The more things change in the world, the more they start looking like the 7th Century.

IRAN 1970


IRAN 2012



AFGHANISTAN  1967 and 2012



EGYPT (Cairo University)  1959


EGYPT (Cairo University)  2012


NETHERLANDS (Amsterdam)  1980


NETHERLANDS (Amsterdam)  2012

















26 comments on “THEN AND NOW

  1. I’ll say it once, I’ll say it again. The full-face headbags (contrast to the veils/scarves that show their face) scare the crap out of me. I had the displeasure of seeing three women in full-face headbags, the real deal, at a museum in Florida near Kennedy Space Center. I had to cross to the other side of the exhibit to dodge them and the almost as creepy man they hovered around.

    On the bright side, I saw this adorable full-Orthodox Jewish boy and his parents. Both of them had curly long sideburns and strict adherence to the holy laws of the OT. (The father pressed his bearded face into an interactives pins imprint game. It was great.)

    I didn’t speak to the Muslims, but I can still recall how my eyes shot wide open when I actually saw the very thing you guys warned me about.
    Thank the Lord that they were peacible tourists!

  2. I wonder when our Muzz-in-Chief’s wife will start with the rag on her head. Sure would save a lot on money on wigs. In fact, a burkha would be an improvement.

  3. These pictures really got to me, wow. Amazing job BNI. I feel it is tragic that those women think wearing that headgear is normal. islam gives me the creeps just looking at them eeeeewwwwwww.

  4. Extremely sad video, it is hard to imagine a poor country like Afghanistan using valuable resources keeping girls and women locked up just because they had sex with someone. The only good thing about it could be that they are safe from a family that would murder them because they had sex outside marriage

  5. George Washington’s Ghost- are you being sarcastic, or are you a dhimmitard on the wrong website? Perhaps loonwatch would be more to your liking.

  6. Playing basketball in long pants, a long sleeve shirt and a headrag is fucking retarded. I hope they drop to the floor and convulse from heat stroke. If Muslims hate our western society so much then why do they play our sports? Go back to your desert asshole of the earth shithole countries goat fuckers.

  7. Sorry, Ms BNI,,, NONE of the pics down to “American Football” loaded,,, the remainder did…
    Creeping Shariah Jihad, indeed !!

      • Mozilla Firefox, Ms BNI,,, the site opens with a blank square, then that disappears, and all I have are the headings, down to the American High School Football squad. I’ll try Explorer,,, much as I detest it~!
        Thanks !!

        • If you dislike Firefox, try Opera: it’s free nowadays, and most of the time it’s more than adequate. It has replaced Explorer for me almost completely…

    • How ignorance breeds ignorance! My grandmother was a witness kindest woman I know but that was then this is now. Witnesses now are the oppressed like drones. I am a Thankful protected Muslim woman, I am highly educated and free to work if I want or don’t if I don’t choose. I am treated with much respect and if I don’t like the ogling gaze of a man which I don’t I can keep myself out of their sinful perverted mind by the clothes I CHOOSE to wear NOT what I’ve been told to wear. . .

  8. At the end USA is a Califate!!!! And the world is enslaved by Mohammedanism!

    It is a combination of socialism and islam! Hitler-Stalin-Mohammed

  9. From a friend…

    Before you criticize the intelligence of what I post on my page, please answer at least half of the following questions correctly and tell me how they impact or apply to President Barack H. Obama…..
    1)What was the Weather Underground?
    2)What is the Little Red schoolhouse?
    3)Who is Frank Marshall Davis?
    4)What is The Third Great Jihad and The Great Caliphate?
    5)WHAT is Anti-Colonialism?
    6)What is QE1, QE2, QE3?
    7)WHAT Is an Executive Order and When does it go into effect and how can it be overturned?
    8.) Who is Ben Bernanke?
    9)What is U.N. Resolution 1618
    10)What is the difference between Heirloom seeds and GMO Seeds?
    11)What is Sharia law?
    12)What is the Fourth Estate?
    13)What is Agenda 21?
    14)Sharia compliant banks?
    15) What is the Ottoman empire?
    16)What/Who is Mahdi or the 12th Imam?
    17) What was Acorn?
    18) What is the Tides Foundation?
    19)Name the czars Abomey has appointed?
    20) Who is Van Jones?
    21) Who is George Soros?
    22) Who is Saul Alinsky?
    23) Who is Valerie Jarrett?
    24) Who is Bill Ayers?
    25) Who is Cass Sunstein and Samantha Power?
    26) What is the power of the nudge?
    27)Who broke the Bank of England
    28)Who is the heck is Harrison Bounel and WHY did Obama use that name as an alias on his home?
    29) What is the difference between U3 and U6?
    30) What is the 10th Amendment?
    31) How many Branches of Government do we have?
    32)What is Socialism? Marxism? Communism?
    33) How much is the National Debt, and how much of that is your share pay?
    34)Who are Cloward and Piven and what is their strategy?
    35) What is the Fabian Society all about?
    36)What are Recess Appointments?
    37)What is the Muslim Brotherhood and what are their tie?
    38) Is Islam a religion or a political system?
    39.) Where does the campaign slogan FORWARD actually come from?
    40.) What is “Al-Taqiyya?”
    41) What does ROE stand for and how does it effect our Military?
    42)LAST QUESTION! Who is Barry Soetoro????

  10. Most of these young people have no idea how hostile Islam is to others and women. They are victims of this Death Cult.

    Women are the greatest victims of Islam.

    Most Feminists are bozos with no understanding that Islam will soon target them and remove their RIGHTS, because they are DOING NOTHING.

      • I would say that. Then explain about the status of women in the Muslim world, especially those who choose NOT to wear headbags, potato sacks, and garbage bags.

    • perceptor1 said:

      Women are the greatest victims of Islam.

      I used to think that as well , but female mohammedans are just as vile, if not more so, as their male counterparts. How many female mohammedans have murdered, or been complicit in, the murder of their own children ? How many female mohammedans force their daughters into marriages, and mutilate their genitals ?

      How many female mohammedans are stupid enough to put themselves back into the jaws of the monster, after they’ve been saved, like that Afghan woman who went to visit her husband in jail, where he’d been put for murdering her **family**, and finished the job by murdering **her** ?

      No. They are not victims.

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