In 1964, the media weren’t afraid to expose the brutal slavery that was widespread in the Muslim world

Today, it’s a lot different. The enslavement of Africans you will see in this video is still being practiced in the oil-rich Gulf states, but today’s media refuse to report it because it would be “offensive to Muslims.”

I can’t quite place the voice of the narrator in this film, but it sounds like one of the famous journalists back when there were only 3 major networks. See the stories our media will not report in the links below.

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  1. Here are some more details about the documentary:

    An Italian French Co-production

    Le schiave esistono ancora/Les esclaves existent toujours


    Release Date:27 June 1964 (Italy)

    Narration written by ELIHU WINER


    Narrator ALLEN SWIFT

    Based on book: “The Slave Trade Today” written by Sean O’Callaghan (also published another book “The White Slave Trade” in 1965)

    Movie Poster for English Version

    Extensive comparison and Discussion about the 2004 “Digitally Remastered” & “Re-edited & Color Enhanced” version of this documentary notes selective editing was done when compared to the Italian version see here

    Note: Film interviews a British female, Eve Kenneth, a British prostitute who spent 2 years in a sultan’s harem, and is featured in another poster for the documentary film here.

  2. Not to confuse the issue any further . . .YouTube terminated the account for the clip linked for this post . . .not the entire documentary. Perhaps this full documentary would benefit from being mirrored on multiple video servers before YouTube pulls it again.

  3. I was looking to find the original title and source for this video clip and discovered that YouTube terminated the video. Thought you’d be interested.

  4. allen Swift was orn in NYC in 1924 real name Ira Stad;lin he was capt allen on WPIX and did many of the voices on the tom and Jerry cartoons as well as some of the voices on howdy Doody

  5. I’m still at a toss up between the two. Annunciation reflects the style of Murrow whereas the pitch is much more like Thomas. Doesn’t matter . . .the topic is what is stunning to recognize there was a time when the US and the West understood and recognized ‘evil’ on sight.
    It’s as if the West is suffering collective case of degeneration – losing their ability to see and hear and remember.

  6. Don’t know if my previous post is received saying that the narrator of the video
    is Allen Swift discribed as an American voice actor in wiki.

  7. It’s NEVER too late to mention? Hell, CRITICIZE human trafficking!! And it shoud be a non-stop story today – except, as you sadly point out, it’s not PC and would offend the callous throwbacks…

  8. The narrator’s voice is so familiar. Great video. Sadly, things have changed for the worse because at that time, there was no organ thefts.

  9. BNI : Right ! one of the famous Newsreel,oice over voices. Don’t think it was an early commentator though. back then, slavery was illegal and they got away with it because we could not see them. Now it’s still illegal and we can see them clearly. Big difference , huh?

  10. They confiscate their passports, rape the housemaid (and call it ‘concubinage’), then the police force them to return if they run away.

    DON’T work in Saudi Arabia if you’re a woman.

    Saudi Arabia is normative Islam in action, rather than an aberration. Slavery is part of Islam until Judgment Day.

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