Hey Tennesseans, did you know you’re now funding an all-Halal food pantry for your Muslim parasites?

funny-bakra-eid-wallpaper1For Cherif Ndaw, the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, or festival of sacrifice, involves sharing the meat of a sacrificial lamb with his family. This year, he couldn’t afford it. But with the help of the city’s newest food pantry, Ndaw was able to observe the holiday with the traditional meal — and adhere to the strictures of Islam by ensuring the food was halal.

 That means it’s free from pork and alcohol and that the animal was slaughtered under specific guidelines, which causes the greatest amount of suffering for the animal. (See video below)

Jackson Sun “When I get this food, it makes me very, very happy because my family, my kids and my wife, everybody can eat,” said Ndaw, 57, who is originally from Senegal and has lived in Memphis for 12 years. “It was a good holiday for us. When I get that food from the masjid, I give thanks to God. If I don’t have it that day, I would not eat.”

Halimah Muhammed helps prepare bags of food for community Muslim residents at the halal food pantry at  Masjid Al-Mu' Minun mosque in Memphis

Halimah Muhammed helps prepare bags of food for community Muslim residents at the halal food pantry at Masjid Al-Mu’ Minun mosque in Memphis

Halal Food Pantry at Masjid Al-Mu’minun, the mosque on South Third Street, is the first food pantry in Memphis to distribute halal food exclusively. It recently received approval to become an official affiliate of the Mid-South Food Bank. It’s also the first halal food pantry in the country to be part of the food distribution system overseen by Feeding America, the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity.


The food pantry, which has just begun distribution, will serve all people regardless or religion or background who are food-insecure in the 38109 ZIP code and cater to the needs of food-insecure Muslims in 31 counties in Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas. Mosque members involved in the project have already reached out to community and senior centers as well as officials at Mitchell, Westwood and Fairley high schools for referrals. They also delivered 50 turkeys for Thanksgiving at Goodwill Senior Home and have fed many people in the neighborhood after the traditional Friday prayer.


“There is a great need for food in general,” said Imam Rashad Sharif of Masjid Al-Mu’minun. “One of the particular cases that can give a clear picture is maybe a refugee, someone who is food-insecure and has not established their own connections and networks and ways around, and they go to a food pantry. But they find the food that is offered is food they can’t eat. Then they have a dilemma to go without food or to violate the religious sensitivities of what is or should be proper food. So this halal food pantry caters to that particular need.


“But at the same time, the need of people in general, regardless of religion, is great in this particular area.” Marcia Wells, communications director at the Mid-South Food Bank, said the food pantry’s application to become an affiliate was expedited because of the opportunity to serve a new community they had not been able to reach previously.

“Plus, this is just a dedicated group of volunteers,” Wells said. “They are very, very committed. … We’re just really excited about it and want to see them come on board.”


Nadeem Zafar, a physician and Mid-South Food Bank board member, approached the mosque about the project after he heard a story about some students who wouldn’t accept food distributed in backpacks at school for needy families because it didn’t meet Muslim dietary requirements. He decided things had to change.


“The point of getting this pantry connected with the food bank is because we have a national target from Feeding America to (distribute) 24 million pounds of food per year over the next four to five years,” Zafar said. “Now we’re only doing 12.4 million pounds of food per year.

We will never be able to reach that target without involving other minority communities, both culturally based and religion based. So there should be pantries with the Mexican-American community and then the religions like Hindu-American and Sikh-American and Jewish-American and all that. We just took a leadership role.


“We want this to be one of the best pantries in town so that we can go to other communities which are not Muslim, Sikhs and Hindus, and say, ‘Look, we have done it. We are more than happy to help you set these things up’ because then we have the infrastructure of the community, and get people to come together.

“There’s a lot of good that can come out by doing projects like this.”







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  1. Soooo……..why isn’t the mosque financing this? Why aren’t the members of their own community financing this?? Wait!!! Why are they here???? Why do they insist on living in a country amongst people they hate??? GO HOME!!!!

  2. BNI-thank you-here in Australia as far as I know it is illegal for animals to be slaughtered outside of a slaughter house or abbattoirs as we call them,I will check on that ,I recently queried at the time of the festival of Eid ,were animals being slaughtered in backyards and bath tubs in the once nice little towns that they have colonised here in NSW.- -and are they policed -or are they no go areas enforced by -sharia -or the politically correct gestapo? I hate them with a passion for what they do to the animals -we Australian’s are going down
    the same path as the rest of the world as they come here-illegally by the hundreds -weekly -the media has stopped showing the arrivals on tv -and threatened with reprisals if they do so-we are losing our freedoms because of those who for their own agenda -slime up to them.

  3. The halal food pantry in Memphis -the Masjid Al Mu’minun on 3rd.street is where they buy this blood soaked meat ,it showed the killing in the streets -where is this done -on the streets of America?- I can’t believe this would be allowed by -law to cut up these poor animals -surely Americans would not permit this -it is so horrific -so bloody -please someone tell me this doesn’t happen ,these poor animals would be so frightened -so terrified ,they harden their children by allowing them to see the cruelty and they in turn have no compassion or empathy for -any animals -they grow up like their parents -they sicken me and I despise them for their ignorance -stupidity and insane -cruelty.

    • Val, I don’t know about doing it in the streets, but I have posted stories of Muslims slaughtering animals like this in a field or backyard for Eid in America. Can’t find the BNI link now, but there are similar stories online.

  4. Dear Bonni & BNI readers:

    I have spent a good part of my life in supporting animal welfare and looking out for our four-legged and feathered friends. I have done this in both a volunteer and in a professional capacity. As a result I have had more than my share of encounters with “animal rights activists” who instead of working with me in areas where we can agree on helping animals… I have to deal with their uncooperative, non helpful interference because I’m not “politically correct” in my advocacy for animals.

    Whenever I am involved in some animal cause, I roll my eyes when some of these so called “animal rights activists” show up as they tend to be a hinderance instead of a help. When I saw this posting about halal slaughter in all its cruelty as well as the recent BNI post about how izslime treats dogs… I was reminded of some of my most frustrating encounters with “animal righs activists” and this has to do with the state of Israel.

    Israel is alone in the Middle-East in regard to its infrastructure dealing with animal welfare. Laws that deal with cruelty against animals and the nation’s network of animal shelters, veterinary services, humane treatment of laboratory and farm animals… are all similar to that found in other Western and/or developed nations. Some real inspirations to me were the Israelis with animal advocate groups who went beyond heroics in saving animals in West Bank evicted settlements and along the Lebanese border (during numerous Lebanon vs Israel skirmishes).

    Israel banned foie gras (a food made from geese that many people say is made in a cruel way). I have only eaten goose during historic re-enactments (prefer quail, myself). Israel was in the top 5 for foie gras consumption- in export and for being on the menus of Israeli restuarants and hotel room service. So, the banning of this did have an economic impact on Israeli agriculture (it lost them money), but the Israelis stuck with it and banned this agricultural product.

    Laboratory dissections banned in Israeli lower grades (ie younger students). Veterinary research has made amazing strides in Israel as Jewish scientists make discovery and discovery in issues with animal health. These discoveries help everyone around the world. Especially benefitting from Israeli ingenuity in veterinary medicine, livestock health and zoology is Israeli’s arabic/musim neighbors.

    Israeli zoos, aquariums and animal parks preserve endangered species and are places where animals are loved and cared for. It has a new name now, but one of Israel’s best tourist sites is the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if anyone ever visits Israel). Israel’s nature areas and national parks are home to ibex, deer, oryx, wild asses, wolves, leopards and millions of birds (many of whom migrate through Israel and bring in thousands of bird-watching tourists yearly).

    Then the ULTIMATE in animal rights activists should love Israel! Israel has joined the International Whaling Commission. YET…. wait-for-it…. Israel has NO whaling industry. This tiny nation joined the IWC just so that it COULD VOTE NO in any attempts to start up or increase whale harvests.

    This should cause lefty animal rights activists to drop and roll around on the ground screaming Israel’s name as their bodies are wracked with politically correct orgasms. A nation joins IWC just to apply pressure against whaling. This should have the same nation being praised by the animal rights movement. Right? WRONG.

    I have gone head-to-head and have gotten into some intense confrontations with animal rights “activists” who have participated in anti-Israel protests or involved in some other anti-Israel stance. When compared not just to its Arabic/Muslim neighbors… but when compared to ALL OF THE MUZSLIME world…. Israel outshines ALL OF THEM in regard to animal welfare and wildlife conservation. A tiny nation of 5 million Jews compared to over 50 muzslime nations with a population of 1 billion…. and Israel does so much more for animals.

    I have also confronted the anti-Israel crowd who say they are for “animal rights” when I point out them being hippocrites. Israel is on their hit-list for destruction yet they do not demand any Arabic or muzslime nation to cease to exist. Considering the gruesome halal food producing methods that take place in the izslime world, the moHAMmeddans war against domestic dogs and the brutal way they treat wildlife (zoos in the izslime world are among the world’s worst except when they tap into the Western style of doing things, then of course is the horriffic way animals in the wild are treated).

    Example- several species of oryx were decimated by izslimes; one species specifically of these magnificent animals became extinct in the wild after years of hunting by wealthy muzslimes who slaughtered the creatures while the rich asses rode in new jeeps and shot the creatures with machine guns and high powered rifles. WHO CAME TO THE RESCUE? Israel! These rare oryx were saved by Israeli conservation biologists and zoologists, later getting representatitves of this species to the American southwest. This combo USA-Israel conservation action saved the species and the oryx have been restored even back in its arabic homelands.

    Many kinds of rare wildlife that live in Israeli nature reserves and parks that border izslime nations… are many times target practice by izslime on the other sides of borders. This is done to frighten tourists (if we shoot animals we can shoot people across the border) as well as discourage tourists from visiting… tourists come to nature reserves & parks to see wildlife, and shooting these animals dead ris a blow to Israeli tourism.

    The Israeli hatred NEVER stops and manifests itself in ways you never could comprehend. The anti-Israeli animal rights activists don’t demand these izslime nations with F- grades in animal welfare cease to exist!.

    Izslimes hate cats as well. There are plenty of internet images and videos of izslimes being cruel to cats. Possibly for sharia loving Egyptian izslimes it might be because the cats remind them of pre-islam Egypt was cats were held in high regard. I knew a midwest family surrounded by izslime neighbors who hated the family’s cat. The family was told get rid of the cat or it would be killed. The family gave in and sent the cat to Indiana to live with relatives. This happened in the early 1990s.

    As for the images of halal sacrifice- see how the children watch this gruesome spectacle in these pics? First, those animals in a pain filled panic could have bolted or gotten out of their restraints- and children were right there! Of course if there were casualties amongst the people in the crowd…. oh well.

    Also, I know people who have lived on farms or go hunting in different parts of the world. The farm children or kids whose families hunt… are aware of realities of farm life and how wildgame ends up in the freezer. Yet, THERE IS STILL SOME discretion in the West and developed Asia in how children are exposed to this reality. Even farm kids who help with raising and butchering livestock… are not exposed to this brutality that takes place in izslime nations.

    Once again, there is a chasm of huge difference between izslime and the rest of the world. The presence of those children in the halal pics is proof of that. Oh, and the BNI poster who made the comment about beastiality and how livestock animals are raped/molested by izslimes BEFORE slaughter… happens more time than you think. AFTER ALL… izslimes are not going to waste an opportunity when an animal like a cow, camel or donkey is tied up and unable to move!

    Finally, halal just isn’t a gruesome, inhumane way to slaughter animals, which as you can see are NOT healthy and sanitary conditions. Whether, in izslime lands or the West… halal foods are suspect for food quality. Also, many BNI readers and posters are relgious Christians and Jews, devout in the Buddhist faith, etc.
    Keep this in mind RELIGIOUS persons- halal IS ALSO A RELIGIOUS WAY to slaughter. Are you aware that the slaughter has “allah” being invoked? Read up on halal foods… this torturous way to get meat and poultry HAS A RELIGIOUS component in the “name of allah.” Keep in mind BNI readers that halal also applies to some pharmacueticals and cosmetics for izslime consumption… significant because these products have origins in animals or are tested upon them. Last word- whenever izslime spreads it wants to spread its filth to non-izslime cultures. This means more and more halal foods and products in the West. Keep an eye out and protest strongly halal products in American shops and stores.

    • Arjay, thank you for all that information about Israel’s animal policies. I didn’t know about most of it. But now I understand why Japan votes against them most of the time in the UN – whaling.

      Anyone wanting to see more on ‘Halal Slaughter’ just enter those words in the Search Box here.

  5. Dear Bonni & BNI:

    Awhile ago I had been purchasing stamps at one of the local post offices when the postal clerk tried to sell me Eid stamps, which I refused. What annoyed me was when I stated that any other design was fine, the clerk kept trying to “push” the islamadoodle design. I told the clerk up front I knew what the meaning was and I was not going to purchase those stamps and to give me other ones which was done under the scowls of the clerk.

    I exited the customer service counter and went to the lobby where I spent a few moments arranging some things and was getting ready to exit when patrons who had been behind me and in the aisle next to me came out- and let me have it. One person hurled a few zingers at me and went out the door before I could respond. The others apparently rallied by what the first person had done; preceeded to tell me what a bigoted, hateful person I am… for not taking muzslime themed postage stamps.

    This time I “engaged” the other postal customers (who obviously were eavesdropping on my turn with the clerk). These fools refused to listen to the explanation of what “Eid” was and why I wouldn’t support promoting it. Here we are in midwest America and average citizens blindly support islam by lashing out at a complete stranger who didn’t want stamps promoting muzslime holidays. I held my my own and made them regret interferring in something that was none of their business.

    By the wasy, later that day this big bad evil racist (racist for not supporting izslime…once again what race is izslime)… went home and attached stamps to my correspondence, bills and a birthday card to my cousin. I wonder if addressed the envelopes and sealed them in a racially oppressive way? I wonder if the persons who threw “racist” at me would have done so if they knew the stamps I ended up purchasing (instead of Eid design) were those of historic black Americans.

    Though honestly, I know that wouldn’t have made any difference. FIrst, none of the blacks depicted on those stamps were marxists (so I guess they weren’t “real” blacks). Besides it doesn’t matter how much someone stands against real racism; if you get the charge of islamophobia then no matter what you do or say; or what your background is standing up against real racism… you have been condemned in society as a bigot. However, make lemonade out of izslime ridiculousness. Its here on BNI that posted the fact Churchill was called a “naziphobe.” So, if I’m not submitting to izslime in any way, including something as miniscule as refusing Eid postage stamps and am called an islamophobe and racist… well, I guess I’m doing something right.

    So, BNI readers… the next time you go to the post office; beware of purchasing Eid stamps! Also, early in the holiday season I sent the word out to people I know around the world to let me know if any Christmas or Hanukkah (and if it applied any St. Lucia, St. Andrews, Bohdi Day, Diwali, Winter Solstice, Advent, etc) celebrations were disrupted in ANY way by muzslime. I am going to start to do follow up about this and when I do I will also ask about the big list of anti-Semitic actions taking place in France as to see if they are legitimate. However, I remember a friend; one Jewish French-Canadian (now in France) mentioning some of those events to me.

    So, my input Bonni, is I don’t know about everything listed there… but some of that stuff appears to be accurate. I think maybe that the letter is indeed genuine. Even if the “sender” was a composite or not a real person… the actions listed are at least partially true. As you have other BNI readers “weigh in” I think you’ll get feedback that yes, all this stuff sadly did happen.

    Closing on a more festive tone- I hope you had a very nice 8 days of Hanukkah Bonni. Did you light candles every night and end up with a full menorah? Those aer beautiful sight. I don’t know if anyone in your household celebrates Christmas; but if they do I hope that went well too. As for New Year 2013- to you and all the BNI readers, wishing you all individually prosperity and health. As for us “collectively” I think we all need to roll our sleeves up as 2013 is going to be rough on the anti sharia and anti islamic front.

    • Glad you took them on in the Post Office. It’s hard to be one against a mob, but we must.

      I am on a very short fuse these days as evidenced yesterday by a trip to Walmart to buy an electric heater. I was with Mr. BNI, who thankfully didn’t get in the middle of a fight I had with a toothless woman in the Express Line ahead of me.

      OK, Express Line is for 10 items or less. I watched in annoyed silence as she loaded what had to be about 20 items onto the belt. Then, her daughter brought her at least 20 articles of clothing, from which the cashier had to remove the hangars (by order of the woman) before she rang them up. I was steamed as I don’t use the Express Line if I have 11 items instead of 10.

      So I opened my mouth about how inconsiderate she was and how there were 3 other lines open which she should have used. I glared at the cashier too who said, “Well we are short staffed today.” I said there were 3 other Non Express lines she could have used. The woman started blabbering about me being mean and how I should just enjoy the New Year. I told her “Fuck You!” Then she lost it, saying how could I used such language in front of her kids. I said “Fuck your kids, too.” Then, this obese, toothless wonder started calling me “white trash.” I called her an “Obama voter and part of the 47% of Obama’s entitlement whores who think they have a right to anything they want. I asked her if she had used her food stamps to buy the load of candy and soda in her cart?”

      Finally she left, blubbering nonsense as she went. As I put my heater on the checkout belt, I heard a few people applauding from behind. Not sure who they were applauding though.

      But that wasn’t the end.

      As Mr. BNI and went out to our car, the woman’s husband and the woman were waiting by their car for us and started screaming “You are white trash and probably from the South.” Before Mr. BNI was able to break his neck, I yelled out, “Keep it up, “I’ve got a fully loaded gun in this car.” With that, they took off, screeching the tires as they sped away.

      Thank God, because Mr. BNI is fully capable of breaking his neck if he had to.

      • wow ! love it when an American Patriot stands up and uses the right to be rude when in the shared world of hostiles ! myself find it very handy to be rude an crude around unfreindlys

        • Good idea, Ms. BNI: I’d use the word “enemy” – for that’s who Moslems are. They are our ENEMIES!!!!

          They want our total destruction, so why should we think of them other than as the worst possible enemies who deserve to be themselves destroyed or expelled??

      • Dear Bonni:

        I’m very sorry what should have been a stress free “in and out fast” shopping trip turned into such an unpleasant situation. This woman who apparently can’t read posted signs about “express” and “10 items or less” could not comprehend that rude and inconsiderate behavior was wrong.

        More chilling that even though this woman was in the wrong… she had the nerve, gall and she being the center of the universe mentality to lay in wait for you and your husband in the parking lot.

        So not only did she not acknowledge her actions of breaking the rules in the store… she and the man she was with are ready to pounce in the parking lot. That she just didn’t leave but laid in wait and started to scream and try to intimidate you and Mr. BNI was not a good scene. By standing up to hear and letting her know that you were armed was in your favor; if not they may have tried to hurt the both of you.

        Yet another example of someone armed who stopped violence from happening to them. Good for you guys. Also, you mentioned Mr. BNI having “neck breaking” skills. I think I saw posts where Mr. BNI is mentioned as a marine. Well, this proves a true marine never forgets his self defense skills. What is learned in boot camp lasts a life time. I am glad both of you are fine. Happy New Year 2013!

        • ARJAY, actually he showed me just the other night exactly how to break a neck. We were watching some old ’24’ episodes where Jack Bauer renders people unconscious but doesn’t kill them by twisting their neck and I didn’t understand how he did that without killing them. So Mr. BNI demonstrated it to me, just enough so I could feel the moves right up to the point of being knocked out. I know with just a tiny bit more pressure I would have been. Depending upon how long he holds the neck in that position determines if you are just knocked out for while or dead.

          Yes, apparently, Marines never forget their training.

      • Wow B, I must congraduate both for showing restraint, It did sound like they were inconsiderate, not only that, but perhaps as we say here in fly-over country, “low lifes”, white trash, that’s funny. I once was called the same thing, and my remark was, ( because of the way the conversation started I assumed they were “welfare king and queen” because they drove up in a nicer car then I have, and I pay CASH for every item I’ve ever bought in my life, up to and including my estate, while they were rude, inconsiderate and nasty with the tongue, of course you’ve probably meet these same types like most of us usually do, we reconize them because of the debit cards they place before themselves and the American public) of course, I’m white, and quite capable of taking out the trash as required, I just don’t put it on the block for everyone else to notice., and then just smiled at them.

        This has become a very real problem, those of us who are considerate, kind, hard working and supporting these mutts of obama’s bin lyn’ are having to deal with even more ignorance hateful attitudes these days, it never stops. I have to agree with the reaction, these types need to be called out for their actions as it is socially unacceptable and down right nasty. Happy New Year to you and a oooooooorah to Mr. BNI

  6. Sick Sick Sick I would just love to grab these muslim scumbags & rip there fuken heads off & shit down their necks. Lock & load time is getting closer & closer.

  7. Moslems – animals. So the Chechen Moslems killed Russian soldiers which were taken prisoner. All world shouted that it correctly. Animals it is a pity. They after all not from Russia.

  8. The Bible declares Proverbs 12:14 “the deeds of a man’s hands will return to him.” The cruel will RECEIVE back what they have done to others.

    God’s requirement for ALL humanity is KINDNESS:

    Bible, Micah 6:8 And what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness and to walk humbly with your God.

  9. How is it possible that civilized countries in the West can allow such EVIL? Horrendous barbarism and savagery to INNOCENT, DEFENSELESS animals in OUR countries? We can do nothing about the dreadful cruelties Muslims do in their Muslim countries, but it is unforgivable that our Western leaders allow such monstrous acts against animals who our Precious, Merciful and Kind God LOVINGLY created.

  10. Finland’s immigrant ghettos will burn

    One of the highest rates of immigrants in Europe is drawing fears from Finns. Some are concerned that immigrants, attracted by Finland’s generous welfare packages and high living standards, will overrun their country

  11. These degenerate neanderthals never stop disgusting me with their sick demonic behavior. Kill yourselves but do not torture innocent animals. I was hoping that 12-21-12 would bring in alien hordes that would zap every last one of these inbred f**ks. Imagine how much better the world would be without the likes of muslims and their sick islam.

  12. This story is absolute bullshit. All schools of koranic teaching are quite clear on the fact that if non-halal food is not available they are permitted to eat it rather than starve. Lobster and champagne are still haram, starving or not.

    • Absolutely right. This isn’t about ‘religious’ dietary requirements. If they were really that hungry they would eat non halal. It’s all about posturing, forcing the infidels to accede to their demands, and sheer joy in cruelty, and bloodlust. How **loathsome** they are.

  13. Only the most ignorant of people would go hungry instead of eating food that is slaughtered humanely. This is one more example of the goatfuckers forcing their religion upon others. Look at the joy and enthusiasm these people take in blood letting. It shows what animals they are. When a group of people get together and kill animals in this manner we call them a cult, not a religion. The only thing these pictures don’t show is the Muslim tradition of raping the animal before it is killed. This is what Mohammed did, in order to please his master Satan.

  14. Religious Sensitivities. Are you fricken kidding me. This so-called religion, islam,brewed up on santanic verses, and sensitivity, do not go in the same sentence, IMHO.

    So in other words, allah is incapable of/ does not provide for this soldiers, right? why if he did, why the need for a food pantry, much less a religiously sensitive concealment of slaughtering of these poor critters under their santanic verses guidelines. Starve these fricken moochers, hell if they can’t/refuse to be responsible, feed their own damned family members, why the hell should our hard earned monies go to keeping alive the very people who are set out to conquer our lands. Qur’an 2:191 “slay them, the infidels, whereever you encounter them”


    • RM
      Because we have stupid people in government that are not working for us.
      I think they are called Tyrants. I could be mistaking but I don’t think so.

  15. Seeing this makes me so angry that I could never be friendly to a muslim, knowing that they CONDONE this animal cruelty!

    • COMPLETE agreement here!!! The moment they insist on “halal”, that’s already enough for me to want absolutely NOTHING to do with such people EVER!!!!!

      Thank goodness that I knew this stuff a few years ago when yours truly spotted a “halal” section in a supermarket – which promptly lost my business. A couple of years later, it was out of business, God Be Praised!!!!!

      All Westerners OUT of dar al-Islam – and ALL Moslems OUT OF THE WEST!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

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