FINALLY! Somebody in the media bestows a title on Barack Hussein Obama that he actually deserves



WND (h/t Ellen H)  Since Barack Hussein Obama has been president, he’s been showered with many such accolades – most recently when Newsweek crowned him “The First Gay President” for his election-year abandonment of his opposition to same-sex marriage. But the elite media, to commemorate other Obama affinities and policy positions, have also dubbed him “The First Hispanic President,” “The First Asian-American President,” “The First Jewish President” – and even “The First Female President.” 

But there’s one “first” label conspicuously absent from all the media homage paid to the 44th president – perhaps, ironically, because there’s more truth to it than the press is comfortable admitting – and that’s the title Whistleblower confers on Barack Hussein Obama in its blockbuster January 2013 issue: “THE FIRST MUSLIM PRESIDENT.” 


Barack Hussein Obama’s relationship with Islam has long been one of the most radioactive questions surrounding his presidency. Before the 2008 election, it was considered impolite in the extreme even to mention publicly Obama’s middle name, “Hussein,” a name given only to Muslim babies. And despite repeated polls showing a significant percentage of voters – one in three conservative Republicans and almost one in five of all voters – believe the president is currently a Muslim, those who dare bring up the issue are mercilessly scorned as ignoramuses and bigots. 

Yet, there’s a side to Obama’s life, from his Muslim childhood, schooling, Quran studies, mosque attendance and prayer in Indonesia, to his bewilderingly pro-Muslim policies today as president, that has been carefully concealed from the public by the “mainstream media.” 


If you’ve wondered why the current U.S. president seems so supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood – both in the Arab-Muslim Middle East and, in the form of its various front organizations, within America itself “THE FIRST MUSLIM PRESIDENT”  will open your eyes. Highlights of  



• “The first Muslim president” by David Kupelian, on why an adoring press crowns Obama with every title – except this one

• “Muslim-American author embraces Obama as ‘My Muslim President'” – and reveals most Muslims she knows regard Obama as a “Muslim brother”

• “U.S. policy defending Shariah – not American citizens” by Clare Lopez, in which the 25-year CIA veteran blows the whistle on Obama’s brazenly pro-jihad policies

• “Rep. Allen West: Benghazi a result of ‘appeasement’ of the Islamic world” – the courageous Florida congressman speaks his mind on the president’s pro-Islamist foreign policy

• “Israel policy makes Obama honorary ‘first Muslim president'” by Joseph Farah, who asks: “Who has done more to foment and support the Middle East Islamist revolution over the last 2 years than Barack Obama?”

• “Obama’s Muslim childhood” by Daniel Pipes, in which the renowned Islam expert presents overwhelming evidence that the president of the United States – who claimed before his election in 2008 that he was never a Muslim – was indeed “born and raised a Muslim”

• “Obama family busted in Shariah scheme” by Jerome R. Corsi, a shocking exposé of how Obama’s extended family is working to drive Christianity out of Kenya and replace it with Shariah Islam

• “Obama Mideast policy includes arming jihadists” by Aaron Klein, who presents stunning evidence that the White House was supporting al-Qaida operatives who ended up killing the U.S. ambassador to Libya

• “Why Obama turned on Gadhafi – the surprising reason” by Jerome R. Corsi – on the Obama administration’s infatuation with the Muslim Brotherhood

• “Under-publicized threat deep in the White House” – in which veteran FBI agents disclose that penetration of the U.S. government by radical Islamist agents is much worse than previously thought

• “Rogues gallery of terror-tied ‘Muslim civil rights’ leaders” – a pictorial exposé of the “moderate Muslim civil rights group” in the nation’s capital that one FBI agent described as “a turnstile for terrorists and their supporters’

• “Manifesto puts Hillary’s top aide in Saudi plot” by Art Moore, on how Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s trusted adviser Huma Abedin previously worked for her parents’ institute focused on establishing an Islamic America

• “What Muslim-Americans really believe” by Joseph Farah, on a new scientific poll revealing that most American Muslims oppose the most basic principles of the U.S. Constitution

• “Handing Muslim extremists the house keys” by Diana West, on why the power-elites don’t want to answer the questions of the “Bachmann 5.”



14 comments on “FINALLY! Somebody in the media bestows a title on Barack Hussein Obama that he actually deserves

  1. THIS is so going on Facebook!!

    *waves to CAIR and CAIR Canada*
    You should be packing your bags, muzzies…we’ve invited you to leave The Western Nations.
    Do it on your own, or be deported via container vessel.
    tic-toc, islam’s on the chopping block.

  2. I’ve believed him to be a Muslim a long time ago. It’s the actions, not the lying words. And for those who don’t know Islam, lying is acceptable to further Islam (taqiyya)…in fact, anything is acceptable including Jihad which is murder, and the hated filled God allah is the root in the Quran which allah supposedly authored (You’d have to be a slavish unquestioning Muslim to believe that).
    Don’t forget the UN Defamation of Religion (Islam is the only religion that wants protection from critism) that Obama is supporting. Jesus Christ is God: he can take care of himself and Obama (and all Muslims) will answer to Him whether he thinks so or not.

  3. At long time that Obama shows that is a muslims!!!…but from the Arab spring he shows that is belong to muslims brotherhood, with the very dark agenda….

  4. Unless Ovomit is an apostate (which I do not believe he is), in the eyes of his muzzie brothers & sisters, he’s still a mudslime himself. How ironic that less than 10 years after 9-11, the American people would elect a secret muzzie as POTUS…

  5. No surprise that b. hussein obama is now thought of the first muslim president. It is good to out him for all of the lies and corruption he stands for.

  6. There is NO moderate Islam or moderate Muslim. They are both a LIE. Nearly everyone in America seems to now hate Islam more than anything in life.

    • If only this were true. Unfortunately, everywhere I look, I see Americans sleeping while the Islamic threat gathers. Pearl Harbor re-visited.

      • NO!

        9/11 was Pearl Harbor and all we have to show for it is a war on ‘terror’, an anonymous, invisible, stateless non-entity.

        But everyone here can identify that ‘terror’, springing full-formed from mohammed the beast, and promulgated by his sycophantic followers – currently the moslem brotherhood and cair.

        Their second echelon are the dhimmicrats, led by soeterobama.

        The third echelon are the liberals: jews, profs, teachers…exemplified by Ayers and Dohrn, Wright, Feinstein, and a million other treasonous traitors.

        • “Pearl Harbor” was used as an analogy. Is there a rule that it can’t be used twice? Anyway, I think your sequence is wrong: let’s round up all those teachers and jews first … plus all those “big eared fags” someone referred to in an earlier entry. Zeig Heil. (Yes, I’m being sarcastic.)

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