Left Wing ‘dhimmi’ from ‘Russia Today’ rolls out the sympathy rug for one of CAIR’s whining bagheads

showPicture.phpOnce again, we have to hear the CAIR sob story about the 50% rise in anti-Muslim ‘hate crimes.’ Yet we never hear that the 50% rise still makes hate crimes against Muslims only 20% of the hate crimes against Jews. And we never see Jewish leaders all over the media  attacking rabid Muslim anti-semites like CAIR and the mostly anti-Israel American media.


As usual, they point to Pamela Geller’s ‘Anti-Jihadist Savages’ and ‘Quotes from the Quran’ subway campaigns, Fox News ‘Islamophobes’ and the Cable TV hit show, ‘Homeland,’ now that they no longer have the show ’24’ to blame anymore.



14 comments on “Left Wing ‘dhimmi’ from ‘Russia Today’ rolls out the sympathy rug for one of CAIR’s whining bagheads

  1. they are not left wing, they just want YOU to be a left winger. I assure you if Russia takes on the mossies they will report on it very feverably to mother Russia.

  2. 99 percent of the killing of people around the world is by MUSLIMS. And any sane person can see that the majority of muslims are terrorist or terrorists in waiting. And the muslims are the ones who are causing all the trouble and it bringing it on themselves. If they would take their religion and keep it to themselves then there would not be a problem. But they are required by their religion to get rid of all other religions, that is one reason why they keep fighting with Israel, it is a different religion and they want to conquer it. And muslims would kill us if they had the chance, there is about 38 training camps in America. If they think it is bad now just wait and see what happens, the more they push the more people push back. It is OK for muslims to kill Christians but Christians can’t fight back. These two bitches piss me off, why not tell the truth? To reverse the trend you need to get rid of islam. Peace to all non-muslims who know the truth.

    • And to the muslimes and idiot dhimmi libtards like the two b—-es in the above video: PISS BE UPON THEM!!…”Trying to educate”?!.. You ignorant bitches; that sh– is NOT education; it is INDOCTINATION!!…And they ARE “SAVAGES”, —-ing nitwit; it takes at least two moronic b—-es like these two to make a halfwit!!

  3. “Dangerous climate of islamophobia”? Oh, so it’s also Conservative talk radio…I see. The problem isn’t that the goal of Islam is to rule the world. I see. And 2 isolated crimes is an “alarming rate” of escalation? Hmmm…it isn’t that what happened at Fort Hood is just the tip of the iceberg. And it’s the fault of Fox news for exercising free speech. Okay. And Geller’s “showing the twin towers” is “vicious” but the Muslim attacks are not? Fine. Have it your way, idiots.

    The media doesn’t control what I think; my own experience and that of my fellows does.

  4. What a stupid dumb woman, kissing the arses of the savages! She is just so f***ing ignorant! I used to watch RT, but after this, I think I will just stick to BNI, at least this way I get to read the real truth. I think Pam Geller should be given an award, maybe even the Nobel Peace Prize for her work in trying to wake people up to the very evil that is growing on our civilised countries. Muslims go to hell!

    • Chris, I agree, Pamela should receive accolades, instead of the abuse she gets from the Left. RT does have some good reporting, but there are a few women commentators like this one who are useless.

  5. You may now attempt to prove to me that the baghead in the photo above is wearing hijab to hide her “beauty”. Go ahead, get started. Ha ha ha ha ha
    Wherever you find ignorance and poverty, Islam thrives.

  6. Nothing about Hams-linked Ku Klux Kair’s support of “hate crime” hoaxes like the Muslims who vandalize their own homes and businesses.

  7. This makes me absolutely sick! I used to watch this station to get a different perspective on things until I realized what it was about. It took me a couple of times, then I got it. No More! It’s terrible!

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