Gives new meaning to the concept: “If his lips are moving, he’s lying!”

western_religious_symbolsIn other words, in any attempt to conduct an interfaith dialogue, Muslim participation should be discouraged because of the mockery Muslims always make of such a discussion. If allowed to speak, there must be people there who are willing and able to challenge and refute the Muslim lies with easy-verifiable facts.

coexist hahIn this video, The United West team exposes Imam Musri, a Sunni Muslim, telling the audience lies abut Islam’s tolerance towards the “others” – Christians and Jews – as sourced from the Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira(life of Mohammed). The video proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Imam Musri’s words are typical Muslim ‘taqiyya,’ otherwise known as Islamic deception of the unbelievers as commanded in the quran.

Unlike what the audience saw at this so-called interfaith dialogue, you will see Imam’s Musri’s remarks followed by video excerpts that clearly contradict everything he is saying. This video exposes the danger of Interfaith dialogue when religious doctrine goes unchallenged and the audience is pacified by hearing only what they want to hear.

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  1. The man is a liar. Look at his body language of swinging legs as he lies. This is why the pen and pictures of the real and evil truth of the lies of islam, is mightier than the sword. We must keep on putting the truth up front for people to judge. Putting the truth, juxtoposition to the lies of the speakers works so very well. We must engage muslims with the truth and show their lies at every opportunity. Thanks to BNI, Geller, Spencer and so on, we have good knowledge to use to prove the lies of islam.

  2. Mullahs leave out what they say in private to the killers. Dr Hans Jansen explains how they do it…by half-truths:

    “Allow one example of how Sharia and clergy operate. In 2006/2007, a Dutch comedian got into trouble with an Islamic activist about the Theo van Gogh assassination. The comedian, on his own initiative, then consulted a local Amsterdam Imam and the board of his mosque, asking them directly whether they wanted to kill him. The Imam only looked stern, and did not say anything, acting as if he did not understand Dutch — which perhaps he did not. However, a smiling board member assured the comedian that they had no plans to kill him, because ‘for such things we have the radicals’. This perfectly illustrates the situation. The majority is silent, the Imam limits himself to looking dignified, his direct supporters bring the bad news, and the elite soldiers, true commandos, true mujahidin, do the dirty work.”

    The purpose of DIALOGUE for jihadists is to confuse and misinform the enemy throwing sand in his eyes and concealing the intention of destroying the host nation.

    Mohammed always set out in a different direction from the one where he ended, changing direction en route! Strategic deception is part of verbal jihad.

  3. You don’t have to worry about me believing anything a lying muzzie will say, but dhimmi, cowrad ,liberals that’s another thing. But then I just explained why they believe, they are dhimmi, coward, liberals.

  4. Thank you for posting our video.

    Imam Musri if you were to meet him is a very kind and soft spoken family man and leader in the Central Florida Area.

    He has a radio show called Three Wise Guys with a local Liberal Rabbi, Secularist Pastor, and Imam Musri.

    What’s interesting, is that Imam Musri’s voice, cadence, volume and facial expressions remain neutral. His explanations are long and verbose lulling the audience to sleep.

    The hub of Musri’s 14 Mosque network is The Islamic Society of Central Florida. One look at the title holder (NAIT) North American Islamic Trust tells you that The Muslim Brotherhood controls this piece of real estate as per the Holy Land Foundation trial.

    Musri leaves the audience feeling good, happy, and safe. If The United West would just stop analyzing the words spoken by Imam Musri we could all get along nicely.

    The United West is all about honest dialogue and debate. It is almost otherworldly for Jews, Christians, and Muslims and not have some heartfelt disagreements. It is healthy to have these spiritual differences of opinion that should bleed into politics. Yet in the theme of political correctness these differences remain a taboo subject in the theme of interfaith dialogue.

    All we want is to expand the dialogue and address these differences in a academic and friendly differences of opinion. Only then can true dialogue rather than a monologue transpire.

    • Though i really admire your efforts to establish “meaningful dialogue” with Muslims, I DO hope you learned a valuable lesson in Dearborn on your last visit there. I would strongly suggest that the next time you go to the Muslime dominated Dearbornistan that you take not just four Christians, but closer two four hundred, well prepared Christian combat veterans who ARE ready and willing to fight (physically if necessary) for what is right!! A couple armored personnel carriers wouldn’t hurt either!!….”ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS, marching as to war…….!!”

  5. We have the truth. The beast is for those who reject the true God and his true prophets. Delusion and destruction is their lot. Just as the bible says. Judgment day is coming.
    ” For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.”
    2 Thessalonians 2:11

  6. UK
    Councillor calls for calm as a house in Elswick is attacked

    A COUNCILLOR is calling for calm after the home of a man charged with raping a schoolgirl came under attack.

    Windows were smashed at the house of 19-year-old Abdul Zalal Miah in broad daylight on Christmas Eve.

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  7. It gives new meaing, not really, those who are educated about the life of free men, don’t buy bulling tactics and clearly can call a liar, a liar, to their faces if it becomes necessary and do not have a problem with it. Just as this article suggest, if it were true (taqiyya)?????? then why defend it or do you have the need to do so.

    One thing is certain, the wider spectrum of all ( conceerned across the world) is becoming plainly aware of the brothers from their hood, islam, are merly ungodly, mean spirited, nasty in their hygene, attitudes of other not like themselves, nor have any desire to become of them, know their definition of peace, as they claim, means nothing whatsoever to do with the infidels, i.e. those of us in the Jewish and Christian societies, they are better educated by all posible means, using their own words as swords against their santanic disciples, learned the differences between the Judeo-Christian tenets and of all things realize they are not to be trusted. Like Ms. B plainly states ” it isn’t islamophobia, when they are really trying to kill you”. It took a massive wake up call, Re: Sept 11, 2001, to realize their role in the overall health and welfare of the world, and wonders obviously never cease, they are responsible for more then 20,000 attacks in a 11 years period, and still claim they are peaceful. G-damned hogwash at best, liars and deceivers, for a fact. No it is not hard to refute their claims, they set the examples for the concerned to pay far more attention to, then they may realize, but one can bet to the bank on this one, if their lips are moving, it’s a proven fact they are lieing to you, no doubt about that, indeed. As usual, when these types show up for a party ( death, destruction, mayham, slaughter of the innocence), their version, not ours, it usually means, someone is going to regret the day, and feel nothing but, great vengence for a day to come, and it will, trust me, it will. History proves this point more then once, they are just the latest ruination of societies coming into play. “Payback is best served cold”

    Going GALT, starve this beast now.

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