SPAIN: Muslim gets a slap on the wrist for sodomizing and killing a horse

Screenshot20111006at11_05_57AM-vi-300x191Counter jihad website, Islam vs Europe has posted about this gruesome story twice before. In the first, a horse had smashed the face of a Muslim who had tried to rape it. In the second, a Muslim, presumably the same one, killed the horse with a stick.

Here, the case has finally come to court. As you can see, the Muslim gets almost no punishment for his crime, just 3 months in jail and a fine.

The judge of Penal Court No. 1 in Almería passed a sentence of 3 months imprisonment on a man accused of causing the death of a horse after inserting a large stick into its anus in El Ejido (Almería).

The horse killed by the Muslim
The horse killed by the Muslim

The events occurred on the night of 12 to 13 September in 2012 in a farm located in the La Higuera road in El Ejido, where the accused immobilised a horse valued at 2,800 euros with the intention of causing it damage.

He inserted a 70-centimetre wooden handle into its anus, which produced internal haemorrhages in the animal causing its death, according to the judgement of the magistrate Luis Miguel Columna.

The judge declares that although there is no direct proof of who committed the acts, there are “more than sufficient indications to determine his responsibility” and he recalls that at the moment of his arrest, M.A. had wood remains on his clothes and a special straw that was only used on the farm where the horse died. 

For that, the judge sentenced M.A. to three months’ imprisonment for the crime of mistreatment of a domestic animal, a punishment replaced by expulsion from Spanish territory for a period of 10 years, and payment of 2,800 euros compensation to the owner of the horse.