For the second year, ‘Zilla Awards’ declares Bare Naked Islam winner of the ‘RIGHTEOUS BADASSERY’ award!

What an honor! There are many more awards given out by Zilla of the Resistance to great conservative and anti-Isam bloggers. See them all at the link below.


ZA2012 Zilla of the Resistance and friends

Welcome to the Second Annual Zilla Awards for Awesomeness in the Dextrosphere! Conservative Bloggers may still be the Chopped Liver of the Right, but in my eyes they are the finest cuts of the very best red meat, and now it is time to again recognize the bestiest of that best. This time around there are some winners on a hot streak, some new winners, and some new categories, because there is a lot of awesomeness on the RIGHT side of the Blogosphere that deserves a fiery flaming badge of honor. Here are your winners of the Second Annual Zilla Awards for Awesomeness in the Dextrosphere who kicked ass all over the interwebz in 2012.

Thank you, ZILLA.  Love, BNI



35 comments on “For the second year, ‘Zilla Awards’ declares Bare Naked Islam winner of the ‘RIGHTEOUS BADASSERY’ award!

  1. BNI , the Lord is using you in a way you may not realize, but it is a privelage to be used by him. Many people have been led out of darkness as a result of your work which i believe is one of if not the most effective site today. The angels inheaven rejoice when soneone comes to know him but you are being used in many ways by the Lord and i really appreciate it personally and want you to know that all your efforts are not in vain. I love this siteandmany depend on it,please keep going for as long as possible and we will pray always for you. I know we may not always agree spritually, ( im christian ) but Iwant you toknow you arebeing used for allthat is good in this world and my prayers and supporty will be for you now and forever. May God bless you abundantlyand prosper you so youcancontinue this fantastic work BNI. Thank you,T.A.

    • t.a., as you probably know, I am not very spiritual, but I know there is something that drives me to do this everyday, otherwise I could be doing something that was a lot less depressing and a lot more profitable.

      Thanks for the kind words.

  2. What never ceases to amaze me (well, by now, it really shouldn’t!) is how you ferret out and/or are the recipient of so damn many stories from around the world that need no ornamentation, boosting or backup: They simply are tales of truth & woe brought to us by the evil ones who practice pisslam! And not one of these “tales” is a fake, made up or a lie!! You have the power of Truth on your side, BNI – and long may you have the God-given strength, wisdom and protection to keep on keeping on for ALL of us! “Grateful” simply does NOT adequately express our debt of thanks – and level of love – for you, the High Priestess of Truth & Badassery!!

    • Thanks Joy, but I can’t take all the credit. BNI Readers send me a lot of the stories that I post which otherwise I never would have seen. And of course, CAIR is a treasure chest of stories.

  3. Badass has never sounded so good – well done and congratulations, keep up the good work. And above a big thank for continuing to report the truth.

  4. BNI not for the faint of heart that is why you will find my standard flyin in this camp ! well informed , well armed , is a patriots duty BNI is the headquarters for all muslim skelp hunters ! people shoud eat more liver an onions good for what ails ya bni is the place to get it

  5. It does a mom’s heart good to see that BNI is in a large society of truth tellers. I checked out the awards page Bonnie and it looks like I am going to be checking out their blogs now too. You are a badass, you’de have to be in order to cut right to the chase and expose the truth without cherry coating it for those PC pushers out there who have caused this country so much pain and suffering already.

  6. way to go Bonni I only found your site in 2012 but check it every
    day for the updates.We have just heard that we may have another
    terrorist training centre about 1 mile from the local one here.
    Im using your blogs to wake up the neighbours before its to late.
    BONNI THE BADASS has a nice ring to it congrats .As for Dougie and cair the lower than a snakes arse award and the JULIAR award from
    Australia Land of the Southern Cross

    • Thanks SK, You need to get more info on that terrorist training center and get it publicied locally. I will be happy to help you expose it but it needs lots of local coverage. Get your local representatives involved, the local mayor, police, etc, local newspapers.

  7. BRAVO !!!

    Everybody at BNI is a team.

    There’s the scriptwriter, producer, graphic designer/illustrator and maestro – BONNI.

    Then there’s the musicians who are those who help out by sending in stories to be worked on.

    And after there’s the audience that is comprised of the subscribers who comment as well as those who send out the posts to others…

    But this concert could not be played out without BONNI, the BADASS.

  8. Congratulations on well deserved recognition of excellence! Geller & Spencer make CAIR scream, but you make them coil up in a corner and writhe in rage like a stomped snake.

    While others take the academic route, BNI brings truth to the masses with graphic representation of the fruits of Isdamn. CAIR can not counter your good work.

  9. Making Mozzies hang their heads in shame since 2001!!!

    Thanks, BNI.

    To deprogram these DEATH CULTISTS, we need urgently to HOLD UP THE MIRROR so they can see the backwardness and savagery they deny.

    To any honest person, Islam is obviously a perverted celebration of debased sexuality, theft and murder.

    Islam liberates the conscience of inbred zombies to commit horrifying crimes in the name of a predatory pedophile pirate.

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