Terror-linked CAIR has posted an obviously doctored video of Canadian Sun TV host Michael Coren’s response to the Islamic Call to Prayer

Even though this was put together with clips of Coren that never aired, I know it represents what most of us feel when we are forced to listen to the ‘nails scratching a blackboard’ highly irritating sounds of the Islamic Call to Prayer…which to Barack Hussein Obama is the “prettiest sound on earth.”


30 comments on “Terror-linked CAIR has posted an obviously doctored video of Canadian Sun TV host Michael Coren’s response to the Islamic Call to Prayer

  1. ” Terror-linked CAIR has posted an obviously doctored video of Canadian Sun TV host Michael Coren’s response to the Islamic Call to Prayer”

    These ‘CAIR’ creatures are awfully stupid. Do they *really* think people with brains are going to be shocked at Mr. Coren’s response to their howling and wailing ?

    Oh, wait … it’s not aimed at people with brains; ie anti’jihadists. It’s aimed at all the leftist, libtard, moronic ‘useful idiots’ out there, Now I get it.

    This is **really** good news. The scumbag jihadists at CAIR are obviously running scared that too many people are listening to people like Mr. Coren, and Mr. Levant, and are getting educated about the vicious, vile cult of islam. Hence the attempt to ‘shame’, and stir up residual liberal guilt about slipping out of the PC/MC meme. Haha. Not working mohammedans.

  2. I say “Brilliant” to those like Maria Jose’s converting Nazism to the same Hateful behavior as the Islamists. Ironically similar twists and distortions to make the villains appear the victims. I will be re-reading these comments over and over again. The Appreciative Infidel…

  3. Michael is indeed a man of character who does not support the islamic cults of evil. He does so with proof, good research and intelligent guests. He is very effective in ‘outing the evil agenda of islam’ and he does not need made up lies to get his point across. We support Michael and his probing and truthful interviews that expose the cult of islam. Michael is a Christian Catholic of faith. God bless Michael C.

  4. The Islamic call to prayer says : ‘Hayya ‘alal-falāh’ (come to success), but should be ‘Come to Failure’, because all Islamic countries are backward failures and hell holes. Even Moslems can’t wait to get out of them.

  5. NEW RELIGION (comment in “Islam versus Europe” website)

    “I am writing on behalf of the Church of Adolf Hitler (pbuh), formerly known as the Nazi Party.

    Having decided to transform ourselves into a religion, we have abandoned all worldly ambitions, and intend to concentrate on our higher spiritual objectives of non-violent global conquest, compassionate enslavement of inferior peoples, and peaceful extermination of the Jews.

    Since we are now a religion rather than a political movement, we demand the following rights and privileges appropriate to our new identity:

    – An end to Naziphobia in the media, especially war films showing the Nazis in a bad light.

    – Tax exemption for all places of worship including airfields, munitions factories, extermination camps etc.

    – Destruction of all blasphemous cartoons of Adolf Hitler(pbuh) produced in the Second World War.

    – An apology from the British government for the campaign of Naziphobia waged by Winston Churchill, and the hurt feelings inflicted on the Afrika Korps at El Alamein by the Naziphobic bigot Montgomery.

    – An apology from the American government for the insensitivity by the raging Naziphobe Eisenhower in failing to forewarn Nazi community leaders of the D-Day landings, which caused much distress among the peaceloving Nazis holidaying in Northern France.

    – Burning ‘Mein Kampf’ must become a hate crime punishable by hanging with piano wire.

    – Application of our parallel legal system known as ‘The Gestapo’ must be enforced in so-called ‘democratic’ countries.

    – We demand affirmative action, in the interests of community cohesion, to promote Nazis to high positions in the security services.

    – We demand government funding for the expansion of our youth activities, which play a vital role in keeping the younger generation out of trouble, and concentrate their minds on wholesome activities such as rallies, processions, camps, pogroms etc.

    – The occasional Blitzkrieg invasions of sovereign states must not be portrayed in the media as being typical of Nazis as a whole, since this leads to Naziphobia. Rather they must be shown to be the work of a tiny minority of extremists who have hijacked a peaceful spiritual movement.

    Peace in our time and Heil Hitler!
    – Bishop Joseph Goebbels”

    • What criteria do you require for conversion? Does a convert just have to say “heil h” with a high five and he/she is in?

      Will you allow liberal/leftist/socialist/communist/progressive jews to join your faith since they hate jews/judaism/israel as much as nazis/muslims do? Or is the fact that they have jewish blood in them enough to totally reject them?

  6. Not only is it completely fake and edited, it’s in bad taste!

    Of course, having read the comments… some of the sheeple believe what CAIR tells them to; scary that people don’t know how to use the brain God gave us and the mind to go with it.

  7. What feels the Christian when muslims cut their throat???….What feels a raped woman by a muslims gangs???…what feels a woman when they stoned her????…….

  8. Bravo, Mr. Coren for representing what the majority of us feel. I am sure CAIR and the HRC are plotting charges of a hate crime. Choke on the paper work, would you?

  9. Coren is a Canadian treasure, his show is a highlight of the Sun News Network, which is kind of the Canadian version of Fox.
    I’ve always been suspicious of obozo’s worship of that hideous sound. Church bells can be cheering, uplifting or mournful, but they don’t make you eardrums ache. (Unless you’re that hunchback guy who stands real close…)

  10. Persecuted and jailed for protesting against the Islamization of Britain and protesting against the many thousands of non-Muslim British children gang-raped by Muslim monsters….

    If only EDL leader, POLITICAL PRISONER, patriotic, caring human rights activist, Tommy, could be home with his family! PLEASE SIGN!

    Petition: Free Tommy Robinson!

  11. For Islam’s many non-Muslim victims, hearing the name of Islam’s deity causes them great pain and brings back terrible memories.

  12. I am Canadian and I watch Michaei’s show on a regular basis, there is no way
    he would behave as shown.
    He is to intelligent to bring himself down to the level of those who made the video.

    Although some may think it funny and it may reflect the thoughts of many of us, me included, it still shows the level of stupidity from the islamic group CAIR. If they even think that this would be allowed on Sun Network TV.

    Keep up the good work Michael.

  13. I like Mike! Maybe this isn’t the right time, but I believe we are over-thinking how to rid our countries of these mooslim parasites. All we need to do is change our national bird from the eagle (US) to a flying pig. They will leave in droves…All other countries, think pig.

  14. That video might be doctored but it works for me.
    F**k ’em
    And as for firing off that round at the end I’ll just smile & say I haven’t owned a gun in fifty years, I own one now.

  15. OMG, that was HILARIOUS and so right on Mr. Coren! That is exactly my response! Five times a day hearing that crap wailing would drive anyone mad except for the MooooSlimes! And IF they, the mooooslimes, don’t like it – then too damn bad! booohooo and wawwww waaaaw.. THIS made me smile!

    • Shaz, as hard as it might be to believe, our Judeo-Christian brain “tunes out” the Satanic “call to prayer”. We (my wife and I) used to have an apartment in Abu Ghosh (near Jerusalem) and though we loved the local Israeli Arabs and were frequently invited into their homes, that “noise” was always less than 100 meters away, yet you learn to ignore it and “tune it out”! That said, we still have many friends from this muslim community – and do you know that not ONE of them would like to see a “Palestinian” state! They may not all love the Jewish people (but most of them do), but they know from where and how their wealth and income is derived!
      Blessings and a Happy New Year to all at Bonni’s site for freedom!
      Please support BNI financially as you can, we only have our freedom thanks to warriors like Bonni, and that’s a fact!

    • Yes, I don’t find Michael Coren’s response at all unusual; my response is and has been precisely the same, right down to the one finger salute!! And a Happy New Year to infidels AND asslifters alike!!

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