Why are U.S.-made anti aircraft and anti tank missiles being sent to Gaza for Hamas?

terrorism_moneyI thought Barack Hussien Obama was only sending US-made weapons (coordinated by slain Ambassador Chris Stevens) from Libya to Syrian jihadist rebels via Turkey? Perhaps he decided to divert some of the weapons to the terrorists in Gaza, as well.

Long War Journal  On Friday, Egyptian authorities following a tip from local Bedouin seized six US-made antiaircraft and anti-tank missiles. The missiles are believed to have been smuggled from Libya and likely destined for the Gaza Strip.

“With the help of secret informants, the police found the storage site, where they found six US-made advanced missiles inside large holes in the ground [that were waiting to be] smuggled to the Gaza Strip through tunnels,” one security source said.


Security officials say the missiles, which were found near el Arish in the Northern Sinai, have a range of up to two kilometers, according to the Associated Press. The make and model of the weapons seized were not specified. Today’s seizure comes just a few weeks after Egyptian authorities foiled an attempt to smuggle 17 short-range rockets into Gaza.

On Wednesday, Israel completed most of its border fence with Egypt. The barrier is intended to help prevent the influx illegal migrants as well as stop jihadists operating in the Sinai from carrying out attacks in Israel.



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  1. Hypocritical behavior of a country with a double standard as a foreign policy principle. Arms of all types sent to Muslims via whatever to prepare for a violent attack on God’s people. And at the same time it is preparing an attack on a fundamental principles of our Constitution , the 2nd amendment , which by the way is a fundamental step in the Muslim Brotherhood to assure there thugs when needed do not face a serious confrontation. You might think I am far out in the realm
    of the impossible . Arm yourselves .

      • Have you been paying attention to what is happening here in the U.S., they can’t keep arms, ammo, survival equipment on the shelves, I tend to believe all Patriots see the hand writting on the wall and are in fact preparing ( some of us are just topping it off right now) for the challanges ahead of us, with complete RESOLVE. I also believe our so-called betters have no idea of what is intended for them nor will they be able to blame it on someone else for their destruction/demise. OOh yeah, its coming alright, you best believe it.

        Semper Fi.

  2. Put a tracking device in arms that will explode if tampered with…then if the weapon goes awol just send a drone to detonate it…aw…the terrorists just had an accident with their smuggled weapon.

    • @John,

      If that is the truth, well, hello Civil War.

      There will be a lot of dead Russians, Chinese and the UN will be burnt to the ground.

      SMH. It took for Communism to fail, for neo-Communist to roll into the US in the year 2013.

      Our Grandparents would be rolling in their graves.

      Where are they going to make their base? Mexico.

  3. The west should cut all arms going any where near the middle east. They will only use them against us. The west is its own worst enemy.

  4. The US should buy these missiles back, at almost ANY price. They DO have serial numbers on them, don’t they? I remember that those fighting the Soviets also sold donated missiles for profit. Cut off EVERYONE who had anything to do with buying/selling DONATED weapons. They are NOT patriots, they are profiteers!

  5. we have a Muslim in the White House who invites MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD MEMBERS and Congress has no balls. to stop him so why hide what he’s doing he can do it out in the open

  6. What the hell is going on in the USA, why are you putting up with that prime idiot in the oval office? Isn’t it about time someone ousted him, or at least, let the American people know what he is doing to their country.

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