PAT CONDELL: “It’s time to change our ‘racist’ attitudes and double standards about the Middle East”

“We must stop holding Arab Muslims to a lower standard of behavior than the rest of the world and giving them a free pass on indiscriminate barbarism because, as liberal racists, we don’t consider them capable of civilized behavior.”

“We must stop pretending that Islamic Jew hatred and oppression of women as mandated in the quran does not exist or that the desire to wipe Israel off the map is merely political and not religious blood vengeance.” “It’s time to start recognizing Israel as the frontline between Islam and civilization.”

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  1. Pat, you are so right, as usual.

    Part of the irony is that, if Israel ever were eliminated and the jews once again scattered, the various sects of Islam would be slaughtering each other, just as they have for centuries. Ultimately, Shiites will not accept Suunis, Salafis and and the followers of The Muslim Brotherhood will see themselves as having to conquer all other Islamic sects. Nothing will change except the targets — and the only things built or done right in the Arab part of Islam will be accomplished with foreign labor and oil money.

    Their uniting call should be “IN THE SEVENTH CENTURY WE SHALL DWELL FOREVER — EN SHALLAH (SP?)!”

  2. Pro-G you need to grow-up and dump your inferior thinking mentality and your childish tantrums. BNI is not a propaganda site; BNI is a ‘Fact Site.’ BNI reports the truth. Not all Arabs want to kill Jews; there are many good Arabs that are not Muslims. ‘True Muslims’ by nature are violent against all kafir/infidels/unbelievers/non-Muslims simply because evil Pedophile False Prophet Muhammad demanded in the Qur’an that all kafirs that refuse to convert to Islam must be killed.

    There are several ex-Muslims once trained as ‘Jihad Terrorists’ that have seen the error of their ways and are now reformed; they now recognise that Islam is evil. Some have written books explaining how they were incorrectly taught to hate Jews and kill Jews. These ex-Muslims now are friends with Jews and do defend them. These ex-Muslims have written that the Jews are the victims and that Muslims are the persecutors. Islam by its nature true to the evil character of Muhammad is guilty of teaching anti-Semitism. The approval and encouragement of anti-Semitism is an evil act which proves that all ‘True Muslims’ that hate Jews and want to kill them are in fact the most evil of evil people. But it doesn’t stop there the Qur’an teaches all Muslims to kill kafir. That means that you Pro-G whatever your real backward name is… has one thing in common with Muhammad and that one thing is that you are evil because you support the killing of Jews and all infidels that refuse to convert to insidious Islam.

    Only a fool worries about ancestral DNA links. If we all look back far enough to our origins we humans all started from the same human creation/evolution point. The only difference between us is creed, not race and not colour. We all bleed the same colour, or are you suggesting Pro-G that your blood is green like an Alien Lizard?

  3. Pro- Gentile ,the dogs and the pigs are on the loose Lmaoooo International Law ? barf like the U N law, Barfs aaaagain lol

  4. Is this site a propagandist site? I’m beginning to think so?
    Under “international” law, the Je ws are in the wrong as they are STEALING Palestine.
    You do know that most of the “chosen people of god” don’t even have DNA that LINKS them to the ME?

    How is it that “Whites” hate how their countries are being overrun and taken over by “invaders” but can’t see that Muslims or Arabs might feel the same way towards the rest of us??

    I swear reading this site is like reading those who created Communism – same people in the shitty little country in the ME – that for some reason “we” have to protect. Let the Arabs or Muslims kill them. I could care less. They want to steal the land, well they should have to suffer the consequences.

    • Boy oh boy, “Pro-Gentile”, your ABSOLUTE EVIL is showing through with every last word that you write!!!!

      Israel existed on Israeli land all the way since about 1,500 BC – and the real Jewish Diaspora didn’t start until AD 133-35!! That was when Emperor Hadrian decided to do all he could to annihilate the pesky Israelis because they wouldn’t submit to him or worship him – and especially after the revolt of Simeon bar Kokheba, he (in the midst of the pains of the cancer that was killing him) decided to do everything he could to be their genocide.

      However, Israeli people ALWAYS survived, and that has ALWAYS been their land – and God Brought them back so that in 1948 they got the land officially as their modern Israel, Deo Gratias!!!!

      All the monstrous hatred of you Moslem, Nazi and Commie totalitarians – THE REAL scum of the earth – won’t be able to do Israel one possible smallest iota of harm, God Be Praised now and forever and ever!!!! Even that Antichrist Obama will come to grief just as much as Hadrian, Mohammed, ‘Ómar, Al-Rashíd, Jenghiz Khan, Torquemada, Hitler, Stáljin, Nasser and Hafiz Assad have ALL done!!!!!

      • And to rub your self-inflicted wounds that much more into salt, Moslem:

        LONG LIVE ISRAEL!!!!! DEATH TO ISLAM – and Nazism and Communism too!!!!!

  5. I agree with Pat Condell’s tabled point remarks with one exception; he linked these points to the wrong word ‘racist.’ He should have used the words ‘Politically Correct.’ He said, “Being Racist,” “Racist Stupor” etc. He should have said, “Beinging Politically Correct,” Politically Correct Stupor.” His message was weakened by the use of the wrong key word. And we need to stop describing Islam as a religion; the world needs to learn that Islam is not a religion it is a cult- a political totalitarian ideology; and we that study our enemy Islam know that proof exists in volumes proving that anti-freedom Islam is a ‘Clear and Present Danger’ to the ‘Free World.’ Islam is not compatible with the Western World and must be closed down permanently exiled from the West. There shall never be peace whilst Islam exists. There is only one way to defeat Islam; politicians will never deal with the needed banning of Islam. And 1400 years of wars prove that violent resistance has not stopped Islam. We must expose and smash the credibility of their revered leader Muhammad. He may be dead but his dark spirit is still alive in the minds of ‘True Muslims.’ Islam is the synonymous character of Muhammad. Destroy the credibility of Muhammad and Islam shall disintegrate. This is the core of our problem; the Dark Spirit of Muhammad must be brought to trial again and again until his image is smashed into smithereens. Muhammad was a vain evil cruel man; it is time for all the world to recognise that fact. This is an extremely difficult mission but it is one that each generation must fight until Islam becomes like Ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian Gods recognised as a myth.

  6. Pat got it Perfect. Racists give the Sultans of Apartheid a free ride while dissing the tiny Israel democracy. The dyslexic dhimmis have gotten it backwards. The Bullies are the arrogant Muzzies… and the rest of Western Infidels with our Modern Pluralistic Societies are the victims. We choose to Take Back our countries, our lands, our values… you racist pigs!

  7. Well said, Pat. Well, as for me in my small corner, I speak up every chance I get although after I was arrested for expressing my views on air, when I do that now I often use an alias. My most recent rant was to the Star newspaper, a pro-Liberal rag I expected to ignore my post and/or to condemn it. But I was pleasantly surprised to get a neutral response. Things are improving, mehopes.

  8. Pat as usual, cuts through to the truth. The muslims do not want peace or more land they want to murder every non muslim and in particular the Jews of Israel, followed by Christians, Hindus and so on. You can not give in to a barbaric cult of evil where only your destruction is ever enough. You can not negotiate with a cult that tells and encourages their followers to lie and to deceive in negotiations.You can not negotiate with a cult that does not value human life and believes in suicide bombers and so on. I thank God that Israel is standing in the gap and I pray that eventually all democratic countries will realize that if Israel falls, we all will eventually fall prey to the demonic appetite of the demonic cult of islam. Like Canada we must urge every democratic country and all of our government representatives, to stand with Israel because bullies and cowards, such as the muslims, only understand and fear countries that will kick the hell out of then if they start anything.

  9. DEAR PAT…It’s SHARIA LAW, rather than low standards.

    Mozzies are DELUDED to think Sharia law is ABOVE the Golden Rule.

    They are SUPREMACISTS, Pat.

    SUPREMACISTS have SPECIAL RIGHTS to do evil that ‘others’ don’t have.


  10. I wish someone or Pat himself would post transcripts of all of his videos. Been so many times when I have wanted to use his comments in discussions and arguements, but can never remember the wording correctly.

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