“Muslim (savages) firebombed our orphanage while we slept,” says Indonesian Pastor Paulus Wiratno

Pastor Paulus Wiratno of Mercy Indonesia ran an orphanage and taught Christianity by radio from his Bible School- until neighbor Muslims bombed their dormitories while they slept. Here he explains Muslims’ violent intolerance towards non-Muslims.

H/T  Democracy Broadcasting


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  1. Anger over ‘cruel’ Indonesian cattle mistreatment

    From: AFP
    January 08, 201310:12AM

    ANIMAL rights activists have denounced “cruel” treatment of cattle in Indonesia after pictures emerged of cows on their way to market being lifted by a crane from ropes tied to their heads.

    It is another blow to the country’s reputation for dealing with livestock following international criticism when Australian TV aired footage of Indonesian abattoir workers torturing cows shipped from Australia.

    The Australian government suspended exports to Indonesia for a month after footage aired of cows dying slow and painful deaths, having their eyes gouged, tails broken and throats hacked.

    In the latest pictures, taken by an AFP photographer, a crane is shown transferring three bony cows from a boat in the eastern Javanese city of Surabaya using a loop of rope around their skulls.

    Another photograph shows seven live cows being lifted in a similar fashion in one group, with their necks painfully outstretched.


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