THAILAND: Muslims behaving badly when they don’t get their way (Graphic Images)

Muslims have killed more than 5000 Buddhists in Thailand including 50 Children, 150 Teachers and 450 Women, so far in last eight years.


All photos below are the work of Islamic Separatists who want their own sharia-ruled country within Southern Thailand. 

Hindu Existence  (h/t Susan K) Education is bad, Sharia is good. Sharia loving people are now killing the teachers mercilessly who do not believe in Sharia  maintaining  the Islamic dictum  to instill the Terror in the mind of Infidels. As Quran says: in  8:12- “I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off.”  The threat of Islamic terror is now working. Now, the Buddhist Teachers in Southern Thailand have become the series target of Malay Muslim militants forcing many to seek transfers fearing further attacks.


Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra  visited Muslim majority southern Thailand on Thursday on 13th Dec 2012 , after horrific attacks this week in which six people died, including an 11-month-old baby and two teachers, who are increasingly seen as targets. The most recent killings caused the southern teachers’ union to stage a two-day strike last week, shutting 1,300 public schools.


Prime Minister of Thailand, Yingluck Shinawatra and the head of the Thai Army visiteof Thailand accordingly the area on Thursday, although Human Rights Watch said insurgents circulated leaflets during their visit that promised further school attacks. Yingluck met teachers and security officials during her visit. “Whatever happens, children need to have a safe place to learn. I thank teachers for having the courage to teach and I will ask for reinforcements and extra troops to ensure their security,” Yingluck told reporters.


Attacks on Buddhist schoolteachers by Muslim insurgents in southern Thailand have escalated terribly in recent days, like last week, when men with M-16s walked into a school cafeteria in Pattani Province, separated out two Buddhist instructors and killed them on the spot. One of them, the school principal, was shot in the head at point-blank range.


With teachers becoming targets of militant attacks, a large number of Buddhist educators in the troubled deep South have applied for transfers. Their morale is at its lowest point following reports that they have become a new target group in the southern insurgency, Deputy Education Minister Sermsak Pongpanich said recently. Statistics show that 80 per cent of the roughly 150 teachers killed in the violence in the area over the past eight years were Buddhists, he said.


More than 5,000 people have been killed since 2004 in the three Muslim majority provinces (Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat)in the country’s south in the Buddhist majority country. Most attacks have been blamed on Muslim insurgents.

Teachers at 1,200 schools in South Thailand have decided to suspend classes today and tomorrow following a spate of attacks by insurgents. The decided to suspend classes after meeting school administrators on Wednesday on 12th Dec 2012.


Car bombs, home-made grenades, assassinations and arson have become part of daily life in southern Thailand since a wave of separatist and sectarian violence began there in 2004.

The closure of all schools in 10 secondary educational service areas will allow security forces to review their performance, lay out plans to protect teachers, and hunt down the assailants, Boonsom Tongsriprai, the chairman of Confederation of Teachers in the Southern Border Provinces said.


The confederation called an urgent meeting with school administrators in Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat the three Muslim majority provinces yesterday after fresh attacks.

Khru Ya, a retired teacher in Pattani, and a Muslim, told The Bangkok Post: “There is a saying among insurgents: ‘Get Buddhists, gain merit.’ They believe that if they kill Buddhists, they will go to heaven.”


An investigative report released Monday on 10th Dec by Human Rights Watch demanded that the insurgents end their school attacks and called for added security measures by the Thai government.

“Insurgents in southern Thailand who execute teachers show utter depravity and disregard for humanity,” said Brad Adams, Asia director for Human Rights Watch (HRW). “These attacks harm not only teachers and schools, but the Muslim students, their families, and the broader Muslim community the insurgents claim to represent.”


Teachers in the Thai-Malaysian border areas have asked for security cameras to be installed at their schools, the HRW. report said, along with increased hazard pay for educators and government compensation for the relatives of victimized teachers.

More than 50 children have been killed and some 340 injured in the provinces bordering Malaysia since 2004, according to the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF). UNICEF’s representative in Thailand, Bijaya Rajbhandari, called the attacks “a tragic, senseless and unacceptable act”.


Successive governments of Thailand (a Buddhist Country) have spent more than 160 billion Thai Baht (1.00 THB = 1.79 INR / 1.00 USD = 30.59 THB) in the past eight years to quell the violence but the Islamic insurgency has rumbled on only to annihilate Buddhist community people in of Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat provinces in order to make a sovereign Muslim region there.

Islamic States do not allow Temples, Pagodas, Churches or Synagogues anyway. Then, why a Buddhist State Thailand allowed so many Mosques there? Removal of  all the epicentres of Terrorism is beneficial to the Modern States.


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  1. One should read the book of details about Islam named ‘ slavery terrorism and islam’ written by Peter Hammond.
    Also one should read the research done by Nicolai sennels for accurate truth about Islam

  2. Here are some peaceful extracts from the Quran:
    Q 2:191 Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.
    Q 3:28 Muslims must not take unbelievers as friends.
    Q 3:85 Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable
    Q 5:33 Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticise Islam.
    Q 8:12 Terrorise and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Quran
    Q 8:60 Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorise the infidels
    Q 8:65 The unbelievers are stupid – urge the Muslims to fight them
    Q 9:5 When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you find them
    Q 9:30 Jews and Christians are perverts, fight them
    Q 9:123 Make war on the infidels living in your neighbourhood
    Q 22:19 Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water. Melt their skin and bellies
    Q 47:4 Do not hanker for peace with the infidels; behead them when you catch them.
    Here is just one of many stories from history showing the peace of Islam.
    Ishaq:369 Thereupon Mas’ud leapt upon Sunayna, one of the Jewish merchants with whom his family had social and commercial relations and killed him. The Muslim’s brother complained, saying, “Why did you kill him? You have much fat in you belly from his charity”. Mas’ud answered, “By Allah, had Muhammad ordered me to murder you, my brother, I would have cut off your head.” Wherein the brother said, “Any religion that can bring you to this is indeed wonderful!”.
    Islam is peaceful today like it was in 635.

  3. Allah is watching everything…….so do whatever u want in this world, say whatever u want to say about ISLAM till you die, cause after that the only thing that will be left is REGRET…..and endless punishment

  4. even the thai king bow down to muslims, what a pussy country, muslims been killing them for years, i doubt the thai government can even save their own people

  5. I’m praying for my muslims friends and family, i need them to come to Jesus (Jesus is the way, and the truth, and the life. He’s the Alfa-Omega) i didn’t know much about Islam before until the Isis killing many christian in iraq. Now I’m reading everything about Islam, so I can avoid it traps. The message in the Quran is hard to understand, it verses fighting against each-other. Allah in islam is evil and unreliable about his promise. Definitely, us as a human don’t need nasty allah and the fake prophet, we only need God of Abraham, Isaac (not Ismael, Ismael was born from a slave woman called Hagar) and Jacob. Muhammad is full of bitterness and lust. I’m not sorry to tell you the truth about Islam.

    • You only agree dont know much about islam…then pl dont comment..learn islam.and prophets life..from authentic scripturs.not from islamic critisisrs.
      You learn about biblical prophecys..abot propht mohammed

    • Erin, it is much more productive to read about what the practitioners of Islam do–after all, it’s only the interpretations of the practitioners that matter. That’s why I don’t read the original.

      You could look up ZAKIR NAIK. He’s one of the wacko imams who legitimizes child rape and sexual slavery. Ialam is going wacko everywhere, though. I think the muslim counsil in Indonesia has called for the death penalty for homosexuality and a lot of other things in March 2015.

      Islam is ruining its own reputation. I was raised to respect it, but those days are gone. And probably gone from the minds of most Americans.

    • thank u erin….we need more truth about this confusing satanic belief system called ISLAM.
      IT COMES FROM THE HORNED GOAT WE REFER TO AS SATAN……I believe it may be possible that all muslim people are possible potential murderers… could be that they live in the desert sand, that it hardens them as empathetic people….most of them are quite horrible. I don’t trust them…..the friendlier they are, the more distrusting I am of them…they are becoming the only ‘people’ that I’m beginning to actually hate. ive never hated before…as a man that stood up for civil rights back in the 70’s, where the only people in America that needed civil rights…..we are now being fooled and hoodwinked by people who claim that they are being hoodwinked….I watch and learn the backward twisted ideas that now work against those who helped those who are now smiling in agreement with the attacks by satanic followers of muhamud….that asshole is beyond description. he has thousands of murderous followers….confusing aint it?

  6. Time for the Thai’s to get even and destroy the Muslims! Stand up Thailand don’t be weak! You have a reputation to uphold Muay Thai Warriors!!

  7. I don’t think that any religion that says it’s alright to kill others or sacrifice others is a good religion. Therefore I absolutely loath Muslims because I think that it is wrong to simply go ahead and chop someone’s head off and claim that they are the soldiers of Islam or whatever the god’s name is (I could really care less). It’s pathetic, stupid, brutal and just plain wrong. I’m Atheist so this whole thing is even more ridiculous for me since I don’t understand why people would kill someone to prove their loyalty to some non-existing god (my opinion, you guys can believe whatever you want) but then again, I don’t know what it’s like to belief in a god.
    I’m half Thai so the fact that muslims have come to Thailand and caused trouble there just pisses me off. Thailand lets them stay and build Mosques yet they still feel the need to become violent. You’d think they’d be greatful or happy that they’re allowed to stay in Thailand but noo of course not.
    I used to like this religion but I was young then. I thought they were peaceful and maddeningly disciplined and I respected them but now? All of the brutal, idiotic and miserable muslims can go ahead and jump off a cliff. The rest of the muslims? They can go ahead and learn that killing people is wrong and perhaps change their religion or simply stay in the shadows peacefully and respectfully.
    As a conclusion to my little speech: I think that all terrorists are muslims and that practically all muslims are terrorist because there really is no difference between those two groups of people. Both are violent cults of immorality that bring death with them every where they go.

    • I am with you, I am no longer afraid to say I HATE Muslims and trust none of them. Perhaps they are not all that way, but 6000 years of Barbaric filthy and hateful behavior I don’t trust ANY Muslim. The world no longer accepts them as civilized and the world will overtake them. They got loud mouthed and people saw there true colors. They are disgusting and are completely useless to the world, they have literally NOTHING to offer which is why they try to steal everyone else’s things. Filthy pigs. That’s all they are.

  8. I dont think there is God amongst violence n hatred. So where does that leave the muslims…… Need a serious thought there.

  9. I am a Muslim, and I like any other human being condemn these savage behaviors, Islam is not like it is pictured by the deeds of those evil animals who kill like that. who ever does it, has a bad intention of making a negative face of Islam.

    • Muslims are savages. Period. Islam is exactly like that – teaching its followers to kill, torture, and behead unbelievers, and anyone else they don’t like. Islam makes Muslims look bad.

      • No. I am muslim. My family’s muslim. We aren’t like that, that’s not the way of islam, there are Christians and Jews out there who do the same thing, but do they get looked down upon? The true muslims don’t kill, they give charity, pray to god, pray for other people, we aren’t savages, the quran actually teaches us the opposite of what you think, but you wouldn’t know that, you go by what the media says. Not the true muslims. Why won’t you read the quran yourself and see. It speaks the truth.

      • Jasira, I hate to have to show you this but obviously as a Christian I know more about islam than you do as a muslim. It clearly states in your quran at 2:191-192 that as an muslim you are to kill unbelievers, and if you do not you die with one quality of a hypocrite. That is what your so called holy book actually teaches. It has at least 109 verses in it that commands muslims to murder people who are NOT muslim just because they are NOT muslim. They do NOT have to do anything bad to you to deserve being killed. You might want to search and read those passages and then maybe re-evaluate if you actually want to be in a religion that teaches that type of message.

      • Right! Muslims ruin everything and everybody! They bring disease and vandalism wherever they are. They bring their bugs and give us attitude at the same time. And then there’s the moderatesHAHAHAHA and the unicorn Pegasus’, and a qualified president. And an honest media.Thanks BNI and RS.

      • The great Kaffir army will rise against Islam and destroy it once and for all! and make it forgotten in the sands of time! Muslims bring this on to your selves!


    • Muslims keep saying “this isn’t islam. But yet, we never see ONE MUSLIM NATION, going to stop these people. ISIS is beheading Yaziti and Christians, or forcing them to convert or be sex slaves. Do we see ANY Muslim nation sending troops to stop them? NO!
      SO, until muslim nations STEP UP, and rid themselves of the ‘radicals’, then they are just CONDONING it by omission.

    • Did you read the Koran? Didn’t you know that’s what Mohammad teach his followers? I know many good Muslim i have family and friends who are muslim and tthey’re good people, unfortunately tthey’re all submit to Koran teaching. You can’t be a good Muslim if you disagree with what Muhammad teach you. Read Koran 3:5, Korea 48:29, Koran 4:24, Koran 5:33, Koran 9:5, Koran 9:73, Koran 9:111, Koran 47:35 and much more. I pray that the Muslim people will find the true Allah in Jesus, He’s Love, not hate like allah SAW. Jesus know the way to the heaven because He’s the WAY and the truth, and the life. The Bible is not corrupt, read Koran 5:47. God bless.

  10. One has to realize the Muslims are people too and have a right to do what they do. After all, tolerance is the issue here. Even if they kill your family in the name of Islam, they have the right to do so and we must stand back and be tolerant and understanding as they behead your wife and children – after all it IS in the name of Islam – isn’t it?

    • you are the dumbest person ever to think that… so what if they are humans… they clearly don’t know anything about humanity if they are behaving like this.. they have NO right at all to take someone else’s life or be so torturous. NO ONE HAS ANY RIGHT TO TAKE ANYONE’S LIFE… what makes you think these bastards have that right.. you are equally as bad as the people who did this… so congratulations.. don’t worry, no one is on Earth forever, these people will get their punishments and will repent when they ROT IN HELL and so will you for thinking they have “the right”. 🙂

        Yes, You are absolutely right! Only right in speaking not in the way…

        Do you realize what they have done to ISLAM…
        It is more despicable than those of they did…
        Think first before snout!


    • What kind of glue have you been sniffing? Seriously, no they are not humans who do this, they are beasts, and monsters. They have no feelings for others. There quran teaches them to hate us just because we believe in the REAL God and not their phony allah, pagan moon god. I am sure you will NOT think this way when it is your head, your wife’s head, your children’s heads, ect on the chopping block, and if you are not muslim, if they get their grubby hands on you and your family, your heads will be on the chopping block. Seriously, you need to give your head a shake and realize just how stupid your comment really was.


      • We FIGHT… God dam it .. We fight for all Christians , Buddist , Catholic and Hindu’s . We take the fight to these Godless monsters and show them we mean bussiness . We need to protect our children and our livelyhoods… WE MUST GO TO WAR and destroy these godless heathens. EYE for an EYE , Tooth for a tooth and send them all to meet Allah

  11. Greeting to all people around here. Wheter who ever u are, we all just a man who seeking for peace of life. First of all let me make it clear it out about the reallity happened in the southern area of Thailand. If you diligent enough to check the history of these full of conflics land, you will see that long time ago, this land was ruled under great Siames empire and this kingdom fully executed under Islamic administration until Thai people from the northern called Sukhotai came and won over the land through a long history of war. Place called like Pattani for example was a part of Siames kingdom and they still struggling to preserve their original identity. We called this as fredom of live and practising our religion. Unfortunately, the Thai kingdom seeing all these unsimilar identity as a treaten for the land’s identity and nationatily. Thai forced Pattani to practice Buddha, using Thai language and forbid non-Thai culture like Islamic culture and else… Like Chinese culture. Let me ask you ever you hear others races like in Thai and using their original identity like Chinese, Tamil and else? Even your name must also sound like Thai people. Also in Indonesia, a Chinese people must use Indonesia style name! Why dont we all get the real fact and try to identify the root of the problems. We’ll be supprised about things that we didn’t se the whole pictures. These forcing I called turn all things around to be a single identity – monoism turn bad into multicultural races nation like Thailand. Many other nations around the world have multicultural races and like to implement a single identity as a national. Like America with American English language, they won’t let Chinese language being the nextofficial language just because manyChinese people in the country. So when Thai do not listen to thePattani’s right, they turn into a extreme movement which i mean a physical approaches. Also Thai they turn into extreme action. Finally they ask Malaysia, their neighbour to give a help to be a middle consultor. Get a factual juornal and history lines to talk about this. Its heavy and not for idiot people up there. All things a good, just man made the shit. Peace.

    • You are so wrong Ezra.
      From the 6th century onwards, two major mandalas ruled Southern Thailand – the Kanduli and the Langkasuka. Kanduli centered on what is now Surat Thani Province and Langasuka on Pattani. Southern Thailand was the center of Hinduism and Mahayana.

      And when was Islam created? Right, after 6th century. It’s impossible that southern thailand is Islamic from origin

  12. Our Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world ..We are very sorry about the incident in the Thai .
    Islam has never commanded the path of violence, it is the element of intent to the people who ruin the name of the religion of Islam .
    if you condemn Islam as a terrorist you are wrong,Indonesian Muslims are very tolerant .
    Do not ever insult religion,think logically and positively .

  13. In islam, no muslim is allowed to kill women & children even in war, if muslim kills any person either muslim or non muslim he will be treated for death penalty as per Islamic law. even in war if someone take shelter in mosque or withdraw his arms he will be treated as prisoner but will not be killed. all religions have good principles except muslims believe on one god & last prophet mohammad (peace be upon him) . In every person there is a devel who cames out with hatered and commits sins which are not allowed in laws.
    All responsible of commiting these killings are not muslims even not humans as per Islamic law. they are using the name of islam. Islam based on equality of mankind peace and love. In Burma, muslims are killed by budhists but when we go through budhism, killings are not allowed in budhist religion because this religion also gives the peace message so I personally claim that those who are responsible of muslim ‘s killing in Burma are also not budhists even not humans.
    Muslims are in the worlds in billions, In which few of them are involed in killing & they claim to be muslim but as per islamic principles they no more muslim because they violate the Islamic principles. We can never blame Islam because of these crimmnals.
    Peoples wrote above statements which proke & instigate the situation in wrong direction. Because all religions educating peace including islam if someone is not acting on these guidelines than he is himself is responsible for his crimes not religion.
    I tried my level best to not to hurt anyone but if it is occurred than I am extremely sorry.
    I am a muslim, not a good one but still trying to learn by quran & sunna to serve the mankind. God forgive me if I did write any wrong thing.

    • Yes , Islam has never commanded violence . In this instance , this is only the people who want to make a bad Islam . In Islam there is no doctrine to kill fellow human beings . If any of those Muslims who make mistakes or kill , they will get a sin in the hereafter and in return is hell .
      Islam is a religion that loves peace .
      And the meaning of jihad in Islam is fighting in Allah . Islamic Jihad carried out according to just prepare all the power of a good treasure , the soul , weapons , verbal , and so on to fight in the way of Allah so that the enemy can not arbitrarily slaughtered Muslims . Not for brutally killing those non – Muslims , because Islam taught ” Laa ikrohaa fid deen” . There is no compulsion in religion .
      Let’s fellow beings who are at religious to do not denounce each other .
      Of events in Thailand , I think , those who make this such a terrible act just use the name of Islam and make Islam a bad name in the eyes of the world .
      Islam is really a religion that loves peace .

        • What do you mean ?
          oh come on brother ,
          come to terms with each other , all religions teach goodness surely not ? come on , mutual forgiveness .
          people who do despicable of things to Thais just want to make the name of the religion of Islam ugly and bad in the eyes of the world . You have to believe , really , we are human beings , right ? have Religion too right ? Believe it was that all religions teach goodness , not badness .
          Islam is not a violent religion , Islam is really a religion that does not teach for the ugliness .
          Whatever you want to believe it or not , I just want all the people of different religions can be united with one another , help , and respect .

      • James, I agree with you that everyone is a human being no matter what differences each individual has. All in all, we are same same but different. It is simply the way we act and think that separates us from other people. I still personally greatly dislike muslims because of all their violent acts but there is goodness in Islam because as I like to say, every light has its shadow. For there to be violence in Islam there must also be peace. I just think that there isn’t much peace left in Islam. I’m not trying to be insulting but I am Thai and I can’t take any violence towards my Country. I don’t care wether a group of violent muslims are using Islam and turning it into a bad name, I just want them to stop. If you can’t live among others, then don’t live among others. I don’t think that killing muslims is a good thing though since fighting blood-shed with blood-shed will do no good to anyone. I just want those muslims to be put in there place or to be put in jail where they can’t harm others but only themselves with their endless longing for freedom among others again. I may have over-exaggerated my hate for muslims but I’m a forgiving and open-minded person in nature. You seem like an okay muslim and I have some muslim friends too so I suppose not all muslims are bad but its the people that have no sense of morality and sympathy or feelings in general that I’d like to ship-off to a lone island where they can fight among each other without harming anyone else. I’m not just talking about muslims when I say that, I’m talking about people of all religions. It just seems to me that all the bad people happen to be in Islam so I’d like to ask, is there a reason for that? (I’m not trying to accuse Islam by the way… well maybe a bit but I’m not trying to be too offensive)
        I’m not sure wether I should be cautious of muslims or outright hate them as we shouldn’t judge people by their religions as there can be good muslims too but what if the glory Islam might have once had has faded and turned into nothing but sheer evil and brutal violence? It’s possible.

      • Hello, if you says Islam is a religion of peace, can you please show me where in the Quran tell you that you have to forgive your enemies and pray for those who prosecute you? And show me where it tell you to love the infidels? The Bible of Jesus ( Isa-Almasih ) teach us to love and to forgive others who sin against us. Muhammad teach his followers to hates and to kill non-islam and whoever criticized him.

    • Seriously? Well perhaps the women over there should claim that they are AT WAR when they have been accused of adultery, after having been raped. You know, just before you half bury them and then stone them to death?

    • Please azeem, tell me, how many islamic terrorist organisations are out there?
      Now, tell me how many hindu, jewish, christian terrorist organisations are out there combined.
      If islam teaches peace, the only way to explain vast numbers of muslim terrorists, is by concluding that terror is genetic with those who turn out to believe in the quran..
      What do you prefer? Islam as a terror guide, or hereditary terrorism? It does not really matter, to be honest. ( i think it is both factors altogether by the way…)

  14. Islam claims that it is a religion of truth,peace and compassion.Take the case in Iraq and Pakistan.There are muslims trying to kill each other,be it sunni or shia or mujahids or whatever.Islam is totally baseless.The only reason that it spread so quickly is due to the discovery of oil in Arabia.When oil rich arab countries,mainly Saudi Arabia came in possession of huge monetary funds,it did spend a major share in the so called Jihad act.Through which they infiltrate into non-muslim countries like USA,Europe,Bangkok etc and bring in along their Islamic elements along with them,like mosques,imams,shariah rules etc.These wicked muslims do not allow any other religious worship centers like Church or temple to be built any where in Saudi Arabia.Then why should we non muslims support the growth of Islamis elements in non-muslim countries???Once you allot a small space for these so called peace loving muslims,then consider that space dammed.Its like a small cancer cell,that can replicate and multiply feeding off other cells and ultimately taking over the whole nation.But it doesn’t end there !! As we all should know,the very base of Islam,in fact is BASELESS !! Yes,its only bits and facts stolen from the Holy Bible and other vedic Hindu texts and practices,put together. That’s why Islam does not provide its followers the freedom to question.They say,leave your brain and slippers outside the mosque.Islam is more of a cult,rather than a religion.You are forced to lead a life that fits within the rigid framework called Islam.

  15. Burma (Myanmar) is a peaceful country with Buddhist as a major religion until Bengali Muslims illegally entered from nabouring Bengladesh by the millions and doing all kinds of atrocities to the native Arakan people and now wanted a separate Muslim State.

    • God created men and women equally as free individuals – not only islam threatens individuality, but in one thing it goes further against God: it forbids poeple’s own choices, so it cannot be from God, although I personally believe the first ‘Surats’ contain God’s guidance, but further in that proclaimed ‘holy’ book, it contradicts itself, showing Muhammad’s weakness throughout – still he felt guilty and kept the beginning intact – he leaves his people behind in fear and terror, so these killings of other religious groups is pure jealousy …

  16. hi!there…i’m thai people and now i live in thailand.
    Most of thai people don’t like muslim.I’m buddhist i pray every
    day for hope in the future will have no muslim anywhere in this world.

    • kwang nice to meet you I’m Thai

  17. Islam- it is what it can’t sugar this..(only obama is capable of that)
    No way can we turn a blind eye to their plight! This is what we’re facing, period!

  18. We love you Thiland

    Hope you find peace.

    Love from Sri Lanka

    තායිලන්තයට අපි ආදරෙයි
    ඉක්මනින් සාමය උදාවේවා කියා පතමි

  19. f this Muslim religion the follower there has always been terrorism and destruction in humanity all the nation should be together to fight this sick disese called Muslim and make this world a wonderful place to live

  20. No worries for the rest of us, Right?
    This will spread to the USA if it is not stopped and disinfected in a proper way. Let no mosques be built in your area as they will propagate hate and death to all that are non Muslims.

  21. why muslimes can live at thailand,beautyfull country and other religios (muslimes)come and make all badly,broken all world thats religious,stupid idiot all muslimes.all must turn out of thailand.better go back to somewere iran or irag desert and live here can do bad all good peoples.idiot religious.

    • U must be dumb, or either Stupid << cant you see the picture on the post that it is at Thailand and concern of Thailand not anything about what u on about. they obviously cant lieve in peace (the bad ones).

      I think all Religion should join force and do things like what Hitler's has done previously, but with Christianity.

  22. This story eerily reminds me of the awful child shootings that took place recently in CT. I realize the story line is that the shooter was mentally ill or at least mentally unstable, that he also shot his mom because she was making plans to have him committed to a psychiatric facility. But what does that mean? I wonder if he was considered MI because he entertained jihadist ideology similar to those Islamist Buddhist teacher and student killers in this story. They are not terribly dissimilar.

    • All Muslims ARE Mentally Ill. They are trained to hate, especially AMERICANS. This needs to handled NOW. President OJACKASS though Thinks it is ok. WROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG.

  23. Notice the ratio? 50 children and 450 women compared to 150 “teachers” (no doubt men)? Cowards! Bullies! Death dealing, demon possessed terrorists!

  24. WL, you say the trouble is it is only a small minority carrying out these atrocities. Open your eyes. It may be a minority doing the killing but they have the full support of the vast majority of asslifters. They have all of the justification they need printed in their precious Koran. Ask yourself this, how is it that such a small minority is so well armed and supplied? I could not run all over the damn country, making war and provide means for survival at the same time without support. Money for jihad comes from mosques all over the Islamic shithole world.

  25. I heard someone on Fox-News this morning ask (about Newton shootings), why did he do it? Answer: Because evil exists.

  26. Countries around the world need to really get tough,I mean tough(not cruel) with them.Not just in words but in deads,,like shipping them all back to the Middle East.Stop letting them in there country.There are still more of us then them.If we would stop the insanity of appeasing them and lay down the law the world wouldn’t have all these problems with them.

  27. These horrific pictures should be sent to EVERY media outlet and politician in the world, and this should not stop until the world wakes up to the reality of the evil if Islam.

    • Y-E-S!!! Bee. These are victims of crime.
      All of Islam must be arrested being a crime against humanity!
      In truth I couldn’t look at the pics. I have to have my hand over them to try to read the page, – but the victims aren’t offensive. It’s like you’d still love your child’s remains. I had to see pics/vids, force myself look at them.
      It’s essential to get the fact thru our heads that there is a worldwide holocaust going on, & the perpetrators ARE Islamic. Just Islam. This is over ordinary schooling.
      Sure makes the ‘Palestinian Cause’ look like ordinary regular nazi propaganda.
      At this time in history we have the evidence of the islamonazi crimes.
      We didn’t have this wealth of technology, to tell us about the nazi crimes until really troops got to the camps & saw this horror first hand.
      Thanks BNI for standing up for the victims. It’s essential we stop avoiding this knowledge because we find it too evil.

  28. How sad all life is precious.I know it’s hard to show compassion when people do these horrible things.The trouble is it’s not all Muslims just a small minority.
    The Thai army should take a page out of the notebook from the IDF.They have been fighting the good fight and they have second to none intel so the right
    People get eliminated.They could wipe out all if they wanted to.They show great restrant in the face of very very evil people.Thailand is a proud and strong Country
    They will not stand by for much longer.Good will always overcome evil.
    Hashem will give them strength and wisdom .

    • ALL muslims are the problem, wolf. apostasy is the answer – any decent, moral, good person would leave islam without a second thought. no compromise! no surrender. and certainly no fear.

      • If you haven’t already, read the short fiction “The Cellist of Sarajevo” by Steven Galloway. Its central question is whether to fight or die. That is the choice. And when you are part of a culture you dislike, sometimes the only choice is to die. Is that the right choice, though, when in doing so you give more power to those promoting the problem, the evil? Sometimes I think our governments should continue to agree to accept Islamic immigrants but only on the condition they give their children to the state to educate in boarding schools. Oh, I know, that is likely a stupid, costly solution that would only result in what Canada has had to face in civil claims by those First Nations educated in residential schools here. But otherwise, we must kill every man, woman and child who believes in shari’ah. Yesterday, Roy Green (640toronto radio host) interviewed an American Muslim who runs a school (sorry can’t remember his name) that teaches Muslim youth that shari’ah is the enemy, that they can only enjoy freedom of religion under a secular government that separates church/mosque/synagogue/temple etc. and state. They teach the youth to reject imams who teach victimhood and jihad. They seek to enlighten Muslim youth that they must tolerate other religions in order to be tolerated themselves. I don’t know. I would prefer to kill the sin, not the sinner, if that’s at all possible…do you know of this man, BNI? I tried to get the information from but was unable to do so. Maybe I will email Roy at about it.

        • The latter solution: deporting every last single believer in shari’a is the correct – in fact, the only logical – solution. You hit the nail right on the head, Joan!!!

          In addition, given the grim fact that we can’t trust ANY Moslems AT ALL, we therefore have to deport every last single one of them – with VERY FEW exceptions.

          The basis for such exceptions must include ALL OF: a) those who are to be exceptions MUST be practising a career or vocation that under Islam is haram (art {NON-abstract}, music, science, medicine); b) immediate and total renunciation and blasphemy of Islam, especially Mohammed, in such a way as to expose themselves to immediate death should they fall into the hands of other Moslems; c) the complete renunciation of ALL contact with ANYBODY in Moslem countries (including relatives) in any form whatsoever, direct or indirect; d) undergoing a LONG PERIOD of probation during which any offence against social mores in addition to civil and criminal laws will be sufficient to have them deported back to where they came from. [Converts would be disenfranchised and dumped in Iran, Saudi Arabia or Somalia.] This period should be not less than FIFTEEN (15) years (I’ll up the quantity from 12 / 7 to 15 / 10 in order to be on the safe side).

          Furthermore, we must COMPLETELY STOP ANY further acceptance of Islamic immigrants, PERIOD!!!!

  29. Filthy Muslim swine! Your prophet is a farcical creation. How any human can defend the actions of these savages is beyond me.

  30. Honestly, if this crap was going on where we all live, we’d all be locked and loaded. The only way to deal with these animals is to go to war with them as they are at war with us. The police in Thailand need to armor up and go in and annilate the lot of them. When people do not care for life and commit such horrific acts as a whole, they must not be allowed to live amongst us.

    • I fully agree. If this was shown on TV (with a warning) maybe more people would understand just how depraved some muslems are. We need to clamp down on them in this country also. The more that come here and get our laws changed to suit them, get themselves into government and high ranking jobs, like the police, media, our armed forces, councils etc, the more we are leaving ourselves wide open to becoming the minority, underdogs in our own country. WE ARE THE INDIGINOUS people of England, NOT THEM. If they cannot conform to the laws of our land then they are free to leaving. We did not ask them to come here, but we should be able to make them leave. Take care everyone!!

  31. I’m sorry anyone had to see this ! I’m sorry BNI had to ee this and pass it on. I’m sorry ANYONE had to see this. If muslims had their way, scenes like this would be on every other street corner, all across the world.
    Thanks Bonni, for a close look at the face of islam.
    What about it, Uncle Dougie from cair ? Have you got these stuck on your ‘fridge, or stuck to your bathroom mirror ?


      • Mr. Rahman set an example first and only then defend. I am a Muslim but not a Brut mullah who explain Qur’an for his own profit. My advice to all specially to true Muslims to tray those devils according the rule of Qur’an and that is only death penalty is prescribed in Qur’an for who kills or orders for unjust action towards any innocent man woman be he or she a Muslim or of other faith.

  32. ….and this is what is coming to America…..
    Barack Hussein Obama….wolf in sheep’s clothing, one of them. Barack Hussein Obama, cut from the same cloth, enemy of America, ferocious depraved, dark overlord.
    To you, filthy, stinking leftists in America. You destroyed our country.
    To you, filthy, stinking leftists worldwide. This blood is on your hands!!!!!

    And the Lord said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground. Now you are cursed from the ground which has opened up its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand.”
    Genesis 4:10-11

    • You are all right. This country needs to do just this to rid us of muslims & their sharia law. If we do not do it now, this country is screwed

  33. I think this is the time both north and south thailand put aside any differences they have and work together in destroying Islam and to stop this endless mindless murder.

    • What needs to be done, given that the Moslems aren’t really Thai but Malay, is:

      1) Seal the frontier between Thailand and Malaysia so as to be exactly the way it was between East and West Germany, though in reverse. [It’s a question of keeping people OUT instead of in.]

      2) ALL Moslems (especially if they’re Malaysian!!) need to be rounded up, stripped of all Thai papers and dumped into Malaysia, NEVER TO RETURN under positively ANY circumstances whatsoever!!!!

      This latter point has to be NON-NEGOTIABLE – and if it results in war between those two countries, so be it – and I hope that then the Thais beat the pulp out of the Malaysians (who – together with Indonesia – form one of the two pockets of piracy still truly alive, with Somalia being the other)!!!

      • Once the Malays and other Moslems have been banished from Thailand, ALL mosques need to be de-Islamised, with the minarets being destroyed!!! [Some of the mosques themselves could be remade into temples, churches, &c.]

  34. All jihad is glorious. ‘Killing the kafirs is a small matter to us.’ -Sira

    Mosques are a dangerous place because you have to leave your brain at the door.

    Mosques teach supremacism, obscurantism and misogyny.

  35. This is EXACTLY how Islam spreads. Always the same, nothing ever changes. And the lying sack of crap apologists claim that this filth has spread “peacefully.”

    Their dishonesty is infuriating, and their depraved aggression just plain evil, as the images you have included demonstrate. I don’t know how you can stomach all those images – imagine being the poor responders who have to deal with the aftermath!

    Makes me want to vomit.

    • this is the face of islam its spreading has to be stopped and stopped NOW!!!this is not a religion but an evil cult!!!no religion would ever support murder in its name like this ever!!!!britain is getting as bad there are like a virus even trying to impose their own law wtf????they will never fit into any modern society.wipe them out now b4 its too late!!!

      • Am sorry, but if you’re going to say anything about Muslims don’t talk about Islam as there’s nothing wrong with the religion just because some ignorant fools that are cold blooded murderers claim to be killing in the name of Islam doesn’t not mean that Islam is a bad religion. I just feel sorry for you as your oblivious to whats waiting for you In the day of judgement, you and those ignorant dumb muslim wannabe’s will be seeing each other soon in hell fire. I pray that you pull your head out the sand and actually do your own research into Islam and see what you actually think about it instead of what you read about psychopathic cold blooded criminals, as they will get why they deserve: eternal damnation in hell. Thanks for reading,
        So long hater 🙂

        • Have done plenty of research on Islam, and even made ago at reading the Qur’an.

          MEIN KAMPF was more coherent. The Qur’an is not even a coherent rant. Further, Mohammed was a twisted, vile, racist, misogynistic, freedom-hating, Yahweh/Yeshua hating, Jew-hating, black-hating, pedophilic piratical profiteer. And Islam holds him up as THE example for all others to follow.

          Keep trying that bs on people who actually might BELIEVE you.

        • TOTAL LIES!!!!!

          I’ve read enough of the Qu’rân to know just how MONSTROUS – as well as FALSE – it actually is!!!!! Utterly illogical, incoherent (something one can just can’t say about the Bible!!), hateful of everything truly good created by God (dogs, pigs, apes; art, science, music, Western medicine, joy, love and so very, very much else!!!!) – and prescribing HATE, wanton DESTRUCTION and EVIL at every single turn just for the sake of it!!!!! And the Sira and Hadith are no better – even worse in a few cases in fact!!!!

          Thank goodness “DSDunlap” has answered you the way you deserve, you Mohammedan shill!!!! Take your taqiyya and your kitman ELSEWHERE!!!!! We know enough about Islam as to make as informed a decision to UTTERLY REJECT it as any could conceivably be made!!!!

          DEATH TO ISLAM and ALL other totalitarianism!!!!!

        • I was born a muslim. I converted out of islam after i realised it is nothing but a horrible cult of death, misery, retrogressions, superstitions, violence and immorality. Under sharia law, i must be put to death for apostasy is a capital crime in islam. I am like a death row inmate in islam. So now i dare you, i double dare you mother fucker to tell ME that islam is a religion of peace and compassion.
          Sell your bullshit to those who actually buy it.
          I not only converted out of Islam, but also I am doing all I can to educate others and show them the true face of Islam.

          Islam is a disease and education is the cure.
          We’ll finally control this epidemic disease and save the world.

      • Ex-muslim Congratulations to you , You are going to Hell if you keep going .@barenakedIslam Fuc* U and Fuc* Ur Mother and Fuc* All your relatives sisters brothers Sun of Bitc*