SAUDI ARABIA: Foreign workers forced to live in ‘slavery-like’ conditions

Eight million foreign workers from third world countries, represent over half of the Saudi workforce, yet are drastically underpaid, exploited, and abused.

Workers from poor countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh come to Saudi Arabia under a sponsorship system routinely abused by employers who subject them to what Human Rights Watch calls “slavery-like conditions.” Passports are often confiscated, wages delayed or withheld, and forced labor is commonplace. Female domestic workers suffer from confinement, food deprivation, and severe sexual, psychological and physical abuse. Male workers live in conditions most people would find unsuitable for animals.

“Saudi Arabia is your owner, you dog.”

Even Muslim workers are treated as slaves by their Arab employers, who look down on dark-skinned people. In Arabic, the word for black and slave are the same. This video highlights Muslim supremacism and racism in a tirade that humiliates a Bangladeshi taxi driver.













14 comments on “SAUDI ARABIA: Foreign workers forced to live in ‘slavery-like’ conditions

  1. You racist Bitch. You dont know anything about my country. your only showing the extreme cases of abuse. most of the workers here are treated with the utmost respect, some foreigners get paid more that arabs in this country. you’re degrading what my country is worth. come and witness all the things your claiming that happens in every muslim/arab household and then start talking shit ok? yes I’m arab and i don’t approve this abusive behavior but how would you like it for me to talk crap about your country. Think before you speak. xx :)

    • Danielle, what ‘RACE’ is Islam? Don’t worry, we don’t only show the extreme cases of Muslim abuse here, we show all the everyday ordinary cases of Muslim abuse too.

      If you are a Saudi baghead, why don’t you have an Arabic name, bitch?

  2. Al Fadi is a former Wahabbi Muslim from Saudi Arabia. Everything he says about islam comfirms everything BNI has to say ! He was a guest last night on Coast to Coast AM with John Wells who asked all the important questions. Al also agrees that obama has a warm spot in his black little heart for islam.

    • Annie, I heard that interview last night and was pleasantly surprised that Wells encouraged him to speak with truth with no quarter for political correctness. I will post one his interviews later.

        • Annie, no, I didn’t. I’m not a regular listener because I’m not into all the stuff about aliens and shadow people. If they would have more programs like this one, however, I’d listen a lot more. Also, I really love John Well’s deep voice. He reminds me a little of Art Bell.

  3. No way are theses workers treated like slaves…that only happens in the FREEDOM of AMERICA where the FOREIGN worker ie …illegal get wic,welfare,food stamps,free medical ,and HUD all payed for by the most evil of people the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS…but we all know we the AMERICAN are the only ones who treat others badly…according to our traitor of a leader….

  4. The second video illustrates a degradation some may miss or be unaware of. At 0:28 watch closely as the Saudi forces the Bangledeshi to kiss the Saudi’s LEFT hand .
    That any Bangledeshi or person of color would vouch for Islam demonstrates that insanity can be intentionally if not willfully self-inflicted. Islam is a disease, a cancer that must be eradicated from the universe.

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