Gives new meaning to the concept: “If his lips are moving, he’s lying!”

western_religious_symbolsIn other words, in any attempt to conduct an interfaith dialogue, Muslim participation should be discouraged because of the mockery Muslims always make of such a discussion. If allowed to speak, there must be people there who are willing and able to challenge and refute the Muslim lies with easy-verifiable facts.

coexist hahIn this video, The United West team exposes Imam Musri, a Sunni Muslim, telling the audience lies abut Islam’s tolerance towards the “others” – Christians and Jews – as sourced from the Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira(life of Mohammed). The video proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Imam Musri’s words are typical Muslim ‘taqiyya,’ otherwise known as Islamic deception of the unbelievers as commanded in the quran.

Unlike what the audience saw at this so-called interfaith dialogue, you will see Imam’s Musri’s remarks followed by video excerpts that clearly contradict everything he is saying. This video exposes the danger of Interfaith dialogue when religious doctrine goes unchallenged and the audience is pacified by hearing only what they want to hear.

H/T connect741