Batten down the hatches! French satire magazine ‘Charlie Hebdo’ publishes ‘blasphemous’ comic book biography of the Paedophile Prophet Muhammad’s life

imagesGotta love the French! In yet another provocative move towards Muslims, notorious French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo published a comic book biography of the Prophet Muhammad’s life in its latest edition on Wednesday.

According to Turkish news outlet, Today’s Zaman, the 62-page comic book, titled “Life of Muhammad,” was prepared under the guidance of Zineb al-Rhazoui, a sociologist of Moroccan origin. The preface of the comic book was written by al-Rhazoui, who in a September interview described herself as an atheist and an opponent of Islam.


The comic book includes cartoons of the Prophet and his companions and provides distorted information about them. The magazine’s editor-in-chief, Stephan Charbonnier, said Prophet Muhammad is a historic personality and that cartoons of him should be interpreted like those of Jesus, Napoleon and Zorro. Charbonnier said the content of the comic book was prepared by Muslims and that only the images were drawn by the magazine’s staff, so the comic book is considered “halal.”


He said the cartoons are not satirical but are a biography of the Prophet, adding that it was prepared following detailed and extensive research of Islamic history. Charbonnier also said he does not expect Muslims to make any accusations against the magazine, adding: “This publication is not part of the Quran. It is not to humiliate [the Prophet]. If I can read stories about the life of Jesus, why shouldn’t I be able to do the same about Muhammad?”

The first edition of the comic book covers events starting from the birth of Prophet Muhammad to the start of his prophethood. One cartoon depicts Muhammad’s face and his physical appearance. In another cartoon, the Prophet is drawn as a “circumcised boy,” while a cartoon depicting his mother mocks her.


The second edition of the comic book will be published by the magazine later.

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, a spokesperson for the French government, said she has not yet seen the latest issue of the magazine, adding that a good balance should be established between freedom of speech and respect for public order, considering the country that they are living in. Vallaud-Belkacem, a Muslim, said it would not be right to add fuel to the fire by publishing such cartoons.


Charbonnier said during a press conference on Sunday that they have no intention of provoking Muslims and that the cartoons will not be offensive. He made it clear that he does not think that representing the Prophet in picture form should be taken as a provocation. “The ban on the portrayal of the Prophet is just a result of tradition; it’s absolutely not written in the Quran. If people want to be shocked, let them be. But we did not produce this work to shock people,” he said in response to a question.

The publication of controversial cartoons by the magazine drew immediate reactions from the Islamic community.

The president of L’association des Musulmans de Noisy-le-Grand (The Association of Muslims of Noisy-le-Grand) Enis Chabchoub said no prophet is portrayed in Islamic tradition but that everyone is free to portray them in their own minds. “But if some people want to make cartoons of the Prophet, I cannot accept this person as a Muslim,” he said.

Muslims send a message that the publishing of Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cartoons is suicidal

Muslims send a message that the publishing of Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cartoons is suicidal

Samir Amghar, a researcher and writer, said the publication of insulting cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad will be seen by French Muslims as an act of provocation. Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Secretary-General Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu has expressed his concerns over the publication, stating that the move could incite protests.

Addressing the audience at the opening ceremony of the OIC, which will convene in İstanbul on Jan. 7-8 to discuss religious tolerance, İhsanoğlu said publications that clearly misrepresent the life of the Prophet Muhammad are a misuse of the freedom of thought and expression.


Describing Charlie Hebdo’s publication of a comic book biography of the Prophet Muhammad as a move incompatible with the norms of journalism and as the abuse of freedom of expression, İhsanoğlu said such a publishing mentality, which he thinks foments hatred and provocation, also runs against the norms of international law.

Charlie Hebdo is no stranger to controversy. Its Paris offices were firebombed in November 2011 after it published a mocking caricature of Muhammad. Charbonnier has been under police guard ever since.

he Charlie Hebdo's publisher, known only as Charb, shows a special edition of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on November 2, 2011 in Paris, in front of the magazine's offices which were destroyed by a petrol bomb attack

he Charlie Hebdo’s publisher, known only as Charb, shows a special edition of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on November 2, 2011 in Paris, in front of the magazine’s offices which were destroyed by a petrol bomb attack

Despite this, the magazine also ran controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in September 2012, leading to outrage from Muslims around the world. Charlie Hebdo also ran mocking cartoons about other religions, including Christianity and Judaism and values of other religions.






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  1. I laugh every time I see or hear Allah. That man and women would be so weak to submit to Satan disguised as Allah , worship a pedophile and swallow his line of BS is just amazing. Only a Devil would revel in molesting children, raping children, “marrying” a 6-9 yr old, thighing, beating another life and chanting death to all of creation.

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  4. A worm, intimate hello offered to all my dear friends, my brothers and my sisters, those who are equal with me in my creation an value, i am Iranian and i apologize for my poor English before hand. i am a Muslim with a broken heart and tearful eyes for what the french magazine has expressed for Mohammed, my prophet, the man who taught me loving and respecting humanity, the man who taught me both men and women are the limbs of a single creature, HUMAN. and they are (men and women) like clothes for each-other that complete and full each other’s defects. the man who taught me…
    although the takfiri an so called jehadi terrorist men killing innocent women, men and children in different parts of the world are not real Muslims, I, as a Muslim, want to apologize for their dirty and brutal and hateful actions and sympathize with my western and eastern sisters and brothers who are the victims of this fateful phenomena. i want to ask some questions and i implore and beg you to investigate them seriously if you are thirsty of fact an truth
    i am shia Muslim and do you know if one of them (terrorists) meet me behead me with sword just because i am shia?!
    the quotations that dear “BareNakedIslam” has brought are the tails, openings and endings of a whole sentence that if they are broken like this will be misinterpreted. and many of them are translated inversely!!!
    Qur’an has always emphasized that heaven is for anyone who does good and encourages doing good and thinking good whether man or woman.
    Muhammad was the first and the only man in Arabia who kissed his daughter’s hand in front of the men who would bury their daughters and girls lively!!! in the country that even nowadays women are not allowed to drive car! and is supporting takfiri and terrorist groups evidently and is yet one of the closest allies of the USA!!!
    oh my dear friends! if you saw a person that when a stem of a flower breaks or a little girl is hungry, he or she doesn’t cry or get emotional, get sure she or he is not a Muslim.
    a Muslim sleeps with empty stomach in order that his neighbor doesn’t taste hunger. it is 1400 years that Islam has appeared and there has always been a good scientific and humanity relationship between Muslims and other nationalities and only in these recent years these problems has appeared. so please separate me and other bad Muslims like me from Islam!
    VIVA Moses, Jesus, Noah, Mother Teresa, Aristotle, Abraham, Socrates, Galen, Mohammed, Marie Curie, Einstein, Archimedes, Edison, Mary and …
    lets respect and love all men and women who has improved the quality and value of the human’s life. they are the gold coins, wealth and propriety and reputation of all human beings.
    oh my dear sisters and brothers! freedom is not destroying our properties.

    • Seyed, sorry I’m not buying any of that. Muslims hate everyone who is not Muslim and Shia hate Sunni Muslims and vice versa. When you finish killing all the disbelievers you will kill each other.

      Peddle your BS on some leftist website where they swallow muslim propaganda and lies. Not here.

    • Yeah right cut the crap ! You can crawl back into your hole now that you came to spew some provocation and boohoo stories nobody cares about. Since you’re one of those death-cult worshiper, you can only rejoice as to what happened since you are totally submitted to that crap so-called religion. Otherwise you’d be an apostate, and don’t you call us educated, civilized human being your “bros’ and sis'” for we are mortal enemies.

      And that, is by your doing and yours alone, you pathetic good for nothing obscurantists. And you really ought to shut your trap about your 14 centuries of non-existence, for there never was any relationship of any kind, unless you call stealing and murdering and enslaving relationship. That so-call useless piece of shit of momo you called prophet made sure of that.

      • OK Alain, if you don’t like me to be here and speak as a human (and maybe you even don’t count me a human) and my presence annoys you, i’ll not come back here anymore. however i understand your hate toward me but i never hate you and i love you because weather you believe or not, weather you like or dislike we are all bros and sis and the children of the same parents that time and place has separated us miles and now we are hating our own family members!
        hope for a day that this 7 billion people family love each-other and coexist happily again.
        and you dear BareNakedIslam, shia and sunni don’t despise each-other. it is hundreds of years they are marring and cooperating. if they wanted to kill each other there would not be 1.5 billion Muslims in the world now and if each of these murderer wild Muslims!!! would kill only 4 persons, the humanity would have disappeared of the planet. i myself have at least 14 intimate sunni friends. real Muslims love all human-beings, all believer or non-believers.
        “if a group of non-believers attacked you, defend yourself and if they stopped, you stop battling too. indeed God doesn’t like you if you stay being violators.” (Qur’an)
        “negotiate with the people of the books (those who believe in Scriptures or holy bibles i.e Zoroastrian, Jewish, Christian, Muslim) in the best manner, indeed the people of the books are the best friends and companions for you Muslims.” (Qur’an)
        dear Alain, these are not stories. these are some verses from Qur’an with clear evidences.
        with the best wishes for my friends, BareNakedIslam and Alain
        goodbye forever, Seyed Hamid.
        I ask dear site admin to show my comment if you really believe in freedom of speech

      • Now way I’m watching any more of that….. disgusting display Bonni ! Can’t take anymore of that crap. What gets me is you should see how many cars of CRS they had near where Christine and Pierre’s “gathering” was to take place !

        For that many to have been sent, that shows how much they shit themselves. There are some of those picts on twitter if you’re interested, I think you know where to look 😉

        And because people did turn up, those not savvy enough to rekke the place first but just went in ended up searched, many thrown in and taken way. Looks like some may even end up in front of a judge.

        This is beyond words, and I don’t even to talk about it any longer, this is too much and way over the line that’s by now so far behind !!!!

      • No Bonni, not in the wrong place as I was -trying to reply- to you about the video you posted on the sickening video. There was no direct reply button, probably why it’s confusing.

  5. Since there is no harm in offending anyone this statement shouldn’t… All of mankind that dosen’t believe in the truth of Allah or you can say the All that is ( source of ALL) will destroy you and have you idiots destroy yourselves by your own hands ..all of the terror attacks were merely a taste of man power fighting actively for the cause of what was going to happen anyway,this is nothing compared to the true Power that will end all non believers and their families.. I am in the currently alegedly Free USA and watching it collapse daily from all types of disaters like no other time in the past 100 years so it is obvious to those that are not sleep to whats really up and intelligent enough not to be brainwashed by the American Dream story. If you are offended by what I’ve written get mad and reply (retaliate) or be quite it is your choice use it if you choose …the way you use it is up to you I don’t care I’m not going to check for responses to my comment because it’s not a discussion I said what I said and meant it now I’m done … May Allah the one and only true God keep up the good work.

    • I LOVE everyone on this planet. NO ONE has any RELIGIOUS AUTHORITY, from any proven source to control what I do.

      If you believe in mental creations and cemetery worship – GOOD.

      Do not force me to believe in your madness, and then want me punished if I don’t
      follow. If your ‘god’ created you and me and wanted me to be a robot – why choose
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      do some spiritual magic and prove it?

      Only an extreme IDIOT would believe that 12 VIRGINS await him when he avenges
      ALLAH – your dick stays here stupid.

      WHO or WHAT created your ‘god’. PROVE IT.
      Is there a father/mother ‘god’?
      Why would they create such a jealous/vengeful creation?




      SO your ‘god’ loves YOU and OTHERS like you ONLY.

      I LOVE everyone regardless of beliefs…
      BUT, you pray 5 times a day to your ‘god’,
      and wishes us DISASTERS etc,
      because of our beliefs or non beliefs…
      WHICH ‘god’ does that and why?
      then want us to be ROBOTS?

      I love a variety of pussies, is that a SIN – WHY?



      I will NEVER bow down to any ENTITY, DEAD or ALIVE.



  6. As we all know civilized nations have ethical values,these values are translated into RESPECTFUL RELATIONSHIPS that guarantees peace and tranquility
    Children in all civilizations and religions are taught to RESPECT one another and RESPECT their parents and friends, If they disrespect their parents and insult them or their relatives and friends they get punished .In school they must RESPECT their teachers and the teachers must RESPECT them.At university they must RESPECT their Professors if they insult them they will be punished ,Also at work all workers RESPECT one another and Respect their managers again there no one in a company will accept an abusive insulting person and he will be fired even in a restaurant a disrespectful person will be thrown out .Try being disrespectful to a policeman or a Judge in court and you will be arrested. IN ALL THE ABOVE no one said there is freedom of expression to INSULT OTHERS
    SO RESPECTFUL social behavior and social ethics are a way of life taught from childhood and rooted in human culture regardless of faith race or place with out it we as humans will suffer and this is what is we are seeing today.

    • Bin, you do not understand the concept of freedom of speech, it has nothing to do with respect or the lack thereof. You muslims cannot demand respect, you must earn it which you have not. The first amendment is not there to protect respectful speech, it protects offensive speech, disrespectful speech. In America, you do NOT have the right NOT to be offended.

      Can’t stand being insulted? Don’t live in a free country. But I see that you are in Saudi Arabia, where they just locked up a blogger for 10 years and sentenced him to 1000 lashings for his opinion.

    • Were those jihadists who have killed countless non Muslims RESPECTING them???In this world, you need to EARN respect. There is no way I would respect an ideology that promotes violence.

  7. go charli what a silly word do you ask urself who is the resposiple for this crisis muslims live in france for along time and didnt find anthing bad from them idont agree to this bad acciddent but we shouldnt wide the distance between people we all brothers we should respect each others why the magazine talk about prophrt muhammed and didnt talk about other prophets othe hand why you dont talk about what franc army do in maly muslims

    • You say that “we are all brothers and should respect one another” then why don’t Muslims respect the laws and culture of their adopted country? Instead they make demands, to name a few – building of mega mosques, Sharia law courts, all meat to be Halal, which cattle killed for human consumption face a long, barbaric and torturous death. Given the chance, Islam would love to bring the world back to the dark ages. As the saying goes “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. If Muslims don’t like the culture or way of life of their adopted country, then they know what to do, go and live in an Islamic country. No one is forcing them to remain there. When non Muslims live or visit a Muslim country, they are forced to abide by the customs of that country, to do otherwise will land them in jail and sometimes the death penalty. So please, spare us your hypocrisy. Charlie Hebdo did not confine their satirical cartoons against Muhammad only, other well known people were also targeted, such as Jesus Christ, the Pope, the virgin Mary and many more, but those who were offended by those cartoons did not kill in retaliation. And why ? Because they believe in democracy and FREE SPEECH, something that all Muslim countries are opposed to. Period. All I can say is Vive Le France and Freedom of Expression !!!!

  8. If radical Muslims believe in a a powerful ‘god’, why not let the ‘god’ take revenge instead of these useless brainwashed idiots. Which ‘god’ give them the right to kill anyone in the name of any religion. Were we not all created equal, to LOVE each other by ‘god’. Why create us in LOVE, then become JEALOUS, and want us DEAD, when we love: sex, pot, women, humor, elimination, etc..


  9. The Muzzies are such hypocrites!! They are always bashing on other religions and their Gods, but then they’ll turn around and get SO OFFENDED if anyone talks bad about their PEDOPHILE of a God! Bunch of ruthless killers that should be eliminated from the face of the earth…IMHO!! Freedom of Speech…isn’t it just a wonderful thing? Lol!

  10. Respect for other religions should be agreed on, otherwise you will offend people…how dare you show semi-pornographic cartoons of a religious leader! You should study Anthropology first before you judge other cultures…typical white supremacists and neocolonialists! (Bonilla-Silva, 2006; Wing Sue, ) don’t show me how full of shit you are with your cartoons…show some smarts ok? we need communication, not antaginization…..(see Gandhi)

    • Life is often full of unbelievable ironies and cruelties; for ordinary normal people this is a foundation for what is called “comedy”.

      Laughing at the stupidity and imperfection of human beings, their crazy systems and beliefs, and human life is what ordinary normal people is called “humility”.

      Humility and comedy, are a celebration of the grace and superiority of God Almighty, the most intelligent and omniscient being that we can’t even being to comprehend.

      God knows Muslims could do with a self-deprecating laugh every once in awhile. I wonder why they can’t have one, a good laugh, that is…?

      • Yes, BNI the inbreeding, combined with a pathological sense of self-importance, which in the face of God is a total disgrace.

        I don’t even think the Charlie Hedbo killings are anything to do with free speech. If it’s not a cartoon, it’s something else they deem “more important than life”.

        This to justify their incessant barbaric killing and bloodthirst. They kill anywhere, any time, for virtually any reason. Maybe it’s not all of them, but the rest are enablers.

        And its Friday January 9th 2015, and I’ve still yet to hear a resounding speech from any Muslim leader demanding self-reflection, emancipation, reformation, a CESSATION to the ideology of death and murder.

        In the absence of that, the left takes over with their moronic accounts and talk of freedoms blah blah blah.

        No one in the world is less free, than people living in the hell Islam. That’s the real message.

        God bless you and your blog.

  11. “another provocative move”

    I find the incineration of a publishing office not only offensive, but a deliberate provocation!
    They deserve that he should print a colourful, factual comic book to educated all those morons about their ‘perfect’ male, and what an egotistical, megalomaniacal xenophobe he really was.

  12. Mozzies want to remove our freedom without a fight…by using humiliation and terror.

    We really have to start going after Islam IDEOLOGICALLY. The artists (God bless ’em) are the ones who can see this.

    Our politicians need to hear from us. We need to tell them we want this Death Cult destroyed. We want every Western country to begin ideological struggle against this theocratic fascism and to stop bringing the SUPREMACIST-MISOGYNISTS into our free democracies.

    Kill Mohammed…the only Mohammedan we truly need to kill…the psychopathic pedophile pirate.

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