doll_109-viMay 2013 be a healthy and happy year for you and your families. I can’t thank you enough for your tremendous show of support for this website. Your insightful, intelligent, and humorous commentary is greatly appreciated as is your help in getting the truth about Islam out to more people than I could ever reach on my own.

With love,  Bonni







  1. To Marlene,,,
    I can just see you in a Burka or Hijab,,, The visuals on that are ludicrous !!! L O L !!
    I can only say, I’m sure as ‘ell glad you and I are on the same side !!

  2. Now that the Holidays are safely past, I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! and will again be re-entering the War. In the meantime, I’ve been slugging it out, and rather viciously, with the muzzies on facebook.
    Blogs like Bonni’s are one aspect of the Front Lines, and facebook seems to be a main battlefront.
    No surprise…and the taqqiya there is so thick you could drive a tank over it with it cracking under the weight.
    Still, it’s a battlefront, and I will be doing all I can there to draw more exposure to BNI on Facebook, as well as the other 2 Prime Luminaries of this War; Spencer and Geller.
    I know Fbook has a ‘problem’ with anti-islam relared stuff and they’re just going to have to suck up, put on their grown-up pants and deal with it or I will make good on the Warning I gave them.
    I have some very useful info that when dropped in the Market at anytime will hurt them badly…at the right time exactly, it’d render them helpless before Google, which is trying to get it’s teeth into their neck.

    This is a War, and Wars are fought by gaining ground and disposing of the opposition.
    This is a War, and I fight it as such.

    • You’re correct Marlene. We can’t fight the war on Islam here, only can get some of the tools/weapons needed to fight it. It is people like you who take these weapons and use them in places where this blog would never be seen. Thank you.

      I came across a blog the other day that was talking about how FB tells people who try to post stories from here there that the BNI site is ‘UNSAFE.’ And they make it hard to post stories with BNI in the URL. Do you ever find that?

      • Not thus far, but others have. I made myself VERY clear, publicly, to Fbook that if they kept interefering and practicing selective discriination in allowing pro-oslami content and not counter-oslami content that I WILL carry through on my warning–and included enough information in my Warning to let them know I Cand do exactly what I state. They do erase posts of mine, but I do my best to keep track and re-post as needed. I wouldn’t say Fbook is scared of me…but they do know that I am not something who is withoug recourse of my own against them.
        But. this is a War, I expect them to resist and such…it’s the same everywhere, the islami have wormed their way into everything from the courts, to Fbook, to all other aspects of the Western world’s social system.
        It’s a War unlike anything fought by Humanity before and the enemy has managed to intimidate and kow many people and agencies with the sheer and simple threat/worry of islamic rioting and such.
        It’s a problem, but an understandable one and one that can be dealt with. Unwind that fear’s coils from about those it peralyzes ad islam loses much of it’s power.

        You’re quite welcome and now that I’ve gotten my feet wet in this War, and have gotten through the ‘Klumsy’ stage we all must pass through whe tackling new endeavours, I’m going to be far more effective in combat vs. islami and their sympathizers.
        As I have also been asked (and accepted) to speak as Harbinger by my people…I will pull NO punches wth islami. They’ve had 1400 years X 365 chances to change their ways, grow, evolve…and haven’t.
        Their time is up. Not more chances. No more patience. and NO more ‘rolerance’ for islam. Humanity will not fall to islam and if the islami force our hand, we will deal with them in any and every way that is made necessary to spare Humanity enslavement under caliphate.

        Thank-You Bonni, for leading the charge along with Geller and Spencer, and inspiring others in doing the same or just standing and lending their voice alongside the rest of us!!
        Once again;
        Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones and anti-islamization Resistance fighters!!! :-)


        • Thank-You! :-) Rest assured that I will continue on. More and more each day, people sign on as friends and subscribe to my feed on Fbook, and they KNOW what kind of stuff I deal in as many have seen what I post as friends often repost what I put up. I just finished posting three articles on FB from BNI, and they should take folks to BNI, if not, then I’ll start including active links.
          If Fbook starts becoming a real nuisance, then I start posting about my personal offsite blogs where people can find BNI and related stories/links.
          Fbook doesn’t scare me…not after my having opened my eyes and seeing for myself what’s happening in the world. Also, if Zuckieberg starts crap again, I’ll refresh the media’s memory about the SEC investigation about his malfeasance in the IPO scandal.
          They start crap with me…I will End it and Fbook will end up being owned by Google. They’ve already had the One Warning, so it’s up to them to behave properly.

        • Working on it as we speak… :-)
          TY for the encouragement!!
          Likewise also!! It’s people like you that continue to inspire and lead people like us. Thank-You!! :-)

          Now I have to deal with some pests trying to ‘invite’ me to islam…

          They’d have better luck trying to demolish the Rocky Mountains with a feather duster. 😀

  3. And a happy, blessed, prepared New Year to you Bonni. From me and all my brothers: Hooya (Seals, Hua (SF, and a big Oorah (Devil Dogs).
    You’re the best.
    MSgt Mike

  4. Happy new year BNI. Nothing like the truth to dispel and expose this Rotten Demon. Didn’t expect to feel such great a repulsive feeling in the. Pit of my stomach the first day of 2013, but this video did it. Lol

  5. Happy New Year! Thank you for the countless hours and effort you put into this site. It is the BEST counter Jihad site on the Internet. God bless you!

  6. Happy New Year Bonnie and all fellow BNI’ers !
    May I also join in Thanking you Bonnie for your tireless efforts educating us and many others into the dangers the world faces from an Islamic onslaught.
    I have to admit i say happy new year with some trepidation & considering BO has been given free reign to destroy the US and the world, let alone those blundering unelected fools brandishing their illegal power through the EU over many non-suspecting European citizens, it does not bode well for 2013, BUT we can and do and will view this as a continuing challenge to never surrender !!!!!
    GOD BLESS ALL !!!!

      • I fully understand your feeling, Ms. BNI – and yours truly amply shares it!!!! [Ah, if ONE thing would change, I’m certain things wouldn’t be as bad and drearily-despondent the way they’re now; however, it seems like God Really Wants in a way to Punish me – let’s see if some GREAT good will come out of evil in the end…]

        Nevertheless, you still have this calling and vocation, and let me please encourage you to keep toiling onwards in it!!! God Bless!!!!

  7. BBC reported that it was due to paedophiles stalking children in yahoo chats, CEO was left with no alternative but to shut down the yahoo chats or face lawsuits

  8. Happy new year Bonni and thank you for this website this Islamic takeover fear is made more bearable by being able to join together with like minded people when in the outside world many do not believe this is so and have their heads firmly in the sand. The wit and humour from the people on here yourself included makes me have many a burst of laugher. Happy new year to you all and lets keep up the good work aevery bit of news that says a country is doing something to stop this is very heartening I am sure we all feel the same.The France are starting it the youth good bless them they will need it in the road ahead, will they stamp it out like they are doing to the EDL in the UK this remains to be seen. Having said that Mr Holland better watch out their ancester was part of the revolution and we know what happened there. The thing is that if enough people got out their and said no to Islam and immigration and wanted them all out they would have to pay attention in every country we should demo in the millions and petition in the millions. Alas I think us on here and many such sites across the world may be too few for what is to come that could have been prevented had the majority of the nations done more to stop it. Us not not banding together has the MUslims do is going to be our downfall.

    Lets hope this year it is different. Best wishs to you all.

  9. Another year in the trenches. My most visited sites this year just might be BNI and TundraTabloids. A sad loss in the US elections, but we soldier on. Thank you for all you do, Bonni. May God provide us all the courage needed to fight against the followers of Mohammad (Piss be upon him), for his creed is Jihad and terror to the kaffir. Kaffir and proud!

  10. Happy New year and keep up the Great work!

    The world badly needs more truth speakers with guts to expose the mooslime rats and their nefarious designs to suppress the civilized world and spread their evil cult.

    The battle will and must continue till every non -muslim realises the true nature
    of this sick cult . And every civilised societies ,must keep these vermins out , if they need to stay civilised and not become savage and barbaric like this evil backward cult that has used the cloak of “religion” to spread and survive so long….

    God Bless you!!!

  11. Happy New Year to You as well Bonni! Thanks so much for all your exhaustive work to expose the evil cult of Islam. Please know there are lots of us out here who understand the risks you take to tell the TRUTH and appreciate your tireless efforts. Continued prayers for your work and safety are aways coming your way.

  12. Happy New Year Bonni !

    Wishing you health, wisdom, safety, and wealth this new year.

    Supporting godly political candidates and making year end tax deductible contributions has decimated my funds but I plan to start supporting your ministry starting this month. I pray that many others will do likewise.

    God bless you and Mr. BNI.

  13. Ms BNI,,, A Blessed New Year to You and my Favorite “Gunny”,,, May the coming New Year be Kind and Gracious unto both of You.
    And I know i speak a thought many here share, and that is, Thank You, for giving us the material we need to share with the rest of our individual environments. I would like to thank also ( AND BLESS !!) So many of our commentators, who have tirelessly and faithfully researched and posted so much wonderful information on our common adversary.

    Happy New Year to ALL of You. This old Grouch thinks this whole crew is just flat out TOP O’ THE LINE !!!

    ~ ~ Grouchy ~ ~

  14. Happy New Year to all, with the obvious exception of the trolls from CAIR. May Bonni and the rest of us continue to be thorns in their side. It’s the least we can do.

  15. A thousand times Thank You to BONNI for the most interesting website on islam.

    A very healthy and prosperous New Year to all. Spread the word about islam. We’re only getting started.

    • Happy new year BNI and thank you for your site, Id also like to extend my new years greetings to my old roomies in Yahoo Islam chat 4 and 9, I lost touch with them due to yahoo chats demise on dec 14th, My id was murtad_scholar, murts_chatterbox. As a murtad (traitor to islam, exmuslim) I exposed Islams filth from personal experience. BNI , atlasshrugs, jihadwatch and Islamwatch were very valuable resources too as well. :)

    • Amen and seconded!!!!

      Also MANY extra thanks to the efforts of “Istanbul_chick”, Alain, Linda Rivera, Susan K., Allan Iverson, Don Laird – and 1389AD!!! You all help so beautifully together with Ms. BNI in fighting the hard-core input of both the muzturds and the Communists who’re always spouting forth their GARBAGE wherever they possibly can!!!!

      God Bless you all, and may 2013 be a better year for you – and especially Ms. BNI – if it’s not meant to so be for me…

      • And you too ADHD, don’t sell yourself short as your knowledge is an invaluable contribution here (and I’m sure Bonni agrees with me on that) as well as those you’ve also mentioned. Sure so I can really speak my mind on the subject and tell it how it is without caring whom might get offended, but as I am really “in the thick of it”, my contributions here are not as much as I’d like them to be and are crediting me with.

        And a better 2013 for you too, I command it :-)

        • You’re too kind, Alain. I’m no scholar or “ivory-tower” professor; nor am I a success in anything I’ve tried to do in my life. Just a big failure in so much (especially given my social curses). Nevertheless, MANY thanks for your kindness – and those who’re in the thick of things are often the best of people!!! [“Too many advisers – who would fill the ranks if everybody was an adviser?”]

          Sorry to have missed out on the contributions of “Grouchy-Fogie” and Mrs. Wilkins, they should be added to the above list!

          Again, God Bless you all!!!!…

  16. Thank-you Bonni for all you do.
    It must be hard some days to write day in and day out about the false evil cult of Islam, and i pray your strength stays strong.
    We can do all our God of our faiths (Jewish and Christian ) gives us the strength to do. For he is a righteous God and gives us the strength to prevail.
    For ours is THE RIGHT FIGHT !
    History will look kindly upon you Bonni.


  17. you keep that branding iron hot Bonnie we will round up all the strays soon we will have a rag tag bunch of muslim fighter ‘s this world has never seen the like of ! mean time let ol mr B know we got us a bottle of Mark an Mark with water back to toast his good taste in a runnin mate

  18. Happy New Year Bonni take care; and thank you for the constant delivery of excellent work tabling the ‘Dark Truth’ about Islam. We of the ‘Free World’ need you. Using the words of ‘Star Trek’ “Live Long and Prosper.”

  19. Thank you, Warrior Bonnie for your great work in the fight for freedom! Wishing you and everyone a Happy and Fantastic New Year!

    God bless!

  20. Yes, Bonni, you are amazing. You don’t miss important news from around the world. I stopped buying any news paper or watch the News on TV for a very long time. It is a waste of my time. However, I feel that I get the truth and honest intellectual comments from BNI.
    Keep the excellent work Bonni. God bless you.
    A very happy healthsuccessfulul New Year.

  21. Yes, God bless you, Bonni, and thank you for doing the ugly job of fighting this fascism day in and day out and doing it so consistently and so well. Wish I could offer you some encouragement, however I’m low on that right now myself. So, maybe this will help:

    “You Are Blessed to Live in a Time When America Needs You.” – Rick Santorum

  22. Happy New Year to you BNI and thanks again.

    May 2013 be turn-around year for Counter Jihad!

    We must expose this evil misogynistic Death Cult.

    Thank you for your very kind words of encouragement…same to you and your family.

  23. Happy New Year to all anti-Islamist activists. Stay strong and keep resisting. Sooner or later we will win and re-establish a society in which we can again trust our neighbours enough to love them without fear of losing our heads.

    Thanks, BNI.

  24. Keep fighting the good fight! We need to educate the world on the truth of Islam. I personally believe that mission cannot be separated from our defense of the 2nd amendment. Without the ability to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government, we will make no progress in protecting ourselves from islam.

    To all the women of the world oppressed by islam, stand against your oppressors. They have to fall asleep sometime, and that is a great time to act!

    • I agree and recommend that the women play a little game called, “grit ball”, consisting of hot grits and a cast-iron skillet (just make sure that you have an escape plan Before you do it) … I know that some of you will understand that … 😀

  25. Your work is of such importance to all Christians since it has a double purpose , first to reaffirm our Christian beliefs and second to make us aware of the works of God’s enemy ,the Devil , better known to the Muslims as Allah. For God himself never identified by name ” I am who I am” , words on mount Sinai.

  26. Happy New Year BNI friends! And to our Lady warrior who’s achieved a whooping 16 millions visitor this year alone and doing a fantastic job!!

    Reconquista People!

  27. Ahhhh, Thank you Bonni for this fabulous site and for the TRUTH about these barbaric scumbag PsOS! I’m sure the coming year will be interesting all around!
    Happy New Year!!!

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