SWEDEN: Blind to the abject failure of multiculturalism, the Left continues to shove it down children’s throats

Malmo, Sweden is the microcosm of all that is wrong, and indeed sinister, with Multiculturalism. The Left needed to create a new electorate in Western nations to, at some point, have a solid base of voters in order to bring about a Socialist order.

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GATES OF VIENNA  What actually resulted was a new class of (mostly Muslim) non-Swedes who had no intention of becoming Swedes. Instead of supporting the system with revenue this class become a sinkhole for the nation’s wealth. Violent crime is rampant; shootings, gang-rapes, and arsons have become commonplace in a country known for its law-abiding citizenry. Welfare spending has gone through the roof.


The population of Malmö today is 300,000. Out of those, about 40% are ‘non-Swedish’, counting immigrants and those who have two parents born outside the country. With a concentrated immigration from Middle East and North African Muslim countries.  Where Malmö used to a place where ordinary people could stroll and let their children play in the streets, it is now a place where people are scared of the streets. Some of which streets unofficially ‘belong’ to criminal gangs.

According to a recent report by the Association for Crime Prevention (BRÅ), every fourth individual in Malmö was a victim of at least one criminal act last year. Glen Sjögren of the city’s police estimated that about 200 people are robbed on a monthly basis.Further, every fourth senior citizen does not leave his or her home, due to the fear of becoming victim of such crime. 

Violence and rape by Muslims are now rampant in Sweden

Violence and rape by Muslims are now rampant in Sweden

Today, Malmö is undoubtedly the ‘most multicultural’ city of Sweden. Since almost the entire political establishment propagates aggressive multiculturalism, it also needs to pretend that it loves Malmö — regardless of the city’s murders, rapes and riots. 

A frequent reality for the Malmö police (in addition to assassinations), is burning cars, burning schools, rocks thrown at police officers and at innocent people. In other words it is a warlike, hostile situation, caused by young people in some specific suburbs. The police force is scared to death of Rosengård. They know very well that the youths there more or less have declared open war against Swedish society.


The local fire department has changed its policies due to the changing reality in Malmö. In the past its staff would head directly to an emergency. This had to change, as fire-fighters now are attacked by Muslim youths who throw stones at them and their vehicles. If the fire-fighters need to head to some of the ‘worse’ areas of Malmö, they now have to co-organise with the police during an emergency to ensure they have a secure police escort. 

100 years ago Swedes were moving to Malmö to create a new life, engage in commerce and establish their families. Now, they are fleeing the city, which is home to a steadily decreasing amount of Swedes. Areas like Rosengård have been almost entirely deserted by Swedes, as it is simply too dangerous to live there. One of increasingly few Swedish families in Rosengård recently decided to move after the family’s son was beaten unconscious by ten young Muslims directly outside their home. This young man’s sister is deaf in one ear. Apparently, a group of youth decided to have some fun and throw firecrackers towards her head. She had to endure comments like ‘f*** your mother’ and ‘Swedish whore’ for several years.  READ MORE


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  1. there is a very simple solution to deal with radical and criminal Islam.
    Any Muslim who commits a criminal act is charged and after he has done his time in jail gets deported back to his primitive homeland. He also looses his Swedish passport or Visa and gets deported alongside his entire family. This will stop crime overnight. There is one thing all Muslims in Sweden fear, to be deported to their homelands, to the land of their primitive ancestors.
    Let them go back to the Islamic Paradise. Europe does not need Muslims. Muslims are the most uncivilized people of all. Multiculturalism has been a complete and total failure. Its time they go home!!!!!!

    • That won’t solve the problem. Eventually you’ll still be overrun demographically, and that law, the health of your economy, and your democracy will go with it. Bye bye.

  2. This looks like an interesting site – have not posted here before. Two posts interest me in particular – I sy mpathise with Daniel Less and his ‘banana republic ‘ comment. The UK (and in particular London) has been turned into a third world slum – unrecognizable from when I grew up. And johnsobieski hits the nail on the head with his question….’go where?’ I have the same problem. Europe is finished and the USA, Australia etc., are not far behind. They are all on the same self destruct, PC, self loathing road and merely travelling at different speeds.

    How very depressing.

  3. The repeat verse in that ditty is “This Land is Yours!” You got that right. The Swedes are absolutely insane. They have lost their marbles. Muliculturalism is the new Kool-aid, much improved over that junk Jim Jones and the California spaceship prophet Marshall Applewhite gave their followers. Slow acting but 100% deadly.

  4. The intoxication of the left with the view that if we share our wealth it will solve war is the biggest challenge to freedom of our times. The privilege and peaceful society Swedes enjoyed until the recent difficulties was misinterpreted to issue from the extending of courtesies and of general welfare to others, of a tolerant, inclusive society. A problem arose, not just in Sweden but everywhere in civil society, when the model came into conflict with models like shari’ah Islam. That conflict fed off the immense corruption in the modern socialist state that only rarely gets exposed by media. Stieg Larsson’s trilogy of “The Girl Who Played with Fire” books exposes that corruption and as a resident of Canada, I recognized it as the same as I’ve observed in Canada. Canada is not as extreme as Sweden but many here have blinders on that make them persist with the myth that if we share with shari’ah Islam it will share back, that if we respect and tolerate shari’ah Islam, it will respect and tolerate us in return. It is that polyanna attitude that needs to shatter all throughout the west so we can review our principles and values and create something that protects civility but does not make us victims (and dhimmis) in the process.

  5. Little PC ditty about “sharing”. But it isn’t about sharing, but about the Swedes giving and the third worlders taking. The third worlders have nothing to share with the Swedes in return other than the stuff of nightmares.

    Third worlders are being given your stuff, Swedes and you can’t say you mind because “sharing” is a good kind thing to do. If you object to this “sharing” you are automatically a nasty selfish bigot. Thus are languages twisted out of shape.

  6. Dear BNI:

    Last year when I first started posting on sites like this I was shocked about the islam invasion of Scandinavian nations. Why were native Scandinavians setting themselves up for destruction?

    Was it “white guilt” over “colonialism.” Can’t be that because what exactly does Scandinavia need to have “guilt” over? Most of Scandinavian “colonial exploits” have been with other Scandinavians!

    Denmark ruled over Iceland until the island’s independence during WWII. Sweden and Norway kept taking turns trying to absorb the other into each other’s kingdoms. Then there is the Scandinavia that had been victims of other nation’s take-overs. Nazi Germany occupied Norway and Denmark; and Soviets were licking their chops in absorbing Finland (yet again) but this time into a 20th century SSR. So there is a big chunk of Scandinavia’s “colonial legacy” is themselves being colonized- many times by other Scandinavians!

    So why does Oslo have hoardes of muslims instead of Swedes as guest workers? Hey, Denmark then why aren’t neighborhoods in Copenhagen filled with blue eyed blonde Icelandics? Instead you have smelly, lazy and greedy muslims.

    Sometimes the colonies weren’t fellow Scandianvian lands. There was New Sweden here in America. The legacy? My American Indian friends who have surnames reflective of Norwegian, Swedish and Danish influence. A lot of these American Indians will also go to all-you-can-eat-Swedish-pancakes breakfasts after Lutheran church services on Sundays. New Sweden also left behind large populations of white Americans with Scandinavian ancestors. Then there is the US Virgin Islands. America PURCHASED these islands from Denmark during World War One. Not exactly a legacy of genocidal exploitation.

    So it can’t be “white guilt over colonialism.” is it an economic reason? After WWII, Europe was re-building, there had been a depletion of manpower and many potential fellow European workers were trapped under the newly formed Iron Curtain (whom I’m sure many would have loved to have lived in Oslo or Stockholm). I still ask… then why the muslims?

    If workers were needed why bring in illiterate, lazy, bigoted muslims who had no concept of hygiene and wouldn’t want to work alongside women… into Scandinavia. Why not bring in American Indians from Minnesota, blacks from the Virgin Islands or the large numbers of of Scandinavian white Americans “leftover” from New Sweden. Heck, Vikings landed in Newfoundland & Labrador… invite some polite, clean, educated Canadians over!

    Many black Virgin Islanders have experience in the tourist, hospitality and fishing industries. My American Indian friends have a variety of job skills as well. Many Scandinavian descent white Americans even being 4th, 5th or even 6th generation can still speak enough Danish or Swedish to be understood. So if Scandinavia needed workers then once again… why not consider persons from ex- Scandinavian colonies. Wouldn’t an American of Swede stock who speaks a little Swedish and has job skills… wouldn’t that person be an ideal “recruit” to come and work in Stockholm as opposed to muslims?

    It can’t be “economic” because many times since the 1950s when “guest workers” were “needed more than ever”… the Scandinavian economies would grow and sometimes STAGNATE. Sometimes the job markets in Bergen, Malmo or Helsinki totally TANKED. Yet, muslims still poured in. So, at some point it wasn’t economic because 1) muslim immigration was out of control even during “lean times.” 2) the muslims being brought in had no work ethics, educations or job skills. 3) the muslim hoardes come to Scandinavia and DIRECTLY get on welfare and make a grab for free housing, food, healthcare, clothing and stipends ie ALLOWANCES OF FREE CASH.

    Humanitarian reasons? Strange. If thats the reason then why does Scandinavia DEPORT Iraqi Christians where these poor people face certain death. Why were Scandinavian cities NOT havens for Cambodians, Vietnamese, Rhodesians (of various colors), Ugandan Asians, Portuguese speaking Whites and Mulattoes of Angola,Iranian Ba’Hais, Soviet Jewry, Hong Kong Chinese… etc. Countless groups from the 1960s through the ’90s were desperate to for safer and saner sanctuaries as their regions fell into chaos or faced unknown futures. Even when Scandinavia took in tokens of certain groups… the muslims still came by the thousands.

    One reply to me asking “why” the muslim toxic tide… was that Scandinavian politicians wanted to buy votes. Native born ethnic white Scandinavians and refugees with half-a-wit about them were getting tired of ruling elites. One way for these politicians to stay in power was to literally ship in voters by the tens of thousands whose votes could literally be bought. To hide this b.s. it was masked under the baner of multiculturalism.

    This has stressed the economies and infrastructure to the breaking point. There is no respect for Scandinavian laws, language, customs or basic societal norms. Unspeakable crimes of murder, rape, arson and violent theft and thuggery are routine. I read where ethnic white Scandinavian girls are now dye-in their hair black to more resemble muslims. Are the girls doing this because of muslim pressure or is it voluntary to prevent being victimized by crime as their golden tresses stand out and make them more visible to predatory packs of muslim parasites?

    Scandinavia needs to STOP all muslim immigration; deport as many as possible and then through every action let any muslims that remain know that islam is not and never will be superior to anything Scandinavian. Billboards like those from Atlas Shrugs- EVERYWHERE, comedians making fun of them on tv every night, NO islamic schools, stop building mosques… just saturate Scandinavian culture with all things anti-islam. Force feed them this new reality as moHAMed guzzled down camel piss. And first above all… STOP the FREE SHIT. If any muslims stay it will be ON THE TERMS & LAWS of Scandinavian states.

    A video clip of a Somali muslim brat demanding the local authorities give his mother “better housing” with more rooms AND A PLAYGROUND. Considering the brat’s mother came from some tin & mud hut or a run-down apartment with no power or water back in hellhole Somalia… to then without working or contributing to Scandinavian society… demand AN IMMEDIATE HIGHER STANDARD OF LIVING than the native ethnic white Scandinavians and other LEGITIMATE refugees in Scandinavia is ridiculous.

    How many Scandinavian children with working families long for a playground equipment in their backyard yet, have parents who can’t afford it. Yet the kid can’t go to the neighborhood park or playground because of muslim drug dealers and thugs who would rob or molest them.

    While muslim brats just off the boat (or plane) DEMAND new spacious houses with playground equipment in the yard… and if no such housing is currently available then BUILD IT! So sad that politicians in Scandinavia will probably do it too, and can’t be this Somali brat’s bitch fast enough.

    An islamified Europe would cause a new dark age to fall on the world. While there is still time- by all means Europeans… PLEASE STOP THIS.

  7. Everything in this article is sadly spot on. I live in Sweden myself, and it’s a country that has turned into a third rate banana republic in something like slightly less than two decades. It’s almost beyond comprehension, and it’s largely due to indifference and stupidity, courtesy of Socialdemocrats and other Left wing parties. I’m myself right now busy with preparing for Emigration. The rest of Europe has been equally destroyed, same thing everywhere on this Continent; France, Germany, England and so on.

    • Daniel, I have posted many stories about what has happened to Sweden because of Muslim immigration and it always seems to get worse and worse. But there is a right wing party there that is trying to fight back. How are they doing?

      • Currently they (Sverigedemokraterna) is the third largest party in Sweden with around 11% in the polls, but all the media, “society-experts” etc, hate them, lie about them, calling them nazi and comparing the small “uprising” to nazi germany, although SD are the only ones against antisemitism in sweden, is lead by many jews and so on.

        The government now sponsor lie-propaganda that all children learn in schools, and see on TV, directed shamelessly at SD, all day the news is only about crying muslims, muslims fleeing etc. State media almost never let SD respond to their lies, when they go up in polls, they exclude SD from the news and news shows.

        There is a fight in the media, where some few people have begun to argue against censorship and lies, while most journalist abhorr what they call “consequence neutral reporting”. They openly say that only “educated intellectuals can handle all the facts” and so on.

        Etc, etc, etc.

        • Pension, it seems to be the same everywhere in the West. The Tea Party movement in the States is called a Nazi movement, and most right wing parties across Europe are as well. But we have to keep them going because eventually the alternative will become more and more unacceptable to the population.

    • Emigrate to where? America? Fugetaboutit. Look at what Bush and Obama have done – religion of peace, increased Muslim invasion refugees and visas. Sharia enforcement. Australia? Look at what their liberal govt is doing – Come on in, free everything. We love Muslim trash! Canada? Just about as bad. They are still letting Muslims in! You could go to some expatriate countries like Costa Rica, etc, but you would be a definte minority, but hardly any Muslims.

  8. The Swedes should pack up and leave Malmo, and then send in fighter jets to raze the entire city or maybe drag all the leftards politicians out and send in the police to round up all the muslims and ship them the hell out for good. Whatever, same ole, same ole, nothing every happens.

    • That is a great idea. Britan should do the same for Muslim strangleholds and so should the USA. I guess that would include Washington, DC, the Muslim WH, Dearborne, MI and anywhere else the culture has been abdicated because of cowardice and fear. The Muslim freeks want to go to Paradise anyway, so let us Christains give them afree ride there.

  9. ****************** for the shit stain, low life , scumbag , pork eating ! pedophile !!!! , degenerate muslims !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Nice song, full of PC BS!

    I wonder if they realise the caricature they are? Do they hear themselves?

    BTW, singing and dancing is “haram” so the lovely little immigrants probably wont join in anyway.

  11. it is really sad to see that Europe which was the bastion of Christianity ;and enlightened thinking and leaming has been overrun by assbackward people who have stolen everything from other civilizations and will plunge the world into another Dark Age this time will no dout last longer than the first

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