should stop wearing the Turbans because the average person cannot tell the difference between theirs and Muslim headrags. I also warn Sikhs and Hindus to say right away that they are not Muslims if they are confronted.

      • BNI I too find it hard to distinguish between a Muzturd and a Sikh. They both have beards too which makes it difficult. The only way I have been able to determine that the man isnt a Muzturd is the wife isnt a Baghead or wearing a mini Bag (scarves). The wife of a Sikh usually has a casual dress on or jeans and a tshirt or sweater.

      • Sikhs and Hindus wear turbans — not HEADRAGS. Mizrachi Jews have their own headgear known variously from whatever nation they were/ are domiciled. As an Indian of Jewish descent, and being in the security field, I find such casual references to Sikh and Hindu “headrags” highly distasteful. You can’t even imagine how many times such reflexive prejudices have led to Bosnian and Albanian jihadists (as well as white converts) getting a free pass beyond security checkpoints in the US and EU. They don’t have to say “I am not Muslim, do they?”

        Many Syrian and Lebanese terrorists I have studied have light hair and light eyes as well, and may look more “white” than Greeks or Spaniards.

        • Matt, if you will reread my comment, you will see I correctly referred to Sikh headwear as a turban. I only called Muslim headgear a headrag because they are filthy ragheads. I stand by my opinion.

          If you are here to defend muslims of any kind, don’t waste your time.

    • I have have no problem with Hindu’s either, other than it’s virtually impossible to have a civil and stress-free business transaction with them without feeling raped or wasting my time. JK I’m sure they all aren’t like that. But it should be noted that in India, there are militant Hindu’s ALL OVER the place persecuting Christians, among their own people. Shunning, beating, evicting, killing, burning, raping, etc. It IS happening. Being kept from going to to the local water source. Fired from a job. Beaten randomely by savage mobs of angry foaming at the mouth Hindu zealots vengeful over a convert to Christianity. Point? Don’t think they aren’t doing similar things as IIslamonazi’s are, but on a lower scale. END of RANT lol.

    • Why do they try to hoodwink hindus and not muslims for conversion by abusing their religion ? And by offering financial inducements , outright lies to fool the poor gullible hindus into converting ? And you expect hindus not to retaliate ?

      Hindus are liberal and accept other religions and christians who escaped from middle east from being brutally murdered by muslim hordes have been welcomed and were offered land and civic rights and living in india since centuries with absolutely no hassels.

      Its some of the modern day christian extremists who go around abusing hindus and hinduism to.hoodwink the Illterate and gullible hindus and this is protested against..

      why can’t they do this with 200 million muslims in india ? They will know what real
      extremists are .

  22. I wish more New Yorkers felt this way. Too many have so quickly forgotten who brought us 9/11 and the death of 3000 innocent Americans. But now that we continue to see a rash of folks being shoved into oncoming trains, isn’t it time we ban subway trains? After all if the trains were not there, two victims of being shoved would still be alive today. Imagine if they were children being shoved on the tracks. Would the media push it aside so quickly? It’s all Bloomberg’s fault for not providing enough armed security on the subways.


  23. Stupidity! I like both Hindus and Sikhs. I do business with a Hindu. Nice, hardworking, PEACEFUL people!
    I also have Muslim friends who are quiet, hardworking PEACEFUL people. The difference being; peaceful muslims are apostate from islam and deserve the same death as an infadel dog like me, according to sharia law, the Qu’ran and the paedophile prophet.

  24. A name like Sundano Sen is Bengali Hindu, never Muslim. According to the New York Post, this is what the crazy lady actually said: “She told police that she pushed a Muslim off the train tracks. She said, ‘I’ve hated Hindus and Muslims since 2001 since they put down the Twin Towers. I have been beating them up since.”

    Just when were Hindus involved in 9/11? Islam has been trying to exterminate Hinduism ever since Arab barbarians began marauding in the Indian sub-continent. Only in the US can someone mix up the two. Next what? Brown Mizrachi Jews being misidentified as Muslims?

    In that case, I am sure a bitch like this would have added that “‘I’ve hated Hindus, JEWS and Muslims …”

  25. According to the New York Times the man murdered by this idiot was a Hindu.

    This one not appropriate for BNI. I suggest you may want to take it down.

      • No, the point is that he is NOT a Muslim and he was murdered by a lunatic who would have killed a dark skinned Safardi Jew as well. This post will be hurtful to his family and friends and there are more than enough other an better issues for BNI to post about than a murder of an innocent man.

        • The point is that murder, random or targeted, is morally and legally wrong: malum in se, just like the damnable doctrines and practices of Islam.

          It is not possible to judge a book by its cover or a man by his skin, hair and facial features.

          The lunatic murderer could as easily mistake a sephardic Jew or a Christian Arab for a Muslim and murder him.

          Hate Islam, fight it with the sword of truth and demand that the government take steps to remove it from our shores and eliminate it from the world.

          Beyond that, live and let live. Refrain from assault, murder & malicious destruction of property and refrain from celebrating the same.

    • yes that was a hindoo. Thew world has become very unsafe because of the filthy muslim creatures, talk about excessive security checks because nobody can trust these bastards, even in muslim countries

    • My mom always said that talking to yourself is the only way to have a proper intelligent conversation. Maybe she mumbled it so no one would over hear…. heh

    • By a WOMAN!!!! But if he was a Muslim (that remains unclear), she did him a favor, as even a taste of Muslim paradise is so much better than all of this earth. Wouldn’t offing them be a “love” crime?

  26. One at a time or all at once. Either way, it is obvious that the people are getting FED UP with Islamic filth. It is happening all over the world. Most people now want to throw up just hearing the word Islam or Muslim.

    • I just threw up just reading the words. I am so sick of their entitlement cries. Good for her for putting fist to head, but I do have to disagree with her for pushing them into a train. That is their level and one should not stoop to it. Besides it likely traumatised the poor on lookers and conductor, they didn’t deserve to see that!

      Anti islam sentiment is gaining momentum much to the libtards chagrin. Soon everyone will see its filth for what it is and the libtards won’t be able to spin it or stop it.

      islam belongs in the dark ages but since there are no time machines, let them go home and terrorise each other rightly and leave us to our own problems.

  27. Well. Beating them up is one thing, but murdering is what THEY do. And there is a difference between Hindus and muslims, but over in the middle east, Christians get trouble from both groups. So I wish that she could have just stuck with pounding on one every once in a while.

    • firstly there are no hindus in the middle east…. secondly not a single hindu has ever been involved in any violence against america or the west. Hindus are being persecuted in their own homeland india by the muslims

        • yeah, and CHRISTIANS invaded india and have killed hundreds of thousands of muslims, hindus and zoroastrians as agents of the church. The british crown is christian. Let us not forget that Christians have been the worlds most prevalent terrorists.

        • No true(born again) Christian would take up arms going around killing people of any religion,just to get rid of them, but we will defend ourselves.Sure so called Christians,in name only, did go around the world killing Muslims,Jews and others,but I really can’t believe they where “true” followers of Jesus.I am not a relgious person but I have a strong faith and personal relationship with our Lord and Savior.Christianity in itself is a philosphy.Being part of a certain branch like Lutheran,Baptist,Catholic,Church of Christ,etc,etc, that is religion. No,we true believers are NOT Terrorist!!!!!

        • @ NIna,
          I completely agree with you. There is definitelya difference between Christians who are looking to follow the path of christ, which is one of non violence and infinite passion. It is a shame that so many “Christians” have chosen to sin under the name of god. The same can be said about any religion…hindus have killed muslims in india, and vice versa….at the end of the day the faith which you practice is only a reflection of the values you hold dear to your heart. Purity in heart=purity in thought=purity in action….. <3 and peace to you all in 2013

    • Muslims will never be afraid lol, the biggest worry to others is death but the biggest reward in Islam in death. You can’t scare people who fear nothing but God. lol not even death.

      Sticks and stones lol. These people crack me up.

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