EGYPT: Muslim Brotherhood official finds Palestinians so repugnant, he would trade them all for Jews

Issam Al-‘Aryan calls upon Egyptian Jews to return to Egypt so that all Palestinians could go live in Israel.

Oops! Maybe not. Islamic Jihad vows to kill any Egyptian-Israeli Jews who take Al-‘Aryan up on his offer.



14 comments on “EGYPT: Muslim Brotherhood official finds Palestinians so repugnant, he would trade them all for Jews

  1. Yeah right. He knows that Egypt needs productive, creative Jews to live as dhimmis in order to revitalize their economy.

    • NOT SO!!!! He only wants them to come under Islamic power so they can be slaughtered off all the faster – for that’s what ALL Moslems are committed to as so being commanded by their SATAN Mohammed…

      No Jew should believe ANYTHING a Moslem like Morsi says, EVER!!!!

  2. Moz jihadists make a ‘short-term truce’ (hudna) with their enemy, then they break it without warning before expiry to betray the enemy by surprise.

    If the Ikhwan idiots impose Sharia, they will find all the skilled kafir workers will leave Egypt and they big parts of the economy will be crippled.

    They are being caught in the reality that ISLAM IS INCOMPATIBLE WITH MODERNITY.

    They did not suddenly stop hating Jews either, because the Koran and hadith texts did not suddenly disappear and those FOOLS read and believe them every day.

    • Yep! Hudna… now that islamists are in power, they realize it’s not what they thought. Having almost no economy and little bank liquidities and no skilled labor, they are in serious shit. On top of that, no sane human being is willing to move and work there. And tourism is almost dead and will not come back because of sharia and blasphemy. What are they to do?

      It serves them well. Mubarak’s days will come back to haunt them.

  3. This is classic taqiya……………lure the enemy out of his stronghold and slit his throat. Its dificult to do it in israel now…but if the dumb joos fall for this and
    handover israel to palestinians , then they can kill the joos and copts at leisure
    while the world fiddles away..

    Are the Jews dumb enough ? That is the question.

    If the Mooslime brotherhood wants to invite egyptians back why not invite
    the palestinians (they are mostly egyptians) back and end the conflict ?

    Of course not….the idea is to handover / takeover israel and kill the joos
    in egypt. Obamullah and joos in America may approve it.

    • Sujith,it isn’t taqiyya exactly. He hates Jews as much as all Muslims do, but he holds the Palis in even lower esteem. H is smart enough to know that Jews contribute much to any society they are in, don’t live on welfare, and are not violent. None of which is true about the Palis.

  4. Given the current persecution of Coptic Egyptians (who were in Egypt long before the islamic invaders), this man is delusional.

    But I get his logic, if Jews leave Israel and go back to “muslim lands” then the persecution and the jizya will be easier for islamonazis to engage in. Israel protects its citizens, Egypt does not.

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