How the Taliban coerce young children to become suicide bombers

I wonder if these are the ‘moderate’ Taliban with whom the Obama Regime tried to negotiate but failed? Barack Hussein Obama still refuses to put the Taliban on the U.S. list of known terrorist groups.

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9 comments on “How the Taliban coerce young children to become suicide bombers

  1. And our Barack Hussein Obama is NOT labeling the sub-human Taliban as Terrorists. He is an EVIL ENABLER!!! Well he’s retumed to his vacation in Hawaii…as these children suicide bomber indoctrination continues unabated.

    Thanks to our deaf, dumb, and blind… Nobel Peace Prize Winner Obama, needless deaths await us Infidels. BARF!

  2. I always keep in mind the little girl these yellow bastards shot in the head in the school bus. Probably the pig-crap diet they have that makes them like that.

  3. The real name of terrorism is Islam. All the rest are sub sets of Islam, not truly distinct from it. To end terrorism, the existence of Islam must be ended.

    Terrorism is a function of Islamic doctrine, not poverty, deprivation, disease, ignorance, repression, suppression, occupation, grievance or anything else.

    Open your Goddamn book to Surah At-Taubah 9:120, read and ponder it well. What is meant by “any step”, “injure” & “enrage” ? What is meant by “righteous good deed” ?

    On Resurrection Day, Allah will weigh their sins against their good deeds. The swing of the balance determines where they spend eternity. Can you get a God blessed clue for Chrissake???

  4. Anyone who uses real names in this blog is an idiot. That endangers the person as well as their loved ones. The jihadists are devoid of conscience. They mean business. You are naive. You underestimate our enemies.

  5. The evil of islam is cowardly muslim savages, using innocent children and in some cases, mentally retarded inbred muslims, to do their dirty suicide terrorist work. You would think that the bastards would blow themselves up but no, since they are cowards, they target innocent children by depriving them of food, isloation and so on to destroy their innocence and to create child suicide bombers. We must keep on outing the true and evil nature of islam and the cowardly muslims of islam.

  6. Happy New Year Bonni – Keep up the good fight!

    Where do the Taliban learn these brainwashing skills? From Goebbels, via Haj Amin al-Husseini, from Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, the DPRK, Ayers and Dohrn, the ‘Rev’ Wright, Eric Holder, Obama…?

    If any of you have leftist ‘friends’, try to get them to watch this, and refute it if they can. If any of you can spread it to a larger audience, it needs to be seen.

  7. This is the same procedures that PLO Leader Yasser Arafat used up to his death in 11-11-04. I had specific information on a woman originally from Egypt living here in San Diego that used to call and talk with Arafat on a daily basis. The IDF/MOSSAD discovered information that Arafat offered to potential young boy “suicide bombers” to be paid to the Families at least $25,000 per year for the duration if they volunteered their “son” or “Daughter” for the cause of killing PLO “Targets”,Now the Taliban is doing the same.
    Nothing has changed. Only the terrorists have hanged names and are still suing Muslim ideology to abuse the young innocent and hungry in exchange for food and
    This is one reason why America and the United Nations needs to feed people form all countries to prevent the propaganda of terrorist organizations like the Taliban from praying/stalking on our young people just because they have no food to eat.

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