28 comments on “Unknown German artist puts niqabs (Islamic headbags) on statues throughout Germany to protest Muslim oppression of women

  1. What the artist effectively did was show how the woman’s personality completely disappeared under the niqab. The essence of who the woman is was completely eradicated. She is no longer a member of society who can think, love, laugh or share. She is now relegated to the status of a hole.

    Islam is so effed up.

  2. I was kind of thinking along the same lines. If the attist really wanted to protest oppression by male muslimes, why not just place more statues of buck naked ladies in public places! Show much more, NOT “covering” as is their practice……………..

  3. These statues will be smashed when Muslims finish their takeover of Germany. I have to admit I don’t really feel sorry for Germans. They murdered millions of Jews and Muslims helped, then the Germans felt guilty and allowed Muslims to pour into Germany by the millions. Now Germans will reap what they sowed: their own extinction as a people. The only way to prevent that would be to go Nazi on the Muslims and they won’t do that, and probably couldn’t anyway, too many Muslims now. Pity.

  4. When a muslim shoved a non muslim under a train they did not even print that he was muslim and he certainly was not charged with a hate crime. But when the opposit happens all hell breaks loose on the perpetrator.

  5. Two powerful videos. No words are needed to convey the message. Thanks. I’m sure it will be transfered to our Canadian officials concerning the recent decision to allow nikabs in Court.

  6. If they’re not oppressing women, they’re not Muslim. Change the doctrine and it’s no longer Islam – but the doctrine cannot be changed as it is perfect and eternal from Allah almighty, the only god in the universe, conveyed through the final and greatest prophet, Mohammed, the perfect Muslim, who is long since dead.

  7. This is an artisitc way to show how ridiculous and perverted are the ways of islam that would expect women to wear head bags even when their own coran does not tell the women to do so. This is purely an evil way for the male savages of islam to dominate their women.

  8. BNI,
    Can you please find out if the 23 year old student nurse in India who was raped and murdered, if it was by muzzies? I have a feeling thats who did the crime. I have not been able to find out what the animals names are. The reports make no mention of names, race or even age. This whole horrible thing smells muslim.

  9. Asiiiiieeeeeee ! I am but a poor muslim traveller seeking free stuff and my poor head and shins are barked to the bone from banging into things as I go past these statues with my eyes firmly closed.
    The holy queeran demands that I kill my self if I see an unclothed woman who is not my wife. Thank Alley that most of them show only their unabashed boobies. Those that are totally nude demands that I crawl backwards past them, again with my eyes firmly closed. Hanging the niquab helps a little for I cannot see their embarrasment for hanging their stone boobies out where good muslim men may see them and become excited.

    Aaiiiiieeeee ! life ain’t easy for a pure and inocent muslim man in a land with impure images of women. It almost as bad as images of farm animals (Snort).

    • no, thats where you are wrong..If the radical islamists were in charge these statues would be destroyed just like all depictions of the human form which are haram to muslims..Once France becomes muslim, which they demographically calculate could be in several decades, all the cultural treasures, the paintings, and sculptures that attract millions of tourists , will be destroyed, just like the Buddhas in Afghanistan were blown up! Germany will follow suit..Just look at the islamic idiots in control of Egypt now, the mullahs are debating how to completely cover the sphinxes in some sort of liquid wax to destroy idolatry, they couldn’t destroy them in the first wave of islam when they destroyed the faces of the sphinx, now they intend to complete the job!.., Churchill was right when he wrote that there is no more retrograde force than that of the musselmann (muslim) what a shame there is no Churchill today!

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