SPAIN: Muslim gets a slap on the wrist for sodomizing and killing a horse

Screenshot20111006at11_05_57AM-vi-300x191Counter jihad website, Islam vs Europe has posted about this gruesome story twice before. In the first, a horse had smashed the face of a Muslim who had tried to rape it. In the second, a Muslim, presumably the same one, killed the horse with a stick.

Here, the case has finally come to court. As you can see, the Muslim gets almost no punishment for his crime, just 3 months in jail and a fine.

The judge of Penal Court No. 1 in Almería passed a sentence of 3 months imprisonment on a man accused of causing the death of a horse after inserting a large stick into its anus in El Ejido (Almería).

The horse killed by the Muslim

The horse killed by the Muslim

The events occurred on the night of 12 to 13 September in 2012 in a farm located in the La Higuera road in El Ejido, where the accused immobilised a horse valued at 2,800 euros with the intention of causing it damage.

He inserted a 70-centimetre wooden handle into its anus, which produced internal haemorrhages in the animal causing its death, according to the judgement of the magistrate Luis Miguel Columna.

The judge declares that although there is no direct proof of who committed the acts, there are “more than sufficient indications to determine his responsibility” and he recalls that at the moment of his arrest, M.A. had wood remains on his clothes and a special straw that was only used on the farm where the horse died. 

For that, the judge sentenced M.A. to three months’ imprisonment for the crime of mistreatment of a domestic animal, a punishment replaced by expulsion from Spanish territory for a period of 10 years, and payment of 2,800 euros compensation to the owner of the horse.






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  1. I want to know what country had to take in this sorry,
    worthless,disgusting hunk of flesh. He’ll probably
    end up here in the States and we’ll have to witness
    some act of violence here & then have to support him
    while in our jail system. Wherever he is, it needs to be
    released to the general public…people have a right to
    know about undesirables like this lurching in their

  2. I would kill that sick son of a bitch if that was my horse.It’s pretty bad that he had to rape a horse because he can’t get a woman,pretty sad.I feel that if anyone does that they should be sentenced to a hell of alot more time in prison and i’m talking 15 years or more.I could say alot more but i’m not going to but in my own personal opinion he should be sentenced to death just like the horse.

  3. So Bin Laden is standing before God waiting to hear his punishment, when God gets a tap on the shoulder. There behind him stand 343 firemen, 72 police officers, 1 k9 officer, 3,000 American citizens & over 5,000 soldiers. “Don’t worry God, we got this!!!”

  4. Filthy -putrid -low life scum -this should be posted where the general public can see what this perverted -slimy piece of dog’s vomit done to this poor horse -what a horrible death -if only he had got a kick in before he died and left his killer-crippled.

  5. Vlad Tepes, aka Dracula (not the esteemed Canadian blogger) had the right idea. Impale the bastard muslims! He did by the thousands. To this very day, Romanians think of him as a national folk hero.

  6. The only cure for sick shits like this is a bullet between the eyes. I’m hoping when released ffrom jail, the townsfolk will take matters into their own hands, kill the perp, and fire that judge.

  7. 3 months, a fine and expulsion for 10 years, oh, and monetary compensation to the horse’s owner is all this freak of nature gets? The sick f**k essentially impales a poor horse with an axe handle or something simply because the horse rightly objected to being impaled by some depraved (and hence, normal), dirty muzztard’s foul penis. Well I hope they find this islamoturd’s impaled body in his cell, face contorted in writhing pain from a slow, horrifically painful death! Will some Spanish convict please redeem himself and be willing to do the deed for the sake of inmate justice? God knows Europe’s, squeamish, dhimmified judges won’t.

  8. seems mohammed liked to fuk dead women,,, and muslims like to fuk there goats,, now they choose horses and they say allah is right ….. BETTER GET RID OF MUSLIM IN YOUR LANDS before we all go into stoneage….. DUMB mossies….. poor horse.

  9. Shaz, two problems with your solution:
    1: He would probably enjoy the insertion
    2: You make a rash assumption in thinking he has a brain to hit.

    What is it with Muslims and sex? Too many seem to have no self control.

  10. I read the comments in Spanish on the original Spanish website. People are upset. He only got three months. They should publish his photo everywhere.

  11. The owner of the poor dead horse, and some of his friends, should find this piece of scum on a nice dark night and return the favour. The pos should be deported, and in the all too likely event it has citizenship, *that* should be stripped off it, and sent back to nearest Islamic cesspit.

    I loathe everything about these scum, but it’s their vile cruelty to animals that makes me hate them the most.

  12. What’s next from those sex-crazed Islamists…the Trojan Horse. Their behavior is so far from this planet that they should send them all to UrAnus. Even Pigs have higher ethical standards.

    • AMEN!!!!

      Too sadly true what you wrote at the end, they’ll do nothing to him aside from 3 TOKEN MONTHS in jail!!!!

      He deserves not less than 7 years of extra-HARD LABOUR, with NO parole, in addition to being surgically-castrated (preferably WITHOUT anæsthesia!!!) – and the labour should be such that he’ll die before he can possibly complete his term!!! [If he gets sick or crippled during that term, he may as well be immediately executed.] At the end, if somebody somehow makes it through alive, mandatory and automatic deportation to dar al-Islam should finish the penalty (in addition to disenfranchisement upon conviction if he has ANY Western citizenship). To boot, ALL his family should be deported IMMEDIATELY and the prisoner throughout his period in prison should be cut off from ALL correspondence or communication with the outside world.

      Furthermore, when Moslems are processed by ANY Western justice system, ALL sentences should be served CONSECUTIVELY and with NO PAROLE. Anybody who also has multiple offences (>2) upon their criminal record excluding murder or rape should expect a LIFE-tariff of hard-labour – and whoever ends up guilty of murder, attempted murder or wounding somebody (manslaughter would NOT be allowed as a conviction in the case of Moslems hurting non-Moslems as their ideology requires their hating and hurting “infidels”!!!) including rape, the penalty should be DEATH in the same manner as in which he tried to commit the murder or rape.

      • These provisions should apply until the time when ALL Moslems are expelled from the West!!!! At that time, any Moslem still in jail should be executed, with the rest being physically and securely delivered into dar al-Islam without papers or any assets whatsoever!!!

  13. Holy crap, the guy really had to hard up for sex if he had to take it to a horse. The horse should of kicked him in the balls and face as well. I guess inbreeding causes this.

  14. islam is a sick cult of evil. It is unfortunate that innocent animals have to be terrorized by this cult of evil that includes hating and murdering of dogs, sexual abuse of women and children, beastiality, necrophilia, unbelievable cruelty during the butchering of halal animals and so on. Words could never describe the evil of islam perpetrated on people, such as the sodomy endured by Chris Stevens in libya, farm animals and so on. We must forever be on our guard against the atrocities and the taqiyya of islam. This monster was banned for 10 years. Why not a life ban? Hopefully, while in prison for three months, the other prisoners will use a three foot wooden stake on his useless carcass.

      • Here’s a novel idea for you sab, why don’t you read it? After all, it is your own book, and yes, we have read your book. That is precisely why we consider it pornography of violence and fit only for the wiping of excrement from the collective anus of humanity.

  15. I’m not surprised at the lentient sentence handed down by a judge, to this cruel, barbaric muslim, the whole world seems to be in an insane mental state, willing to placate muslim brutality of both humans and animals.

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