FRANCE: If it’s New Year’s Eve, Muslims are busy torching hundreds of cars in Paris

OSTERSflagfrance_islam_burning-viIn what has become an annual tradition, Muslims take to the streets and set as many cars on fire as they can. Reports put the number this year at 1143, but those numbers are usually underreported.

Alsace (h/t Alain)  A total of 1193 vehicles were burned, announced Tuesday the Minister of the Interior, Manuel Valls, who also announced a “police activity increased compared to last year, “a total of” 339 against 290 arrests and 244 custody against 181 in 2011.


“There is no significant change on the arson of cars and two-wheelers in recent years,” said the minister. The minister recalled that the “latest figures are those of 31 December 2009”, when 1147 vehicles were burned, according to an official report at the time. Mr. Valls announced last Thursday that it would provide the number of vehicles torched in Saint-Sylvestre, a practice abandoned by his predecessors since 2010 who said they wanted to avoid escalation in violence by Muslims. 


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  1. Poor babies, they’re just trying to make these cities look like the cities in their countries of origin, you know, a new form of urban deco. It’s the coming thing …

  2. Only barbaric Muslims are capable of such despicable acts such as this!!!

    Question is why are people still letting Muslims into their country? Muslims are only there to get out of the their Islamic hellhole and then creating another hellhole where ever they go. Muslims are leeches because they only want free welfare because lazy Muslims don’t work. Crime and rape go up wherever they go. They bring no benefit whatsoever. They only bring harm. They hate any one that is not a Muslim and anything that is not related to Islam. Name a place where Muslims move to and live peacfully with others? There is no place in this world where Muslims are always fighting other people.

    Deport all of those no good for nothing Muslims and your country will improve so much!

    • I have had that question in my mind for a long time and voiced my opinion feeling exactly the way you do.It doesn’t make sense.I guess those in power want to bring down there countries to destruction in order to bring about a ONe World Government Order.I am not sure,just guessing..The elite want to see chaos in every country so one person can rise to power and rule the world and promise true peace and unity,,called the anti-christ.It will seem in the beginning he is doing wonders until all hell and horrors break lose.This is the only thing I can think of that makes any sense to me.JMHO..anyone else have any theories?

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    • Islam’s War Against Jews is part of global jihad against ALL non-Muslims. Israeli leaders shamefully join in the jihad against hated infidels. All Muslim land thieves have to do is to move into an area; declare the land belongs to Muslims and Israeli leaders eagerly aid and abet Muslim land theft. Police/IDF attack Jews including Jewish children. No innocents on earth should have their security destroyed, be rendered homeless and/or have their land seized because they don’t worship Islam’s god!

      Israel’s Jews are on the frontlines of global jihad in Biblical Judea and Samaria, fighting for the human rights of Jews and ALL non-Muslims. I am forever grateful to these Jewish heroes.

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  4. Muslims can’t wait to show their deep gratitude to hated French infidels who provide Muslims with FREE homes and free money by waging war on the infidels as commanded in the Quran. Stop REWARDING devout Muslims! Stop giving them free homes and free money!

    There is only one ethical, moral response. Immediately END ALL Muslim immigration and begin massive deportations of Muslim criminals, phony refugees, phony asylum seekers, illegals and terrorists.

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    The top priority of any nation is the protection of its people. That is what taxes are paid for. A government that refuses to protect its people is UNFIT to rule.

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

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  5. Its really horrific that the average person has to suffer so because of insane heads of government branches that are deaf,dumb and blind that they can NOT see what all these Muslim immigrants are doing to there countries.If I was in charge of France,I would do something really tough and stop the insanity there.Either shape up,stop the violence or ship out.It wouldn’t be just talk either.Those that where born there would be arrested and everyone else would get shipped back to the Middle East where they belong.

  6. Talk about New Year’s fireworks! Holy shit!

    I remember my family in Philadelphia talking about locals in the neighborhood shooting guns into the air for New Year’s celebrations. But they cracked down on that after a kid got killed by a stray bullet that was fired into the air during such a celebration.

    It sounds as if the French really need to crack down on this kind of activity by sending in the Marines or special police units into major cities during New Year’s celebrations to keep order.

    It is a terrible thing to have to bring a police presence to a celebration on what should be a festive occasion, where people can have a good time. But there are always some lunk heads that always spoil it for everyone else by doing such wanton acts of vandalism and crimes.

  7. I just don’t understand. They should have armed police all over and if they see this happening, shoot. That is truly insane. Bullets flying would rid them all of the streets and stop this horrible property destruction. If I was there and saw someone going to torch my car, I would shoot. Period.

  8. France is out of control and in the control of the muslims. Wake up france before you become francistan the 58th muslim hell hole country of the world.

    • Bowing down and praying to the One Great, Glorious, Magnificent G-d of the Universe on the Jewish Temple Mount is unacceptable to rabid G-d hater Israeli leaders/police.

    • Varies depending of usage of car Susan, make, age etc. and especially what you are insured for and/or not i.e fire, so range could be anything from 500 to well over 1000 /pa. Add to that insurance goes up every year and sometimes twice a year, it does add up. Prices also go up due to the number of cars burnt/damaged by the uncivilized vermin.

      On that however, insurers are looking into making the government literally pay for it, because let’s not forget that under the law, it is responsible for damages against persons and properties committed by violent acts such as these. Which is another thing we’re waiting for them for around the corner: the fact that they are unable/unwilling to guaranty our security, as is their duty.

  9. Every one of those cars had an owner. A thousand a year for the last ten years should provide 10,000 extra vigilantes, nexi for spreading ripples of antislam ardor. Unless most of them are leftist retards (excuse the tautology).

    “Ah, the poor dears, the government only pays them 20,000 Francs per month to not work. What can they do? It’s not THEIR fault. And the car? It was only a car. It can be replaced…”

    • Ah, the poor dears, the government only pays them 20,000 Francs per month to not work. What can they do? It’s not THEIR fault. And the car? It was only a car. It can be replaced…”

      You’ve got the leftist libtard morons down to a T. Unless, of course, it happened to be **their** car …

      • Oh, that wouldn’t matter, not at all. The insanity of the left would never allow blame apportioned to the proper person. They would still demand that muslims or immigrants not be blamed, as it is merely expected backlash against our own racism towards them. It’s our fault, never their fault, and therefore a request for several million Euros as a grant to study ‘Swedish’ racism or ‘white racism’ and ways to ‘combat racism’, which means to stop white people from complaining, fighting back, or knowing the truth.

  10. Savages.

    Economic sabotage is part of Mohammed’s method. Moslem pirates created the Dark Ages in Europe by making all transportation and commerce impossible in the Mediterranean Sea.

    A legal recourse is needed to deprive these barbarians of their citizenship and have them and their families exiled.

  11. How about the government provide the indiginous population of france with guns and let them protect their own property. Or better still shoot as many muslims on new years eve as possible.

  12. And for reference, that Valls is a buffoon, the king of com and totally useless, not too mention a lying sack of shit! His statements and figures are a joke, as EVERYBODY knows the numbers are much higher than the so-called official ones. He announced there would be more police out on new year’s eve, when in fact there were very little more than the usual night quota!

    Oh, and for info, you are dealing with a man who has policemen brought in front of the IGS -the police of the police- for having denounced on camera that Valls is ordering police -through the chain of command- NOT to move in certain areas/circumstances. That, he didn’t like one bit, since it completely invalidates that crap he’s selling to the press and those idiots enough to believe a words he says.

    Which is no wonder why anger is seriously rising too within the police/gendarmerie.


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