CAIR-Florida demands that the FBI seek out, close with, and destroy the enemy and his will to resist

Hezbollah/Hamas supporter, Hassan Shibley, executive director of CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) in Tampa wants the FBI to make a direct link between anti-Islam rhetoric and the ‘Islamophobe’ who shot a Muslim with a BB gun outside Walmart.

[UPDATE] CAIR has just posted a surveillance video of the alleged BB shooter. Hmmm, looks like he could be a Mooselum himself.


23 comments on “CAIR-Florida demands that the FBI seek out, close with, and destroy the enemy and his will to resist

  1. Who knew you could initiate an FBI manhunt after an assault with a bb gun. I bet the local police hung up on them laughing.

    When something happens to me, the first place I would call is the FBI. My truck was broken into – FBI. Someone took my kid’s bike – FBI. Someone knocked over my mailbox – FBI.

  2. Those who assault & murder victims perceived as Muslims and set fire to mosques do not act based on the facts we utter and publish. They act based on their own mental, moral and emotional defects and deficits.

    To sample the real hate speech, follow this link, click each entry in the right sidebar and read the quotes from the Qur’an, hadith, Sira & tahrik.

    Has anyone in the MSM bothered to open the Goddamn Qur’an and read Surah Al-Baqarah 2:161, Surah Al-Baiyyinah 98:6 and Sahih Muslim Book 037, Number 6636 ?

    AssWholes!!! Before bitching bitterly about “hate speech” sample the shit which flowed from the mouths of Allah and his Goddamn Profiteer!

    Jews & Christians are cursed, labeled the worst of creatures and to be substituted for Muslims in Hell fire. God damn you who bitch bitterly about “hate speech” while secretly subscribing to or ignoring that shit!!! .

    If the American Electorate was aware of the evil enshrined in the damnable books listed and linked to above, they would rise up as one disrespectfully demanding the eradication of Islam.

    That is exactly what CAIR fears, and why they are waging polemic war to silence us. Which is exactly why we will be burning in Hell before we will shut up!

    Do not deal CAIR another Goddamn Victim Card!! Do not suggest, sympathize with, celebrate or engage in violent attacks or MDP. Instead, lift the lid from the sewer which is Isdamn and expose the shit and worms therein contained to the electorate.

    Please go to: http://www. in the right sidebar, Americans should click on and sign the International Qur’an Petition and the Defend Free Speech Petition. Europeans and Asians should click on and sign the original IQP at PetitionSpot further down the page.

  3. They bring this on themselves…especially with assholes like H(ass)an Shibley representing them.

    No sympathy here for ANY Muslime turd…None !
    C.A.I.R. Can go piss up a rope, bout time they were outlawed as a terrorist organization.

  4. Hateful rhetoric??
    How about stopping the hateful acts of barbarism and terror carried out by these vile and godless monsters.
    By the way, where the hell is PETA with the Muslims mutt’s killing everything they see in the good old Hallal way?
    Allah Fubar!

  5. Let me think. We have major crimes going on in America with mass murders, bank robberies and so on, but we need to put the full million members of the FBI on the search for a man with a BB gun. That makes perfect sense to cair not because they want to be able to pull the victim card. This little problem is not worth the time of one member of the FBI.

  6. Actually, I’ve a better idea: how about we arrest CAIR for harassment on a massive scale? No other faith-based group in recent history of America has been so demanding as they have; they act like the FBI is their personal attack squad.

    Oh, and let’s not forget how they funnel money to those who murder and butcher Christians around the world, which they will absolutely deny because if ever revealed it would give us justified cause to either arrest them all or kick their hides out of the country. I don’t hate -them-, per say…. but I grow tired of their evil ways.

  7. muzzies….weaklings and cowards. Most invertebrates are made of sterner stuff than these inbred svoluches.
    islam is the religion (false) of whinging and temper tantrums. Dishonorable, spineless, unmasculine, and disgraceful.

  8. Seems to me that the person using the BB gun was just trying to make the muslim feel like he was home. They are shooting each other all the time

  9. It was probably a few kids playing with a bbgun and a victim chosen completely at random, not because he was a goat fucker. Muslims are the biggest cry baby bitches ever. It is time for liberal dipshits to stop treating every incident involving the cult of Islam as a hate crime. Mohammed committed more hate crimes against animals and humans than anyone else in history until Stalin and Hitler.

  10. noticed how they managed to fit in race , color of skin and religion all in one little incident over a pop gun while in Chicago home town to cair and obama there were 500 murders last year most of witch never even made the news or barely on the back page

  11. Innocents are called Islamophobes because they protest against the burnings of churches, the constant atrocities and mass murders of non-Muslims by Muslims in other countries. Muslims want non-Muslims to remain silent about the horrors and suffering inflicted on non-Muslim innocents.

    Innocents are called Islamophobes because they are disgusted that in America, Muslims stone our people-non-Muslims and the police REFUSE to protect non-Muslims from violent Muslim attackers:

    American Muslims Stone Christians in Dearborn, MI (Original edit)

    Innocents are called Islamophobes because they are disgusted that Muslims in America and countries around the world and THOUSANDS of Pal. Authority Muslims CELEBRATED with great joy the cruel slaughter of our cherished 3,000 on 9/11. PA Muslims danced with great delight in the streets, passed out sweets and fired into the air. WE WILL NEVER FORGET.

  12. Tommy is persecuted, punished and jailed for protesting Islamization of Britain and protesting the many thousands of gang rapes of non-Muslim British children by Muslim monsters.
    If only EDL leader, POLITICAL PRISONER, patriotic, caring human rights activist, Tommy, could be home with his family! PLEASE SIGN!

    Petition: Free Tommy Robinson!

  13. Kick out those parasites. Did died 100 millions person in WW2, to get our freedom and save the world from tirany, fascism and dark ages. We are ready again, with help of leftists of get one more,……………get the our freedom and give better world to our children. We already have enough from those soldiers of Allah,..time to fight back

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