Left Wing ‘dhimmi’ from ‘Russia Today’ rolls out the sympathy rug for one of CAIR’s whining bagheads

showPicture.phpOnce again, we have to hear the CAIR sob story about the 50% rise in anti-Muslim ‘hate crimes.’ Yet we never hear that the 50% rise still makes hate crimes against Muslims only 20% of the hate crimes against Jews. And we never see Jewish leaders all over the media  attacking rabid Muslim anti-semites like CAIR and the mostly anti-Israel American media.


As usual, they point to Pamela Geller’s ‘Anti-Jihadist Savages’ and ‘Quotes from the Quran’ subway campaigns, Fox News ‘Islamophobes’ and the Cable TV hit show, ‘Homeland,’ now that they no longer have the show ’24’ to blame anymore.