LET THE RIOTS BEGIN! France slashes welfare benefits to Muslim parasites by a whopping 83%!

imagesYou know things are bad when even the socialists are fed up with having to support the Muslim freeloaders. It seems that immigration policies of France, are seriously changing. The country is no longer able to hold back the crowd of Muslim invaders, many of whom do not want to integrate into the social and economic life of their new home country, and are content to live off the state and breed like rabbits.

It’s interesting that the original source for this story came from Russia’s Pravda. Apparently the MSM in the EU are trying to cover it up.

EU Times  (h/t Maria J) The upcoming radical changes for migrants were announced by French Interior Minister Manuel Valls.


After a meeting on the National Immigration and Integration, French Interior Minister Manuel Valls announced significant changes in the country’s migration policy. The government will reduce financial assistance to immigrants, and this reduction will be substantial. Starting March 1 of next year, French immigrant benefits will be reduced by 83 percent. The amount of compensation to immigrants who voluntarily want to return home will be also reduced. If earlier the government paid 300 euros for every adult and 100 euros for every minor, in March of 2013 these amounts will be reduced to 50 and 30 euros, respectively. (The photos below are of Muslims rioting in France just for the sake of rioting. Imagine what it will look like now that they have a reason)


One of the main provisions of the new immigration rules in France is the reduction of unemployment benefits. New rules will directly affect many of the immigrants who do not want to be of real assistance to the country and whose main goal is the existence at the expense of French taxpayers. Now immigrants who are EU citizens receive an allowance of 2,000 euros per adult and 1,000 euros per child.


Under the new policy, according to Valls, the payments will be reduced to 500 and 200 euros, respectively. Manuel Valls said that the previous immigration policy did not lead to the desired effect, and the existing outreach programs for immigrants do not work as they were expected to, therefore, the rules must be changed. If this is not done, the costs for the maintenance of migrants now paid by the French Treasury will continue to devastate the economy of France that is already suffering from the crisis caused by international factors.


Earlier this year, during the election campaign in France, Nicolas Sarkozy, the then President, strongly advocated for the changes in migration policies in France. He stated that the delays could adversely affect the entire domestic policy of France. Francois Hollande, the current President of France and at that time the main opponent of Sarkozy, spoke on the subject more softly, avoiding naming any specific measures. Does this mean that life itself supports the statements of the eccentric ex-president of France?


According to the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, in the second half of 2010, France was home to over five million migrant workers, or about 8 percent of the total population. The largest number of migrants arriving in France, according to the data for 2007, was from Algeria, Morocco and Portugal. In 2011, French citizenship was granted to 66,000 people. It is getting increasingly more difficult for the government to providefinancial assistance to migrants, given that many of them do not work or study. In fact, this is not surprising given the amount of aid that the government was ready to provide to its new citizens.


With a growing number of migrants, mainly from Muslim countries, France is experiencing many internal problems. They include rising unemployment and crime, and increasingly greater sums of money from the state treasury spent on support of migrants and their families, which has a detrimental effect on the economy. Finally, France is simply awash with the migrant population with an alien ideology, reluctant to accept European values ​​and often hostile.


Sooner or later, the government had to take measures. It seems that the time has come. On the wave of changes in French policy towards migrants, in 2007 Nicolas Sarkozy won presidential elections. Since his arrival to power, the government began to pursue a policy of the so-called selective migration, whose aim was to attract to France mainly skilled personnel. Under Sarkozy a quota system was introduced in the country that determined the number of required workers.

In March of 2012, during the presidential campaign, Nicolas Sarkozy reiterated the importance of addressing domestic problems of migrants. Sarkozy, a son of an immigrant from Hungary, suggested cutting the amount of social assistance provided to migrants and reducing the number of issued residence permits by 50%. In addition, he threatened that France would leave the Schengen Treaty in order to prevent infiltration of unwanted migrants into the country.

Demonstrators Protest Over The Introduction Of A Ban On Women Covering Their Faces In France

Francois Hollande, the current president of France, was not that radical in his vision of the issues associated with migrants. He was not ready to control all categories of migrants, but in March of 2012 called for limiting migration for economic reasons. It looks like it is the economic conditions that are forcing the French authorities to toughen the policy towards migrants. This is indicated, in particular, by the disappointing data in the Global Competitiveness Report on the state of competitiveness of France, which the government discussed in November. According to the report, the competitiveness of the French industry is falling.

In 2000, the share of industry in the economy of the country accounted for 18 percent, and now – 12.5 percent as companies are going bankrupt. In part, it is due to the heavy burden of social security contributions that businesses are required to make. French business payroll taxes are among the highest in the world at approximately 50 percent. It could not have been different because the country had to feed a large number of migrants.

The French Media refuse to report on the anti-Islamization protests in the streets of Paris. 

In March of 2012 Sarkozy suggested reducing the number of migrants from 180 thousand to 100 thousand. A significant decrease in the number of migrants could be expected in five years. It seems that the government of Hollande has adopted such measures and is moving towards action.

A significant decrease in the amounts allocated for subsidies for migrants might be somewhat effective. The treasury will have more resources that can be allocated to job creation and overall economic recovery. There is a likelihood that the reduction in benefits will be an incentive for some workers to step up their job search.


There is another side to the coin. Many migrants, especially those from Arab countries-former colonies of France, are used to living on government subsidies. They have been doing it for years, and have been teaching their childrenthis model of social behavior. According to the National Institute of Statistical Studies, children from immigrant families tend to be weaker students than their peers who are not immigrants. This is especially true for migrants from Turkey. In the labor market, only 14 percent of children of immigrants attain high social positions.

Reduction of benefits would hurt many migrant families. Will this provoke antisocial behavior where migrants would outpour their anger in the streets of French cities, destroying everything around them? Will the migrant riots of 2007 be repeated? There is an obvious need in new approaches towards migration policy. However, in their implementation the government should take into account various possible consequences. Only a balanced approach will lead to positive results.

Generation Identitaire is a group of young people protesting rising Islamization and the expansion of mosques in France.



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  1. Headline: Change to “Protests inevitable?” rather than “Let the riots begin”. That way, there’s no “misinterpretation” shall we say. I know what you mean, but some might take it wrongly.

  2. The French people had a great leader in Sarkozy. Then the liberal progressive socialists voted him out and voted in that wishy washy Hollande. Ya get what ya pay for.

  3. France need to wake up to the idea that the Middle Easterns are preaching retribution for what France did to the Middle East back in the 1800’s leading up to WWI. This is a result of the colonialization of the Middle East by France. The sooner the French realize the history behind the Middle East’s anger for them, the sooner they can come to a resolution. You must support the independence and reformation of the Middle East in order to send these people back to their homes where they belong.

    • And I suppose you think the moslems are a peaceful well intentioned “race” too Tristan??

      The sooner you realise that your uni education was a complete waste of time for the real issues facing the world, the sooner you can wake up from denial in fairy land & find a useful way to contribute to our society!!

      • Brother, you got it all wrong. I grew up on the largest military installation in the western United States. My dad served two tours in Iraq and received a Purple Heart not to mention the rest of his stack. I know Muslims are incompatible in western civilization. I denounce any philosophy from the Middle East and that includes Judaic-Christian bullshit. Especially considering Christ is a prophet in the kuran. The sooner Europeans and the westerners realize that there are multiple gods under the rule of Asgard, the better off we all will be.

        My purpose of mentioning the history is to point out that Muslims from the region in discussion as well as moorish decedents of North Africa, have a history of going to war with Europe. They aren’t looking for a better life, they’re looking for retribution. Further more, this fight against Arabs goes back the battle of goats path, where Xerxes had a conquest to destroy what the Persians called Aryans. They loathe what we have and consider us the highest being in their caste system, and they wish to conquer that. That’s why Spaniards no longer produce white children, they were raped by the moorish conquest after the fall of Rome. Hence, the slave trade established by spaniards in retribution of the moorish wars. Hence the 200 foot walls at the Vatican. Hence the destruction of pagan monument inside of Rome.

        Whatever, uni-educated is supposed to mean, I don’t really give shit. I read he classics and understand that this fight against Arabs and Africans predates any of the revolutions and even middle/dark ages. This goes back over 3000 yrs. we must realize this and begin to declare war against these disgusting forms of life. We must destroy their existence. What do you think about that?

      • I usually don’t expose that side of my beliefs, but you called me out and I had to show my true banner. Understand something though, the French fucked up in the 1800’s. They shouldn’t have conquests the Middle East. They should have let those fuckers live or completely destroyed them while they were there. You cannot force a culture to change its principles. You either let it exist, or you destroy it. I personally think they should be wiped out.

        • One of the reasons the French invaded was to stop the Barbary pirates and the white slave trade. Agreed, the whole thing is a mess

      • Bloody well said. Apologists and deepthroaters like this pleb are often a bigger problem than muzrats themselves and should be taken out first, halalalalalal style

    • Wake up Europe, Wake-up America, Muslims should have their own country because their Shariah laws, cultures,traditions and ideology are different from Western and civilize (people) country. Muslims are fanatic and they will never change and follow the constitutions and the laws of other countries.

    • The “colonization” happened in the first place because of their bad behavior then. They haven’t changed their ways, and should be “colonized” again.

    • Tristian, the French have made a stance unlike the Brits, who capitulate and cower, pander to Muslims. They have in certain areas, banned pork in NHS kithcesn being sold, and some supermarkets have been threatened by the Muslims if they are non Halal, or sell pork. These stupid supermarkets now do Ramadann specials, whe they have had the Islamic Comunitty act like barbarians.My area in the middle of England and a once quaint idylic area, is now a Mulsim ghetto. When collecting a petition, I could not understand the stupidity of many English white people to exercising their democratic right a right fought for by their ancestors, to peacefully protest against the building of the Mosque. The Sikhs, Hindus, and Jews, were the ones who collected and signed the petition and received death threats, but they at least did do so and made a stance. What did we white English do? My own councillor who has a Knighthood now Sir Peter Soulsby publically berated the organisers of the petition calling them racists, and then a week after the building Masjid Umar in Evington Leicester, moved to a place which was 99.9% white English and no Mosque is allowed, yet. They sold the house and moved and love the Thursday special curry.

    • I think you are wrong, many of these muslims don’t know about history but they do know that Islam teaches them to take over the country.

    • You’re right about France’s need to “wake up” and you’re spot on about sending uneducated, ignorant, violent, antisocial relics struck in an ancient time warp back where they come from. However you’re dead wrong about France having some inane obligation to rectify whatever happened in the 1800s. That was then, this is now. It’s the 21st century! These people chose to live with ignorance, violence and oppression before any European presence in the Middle East and they choose to live the same way now -loooong after France vacated their God forsaken countries. Their violence and hatred has nothing to do with ‘revenge for past injustices’ and everything to do with their desire to live and behave like encephalitic animals. It’s that simple. There’s nothing complex or ‘noble’ about their agenda. Destruction, rape, rioting, oppression and blissful ignorance is their chosen way of life and it is in and of itself their reward. I’m sick of people coddling, defending and justifying the repulsive behavior of these voluntarily subhuman bottom feeders. We don’t want them in our lives or our country! And if our elected leaders respectively, continue to put these animal’s ‘needs’ ahead of natural born and civil, legal immigrants then we will relieve of their duties and address ourselves in our own way. Even the most (formerly) tolerant and compassionate among us are fed up with these “immigrant” terrorists. They want a war? They’re gonna get one. If any of these filthy pigs try to lay a hand on me they’re going to get a .38 calibre vasectomy.

      • The correct narrative is that Islam is a Theocracy! It is not a religion, It is a state with a religion. No one puts the information together. Not even Trump. Unless he does, the Trojan horse will continue to build. People in Islam must leave and denounce Islam or be deported. They are our self proclaimed enemy.

        Until this happens, you Christians, get out there and share the gospel and see if any of them are of the called ones while they are hear.

    • What France did to them ?!

      Those primitives didn’t even have toilets back then they shat on the ground they lived on and then they wiped their asses with their hands !
      Anything these cave dwelling animals have today is because of European countries “Exploiting” them !!! Same goes for Indians and Asians .

      The western empires should have kept these savages backwards and deprived them of any kind of technological or social advancement and knowledge that way controlling them would be much easier .

  4. Wherever they go, wherever they live, whichever country they migrate, they always turn that land/country/state/city/town into scums with lot of problems, violences and unrest.
    They do all sort of things and are always against any government and constituion.

    But they always escape from all their wrong-doings and crimes by using their most favourite and trademark excuse, “you are being racist.”
    Crazy clever scums.

    • Did they get welfare in their countries??? If not then why in the fuck are they trying to riot in the country that opened it’s doors to them!?!? KICK THEM UNGRATEFUL FUCKS TO THE CURB!!!

      • Deport the jihadi’, all of them, all Muslims. Anyone who is a muslim is a citizen of the state of Islam. Muslims of the state of Islam are declared enemies of non Muslims. You almost get it. Think, you have all of the pieces, now just put them together and start speaking the correct narrative. Islam is not a religion, but a state with a religion. Get it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aoYOnzev2Q

    • This is why it is important for people to learn that Muslim is not a race, it is an ideology, which anyone can adopt (after all, it is their goal to spread Islam and kill anyone who doesn’t convert or displeases them in anyway). An ideology that is a threat to all non-Muslims. Once people realize that, it will start to lose its effectiveness and Muslims wouldn’t be able to throw the race card around anymore at least.

    • Nothing surprising her, this is pretty scathing even though it’s totally sugar coated and too PC for my liking. I can’t imagine moving to another country and expecting any kind of financial assistance from that country, the thought would never cross my mind no matter how poor I am. Heck, I’m born and raised American, worked hard, made lots of money and then was in several very serious accidents, sufferilong lasting and life threatening injuries, one right after the other so spent the better part of five years recovering but lost my career and all my savings in the process. I got my unemployment benefits but that’s my money to begin with since I’ve never had less than three jobs even while having a tremendous career going too, I started my first real job on my birthday, the very first day that I was old enough to be eligible to work in this country. Even remember my mom trying to talk me out of it, thinking I should just enjoy my childhood but I wanted to work and I wanted to make money so by the following summer, I had a full time job and two part time jobs during the summer and always held at least two jobs during the school year even while playing football in high school and college. Started my own business at 18, the summer before my freshman year in college, had some tragedies occur but all said an done, left a less than mediocre college to attend a very expensive private college that one of the best business schools in the world where I still played football, went to school full time, ran my personal training business, managed a gym down the street from school, worked as a bartender/bouncer/manager at a bar in downtown Boston and I had several other part time jobs like plowing schools in one city during the winter but the point is, I worked hard and had some help from my mother but for the most part paid for everything and the few student loans I had, I was able to pay off within months of finishing school.
      Right now I’ve been unemployed for the longest period of my life, well I have a very part time job, this is a result of all those bad injuries but once unemployment I was entitled to ran out, I could qualify for various benefits but would be far to ashamed to ever apply for them, the only reason I wouldn’t qualify for some stuff is because I bought my own home and have owned it for more than ten years. I would rather eat from trash bins than apply for food stamps or welfare! If I did, I sure as heck wouldn’t want to tell anyone about it!
      These people are pathetic and we are too for providing our tax dollars in the form of benefits to people simply because they show up here illegally as well as legally and they show up with both hands out and palms up looking for handouts. Not a single dime of my money that the government is supposed to be using on mine and your behalf, should ever, under any circumstance, go to anyone that is not an American citizen and even the vast majority of the citizens who take benefits, do so because they want to rather than because they half to so I do not believe there should even be welfare at all! All welfare does is keep the people on it in slavery, they just don’t know it and never realize it unless the money/benefits stops coming to them. Don’t even get me started on disability, where far more than half the people in the country collecting, are in no way disabled, perfectly capable of working but in more cases than not, they are on disability for two reasons, because they are so lazy that they’re morbidly obese and are almost always junkies too, I know entire families like this, even extended families consisting of dozens of people who’s only disabilities are laziness and addiction. Then we pay so they can go to the doctor more times in any given six months than I have in the course of my entire life, all for completely unecessary stuff, most of its psychiatric because they r depressed (boo boo), then they go and get all these different prescriptions we pay for which they then immediate sell before even leaving the pharmacy parking lot along with selling and trading their food stamps all for the sole purpose of using that money to go and purchase their drugs of choice. So not only do we pay for their healthcare, we actually pay for their heroin as well!
      So the problem with our own citizens is pathetically bad enough, not a single penny should go to anyone who is not a citizen or at least pursuing the proper channels to become a citizen but even then, why do we want to give citizenship to people who are incapable of contributing anything to our society but instead, only take away from our society?

  5. Starting NEXT YEAR – so one more year for Brussels to think how they can threathen France, like they does with UK, With Latvia and EACH OTHER country that does not blindly follow what they say. Believe me, this stuff will never happen.

    Oh well as much as i really want to believe in this, i simply can’t ESPECIALLY because France is one of BIG supporters of muslim forced immigration.

    • I agree!

      Liberal goverment is to be blamed for all the chaos, fears, violences in and around France and Europe.

      See the clip below of an Imam from and in England who openly preaches hatred and calls Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton a whore. Also says, all the non-believers female will be forced to wear hijab/niqab.

      Did anything happen to this scum for spreading hatred? Nothing! Nothing happened! And same is going to happen very soon in Paris and France with many no-go zones like they have in the UK, Belgium, Sweden etc.


      • You have nations that have rejected Jesus the Christ, in favor of secularism for the new culture. Well, with that, you have vacuum, that is being filled by the religion, of the state of Islam. Note: Islam is a state with a religion, not a religion. They are practicing jihad, in all its forms, including the Trojan horse, as they move into these countries. Unless the nations get this, they will be enslaved and dead. Don’t be the fool and believe the lie, that Islam is a religion and not a state, determined to destroy us.

    • Get it right Australia and the rest of the world , your government will bow down to Muslims because Malcolm Turnbull and other world leaders sold us out to the one world government United Nations ISLAM IS JUST A TOOL FOR THE NWO It’s not about submitting to Islam, when is the world going to wake up . The NWO one world government is behind the invasion, these are not refugees they are the tools the NWO is using to achieve a world wide revolution, they are financing the whole thing , Muslims do not have any idea what’s going on the think they are carrying out what their leaders are telling them believing that it’s all from the Koran , yes the Koran say to dominate, NWO have taken advantage of that and are using it as a tool to achieve their one world government, in short they want world domination, they will empower Moslims to do their dirty work for them, once achieved the will kill all Muslims too ….it is nothing more than that the world is blind to what is going on right before their eyes , it will be too late for the world to do anything once a world wide revolution breaks out ,!!!!!

      • Sammy you’re 100% right,,this one only government started many many years ago and failed and went “cold” now it’s back and the Bitch German chancellor Merkel is running the show…I hope All of Europe do the same real soon… Why work when the government will give you $ thousands a month and a mansion to live in with your 9 Muslim kids.!!

      • I wish I could copy and paste this to my page. You are so right! I post some of this to my page here and there. A few friends understand. But here in America our government is still installing the agenda to make this happen to us. Shredding our Constitutional rights and pitting our citizens against each other by race. It’s a step to gettin America to her knees. Most people here can’t see the long term goals! It’s sad and horrific.

      • SG
        Right on. Now add the 32 Trillion off shore in accounts that have been sheltered from Governments. Add Agenda 21 and the Browning of the World to it and Use the Mark as the controller then you have the picture.

  6. The French should storm the news stations and trash them every time they refuse to show these demonstrations. This is nothing but treason and sedition. Same thing that’s happening in the United States and Britain.

  7. The social welfare state is a joke , every free loader in the world is coming to Europe to live off our backs , the left wing elite should all be stood against a wall and shot for what they are doing to us ..

  8. Well maybe the next time a leader like Bush or Blair say lets keep the war in their lands you’ll support them until the job is done.

      • Saudi Arabia. ??!! since when does S.A. take in freeloading vermin such as the economic scourge of Europe.?? never. they dont accept any Syrian refugees. for good reason. nor do any RICH Gulf Arab states. they know better.

    • why should france have to put up with their bullshit its not like migrants are helping them because the migrants dont do shit to help all they do is take and take and take

  9. Can anyone explain to me ,I mabey be wrong.we destroyed irak when Hussein had this people under control.and left us.wappons everywhere.then Italy france un,and us.destroyed lybia.then when Egypt had a revolution the people ask the military for help against the fanatics,and the western world wanted to remove mubarekk like kadafi and Hussein.we send them millions of dollars and supported the muslim brotherhood,becouse of our interests.even told president morsi he can do what he wants to,he promised to give up Sinai.he gave the green light for all middle eastern nation to come and fight,the attacked Egypt.even dressed in Egyptian uniforms to blame the military.egypt nr.1 country to fight terrorists,the western world supported this people.it was a plot to destroy and split up Egypt in to 4 quadrans.and the western world did nothing.even kadafi warned ,that there be a mayor invation of refugees.even morsi kept saying you will see a lot of blood etc.then the us and England keep on purchasing oil from isis.now Syria down with that president his army bin fighting the same people who are in Europe now,not all but most of them.isis in Syria had all us wappons.now when you take Syria down who do you think be in charge if barchar goes.more groups of terrorist will build .35 yrs in the middle east of the west and all we got is distruction and groups of killers.and many children got killed .now we hate islam,what ever happened to peacetalks every one only speaks about bombing.we created isis now the muslim is bad,it is the fanatic Islamic state.i feel many western people don’t know the difference.we pray for paris what about praying for all people who got killed because of bombings who are civillians.do I have a pretty good picture help me understand……I don’t get it.when terrorists killed and beheaded so many people nobody put there flag up and prayed for them.mabey all religions are are wrong.thought we had all the same god.even the muslims believe in jesus and mary.terrorist do not.so why you hate this people so much.forgot Egypt is the mother of all nations.now were did I go wrong to understand all this.

    • Every single muslim, including white northern Europeans, who have converted to this immoral movement, should be forcibly sent to Christmas Island, hopefully with the agreement of the Australians. Europe can pay the Aussie government what is required and save an absolute fortune on unemployment/housing benefits etc. The bastards will find it a little difficult to ‘hire’ a boat to take them to Greece/Italy form this little island, heavily guarded as it is. Failing that, with the agreement of the USA/Russia, the moon.

        • The truth is Australia has it’s own Muslim crisis. Areas like Banks town, Lakemba, Punch bowl and the suburbs surrounding these areas have become like a Muslim country with in Sydney, where the Muslim culture has not taken on any of Australia’s values and have only sat on the welfare benefit the country offers. They are breeding on mass number as each family is often seen with 4 to 5 kids per family…. it is going to get to a point where Sydney is half Asian and half Muslim. Do a head count of the number of Anglo Saxon white people and the lack of white people in Sydney and you can see what will happen to Australia in the future. So yes send the entire Muslim culture back to where it belongs and where it has no place to overwhelm, demoralize and be arrogant towards by staying away from Western Society all together…. Multiculturalism DOESN’T WORK!

      • Christmas Island is already over capacity, it was originally built for around 1200, but has been accommodating over 2000 of the parasites.

      • Why send them to Christian Island, they should be sent to a Muslim Country and see what they profess and converted to is what they like. In an interesting debate, in NZ and Oz a MP said do we want to end up like England if we allow uncontrolled immigration? However we have far too many Kiwis, and Aussies, which are over here. People like to think these are illegitimate offspring but the overwhelming of the Kiwis and Aussies are Chines, and Indians. Really I have no problem if Maoris and Aborigines come, as it is their land, we have looted, raped and pillaged, the Chinese, and Indians are there because we wanted these subservient white bwana, people to administer and work for peanuts. It is coming to say something when Indians and Chinese Austral Asia tell us we have ruined our own country by letting everyone in, and in particular how we pander to Muslims. Immigrants, tell us there are too many immigrants in England. of course you are going to get some idiot like Bonnie Greer, who will tell us England is a nation of immigrants and the black race were the first race, and they have the right to everything on the planet. I know a class of 28 JAFA’s, Just Another F*ing Aucklander where 26 came to work on casual work permits to England, All came here I reported 24 of them 20 were East Indian extraction, and yet the Immigration and Nationality did not take any action.They all violated the conditions of their working visas. They all set up off shore companies, paid zero tax, claimed back the VAT, never paid COuncil Tax, Road Tax, used the NHS< some to have prohibitively expensive treatment, and even having children here! With their Kiwi or Aussie BF's. overstayed, and then returned back. I informed the Home Office even when they came back but they were allowed to come back to this country when our own people are denied treatment, drugs, when they have paid the VAT, Income Tax, Council Tax, TV license TAX. My aunt's 5 of them are all NZ nationals.Mst are married to Fijian national who fled Fiji to live in NZ as Asylum seekers. As a person who served and fought and served in Afghanistan and the Gulf I am denied treatment and drugs, and was detained by Aussie and NZ customs because, they I wanted to go there and work. When I asked them you have nearly the population of NZ, out of work in England, and I have only come to see my Grandmother who is dying with cancer, why are you subjecting me to this? They said we have unemployed of our own and do not want anyone to come and work here. I said we have nearly 2.6 million unemployed of our own, we don't stop your citizens. The reply I got was well your country and the people are stupid then, we look after our unemployed and citizens. I said oh are you a Maori then? This did not go down well But I dnt give a s*it. I could not even claim the GST, (their version of VAT) back on any purchase, let alone work or use their medical treatment. I did get a speeding fine which I refused to pay so I was denied entry to both NZ and OZ because I did not pay a £100 fine, yet people who have not paid £30K tax are allowed back into England. WHy would I want to fight for this stupid country? Not for the Politicians but because of the average English person who never gets listened to, yet raises more for charity than any others, and they were not the ones who benefited or rapped the world. They even welcomed Gandhi who wanted to put the Lancashire mills out of work. after all politicians did take the cotton and decided to sell it back to the Indians with tax and decided to tax the Indian's own salt.

    • ~ Have these sympathizers read the Qur’an? NO! It advocates FORCED conversion to Islam. Christians who believe in Christ’s deity are classified as unbelievers and must also convert to Islam or loose their heads–“Allah will surely deliver them to you.”
      ~ Any Muslim who does not follow this–written in the Qur’an–is a hypocrite and must be killed—so this makes ALL MUSLIMS TERRORISTS–NO EXCEPTIONS!
      ~ May God have mercy on our stupidity–read it yourself–and awaken!

    • No, we are not all under the same God. Islam is a creation of Satan. If you contrast the Bible with the Koran it becomes immediately apparent that allah and God are opposites. The bible was written over 4000 years, 80 authors, with no contridiction. . Islam was revealed to one man held up in a cave for 40 days being decieved by Satan in the form (Mohammed thought it was) of an angel as a messenger from god. Early parts of the Koran contridict later parts. Sura 9:5 says kill unbelievers.Earlier Koranic passages say respect unbelivers. ISLAM IS A CULTURE OF DEATH. CHRISTIANITY IS A CULTURE OF LIFE. Muslims aknowledge Jesus Christ as only a prophet. They deny He is the Son of God. As such, Mulims or any other religion that denies being saved by accepting Jesus as your only way to heaven without any help from our own contributions will lead you to hell. This is Biblical Christianity (sorry Catholics, you do not follow Biblical Christianity with your unBiblical sacrements, traditions, etc.) which hasn’t changed for 2000 years. Jesus NEVER comanded us kill unbelivers. True love has to be given willingly. Forced love is worthless and has no meaning. The devil wants us to destroy ourselves so the Koran, and Mohammed through the Hadith calls for Jihad against non Muslims. Jesus healed the sick and raised the dead. How many people did Muhammed bring back to life? None. He was good at beheading. Muslims can’t get along with any other religion because it is a culture of death. Muslims can’t even get along with other Muslims. The devil knows he will loose in the end and uses evil and Islam to kill everyone he can physically and his ultimate purpose is to keep you Spiritually dead and separate you from God forever. Good news is ANYONE can accept Christ as his saviour no matter what you have done. As such we must pray for Muslims to accept Jesus as their saviour. You just pray to God admitting that you are a sinner (everyone is no matter what you think) and ask for His forgiveness through the sacrifice of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, and that Jesus blood will pay for your sins. If you have access to a Bible (a death sentence in many Muslim countries. Ask yourself why?) Here are the verses to back up what I say : Rom 3:23, Rom 6:23, John 3:3, John 14:6, Rom 10:9-11.

    • Not the same GOD. Not the Same Jesus Christ. The Jesus Christ they believe in is a teacher and possibly a profit. But is not the Son OF GOD.. Mother Mary is not the Same women spoken of in mohommedism. After all GOD has No SON.

      No here is a piece you might want to read.

      GODS NAME spelling corrections made 9/5/2013



  10. Let’s do some maths…. Given: muslims pray 5 times a day starting from dawn, with the last one at 8pm. Prayer lasts for about 20 minutes(estimate). Lost man-hours 20 minutes x 5 = 100 minutes or 1 hour & 40 minutes. If there are 100,000 working muslims in your country, multiply it by 20 minutes and your will arrive at 2 millions minutes a day lost man-hours. Consider also their holy days like Ramadan and other holidays. It is not easy even for a pupil to imagine that your country is losing profitability compared to other countries not harboring muslims.

    • This is why they cant be security guards and yet we have a shitload of them.in security industry and politucs in oz. Those times they pray u can break in and get out..and have four mor chances in the day to do it.

    • Then you add the cost of the lost production, i.e, if they worked for the railways fabricationing railcars, the lost hours could have made an extra car, that car could have made x numbers of $’s per day, etc, over a year that all mounts up to a hefty sum.

    • 1hr 40m per day equals 8h 20m per week. Bastards are only working 4 days and getting paid for 5.
      GET RID!!!

    • The reason why muslims have never contributed or ever invented anything for the benefit of mankind since their only focus is to their cult and nothing but nothing will distract them from that goal.

  11. If the writer finds it “interesting” that Pravda was the first to report on this, they haven’t been paying attention. Pravda (which means truth) has been reporting on many stories the MSM ignores for a long time. Quite ironic when you consider it was once the mouthpiece of the Soviet Union.

  12. I find a bit of irony in all of this. Germany kills 6 million Jewish people who contributed greatly to modern society and have replaced them with 20 million backwards thinking parasites who will eventually suck u dry. Obviously this situation will lead to ‘hardliners’ eventually being elected; let’s hope u can do better than hitter this time! I understand capitalism requires immigration for cheap labor. Why not recruit phillipinos or even Mexicans? They both work really hard and from my experience have pride and only collect welfare or government assistance if they really need it – ya know how that system is supposed to work! Also both are Christian! I hope Europe realizes quickly that these Muslims will eventually ruin you and it’s better to address the situation NOW rather than later

        • barenakedislam jimjimmy dee was saying that mex are just as lazy as muslusm and he is right. we have been invaded by thousands of them throughout time and with each new batch they get lazier and lazier and now they are sueing our gov for the rights that only a citizen has but this way they get more and more of our taxpayers dollars while they sit on their bums and do nothing but riot in the streets.

        • I concur, there are lazy people in all races, more blacks in the USA than Mexicans are lazy (substantially more), and philipino’s are reliable and consistent.

          I’ve been involved with all three during my sixty years, and the last group I would hire are Muslims with any kind of radical tendancy.

          I’ve worked with Muslim engineers, ex-Muslim Professors who literally escaped with the shirts on their backs, and with a little westernization, you can’t tell the difference unless they garb up, which my associates never did. Their wives would kick their asses too! Much different from the crap we see today.

        • There are many hard working Mexicans but just go in any welfare office today. They’re doing the same thing. Just quietly. They know they can’t win a war. These Muslims are bold and stupid. They will be pushed back into their lands again eventually.

      • Hello! Mr. Dee . Sir. what time are you at work? 3 am ?I say maybe not! And do you get home at 7 pm ? Hummm! That’s 16 hours with the half hour drive both ways! And I do invite you Mr Jimjimmy Dee. To come and do his job! You better be able to fit in small places . Move real real fast , and be able to pick up move very heavy molds in to place! And stand very high heat in the summer! and real very cold days in the winter ! So no Mexicans are NOT lazy ! And Most of them do This 7 Days a week! Oh if you wanted to know whats going on! There trying to send Mexicans back because they want the Muslims to take there place . When not if ! We are attack By Muslims Where will we turn for help ? Just saying !

        • I live in California. We have at least 1/3 of all illegals in the USA living here. The vast majority are mexicans. Illegals pay NO taxes in our country. California’s total debt is close to 1 trillion dollars but the legislature, controlled by Mexican democrats/socialists, hide that number. Welfare payments make up at least 40% of that debt and promised medical and retirement benefits to state employees, teachers and police make up most of the other 60%. These are called unfunded liabilities. View the facts at http://californiapolicycenter.org/calculating-californias-total-state-and-local-government-debt/

        • That is Obamas idea not ours. I can promise you Mexicans will not be replaced by Muslims. Given the choice we will keep our Mexican neighbors. I’m no fan of illegals but I will fight for you before I allow them to even step foot on our soil.

      • Just make sure the fillipinos you get dont come from mindanao and are from the M.oro I.slamic L.iberation F.ront .(yes i know it is spelled milf funny as it sounds) those people have been backed by saudi and are the mainstay of attacks in the phillipines. had one nasty one as a fellow wirjer,nasty on the inside friendly on out unlike his better fillipino bretheren i worked with.

      • sonsam you are incorrect when you say that mexican is cheap labor and work hard. they do not they all of them learn real quick on how to abuse our system of charity and no they do not have pride. i have lived among them and the only thing that they have pride in is how much they can steal by their lying and cheating.

        • First off, you need to phase your sentences correctly. Every race has there own small percentage of laziness across the board, so don’t marginalize the whole culture. I have seen my fair share both here and other countries. I have worked hard all my life and continue to do so, and by the way….I’m American (Mexican decent) and a Combat Veteran of the Armed Forces. So what have you done for this Nation!

  13. I cant wait for more of these ignorant monkeys to flood into my country (Canada) and suckle off our system. Of course our govt simply pulls its pants down and bends over the immigration barrel, forking over bags of Canadian’s money to support these freeloading bastards, and rolling out the red carpet of citizenship. These muslim chimps even complain about pork being sold in our supermarkets?! I would give ANYTHING for them to be deported back to their mud-brick shit holes. We are right behind Europe and screwed as a country.

    • Islam is to be the sole global religion and population of the planet. That’s why Muslims are being distributed to Western countries under the ruse of being refugee’s. Most are young, healthy men that should be defending their country, but instead they are invading Western countries. They left their families in Syria while they flee for safety!?! And not a one is Christian. They are rejected refugee status. They face persecution and slaughter living in Syria or any Islamic country. Depopulation is what is in store for Non-Muslims. Welcome to the New World Order.

  14. Yeah for the Quebec French Press and the French CBC for printing/showing the Charlie cartoons. We have a free press in this province. Boo to the English CBC and most of the English press in Canada for NOT printing the cartoons. Gutless, cowardly, spineless, yellow-bellied, impotent cravens….all of them. That is exactly what ISIS wants; to be afraid of reprisal from them. The English Canadian press have let down all of Paris and the 12 people who died because defending free speech.
    Hi all, posting from Canada. I have been posting some truths on Facebook and getting silence. I expect to be unfriended soon by a few very nice, very unaware people….who know nothing about Islam and who are not going to look into the subject. oh, well..

    • me too regarding FB and totally 100 % agree with the fact that people are unaware although I am seeing some of the leaders in the States speaking out and their press is speaking out…thankfully the Toronto Sun wrote an awesome article that Trudeau is crazy for letting 25,000 syrians in when the muslims world wide are wreaking havoc…the European countries are closing their doors …whats up with us????

    • Hello sblack. This is my first time on this site and now at the end of November, our world has changed forever. The media kiss Islam’s ass and fall over themselves trying to feel good about justin and his muslim invasion. Canada will never ever be what it has been. wynne in Ontario and now justin living with his head entirely up his rear will damage this country beyond repair. They are just too stupid to know it. The media didn’t print or show the picture of some guy with a rag on his head, fearful that muzzies would be offended. How do they know that drawing was mo ham med? It was a monkey with a rag on it’s head. Mussies have no idea what mo ham med looked like, but we can be guaranteed he looked like a monkey. They all do with their ugly beards.

      I will be back.

  15. That picture of the “protester” about to lob the Molotov Cocktail really gets to me. Where are the defender’s rifles? A single round of M80 (or if need be 2 of M885) would surely take care of that threat the the officers’ life.

    • All these countries that are having trouble is either under dictators or socialist gov. that has taken the guns from the people, the people need to be armed.

      • I agree with TW_Bass…The coward in the White House who by pride alone sticks to his story, is seeing the real world rejecting him and his liberal agenda. He is planning the onslaught of hundreds of thousands of refugees, and so far half of the states within the United States are flat ass refusing refugees. That means that governors like “twinkle toes” or “Moonbeam” Jerry Brown will be taking in much more per capita, which endangers the hell out of Californians, and will spill into states next door like my Nevada, who don’t want an invasion.

        But we are an open carry state…like the wild west. We can walk the streets with rifles or pistols and revolvers on our hips. Not safe for a muzzy to act out. There is definitely more guns and ammo in every household here than there are citizens.

        Californians are disarmed.

    • Thats what I was thinking. A guy with a bottle of gas, and the cops just stand there. And some ranchers in Oregon are driving innocently out in the country bothering no one, and the FBI murders one Z& arrest them all. Somethings really F Ed up here in the US.

  16. Muslims sure do seem to want to do all they can to take us down from within. This one place I used to go to had a family of Muslims and every fucking time they parked they went in the handicapped parking spot even though no one in their family is handicapped. Not only that, but the girl would enter with her hijab and behave like the living dead every time I saw her. Never said hello to anyone and once they finally left for good the person who owned the building said bye since they weren’t ever coming back and none of them even said anything in response. I gotta wonder, do Muslims and their ideology just make them prone to subconsciously being assholes or is it because the direct command from the Quran is making them consciously decide to be assholes. Either way, I do not want them in our civilized Western society.

    • Of course they want to take us down, they have told us that OVER & OVER. They will NEVER be friendly, unless they want something. They are as bad as Cancer, if not worse.

      • so I really really don’t get how so many people don’t see it…I am very vocal about it and speak to people in my daily activities-work in 3 different hospitals and deal with patients…post online on Facebook-people tell me to put my head in the sand…and to go live somewhere else…how can they be so nieve???? makes me so mad because it is those liberals that will let them in and we suffer…now they stinkin announced it will cost the canadian tax payers 1.2 billion dollars to help these syrians!!! this is crazzzzy and then when someone gets blown up all kinds of tears –oh my oh my…well you didn’t listen-just like France,Germany and England…hope the Chinese army wipes them out!

    • They’re instructed in the Quran not to be kind to us. To force us to the smallest part of the road. Also to pretend to be OK with us until they have numbers then attack us. They’re lucky I don’t live there. My husband is an amputee. If I see someone parked in a handicap spot and they aren’t they will come back to a very fucked up car.

  17. France,..

    ‘Charles ‘The Hammer’ Martel’ VS Muslim Moors, Arabs, and Berbers, ROUND 2..

    lol, President Sarkhozy has some big shoes to fill,..Charles Martel was a great leader, and warrior who is credited with SAVING the rest of Western Europe by stopping the Muslim invaders at the Pyrenees..

  18. Aha, SO History DOES Repeat itself.. During the first Muslim Invasion, the Muslims successfully took the Iberian Peninsula, Spain and Portugal.. Where as the area that is today called ‘France’, had stronger Visigoth warriors who held the Muslims back from advancing into France and onwards..

    A Francish Visigoth christian and warrior named Charles ‘The Hammer’ Martel, kicked the crap out of the Moors, Berbers, and Arab invaders.. It took the rest of the Iberian Peninsula over 700 years to get rid of EVERY SINGLE Muslim..

    Today, Spain has once again let Muslims roll right in over them.. The ONLY real group standing up to the new Muslims who’ve invaded the smart way, feigning peace, and using the Country’s welfare system to exist while causing trouble, is the Catholic Church. During the first Muslim invasion, Muslims stole the Catholic’s Church, the ‘Cathedral of Cordoba’, and named it the ‘Mezquita Mosque’,..and now they’re causing problems, demanding that it be given back to them, for now just to pray in, but their true goal is total submission of all Spain.. More and more spanish Liberals/Socialists, who are anti-christian in view, are siding with the Muslims yet know NOTHING ABOUT the true history of Islam in Europe, to understand that Muslims never co-exist.. TO Co-exist is to dishonor Islam.. Their entire religion says that if they live peacefully next to non-muslims, that the non-muslims are to pay them a tax to be allowed to live as free men, instead of slaves to the Muslims,..and treated as second-class citizens, below Muslims.. Dhimmis..
    So history is repeating itself, Muslims are successfully taking the Iberian back, one Spanish mind at a time,..and France is one of a small few European nations taking a stand..

    • Everyday I run across libtard morons that talk about the crusades like they know. When I explain the crusades were the result of 600+years of torture, murder, rape and slavery from Islam they’re dumbfounded. They love to call Christians barbarians and murderers when they’re clueless. They think Islam is peaceful. I tell them about the invasion of India and the murder of 20+million Hindus right out of the bucket.

  19. I live in UK(I am not white). My neighbor who is a Bangladesh Muslim. Her parents(in- laws) came to UK around in 1970. They came as 2(husband and wife) and now the total family member is more than 60 !!! Most of them are on benefit or very low income.

    She is not the only one more than 90% are the same. They have very large family. I hardly see any Muslim people who has 1 or 2 kids.

    UK should stop the benefit system otherwise they will take over this country within few decades.

    Once they are more in numbers all white and other religions will be wiped out very quickly.

    Wake Up white people and other religions who have got citizenship here. Save this country!!

    • Absolutely right….They are like pig…..In India 1947 they are just 3 Caror…but today they are 30 Caror….. Our politician make our life like hell…. daily ….some riot happen in India somewhere.

    • Hi From Halfdan
      I say to all females ! I Child baring ages ! ( in Europe ) I se if THER think THER bloodline is word to preserve ! If the answer is Ja ! Get minimum 3 Children ! Ore he’d on . Drop your panse ! Ore dei ! BECORS you have no investment ind the future ! You are a instinct speises !
      Cheers Halfdan

    • That’s their intent. I live in US and CAIR has spoken the same thing here that their intent is to overwhelm Europe and the Americas and become sharia. I’m not going to write what should be done in these cases because I think that it’s just a planned takeover of our nations by the NWO and all the scuk that operates out of these positions.

  20. The problem here is fundamental Muslims who refuse to accept the laws of their new countries. Instead they want to impose their own laws based on a backwards religion.

    • Kind of like democrats ruining their state, making it unlivable, financially, moving to a red state and bringing their same idiotic voting patterns with them?

      Say it ain’t so.

  21. I fully understand that politicians have been pandering to visible minority groups to attract votes for their political parties, but what I don’t understand is why politicians continually kiss Islamic ass when they know that Sharia Law and the Koran is the most dangerous thing since Hitler. Do these politicians not realize that Sharia Law and the Koran demands that their granddaughters must undergo vagina mutilations, that gays and Jews are to be hung or beheaded, and that family honour killings would be legal. Any politicians who panders to radical Islam should be charged with treason and jailed.

  22. 500,000 Muslim refugees coming to America under the re settlement program. Did you vote for that? They will never adapt to our culture, but rather want to force Islam and Sharia upon us all. Never let that happen, America do not follow in Europe footsteps. “Moderate Muslims, Peaceful Muslims, Peaceful Mosques,” just how is anyone to know the difference in America today; because of “Taqivya” Can someone explain? How many Mosques in America will produce future “clones” of Anwar Awlaki?
    A small college out in Claremont California called “Bayan Claremont” now offers a degree in Islamic Studies for the future leadership of Muslims in America. One wonders just what is being taught there besides the basic Islam agenda.
    On their webpage, they list their faculty and listed is Ism Suhaib Webb. Somewhat shocking as he joined Al Qaeda and worked right alongside of Anwar Awlaki. To refresh your memory Anwar Awlaki was an American born terrorist who incited English speaking Muslims to commit terrorist acts. He preached to 3 of the 9/11 hijackers and was linked with Nidal Hassan who committed the Fort Hood massacre of our soldiers. Awlaki was a main recruiter for Al Qaeda and preached a hateful ideology and incited violence against America.
    He had our own government fooled for years, using “taqivya” (The practice of concealing one’s beliefs and using any form of lying, deceit, misleading, half-truths, considered legitimate my Muslims to further the growth of Islam.) Anwar Awlaki was an Iman and preacher at a Virginia Mosque (we now have over 2400 Mosques and even one being constructed in Idaho.) Certainly not all Mosques breed terrorists, but it only takes one to accomplish a 9/11 again. Our own government invited him to speak and teach our military officers and offer them advice as he was thought at the time to be a so called “moderate Muslim”. Anwar Awlaki, the leader of Al Qaeda was killed in a drone attack by President Obama, executive order on 9/2-/2011.
    Now the “clone” of Anwar Awlaki is teaching he future leadership of Muslims in America. How is this allowed? Why he was even allowed to return to our soil? Why he was not arrested? He apparently has convinced the government that he is a moderate Muslim. (Will we ever learn from the tragedy the lessons of 9/11?)
    Ayaan Hirsi Ali perhaps said it best, “Violence is inherent in Islam” It must be noted that Ayaan has won every single debate on the subject as to whether or not Islam is a religion of peace. It is not. She speaks from experience as a former Muslim, and speaks out against radical Islam and Sharia Law and women’s rights. She has been accused of hate speech and has death threats on her life, merely for telling the truth.
    The mainstream news has no idea that this man “Ism Suhaib Webb” is now at Bayan College, nor do they care. Also on the staff, is Alam Al Marayati, who has defended terrorist acts and the groups that carry them out?
    Perhaps this college should be investigated, since they are using our tax money to support their agenda. What is your thoughts America? Please comment

      • Is that why the US President wants to take away your guns?? So that the muslim immigrants will be safe ?

      • I think in America we ought to form vigilante groups and remove them sausage by sausage. When they have 5 kids, now they have 1. And make a wind chime with 4 little Muslim heads. That might get their attention. The problem is no American is that brutal. But they are.,they represent the culture of death. The are descendants of Ischmael. Read Genesis& Exodus.

    • We all got “starry eyed” by the dream of diversity and peace. It proved one thing, most of us did not enter this as racists. We wanted to believe them. We wanted to respect them.

      Then they started committing acts of terror upon our children and women. Then they started beheading men. I heard that in a part of France, the muslim population is so big and so “isolated”, that they have “car checks” before they will let people enter – even if it’s people delivering things like charitable food and clothes.

      It is time to cut the dream away. It won’t happen. They are the same threat now that they were in the 15th century. Are all of them bad? No. But it’s virtually impossible to tell the difference. It’s a matter of prayers to God. What we do now is that we ALL live under a continued threat with them living so close.

      I’m sorry, but they need to leave the Western world. We can’t live together. Not in Europe. Not in America. It’s a terrible thing. A death of a dream, but an awareness of reality.

    • BLATANT TRUTH TIME: See France? That is precisely the outcome that ☭bama the usurping diaper headed enemy combatant pawn of Satan is hoping for. Folks need to wake up to the FACT that ☭bama; IS the most dangerous enemy combatant; who has ever declared war on America. All, while residing in the “Peoples’ Mosque” (formerly known as the ǝsnoɥǝʇıɥʍ)! Anybody that is paying attention has noticed that ☭bama has proven beyond the shadow of any doubt (in his own words and actions) that he is a “tyrannical, treasonous, condescending, liar, in contempt, socialist who IS diligently & deliberately destroying America from within”. And that my friend is a “National Security Threat”. My question is; “why does that usurping diaper headed enemy combatant pawn of Satan still breath?” I recall a time before the fundamental transformation of Ameri☭a when you would receive a medal of honor for killing such enemies. That pawn of Satan should have decomposed a long time ago but NOOOoo…instead we sit around like a bunch of 1942 Jews, standing on a railroad platform, waiting for the train…in denial.
      More blatant truth: In America, ALL of our employees ARE insubordinate to their oath and derelict in their duty! Ponder this TRUTH for a moment: As per the Constitution of the United States of America, in a case of “treason” it is directed that 2 (two) of our employees are to issue warrant to that effect. The suspect is then taken into custody until a trial before a military tribunal. This administration HAS indeed committed 11 counts of “treason” (that we KNOW about). >>>Who issued warrants?<<< I wholeheartedly believe that the vast majority are under duress of threat to them and their families, from the marionette manipulators that own and control America…lock stock and barrel. There are however a few that are very compliant by choice. ☭bama being the first and foremost willing puppet. After all…it has been his goal from the get-go (to assist in a world wide caliphate via America). And now ☭bama the most dangerous enemy combatant to ever declare war on America holds the keys to the most powerful arsenal on the planet.

      Welcome to the “Fundamental Transformation” of Ameri☭a

  23. I believe its not our land to squabble over… but be accepting of individualism… we can not control the beliefs of one person but we can accept a person for their beliefs… it is unfortunate muslims arent able to accept the beliefs of others

  24. I am in Culture shock. I am visiting France for the first time and I am in Paris. It looks like Arabia. I will never come back to this country ever again.

    • If you want to call me an Isalmaphobe I don’t give a rats toss.

      Islam is nothing more than the following of a psychopath by a bunch of inbred zealots which is preached by deranged Imams.

      They are all Aussiephobe.

      • The truth is that Islam is a psuedo-religion with psychological-socio-economic-political ideology!

        Australian need to get rid of these pollies who are pussy-footing around instead of facing realities! More than 75% of Australians are getting fed up with this problem and are demanding that actions be taken. If you have a look at recent European election you would find that in the UK one in four have voted for anti-immigration party. People in Europe are waking up with severe problem on hand! America and Australia wake up before it is too late!

  25. i live in Australia and over the past few years they have started to form a multi racial society, already there are divisions forming. a ‘white flight’ is starting in our school system, you could mistakenly believe you were living in an Asian or African country in our city centres. people are abusing ‘ coloreds’ on the transport systems, some have been attacked and murdered. i believe governments should respect the rights of its nations peoples to live amongst their own kind and not suck to the United Nations. big migration changes normal people into racists which, because of this, i have become. i am prepared to stand up and be counted and align with groups who identify with my outlook.

    • When I was in Sydney at Christmas time, I saw small gangs of Muslim Lebanese men running around near the Harbour Bridge. They were constantly running up to non-Mulsim women, grabbing their breasts and butts, surrounding them in small groups and sexually assaulting. The police could do nothing. They didn’t even try. They would just yell at the muslim guys, and the muslims would yell back at them. There were hundreds of them in small groups all over the place, doing the same thing. It is getting to the point where the blood is going to have to flow to stop it.

  26. Friends, only 70 years ago the entire world went to war – total war – against a very similar threat, and that threat came from white Christian and Catholic men, with help from Bhuddist/Shinto Japan.
    70 years on – today, the civilised world faces an equally dangerous, but far more widespread threat, but what is the response? Nothing! Spineless appeasement and fawning accommodation, at the expense of those there first, their religions and established cultures and way of life.
    If this dire precedent is not reversed very soon, and the rights and wishes of the relevant majority are not discounted and discarded in favour of the irrelevant and unwelcome minority I fear it will come to bloodshed in all places so infected, as surely it must.
    Lets see the responses of politically correct and fear of offending Islam paralysed governments then.

    • Spinless appeasement because the USA and England pissed all over Europe after they Murdered the Third Reich. Today, no political party can say anytthing harsh against a minority, against euthanasia, against anything without a Nazi Flag waving.

      So i blame the effects of Islamization of Europe on those who continuously strive to criticize and blame whites, christians and Nazis. And don’t think the elite jews aren’t laughing all the way to their banks. The threat of Islam needs another holocaust against muslims in order for normalcy to return to Europe.


      • Nazi Germany was a horror show and it was good that it was destroyed. Nevertheless even Nazi Germany had its strengths (if they had had no strengths they never would have succeeded at anything evil) and some of those strengths were good things in and of themselves. One of them was a sense of cultural identity and pride in their civilization (however twisted it had become) and a willingness to fight for it.
        Essentially the Nazis were Fascism mixed with Atheism and a misguided Darwinist agenda of forced eugenics. In and of itself, Fascism is not necessarily evil. What Europe needs today is Fascism mixed with Christianity and an intelligent agenda of European racial preservation – with the understanding that all ethnic groups should have a place under the sun, a homeland, that they can call their own.
        Deportation is not genocide. It is just telling a bad guest that it is time to go home.

    • Very, very well said Steven, and so tragically true.
      If nothing is done very soon, then civilised man is doomed.
      But what to do, when those in power have no balls?

  27. Wake up Germany, France and the rest of Europe- dont let American politics and Old European guilt hand the European people their own shovel to dig their own grave. Christians are killed and deported from Muslim lands- yet muslims grow fat and contemptuous living in civilized European lands- and its not only muslims- all sorts of garbage from poor ancient rotten diseased countries are stinking up Europe.
    look at them there, with their anti-west, anti-christian, anti-everything but islam signs. What sort of future do you, your family and your bloodline have with such vile beasts.

    • i have to agree. With the way the US is going I almost want to go back where my family came from. All the media is controlled by politically correct people that are easily fooled by these people. I really don’t think these people want to give up there world vision. They have no wisdom just ideals that don’t work.

    • Look what these liberal people have done to Europe. You know these liberals secretly hate you and are nothing more than traitors to their country. One hopes that they will be executed for treason when the Europeans finally stand up for themselves and get rid of the subversive invaders and left-wing-anti-European liberals.

  28. Welfare is basically an insurance policy purchased by taxpayers why are Muslims allowed to accept it? I thought their religion prevented their use of insurance as it it considered gambling.

  29. No, nothing will stop immigration out of Arabic hell holes dominated by muslim culture. You see, the Arabs take over countries and then turn them into hell holes that even Arabs don’t want to live in. They want to live in the west. As such, muslim men will continue to seek out western women online and strike up romantic relationships, get married, get citizenship, get her to pay for everything, pay for him and send money home to his family. Then when he’s sitting pretty, he’ll try to take everything from his devoted wife, go “home” and marry an Arab woman. There will be no guilt because as long as he tries to make a woman a muslim he’s doing the right thing. It’s disgusting how these people have no conscience and call evil good. I’ve heard this story time and time again.

  30. As France leads the way to reject more Muslim immigrants because of skyrocketing welfare benefits, those rejected Muslim immigrants will seek to immigrate to other EURO countries but I predict more and more EURO countries will follow France so there will be no place for the Muslims and they will stop immigrating to Europe! Let’s hope this happens quickly otherwise it will be too late! Starve out the Muslims of welfare social programs!

  31. I get tons of information from Russian news sources, also news from the gulf region, Egypt, India, North Africa & Nigeria. There’s still news coming out of places like Libya too.

    Almost immediately after the Boston Marathon bombings I read an article in a Russian paper that said the Federal Security Agency of Russia (cousin to FBI or homeland security) had notified the FBI in the U.S. about Tamerlane back in 2011, they felt he was a threat and a danger to himself and others, after his trips back to Russia. I didn’t read ANYTHING about it in MSM for a long time, and even then the information released was dicey, NO mention of being notified by the Russians or what total incompetents they are.

    Even after russian authorities notified the FBI, Tamerlane went back to Kyrgyzstan (high chechen population there and he is chechen – as in beslan baby killers) but by then, the FBI dropped him off their radar. They could have easily flagged his passport to keep tabs on him.

    At first the FBI said they never heard of Tamerlane or his family, then later I think issued a brief nothing statement that they may have questioned him in 2011. They claim to have questioned him, his family & some friends and ‘found no proof of any links to organized terror groups’, which is the most stupid thing I ever heard, AS IF there have to be firm links to a known organisation for a muslim to be a threat. But I read somewhere that Tamerlane had spoken to friends in 2011 and said the FBI wanted to ask him some questions, but he wouldn’t do it because he didn’t know what they wanted. So I don’t believe they even spoke to him directly AND if they had spoken to the ONE UNCLE who had cut ties with Tamerlane already, due to his radialized behavior, then why wouldn’t they be concerned?

  32. I wonder why any country imports them. There are many extremely wealthy Arab countries. Why don’t they support them? Not a good example of brotherhood there! They act as ungrateful guests and accept no one in their land! They need to be deported from everywhere! They are not even ashamed of sucking a society dry while hating that very society! Don’t adopt an orphan tat is planning to poison the well!

  33. Not wise of France to admit these people as migrant workers. They have a bloody history and not only they defy any other society but their own, but they are not used to working for a living. Wherever they go a thousand. Ill follow with open hands to receive benefits. Ths is going to cause a lot of violence! The rest of Europe should also pay attention!

  34. The worlds two most emminent futurologists who both advise the american government have predicted all muslims will be deported from Europe in years to come,hopefully sooner rather than later.

  35. I’m afraid for the USA. Our moose limb president is bringing them in by the droves and Americans are just too stupid to do anything about it but complain. Jason…damn right Islam isn’t a religion…it’s a CULT !!!

  36. They are doing the same in Australia and the media and the government is helping them just like everywhere else. It is at the expense of the Australian public even to the point they come first before our own people. We don’t want or nee the NWO and the UN is nothing but spreading the Religion of Hate.

    • Not even two years sone get jobs in local council,others in security and law enforcement. while ur aussie battler is dying out there. dont our politicisns understand “charity begins in the home?” in the end when shit fall apart who will support you?? In cones down to your local citizen NOT FOREIGN STUDENT OR REFUGEE.humanitarians and politicians are the kind of fwits that do charity work in another area to nake themselves look good to the world and yet their poor in their neighborhood go without.yes i mean the poor side of town. too much money npt enough brains and heart.

  37. remember the good-old-days when america had some iota of moral superiority over france due to the 20th century wars? well, they banned the burka and are halting the feeding of parasitic barbarians. whats it going to take america? russia is now capitalist and we are MORE COMMUNIST THAN THEY WERE IN THE 1970S!

    • It is absolutely horrible. I used to view Russia as an enemy. Now I think they treat their white people better than America does, that’s for sure.

  38. GOOD ! about time….WELL DONE FRANCE. Its about time these sponging freeloaders got nothing apart from a ticket back to where they come from…..we cant keep paying for them its not europes problem….they come they do nothing expect money from us then preach to us we should adhere to their beliefs, in our country,s then start trying to kill us with terror attacks…..WAKE UP EUROPE….ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION IT IS A TERRORIST ORGANIZEATION !!

  39. Arise White Men and Women! Our hours of being spat on and raped in our own Countries are OVER. I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the Heart of Me! A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship…


    An hour of Wolves and Shattered Shields when the Age of White Men comes crashing down


    By all that you hold Dear on this Good Earth, I Bid you STAND!


  40. Whenever these ‘things’ ‘pray’, it looks like they are sniffing each other’s butts. One big butt-sniffing exercise! Yuck!

  41. You have got problem when you have musalmans less than 5%. Think of us Indians where these assholes came to loot this country 1200 years ago and killed & brutalized so many people, they are now over 20%. The insult to the injury is that our good-for-nothing politicians talk about their first charge/claim on the national resources.

  42. It’s not just the muslims in the U.S. We have 50 million on welfare already and they’re pouring across the southern border by the millions to receive welfare.

  43. 83 % off to new immigrants, the 10 millions muslims in france are french now they didnt arrive yesterday, if you go to any school most of the kids name are muslim names, the invasion is still operating and they breed like rabbits. It s too late for france and i think the all europe is following.

  44. Yes the croissant was invented by Austrian bakers because they were the ones who were awake to warn the town of the invading Ottomans. To celebrate
    kicking muslim butt, the bakers borrowed the crescent from the muslim flag. Eat croissants!

    I’m all for deporting problematic people. Ban sharia and cut benefits. Stop being afraid to tell the truth when they cause problems. If they can fit in and contribute to society hey great. If not send them packing once and for all.
    Saudi Arabia can afford to support them

  45. Ban the croissant! Came from the Ottomans, bake it in the shape of a cross , croissant being French for the crescent moon. Make the muslims cross!!!!

      • Surely they were baked to celebrate VICTORY over the moslem bastards (excuse the tautology).

        You eat ‘them’ for breakfast.

        Eat more of them.

        • PS

          Call it Stillborn, until every last trace of mohammed’s footsteps, every stain of his infected, corroding fingers will be sponged and purged and, if need be, blasted from the surface of the earth.

          I borrowed that from here:


          St. James’s Place, London, June 12, 1941

          And this, about the indigenous population:

          “Their religious faiths are affronted, persecuted or oppressed in the interest of a fanatic paganism devised to perpetuate the worship and sustain the tyranny of one abominable creature. Their traditions, their culture, their laws, their institutions, social and political alike, are suppressed by force or undermined by subtle, coldly planned intrigue.”

          Anyone see the corroding fingers of cair and the moslem brotherhood?

  46. Seeing the photo of the man with a Molotov Coktail in his hand, my first thought was: shoot the bastard. Just shoot him. And every other `protester´ of that kind after that.

    That will teach others to keep their protest peaceful. And if they do not get that message, at least it will clear off some of these good for nothings.

  47. Hey Yohan ! Did you see that guy in the leather Jacket over a hoodie with his arms spread and his mouth open? Yes, Karl, and I will bet you that if Barack Obama had a son, he would look just like that.

  48. A Muslim with a croissant is just wrong.

    Last time I calculated, Anjem Choudary receives the equivalent of about $50,000 a year in “benefits” in the UK. Yes, “benefits” to Mollusks in Europe need to be cut to some level approaching zero, just little enough to piss them off. Better yet, deport them permanently with a death sentence upon reentry. The welfare queen establishment there is just as much to blame as the Mollusks, however.

  49. God forbid that the Muslim God-haters in France will go to the UK! UK ruling elites ADORE Muslim infidel-haters and viciously persecute those who protest the forced Islamization of Britain.

    UK ruling elites allegiance is not to Britain and the British people. It is to the global Islamic community and totalitarian Islam.

    What is the going price to sell out Britain? Ruling elites have sold their souls. And sold Britain to Islam.

    If Winston Churchill was alive today, ruthless ruling elites would persecute Churchill; constantly raid his home and Churchill would be sitting in a prison cell along with Tommy Robinson. Ruling elites spit on the graves of Winston Churchill and every hero who fought and died in the Second World War so that we could live in freedom and safety. Vicious ruling elites are determined to destroy freedom and safety.

  50. Way to go France! Now, please stand strong and continue removing the parasites from your land. Maybe just maybe, you can show the world the way back to “freedom”. And to think I used to berate the French because of their attitude.

    • Be patient. This blog is run by one individual, and things take time – She has a life to live. Further, sometimes comments hit “SPAM”, and she digs them out.
      Please be Patient, and please be polite. And also, please realize that ALL comments to her posts ( And she has many !!) – ALL COMMENTS ARE MODERATED,,, including us, who have been and are regulars here.
      Thank you for your consideration !!

      • Thank you for your reply, much appreciated. May I just say that I am always polite, so it was really unnecessary for you to mention that. I understand about cyberspace and spam and also that the individual who runs this blog has a life elsewhere. However, my post was fairly meek, so I can’t understand why it would just disappear. And please BNI not that I am also female! Please keep up the excellent work that you do and may I wish you a very happy 2013.

        • ei, if a comment disappears and you know it isn’t something offensive or a call to violence, let me know and I will search Spam. If it’s not there, it means it has disappeared and you will need to repost it.

  51. I just read on another site , source WND, that Al-Quaida & Iran are planning to mount terror attacks France & Germany in the early part of next year. Terrorists are going to travel to join some already there. One reason quoted was the cut in benefits in France. I hope forewarned is forearmed.

    • They’ve being wanting a piece of us for some time now -they’re very much aware of how we -not so-called media and politicians but people- feel about them and their nonsense, so I guess they want payback for not getting their way. One thing is for sure: if they do attack us, nobody will be able to stop our retaliation against them here, and that’s a promise. Anyway, regardless of what they do or don’t, they’ll get their payback time which is now way overdue.

  52. France needed to take this step. Now they need to arrest all those who make violent protest against the new measures and then deport them. Problem solved.

    • Arrest them all that start and deport, the planes and ships will be ful and it will warm the cockles of our hearts.The west has allowed them to come and what have they done took has a sign of weakness and now want to pinch each westen country they have been able to parasite of claiming it is their country becasue they were born there and they have a right to claim it and chamge the rules and install Sharia. Hmmm I wonder whom put this idea in there head oh but of course the westen govenments that have all been lefties even the ones we thought was righties are now sucking up. Well letrs hope Hollande has started the pull back and we can reclaim our countries Muslims arrogantly say on a number of blogs they are hear to stay and we had better get used to it and Sharia will dominate well any Muslims on here with that thought I would say do not hold your breath I think in France at least you may have over stayed your welcome.
      I hope they do not give in to the Islaists threats now it the time to make a stand.

  53. Screw these Satan Worshiping Koranimals, let them rot in the Hell they will spend eternity in! No western country should allow muslims into it’s population, ever! They are all incompatable with our Laws and Constitution. I am happy to see the France is finally waking up to the Insanity of Islam. I just pray all other western countries do the same soon!

  54. Good on the French! However, I was under the impression the whole of the EU had to abide by the same rules and obey the same laws and pay these invaders benefits – see what is happening in the UK. So how is it that the French can get away with it? Won’t this scum a) riot (for sure they will) and b) go to the European Court of Human Rights to protest this decision (paid for with legal aid from the French taxpayer)? Worst case scenario for the UK is that they will all start piling in here where we give generous benefits to anybody and everybody (even if their families don’t live here as is the case with some Polish, Romanians et al scroungers). I hope this works out for France, fingers crossed. At least one country in the EU is taking action against the evil parasites.

    • This is one of the main reasons why the EU will not survive.
      Each member is fed up with the situation and their inability to do what they want as Brussels calls the shots now.
      No, the EU will fragment and then it will be all against Islam, and it will be magnificent.

  55. I honestly do not understand how it got to this point in Europe in the first place. I have lived (legally) in a few countries. On each immigration application it clearly states that a part of the contract is, you are not to become a burden on the social system. How are they immigrating anyway? The qualifications are clear and certainly beyond their reach. (being they live off govt money) If they are illegals then why are they privy to govt money?

    Go on France! May you be the model for everyone else in the West to follow. May you never stop being French.

  56. “It’s interesting that the original source for this story came from Russia’s Pravda”

    There is a very interesting article in “The Voice of Russia” about muslim inmigration in France.

    The original article is in spanish, here is the article translated to english by Google:

    …’We said we could not shoot anything in the Arab neighborhoods of Paris. We answered: How is this possible in France which is almost the center of Europe? They told us that once we left the street with the camera on us beaten. Did not believe it and went outside with the camera turned on. That is, our cameraman did not have time to get out of the car when he was beaten…

    …it seems that immigrants gradually conquer the country. Many cities and suburbs are European only at first glance, but has established an internal order in the oriental style…

    …Sometimes the school who are not Muslims are forbidden to eat pork. The pools of several cities have special hours for women. You may soon be forbidden to women and men travel on the same bus…


  57. Cat well said; I agree 100%. BNI this is good news… now what we need is for Australia and Britain to grow up at Government level and do the same thing.

  58. WTH! y dont they quite fartaresing around an djust boot them all out and halt immigration all together for muslims cos it is clearly not working

    • The crunch will come, not when their number match ours but well before then. It is a time-bomb that will be here before most realise. One their males in the age range 18-40 years old reaches 30% of ours then they will overthrow us and slaughter us in our streets. Europe will be pitched into a new dark age. Our “career” politians are turning a blind eye as these savages abuse and rape white underage girls at will. White flight will result in Pakistani areas of the UK becoming cheap to live in due to regional property crashes. So more will come. Flights to Pakistan are nearly empty whereas incoming flights to UK are full. This is because their women are going over with suitcases full of passports for their cousins to come over, unchecked at UK airports as they are just waved through customs with their burkhas on. Pretty soon londonistan and its financial institutions will be overthrown, assets seized. Pensions and bank accounts will be stolen. The indigenous Brits will be like the red squirrel – extinct. I’m afraid it is now too late to stop this.

  59. The following makes some sense. (A significant decrease in the amounts allocated for subsidies for migrants might be somewhat effective. The treasury will have more resources that can be allocated to job creation and overall economic recovery. There is a likelihood that the reduction in benefits will be an incentive for some workers to step up their job search.) This will not happen. More likely the savages will go to another country, like England, that will continue to hand out the freebies like the fools they are. There is only 10 simple answers to the problem of muslims take over of a country and their failed multiculturalism experiments. 1. Stop all further muslim immigration. 2. Deport all illegal muslims. 3. Send all muslims, currently in jail, back to their hell hole of origin. 4. Deport all muslims and their families if they are involved with riots, breaking the law and so on. 5. Ban the burka. 6. Ban the building of mosques. 7. Tear down all existing mosques. 8. No benefits at all for muslim imnmigrants. 9. No private schools for muslim children to learn their hate filled coran. 10. Do not pay them to leave, simply send them by military boats home to their muslims hell holes of origin. Problem solved. If they chose to do these 10 things then the word would get out not to go to France. If they chose not to do this then they chose to be taken over by the muslims of islam and become francistan.

    • Cat….. They wont get anything in the UK, our benefits have already been slashed, and immigrants have to follow strict rules now to get in. One rule is they must speak English, and onother rule is they must have at least £22,000 (I think thats the figure) to support themselves for the fist year, and then benefits are very frugal. Cameron has even cut disabled benefits. Mussers wont get much here, we are trying to get rid of ours. Only mussers with professional skills can now come in (if they are needed)
      si, although I hate this musser loving government, they are doing a bit re immigrants and benefits,

  60. There is hope for France’s sanity. Thanks for BNI’s uplifting article showing… The beginning of France taking off the WELCOME Barbarian Leaches sign to a, Sharia EXIT, and hurry up so the door doesn’t whack your muslime backsides. Hope the rest of the invaded world wakes up too!

  61. the fuel to feed the fire is all in place all it will take is one spark France is that flash point it will ignite the muslim back fire all across Europe ! so say my gut feeling about the year 2013

  62. The natives better stock up on cast iron skillets, baseball bats, and kitchen knives since they have no 2A there. The french govt better stock up on bullets and equipment and call in the reserves. The rioting will be intense.

  63. Right job France ! Now u know the danger of Islam. Don’t too much fun make more children ! Islam must destroy. To destroy Islam must destroy Makkah first !

    • How are we going to accomplish anything when our illegal president is a political hack and a Muslim fighting for them instead of the USA?

  64. Bravo! Vive la France!

    Now ban cousin marriage and totally knock out the sociological basis of this evil DEATH CULT.

  65. BNI’s total lack of PC blesses me and lifts my spirits. I really enjoy reading the candid observation that the welfare addicts do not want to assimilate and are content to live off the state and breed like rabbits.

    America needs a TV news anchor like BNI.

  66. The actions the French are now calling for are what we here in America must begin implementing. But that’s why were going over the cliff. Obama won’t touch his entitlement programs.

    • He isn’t going to give up his entitlement programs because the people that live on them are what got him elected again. How you might ask? Because they have nothing better to do than to sit on a bus all day on election day being bused from poll to poll in states that don’t require a voter to show ID before casting a ballot and voting for Obummer as many times as possible in a 12 hour period. I am sure that the buses were loaded with plenty of food and drinks for them to gorge themselves with all day as well as a little something “extra” at the end of the day to thank them for their “trouble”. Have you noticed that the only states that he really “won” during the election didn’t have any voter ID laws? I guess his voters will have another 4 years of entitlements to say thank you also.

      • Those buses were not ordinary trimet or c-tran metropolis only buses. Those buses were more likely the special greyhound luxury buses. They can afford first class seats on minimum wage plus welfare while they drive out our own citizens. isn’t that nice that nObama obamination bin laden steals tax payers wages to give to his own in our country and muslims in the united states can purposely evade taxes. wish I could have that. But I guess being born in the united states and being a white Christian means I am entitled to mud. Oh yay. Mud pie. (Better not send that, they will come steal my mud pie!!!!)

    • I recently read about a new law in the US on July1 2013, that will prosecute anyone posting anything on the internet that may offend others. it was stated that the US government will prosecute those that offend others.

      • Don, they are only talking about offending muslims, But the congress will never pass a law like that. It violates the First Amendment and will not hold up in court.

        • They already passed it. But it is part of Sharia Law but here they call it “anti-bullying” and “hate-speech” law so no one can honestly tell the truth. I will practice hate and say hateful things until they act maturely and in a mature manner, get sterilized. Nothing short of muslim sterilization will make me happy.

  67. Time to load the water cannons with bacon grease. Things are going to get nasty very soon. Better to crack muslim heads and deport while the French still have control of their country. The same goes for the UK which appears to have submitted to Islam. If the UK doesn’t act now they are in for a rush of new bag heads heading towards their country and the hefty benefits they can expect to get there.

  68. Liberty or death? Muslims are no more than a huge fifth column that has to be barracked and maintained in waiting.

      • Here in the US the muslims come by boat or over the boarders and promote the homosexual agenda while providing abortions, drugs, and child brides to those in our country who never belonged here, and their muslim dictator in our oval office just gave them all immunity, but they call it amnesty, automatic citizenship, as long as they provide 50% of the drugs and women to the politicians. Call it communism, socialism, capitalism, or feudalism or even call it empire, monarch, government, new world order, call it whatever you want. I call it humanity, and it stinks like poison.

  69. The younger generation of Frenchies are fighting back. One day they will look back and say “what the hell was wrong with our parents to have let this scum in?”

  70. Good to hear! France is really making way with sorting out the Muzscum “problem”. Cutting back on welfare benefits its progress. Once these economic leeches entitlement whores have a large proportion of their welfare cut off they might have to get off their lazy asses and get a job. If that fails bye bye deportation is the final solution. Time for the oil rich countries in the ME to take their turn supporting their Muzzie friends NOT the West! We have been doing it too long and going by the wealth of the Saudi Royal bottom feeders for example, they have plenty of funds to Sponsor the parasites. If the UN, Leftards and Dhimmis dont like it, well that comes under the category of toooooo bad!

  71. Also they should ignore them calling them racist. And just say we want France back end o. It is the first ray of hope for years regards this they have been winning all over the west. At last the brave young people of France are willing to do samething about it. Sorry to say not like our cowards her not all but most. I hold no hope for the UK they only have the EDL and not many of them through persecution now march.
    Our govenment are effectivly stamping it out and totally taking the Muslims side it is no wonder the lefties are changing sides to the Muslims they know they are going to win. Whoo Hoo go France!!!! Maybe we will immigrate their after because all the Muslims will be coming here from there for better benefits. Parasites colonisers when are the Indigenious going to rise up here and protest in the numbers they are. Then France are not doing what they have done to the EDL here. YET!!!!

  72. The result of the muslim population to the untrained such as mine seems to be they deplete the environment around them of anything good. They ruin everything spiritually, economically, and mentally of anything around them. Piss on em, send them home. They don’t contribute a whole hell of a lot of anything to society. Like obama and his court of jackoffs and jesters in DC.

  73. The welfare benefits should be completely eliminated. The free money is devastating France economically for ungrateful, violent, rioting infidel-haters.

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

    Wake up sleeping Europeans and Brits to your terrible danger!

    • “Wake up sleeping Europeans and Brits to your terrible danger”…..

      Linda.. We ARE awake, and watch with terror as these bastards overthrow our lands as the lawmakers make laws to protect them and prevent us even COMPLAINING!

      Our hands are tied, all we can do is contibue to beg our governments to stop them… but they dont listen…. its a if they dont believe what others read in the Koran. Cameron even said that we “Deliberately misunderstand ISLAM”!!!

      God help us all.

        • I estimate the leftwing white vote to be 35-40% then all the trade unions, all public servants teachers etc, then throw in all the ethnic votes now you know why labour type govts get in in western countries. Have a look at Obama getting in again when pollsters said he has no chance. Too many traitors and dunces walk among us for voting to be the answer. All the so-called experts say labour will get the boot in a couple of months [worst govt in Australian history] My bet— Rudd will get back in.People are idiots!!!

      • Think about this, even if gun control is global. Hundreds of years ago, a country once named Transylvania had a mad scientist named frankenstein. He created a monster through forbidden magical and scientific practices that God actually forbid. It took a mob of Transylvanians armed with pitchforks, shovels, axes, rocks, and torches (pretty much anything they could find) to chase that demon out of their towns and even their country. Get the hint yet? Islam is that demon. Now figure out the rest.

  74. Kick them all out take France back I wish you all the luck you are so right it looks horrifying all then Burkas. I wish we had the same in the UK we will be next though come Dec 2013 29 million can come here from Bulgaria, Romaina and Russia how many will be Muslims? Tersea May says we can do nothing well we can read this.
    OUT OUT of the EU voteUKIP. Look at this link.

    So why are the TORYS not saving us from this?

    • UKIP are tories, they are not teh saviours of teh UK and even if they were elected they have their noses stuck ever deeply into teh trough and will just want to maintain teh status quo, we need to lose capitalism and politicians and start to respect our planet before it’s destroyed by teh elite arseholes in teh name of profit!!!

  75. I am sure happy to hear about this. Wish it was a 90% cut though–including housing and food…..Arm the French citizens and begin starving the beggars.

  76. There is no hope for strength from those enabled from birth, and that goes for any “musulman”, in any country.

    • I wish. More likely it won’t come to deportation it will be them leaving to infest and leech off another country.

      • I am all in favor for putting them to sleep anymore, at least it would be more humane than chopping off heads and having them live homeless to only get molested by their Grandpa’s. Sounds cruel I know but to sleep with medication is the proper way, Either go back home to your lands.. OR choose the sleeping needle, NO other options, period.

  77. an allowance of 2,000 euros per adult and 1,000 euros per child – this is per month, right? Is yes, you should specify. s.k.

      • Not sure where they got that figure -overinflated- and am trying to find the official (monthly) ones. But in any case, whatever they got, way too much and undeserved, so about time they cut that; for over 5 months we’ve been relentlessly plastering on our sites that we will not continue to pay for all these parasites, so guess they can no longer ignore that. If, regardless of our income, we decided to do like our Gérard and fiscally exiled ourselves, the outcome would be pretty interesting, don’t you think?

        In any case, if they want to riot, as said before, bring in on; at least we no longer will have to worry about holding back when having to thump those bastards when they come looking for trouble.

        • No country benefits from adding moslems to the mix. Welfare is meant for citizens in need of temporary aide, not as support to immigrants. Good on France for finally starting to address this issue. Wish other countries would get brave and start on it too. Identitaire… My heroes.

      • Yeah thats a lot!In germany you get 374 euro per month and a warm flat that can cost up to 380 Euro if you are one person,5 persons get a flat for 705 Euro.If you have many kids you can make good money,sometimes you get more if you work.Thats for germans and foreigners who hava a right to live in germany.

        A asylum seeker gets 336 Euro per month and must live mostly with other asylum seekers,also for free ofcourse.

        But sometimes they put them in normal flats,also german tv showed a gipsy family who get a flat in a rich area,very expensive-they sayed so they integrate better haha…

        • “Now immigrants who are EU citizens receive an allowance of 2,000 euros per adult and 1,000 euros per child.”
          That seems rather overinflated to me too, most Austrian workers receive a great deal less than 2000 euros, and often feed a family of four on their wages.
          Or maybe that is just because workers pay 50% of their wages to the government.

  78. The UK and EU countries better follow suit soon, or the dependent hoards will move to where the benefits reflect amply suitable jizya entitlements.

    • I was just thinking that. Belgium being close will likely be the first to feel the burden of the welfare hoards flight. As it seems they are already over burdened as well and really should think of quick decisive action or they will end up the catch all.

        • BNI, you’re so right! Nevertheless, I keep hoping that the Germans might be the first to say: “Enough”. (Well I can dream can’t I?) Seems to be a toss-up which country will capitulate first; Sweden or Belgium.

          We are seeing the most craven cowardice in human history.

    • No problem! Excused! We could use a few more youngsters like these in France,here in the U.S, the kind of youth actually more concerned about preservation of their country and their future, more about those things than having the latest —-ing I-Phone, or who the hell is winning on so-called reality shows and “Dancing With the Stars”; for my part, I really don’t give a flying —- about who is winning on “Dancing With the Stars” or who is doing who in Hollywood!!

      • I´m german, and my country won´t do a thing because our politicans are way too afraid of our old stereotypes. -.-

        • Xytro, we understand that and feel sad that Germans are so afraid of repeating what happened with the Jews, they they are digging their own graves by not cracking down on the fast-growing Muslim problem.

        • Muslims are like CAMEL. If you pity a camel , considering cold weather or dust storm outside, allow it to poke its head into the tent, the tent is gone, along with you and all contents. Keep the Camel away from the tent.

  79. Only a balanced approach will lead to positive results.???? Are they nuts? With these people there is no balance approach to anything. They are NOT a reasoning people. They are still living in the 7th century, and they see financial support of them as their due, all part of the dhimmi having to pay the jizya (tax) to them.

    • what a foolish commentary! Balanced approach? The givers are to balance the giving… The takers are to adjust what never belonged to them in a society they never want to assimilate. I have a balanced approach… how about 50% of them leave back to their hellholes they came from today and the other 50% leave tomorrow. Is that balanced enough? Dingbat!

      • I agree 100%!! I also think the ones in America should all depart the same day. Then quite possibly some deserving Americans can get a tax break from these freeloaders. If you are in our countries, then be a countrymen, do not expect us to change our customs for you. Get your butts to work and pay your own way. Do what you want in your own country and stay the hell out of ours!

        • Couldn’t agree more, but one more thing–they should have to take Obama and his entire gang with them!

          Look, ever since this tidal wave of 7th century filth started pouring into Europe the writing has been on the wall—it MUST come to violence as there is just no way indigenous Europeans will submit to paying ever-higher taxes just to keep ever greater numbers of useless muslim filth living “in the manner to which they have become accustomed”.

          It would seem a very large percentage of Europeans have yet to come to terms with the inescapable fact that if you extrapolate the present situation to say, about 2030-40, what do you find? You will find muslim parasites enraged (aren’t they always?) because there is no money for their benefits (jizya) and you’ll find a thoroughly fed-up indigenous population, in other words; TOTAL VIOLENCE. Norway experienced the start of it………………..

        • Because of their Koran and their culture Muslims will never settle in , change their ways and integrate . The very fact that countries continue their Muslim appeasement means that they will perpetuate the Muslims beliefs . The fact that they form enclaves and no-go zones means that they cannot escape from Islam’s submission because they are always under the scrutiny of their Muslim community . Unfortunately it almost seems that these countries will have to experience actual civil war before it will change . We can only pray that the Muslims will be exposed before that . but it may be too little too late . And moderate Muslims is a misnomer . You can see examples everywhere of sane , intelligent , working , second or third generational Muslim immigrants going off the deep end . They either become disgruntled , or more Islam religious , and boom , there goes someones life . This is because of their Koran . It is dangerous . Unfortunately Muslims always have a hidden agenda as prescribed by their Koran .

      • Yes to the hidden agenda. Please get the correct narrative. Islam is not a religion, it is a theocracy, with religion as an intrical part of the state.